TV Talk Podcast #33

January 10, 2009 – 7:09 am

We hope everyone got some great TV goodies over the holidays because we sure did. Kath and I talk about what TV Boyfriends were under their trees, what TV presents they got and even fill you in on some of the things keeping them apart for the last 6 weeks.

There’s news to be had, Christmas CHUCK to rehash, the demise of PUSHING DAISIES to cry about, PRIVILEGED to complain about, GOSSIP GIRL to gossip about and did I mention that we’ve both seen the first two hours of LOST Season 5! Sorry, had to throw that in just be to bitchy…

You asked what we thought of all the new and returning shows that will fill our winter and spring with good cheer and discontent and we’ve answered.

We’ve got screeners galore to chit-chat about… DAMAGES, THE CLOSER, UNITED STATES OF TARA, TRUST ME, 24 and more. We even touch on some shows that don’t have air dates like CUPID and BETTER OFF TED.

Listen to TV Talk Podcast #33:

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