TV Talk Podcast #36

March 4, 2009 – 8:15 am

Ducky’s back from vacation which means it’s time for another TV Talk Podcast! We have almost 3 weeks to cover so make yourself some tea, get a snack and settle in for the soothing cackles and rants we’re about to sling your way.

We start as we always do, Monday nights. BIG BANG THEORY and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER continues to be the best damn double bill on television. CHUCK goes to the suburbs, tests his best friendship with Morgan and breaks up with Sarah, say what? HEROES hits rock bottom and Matt Dallas shows his rock hard… abs!

THE BIGGEST LOSER 7 pisses Ducky off and shockingly Kath watched! PRIVILEGED aired what may have been it’s series finale and is to be continued but when considering The CW renewed a bunch of shows already. AMERICAN IDOL continues to rock on while randomly REAPER returns.

TOP CHEF has a shocking finale while Kath gets a shocker as she realizes she missed DAMAGES last week mid-recap.

SURVIVOR‘s getting ugly, Sweeps are in March, 30 ROCK gets political, AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW kills it and I might kill Kath for something she says about BURN NOTICE.

Over on Friday’s there’s FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, DOLLHOUSE and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA to discuss before breezing through Sunday’s THE AMAZING RACE because really you just want to listen to…


Listen to TV Talk Podcast #36:

*There were many of you out there that asked we include chapter markers so you could fast forward to the shows you want to hear about so we tried adding them this week. The issue is that it made the podcast file so size humongous that it doubled the size we normally publish and it would then limit the number of podcasts we could post a month. Also, there were issues with the audio plug-in we use on the site for you to listen online and that’s no fun either. We’ll continue to look into this. In the meantime, we will begin posting times of topics to help you breeze through. Thanks for being patient.

  1. 19 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast #36”

  2. Thanks for getting this set up, Dan! Looks great. Let the comments flow…I hope!

    By GMMR on Mar 4, 2009

  3. Normally, I love the shows you love + you love the shows I love. So I was a bit shocked to hear kath say she did not get Burn Notice. Seriously, Burn Notice is my all time favorite show right now. I am more excited to watch this show than Lost. And that is some mighty high praise :)

    Thanks for the podcast.I enjoy listening to you both while working in my studio.

    By kat on Mar 4, 2009

  4. I agree–Burn Notice is a great show–Kath needs to watch the bank heist episode–it really is the best episode they’ve had yet!

    By Kyle on Mar 5, 2009

  5. Where can I find the time codes for the different shows you discuss? Or are you starting that with the next episode?

    By Jacki on Mar 6, 2009

  6. First, you are guys are fantastic. Love it! Okay so I am now watching Alias because of you all (love netflix) and finished Buffy a couple of months ago. Thanks for the recommendations. Do either of you watch Bones? Just started watching it and I have to say, I think its pretty great.

    By Carlye on Mar 6, 2009

  7. I knew I was going to catch some heat for BURN NOTICE. Ha!

    Jacki – are you talking about the chapter codes within the podcast? We haven’t done that yet. We actually tried it this week and it doubled the size of the podcast. Bummer. Dan is trying to find a way to put in chapter markers without the site crashing!!

    Carlye – I love ALIAS! One of my favorites of all time. So glad you are watching. As for BONES, I know that Dan is a big fan. We cover it weekly over at GMMR, but I can’t say that I watch it myself. I wish I did though.

    By Kath (GMMR) on Mar 6, 2009

  8. I had to log in, and saw that lot’s of others have too, to tell Kath you are so wrong about “Burn Notice” it is one of the best shows on television. I agree on alot of your favorite shows, that both you and Dan talk about on the Podcast. I am mostly a drama person so I don’t want the comedy’s you love but I listen to what you both say about them. I was a true lover of Alias, and Buffy. Burn Notice, has a Alias twist, with the undercover acts of Michael ala Sydney. Hopefully, you will keep talking about it when it returns this summer.

    Keep up the Podcasts, I wish they were more regular, I love to listen to them when I workout or I am flying someplace for work.
    The best is two idiots talk Lost because it is one of the best shows but hardest to follow. Keep up the good work!

    By Rachael on Mar 8, 2009

  9. this was the first podcast of yours i’ve listened to and i loved it!! i actually heard of GMMR during the tvaddict’s podcast last week and thought I’d check it out. After this podcast I’m thinking about getting alias on netflix and i’ve also always wanted to watch bones. O ya, Dan says ridiculous like a milionnn times.. not that i mind lol. Once again- LOVE your podcast!

    By alison on Mar 10, 2009

  10. I love when Dan says RiDONKculous.. cracks me up. I made a friend at work listen to your podcast because she was making fun of me and now she is obsessed with the GMMR website. Ha! Now I can talk about it without judgement. Just thought I’d share.

    By carlye on Mar 11, 2009

  11. i used to watch Burn Notice on our Cable TV but unfortunately they did not play the next season:.;

    By Harry Brown on Oct 7, 2010

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