TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky: 9/9/09

September 9, 2009 – 5:40 am

Tonight is the fall premiere of GLEE so we thought we’d start the podcast off this week with an in depth conversation about the first few episodes (which we’ve already seen) including Glee Cast Interviews!  We must warn you, we’re a little harsh on some things GLEE but that’s because we love the show so much that we need to be a little critical.  That being said, don’t ever doubt our dedication to New Directions!

After Glee, we briefly talk about this week’s TRUE BLOOD finale, our upcoming Los Angeles trip and SUPERNATURAL! Then it’s on to MAD MEN, AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW and BIG BANG THEORY casting news. We finally talk about this season of PROJECT RUNWAY and tease some of our Fall TV Preview podcasts.

*Recorded 9/7/09

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  1. 10 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky: 9/9/09”

  2. Just a quick comment about Glee, as i haven’t finished listening to the podcast yet.

    On both the Hot Topic Tour and at Comic-Con they only screened “Showmance”. I’m pretty sure only critics, bloggers, etc. got to see “Preggers”

    By Sarah on Sep 9, 2009

  3. About Glee and its overproduced quality – I think they seriously need to get better at this soon or it’s going to lose a bit of its attraction…Right now, the musical numbers are cute and the music itself is great, but they’re going to have to improve the quality of the musical numbers in the first 3 or 4 episodes. And they need to get Cory Monteith a better singing coach…he sounds strained and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better.

    That said, I’m soooo on board with the concept and have loved the previews – so it’s not like I’m going to stop watching any time soon.

    JUST finished Season 4 of Supernatural – and I’m not sure if it was as good as Season 3…much more emotional and dark and it didn’t seem to incorporate the funny as much as the eps you talk about in S3. But it was still really REALLY good – and I’m dying for the premier (which I will also miss – going to have to pick it up on iTunes as well).

    Yay fall premiers…can’t wait to hear more about ‘em.

    By Jaymes on Sep 9, 2009

  4. Wow! When it rains it pours. Can’t keep up to you guys. I’ll listen to this one on the commute to work tomorrow.

    By OldDarth on Sep 9, 2009

  5. Just watched the next (2nd?) episode of Glee… and it was great, so looking forward to “preggers” even more.

    However just wanted to add a couple of things 1. yes, the bad lip syncing is bothering me!
    2. Clearly there is something wrong with me, as I just don’t get Jane Lynch, at all. I don’t find her that funny, I find no depth to her characters at all – and I honestly cannot see any difference between her characters on 40 year old virgin, party down and glee. Although I’m now curious to see Julie and Julia, because at the moment my opinion of these woman is that she is a one note actress – and can only do one type of character – abrasive, inappropriate sex obsessed bully.

    Really pleased to hear about project supernatural. I’m so excited about it airing tonight!

    Really looking forward to big bang coming back. Especially with Will Wheaton. He’s been fab in The Guild (Felicia Day’s webshow).

    Thanks guys for the podcasts. Really looking forward to the rest of them! And so glad you guys are podcasting loads.

    By Laiq on Sep 10, 2009

  6. I listened to the Glee part of the podcast before I watched the show.
    I loved the pilot, the second episode not so much, but it still entertained me.
    I have to agree with the over producing of the songs, it did kind of take me out of the show.

    I think the one thing that I really dislike about the show is the character of Rachel. I know that you are supposed to feel bad that she is an outcast and that they want some sort of connection to her, but I think that she is too whiny, too stuck up and very irritating. I hope that changes later in the show, but as of right now I could do without her. I like her even less than the villainous characters of Sue and Quinn. I’m not even feeling the love triangle that they are trying to set up.

    I glad to hear that Project Supernatural is going well. I love the show and am excited for the premiere tonight.

    Thanks for all the informative new fall show podcasts and can’t wait to listen to the rest of them.

    By Tanja on Sep 10, 2009

  7. I LOVE Glee and thank you for putting it on my radar. I agree with the previous comment about Cory’s singing, I wish it were stronger. I really like him but feel like he’s strained a lot of the time. I love the overproduced numbers, I think its part of the quirkiness of the show. Just let it go and enjoy the music. After listening to this podcast I can’t believe I have to wait 2 weeks to see Preggers. Because I loved the Pilot and Showmance, so if it just gets better, wow. I do have a concern that the “cool” crowd is going to take over the show, which would be too bad. I want the Glee kids to rock!

    By Shelby on Sep 10, 2009

  8. For what it’s worth, Dan and I LOVE Glee! I do recognize that it might not sounded that way if you listened to this podcast and only this podcast. We’ve been praising the show for some time now.

    I had to post this because my big sister told me I was being too mean to GLEE.

    Ring on it on three!

    By admin on Sep 10, 2009

  9. Glee – SHOWMANCE was OK. Liked the pilot more.

    By OldDarth on Sep 12, 2009

  10. I started watching Glee b/c of how much you guys praised it in the spring, and I’m liking but not loving it. I agree with Dan that the musical numbers’ audio and video not matching is a little jarring. I like all the kids (esp. Rachel), but I’m not a big fan of Will. I like his interactions with Jane Lynch and the principal, but not his love triangle. I’m also not into his goal of making the Glee kids popular. I’m hoping that there isn’t an ending of glee club winning state/nationals and then all the kids becoming popular because that will be a little too Disney for me.

    By Dawn on Sep 12, 2009

  11. Your podcasts always fill me with GLEE! Just like Wednesday nights! I appreciated your section dedicated to Glee, along with the really neat interview with the cast. But as much as I love you guys, I have to disagree on one thing … Gold Digger! I love the song, and I think it’s very well done, well performed, and well sang. I could be biased, though, because Matt Morrison is my new Fall TV Boyfriend. But I think it’s really good, and I don’t agree that it is overproduced.

    re: Jane Lynch. I LOVE her as Sue, and the comments she makes. She cracked me up in Showmance when she offered Will the iron pills, for “when you’re menstruating”. When he said he didn’t menstruate, and she replied with, “neither do I” … I could not stop laughing. I’ve never really seen Jane Lynch so comedic, but I guess my knowledge of her is different than yours. I know her best as Spencer Reid’s mother, on Criminal Minds, who is an extremely intelligent schizophrenic. There is no humour there, but the character and the emotion she brings to the part is amazing. I hope she’ll still be able to find her way back to CM for the odd episode or two.

    So far I’ve really enjoyed the musical numbers of Glee, but I agree that they need to showcase the other singers, rather than just Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. Don’t get me wrong … Mini Idina Menzel is awesome, but I’d like to see more from Artie, Kurt, and even Tina! I really enjoyed Quinn’s rendition of “Say A Little Prayer” in Showmance, and it was awesome to finally hear HER sing. Hopefully the rest of the season will slowly move away from Lea Michele’s talent, and onto the rest of the cast too.

    By Kimber on Sep 12, 2009

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