TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky: The ABC Fall Preview 2009

September 16, 2009 – 8:56 am

It’s time to sit down and chat about ABC’s Fall 2009 lineup which means GMMR and Ducky are about to talk lizards, time travel, cougars, witches, Frasier and our favorite new comedy of the year.


*Please be warned that we do talk some mild spoilers for each of the new shows.

Stay tuned for our NBC and FOX Fall Previews!

*We have only posted the MP3 version of this podcast as it’s short and we thought you might be interested in all of the shows to fully form an opinion on Fall 2009!

The TV Talk Podcast: The ABC Fall Preview 2009 (mp3 version):

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  1. 6 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky: The ABC Fall Preview 2009”

  2. I saw the pilots for The Middle, The Modern Family, and FlashForward this past weekend. The Middle was ok and if I was home with nothing else to watch (hahaha for that on Wed. night) I would tune in. It’s funny that you mention it was like Malcolm in the Middle because I thought the same thing.

    I was really excited to see The Modern Family and FlashForward. I really liked FlashForward and I’m hoping it keeps with the potential it has. I didn’t like The Modern Family as much as I thought I would, but all of the clips have been pulled from the pilot so not much was a suprise (except the one scene you made reference to… hilarious!) and I think/hope I will like it more in future episodes.

    By Jenn on Sep 16, 2009

  3. Re: Eastwick – You two are way off the mark about Paul Gross! He’s one of the most talented, intelligent and sexy actors out there. I can’t wait to see what he does with Darryl Van Horne. If you want to see him give a clinic on great acting, check him out in “Slings and Arrows” on DVD.

    By Malin on Sep 16, 2009

  4. Malin –
    We weren’t impressed with Paul in the pilot. Not saying he’s not a good actor in general, but there were scenes that just didn’t work.


    Dan and I actually got a sneak peek at some reworked scenes from EASTWICK yesterday and I can say that I was really impressed with the tweaking they did with some of Paul’s scenes. Clearly the producers found some issue with it since they reworked it…we weren’t the only ones.

    By Kath on Sep 17, 2009

  5. Kath -
    Thanks for the update. Glad to hear they made some improvements!

    By Malin on Sep 18, 2009

  6. I love how Dan mentions that Modern Family stars Ed Norton just as a joke with the names and he is now guest starring in the show. Love.

    By Nathan on Sep 19, 2009

  7. Thank goodness for your podcast! I almost forgot about “V”. I definitely want to make room to check that out, because it sounds interesting, and because I really enjoy Morena Baccerin. I’ll also be checking out Eastwick, simply for Paul Gross. I’m a Canadian, and cut my TV-obsession teeth on due South, so I’ll jump at any opportunity to see Paul in something new!

    By Kimber on Sep 19, 2009

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