TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky: 11/15/09

November 15, 2009 – 9:28 pm


It’s been 7 weeks since our last podcast and 7 weeks since we last saw each other. You totally thought GMMR and Ducky had called it quits didn’t you? How dare you…

An extended gig in the Hamptons originally sidelined the podcast, then a horrible back injury kept this terrible TV twosome apart until now!

For our first big podcast of the Fall, we thought we’d make up for lost time with a huge 2 hour 10 minute carcast full of laughs, tears, a near death experience and even some New England leaf peeping!

    Shows covered in this podcast:


We hope you enjoy our ode to Fall TV so far this season and hope you’ll join in the conversation. Leave your thoughts on what we covered in the comments section of this post! We’d love to hear what you’ve got to say about the new Fall lineup.

*Recorded 11/13/09

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The TV Talk Podcast: 11/15/09 (mp3 version):

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  1. 34 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky: 11/15/09”


    Listening to this straight away. So happy to have my favourite podcast back.

    By shane on Nov 15, 2009

  3. Just a slight side note 2 “The Good Wife”….I feel like a child molester just thinking it but the kid that plays her son is like scrumptious. I want to age him up “fortress of solitude” style. He’s gonna look like Clark Kent when he ripens. Lovey eyes, good hair. He’s my juvenile jailbait “Pacey-Teacher” boyfriend.

    By Andi on Nov 16, 2009

  4. Great to have you guys back on my iPod! Listening now, and it’s lots of fun. Couldn’t agree more about the annoyance of the new Big Bang Theory time-slot, which makes it so that I can’t watch it live. OK, back to listening.

    By heroine_tv on Nov 16, 2009

  5. I usually agree with most everything you guys say… but I completely disagree on Matthew Morrison singing. While I don’t love everything he does, for me it is the opposite of cringe worthy.

    By Lise on Nov 16, 2009

  6. Bones has actually been very good this season. I really didn’t like last season’s finale, but I think it’s benefited the Booth/Bones storyline immensely this year.

    By stayingin on Nov 16, 2009

  7. Away 7 weeks and you guys have not skipped a beat. Awesome cast and love listening to you guys. Even the shows I do not watch. I am a genre lover so any focus on Fringe, SuperNatural, Vampire Diaries, Chuck, and Lost is always welcome.

    Kath hope your back woes are soon solved.

    By OldDarth on Nov 16, 2009

  8. I’m so glad you guys are back! I missed your podcasts alot, although now we got a 2 hour podcast so maybe that makes up for it? Hope you feel better Kath!

    I’m watching very little TV these days. I don’t generally pick up many new shows ’cause I’m always wary of becoming invested and then having them canceled.

    This season I started watching Glee, which I enjoy, but it has so many problems! I think the root of many of the problems is the singing. I get that its really the whole point of the show and what makes it different, but it really does impede the storytelling. They sing 3-4 songs per episode whether they fit or not. I agree that it seems like each episode is a stand alone, and that’s because they learn new songs each week. Realistically we should see them performing the same songs and getting better at them. This would help stress the importance of teamwork, which seems to be one of the main themes of the show. Instead they put on highly polished performances every week. This started at the very beginning, where it would have made sense for the group to sound weak(er) in “Don’t Stop Believin’” or “Push It” until they got their new members. Of course, no one is going to buy crappy versions of the songs on iTunes, so they’ve been professional from the start. I also think this impacts people’s responses to characters. I’ve read lots of comments of people complaining that Lea and Corey get all the solos, and other members should get to sing. I agree that the others all have really good voices, but i don’t think the characters are supposed to. I think Rachel and Finn are supposed to be the strongest singers, but again besides the obviously blown notes (Tina’s & Kurt’s), Fox wants them to sound great. Still, I don’t even hate all that as much as the baby storylines. It needs to be resolved eventually, and I wish it would happen soon because it sucks the energy out of Terri/Will/Emma and Puck/Quinn/Finn/Rachel. It sound like I hate the show, but I do like it!

    I also started watching V. I generally hate SciFi, but I loved the pilot. Second episode wasn’t great, so I agree with you there. Also I like White Collar too! It’s not as good as Psych, but still good.

    I’m still watching TAR, Gossip Girl, and Ugly Betty. Gossip Girl is pretty bad because I hate Jenny and Vanessa and they seem to be writers’ pets. They do really bitchy stuff but always end up on top and feeling superior, when I really want them to fail ala Blair. Ugly Betty is much better this season, but they f-ed it up so much in seasons 2-3, that I don’t think anything can save it.

    I’ve stopped watching Project Runway and SYTYCD. PR was terrible this season, partially because of the scheduling, and I just don’t have time to get invested in SYTYCD. I liked Billy best, so his departure was terrible. I also hated how they handled the first two weeks. Have all the couple perform three times and then dump three the first week audience votes. That way no one can get screwed over by bad style/choreography/chemistry. I hate that all the tappers are gone, and my three faves (Jacob, Ellanore, and Russel) are paired with three that I really don’t like.

    By Dawn on Nov 16, 2009

  9. Welcome back!!!!!!!

    Sex-a-thon – hehehe

    Kath – so good to hear you loving on Supernatural.

    Glee – yay Puck!!!

    By ColoradoKila on Nov 16, 2009

  10. Thought Kath was spot on with her thoughts on Greek. Really want Cappie,Casey and Evan to end their time on the series all being friends again. Don’t want any of them in a relationship with each other.

    Good to finally hear someone speak the truth about Glee. It’s good but it has a shitload of flaws.

    By shane on Nov 16, 2009

  11. So glad that you guys are back. I started watching Glee because of you guys and I agreed with everything you said that it has its moments but when Will sings and dances I can’t help but cringe.

    Thanks for introducing me to Modern Family, its a smart and funny comedy, even with you guys mentioning the scene where the two dads get locked out of their car had me laughing.

    I’m still sticking with SYTYCD because my favourites (Jakob and Ellenore) are still on it but it doesn’t seem as a priority viewing like when it’s on in the summer. When Mia Michaels left the show got a little less exciting, except I love Stacey Tookie.

    My favourite new show for the Fall season is definitly The Vampire Diaries. I cannot explain how much I’m obsessed with this show and it has gotten better with each episode. It also helps that the cast is so lovely to look at especially Paul Wesley’s abs. There is a god!

    Hope to hear from you guys soon.

    By YY on Nov 16, 2009

  12. Oh my gosh I love you guys! It took me a few days to get through all 2 hours, but it was so much fun listening to you at the gym.

    Can I first say how much I love, love, LOVE that Kath is watching Supernatural now. I knew she would absolutely love it. It was always fun to here Dan mention Supernatural but now you guys can actually discuss it and I am super excited.

    I love the chapter markers because I was able to go back after listening to the whole thing and listen to the segments about the shows that I watch again.

    Speaking of, through this podcast you got me to give Modern Family a try and now I am completely caught up; 7 episodes in 2 days. That show is genius! Probably my fourth favorite show, behind Supernatural, Friday Night Lights and The Office haha. But it is so good. I love a good sitcom but the way they film it and the brand of humor is just a perfect combination.

    I agree with Kath about 30 Rock. I do love the show and watch it every week, but it is not one that I have to watch right away. It is probably at the bottom of my list, but it is on my must watch list because it consistently makes me laugh and I enjoy the characters.

    I could go on and comment forever but all I can really say is you guys make me want to try watching so many new shows and I just don’t have the time! lol But you did get me hooked on one new show, so keep making them sound amazing and soon I’ll be watching everything you guys talk about! haha!

    By Kristen on Nov 17, 2009

  13. Love that you guys talked about Greek! I’m so excited about Cappie & Casey and got goosebumps during that moment. However, I also want them all to be friends with Evan again.

    Talk about Mad Men more! Did I miss the Mad Men discussion? I thought the season finale was stellar. This was the best season of Mad Men yet!

    Matthew Morrison may look a bit silly but keep in mind that he’s only 4 years older than both Finn & Puck in real life (31 vs. 27). He’s not that old. I don’t think it’s bad for him to sing, I just think the overproduction is bad.

    By Randi on Nov 18, 2009

  14. Dan -
    I loved that I was “doing so much better” and “returning to work on Thursday”….or not! Oh, how things have changed since Friday?!

    Oh and the MAD MEN musical interlude (because we totally forgot to talk about it) is just one of the many reasons I j’adore you.

    By Kath on Nov 18, 2009

  15. I’m so glad you guys are back! I have missed your carcasts over the last few weeks. I know you guys are both going for surgery in the coming weeks, and I’d like to second what a fan on Twitter had to suggest – “hospital-cast, please!”

    Even though I’m happy to have you guys back – I have to say that I totally disagreed with you on so many aspects of your podcast! (But I still love you both!). re: Glee – I really liked adding Sue’s sister to the show, and I like that it gives her a bit of a background, and also makes it so that she’s not just an angry, nasty, cheerleader coach.

    Also – I welcome any and all numbers Matthew Morrison sings! I love him, and I love Mr. Shue and when he breaks into song. I also think it’s completely relevant, and not totally creepy (except “The Thong Song” – that was slightly odd, but not when you consider it was Ken Tanaka’s song, and he IS odd). Will obviously loves music, had the passion in high school, and has been slightly stifled due to his crazy wife. So when he breaks into song with/for his students, I think it fits.

    I also have to say that I was one of those people who was pissed when Dollhouse received its cancelation slip. Granted, last year I wasn’t completely drawn in and there were times I missed an episode, or fell asleep through it, and didn’t care. But this year I felt the episodes have really be stronger, more intriguing, and have really drawn in the other characters. I am a Buffy fan, but Echo (and Eliza) have never been my favourite people. I love Sierra, and Victor, and I think the cancelation hit hard because it was so soon after “Belonging”, which I think has been one of the best episodes to date. I am, however, not entirely angry with Fox because I do understand their position, and I also like that they have committed to show the remaining episodes.

    Anyway – having said all that – loved the carcast, and I always look forward to what you guys have to say – whether I agree with it or not!

    By Kimber on Nov 22, 2009

  16. Hi GMMR & Ducky
    First time hearing your podcast and the time just flew by. I love the fact there are people who enjoy tv as much as I do. I look forward to hearing future podcast. Hope you get better kathy.

    By Andrew on Nov 22, 2009

  17. I just want to say that I hate this podcast. One day I’m on the road to recovery and having a great time podcasting. The next day I am in excrutiating pain. Now I have to have surgery. So don’t listen to this podcast unless you want to end up in the hospitalization. LOL!

    Kidding of course.

    Loving all the comments. You all add so much to the conversation whether you agree with us or not.

    Not sure when the next podcast will be. I’m having my back surgery on the 4th but maybe we can figure something out before then. Fingers crossed.

    By Kath on Nov 22, 2009

  18. Hi Kath and GMMR,
    I love your carcasts, they’re the best.
    I totally agree with you guys on Glee, I love the show to pieces but more continuity would be nice. Modern family is PURE PERFECTION! It’s my favorite comedy at the moment.

    I’m addicted to TVD, you’r guys fault: I love Damon, Matt and Caroline. Loved your Spike-Damon comparison.
    Totally agree with Kath, first watching the Salvatore brothers and then the Winchester brothers is a great thursday night. Changing Channels was BRILLIANT. I loved the Grey’s Anatomy stuff. The writer is called Jeremy Carver, he also wrote Mystery Spot and a very Supernatural Christmas. Yes, I’m a Supernatural geek. ;D

    I hope you get better soon Kath and all goes well with your surgery.

    By cassi on Nov 24, 2009

  19. Oh Kath!

    I hope you get better soon so we can have more podcasts! (Yes, I don’t care about your health, just your podcasting skills and GMMR’s ;p)

    I hope you guys are able to make a podcast before tv comes back in January, so we can hear your thoughts on the Fall’s finales (especially Glee!)

    Take care!

    By Mia on Dec 15, 2009

  20. Mia- we will be back before the January shows start!

    By Kath on Dec 15, 2009

  21. Kath and Ducky,
    I miss you guys terribly!! I can’t help it. I love hearing your feedback on shows and getting your input. I am so curious to get your feedback on Dexter’s finale, Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy and the Glee finale. Kath, you better be resting up! I need you to get better as soon as possible.

    Love you guys!!

    By Mimi on Dec 15, 2009

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