TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky: 3/31/10

April 4, 2010 – 6:00 am

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What’s a new TV Talk Podcast without a little singing, short-term memory loss and a lot of inappropriate laughter? That’s right, we’re baaaaack!


That’s not all though… there are numerous BUFFY shout-outs and a reason why Ducky may go absent for a couple weeks.

If you missed the latest TWO IDIOTS TALK LOST, (click here to listen)

*Recorded: 3/31/10

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The TV Talk Podcast: 3/31/10 (mp3 version):

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  1. 10 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky: 3/31/10”

  2. THE guy! lol

    Agree on Routh – they should have left him as a mentor to Chuck and confidant to Sarah.

    Last SuperNatural was good but man its about time we got about to the Apocalypse, no?

    BTW the last Fringe episode, ‘Peter,’ was brilliant. John Noble’s Emmy nom episode. Worth watching on its own even if one does not follow the series at all.

    By OldDarth on Apr 4, 2010

  3. I think the little bit of Apocalypse info that was given on Supernatural this episode was fairly important. Bobby told the Winchesters that the zombies were resurrected by Death (the Horseman) as an attempt to kill Bobby. Lucifer is hoping to take down the people supporting Sam from continuing to say no to Lucifer, and since there are only Bobby and Dean left, Lucifer is hoping to destroy Sam’s support system.

    By Casey on Apr 5, 2010

  4. I’m still loving LUX, and watching it every week. There is a lot of repetition, but the last two episodes have been great!

    I am sick of Gossip Girl. It seems that they set up a big event every week and then have to figure out how to get all the characters there. Chuck, Blair, Nate, and Serena all seem to have natural interactions, but Dan and Vanessa have to be dragged into everything as well, even when they don’t belong.

    I can’t wait for Glee, which is funny because I was getting sick of it by the end of its fall run. I’m loving all the promos, but I really don’t like all the Will/Emma scenes. I really don’t care about those characters and hope their “love” isn’t focused on too much.

    I HATE the SYTYCD changes. I very much doubt that Nigel is concerned about past contestants and their careers. He just wants to bring in the “all stars” to boost ratings. I also love me some Travis, but since he is a choreographer (not an all star), I would have seen him this season anyway. The judges favorites are very rarely my favorites, so I doubt I will like many of the all stars. I just don’t understand why they needed to change the show for the upcoming season. The past season did terribly because it was on in the fall, not because of format issues. If anything, they should have instituted these changes for the fall season, then reverted back to classic SYTYCD for the summer. I wonder how Vegas week will work, and whether they will still partner with each other. And I agree that people may now be voting for the all star instead of the contestant. It still might be a good show, and there will probably be better dancing. I think ballroom/latin will be the most improved. Contemp/jazz may have problems with diminished chemistry, and hip hop may just emphasize the difference in skill level if one is on and one is off…

    By Dawn on Apr 6, 2010

  5. Not excited about the SYTYCD changes. Do we know if we are getting two dances a week since there will be only 10 dancers? Maybe that will break the all star voting issue? I get that it should bring the dance level up but I am still kind of meh about it all. Maybe this summer I will just watch Lost.

    By Patty on Apr 6, 2010

  6. I didn’t think that Bobby centric episode of Supernatural was all that good, but the one after was very interesting, I love the 4th of July memory, the boys were so happy! I wish they’d be that happy again. I had issues with the episode though. I think it’s going to be very apocalypse focused until the end of the season from now on, so that’s good. BTW, Mark Sheppard was also on SPN, he’s in a lot of cool genre shows, how could you forget his name? Everyone’s names for that matter! LOL

    OMG Glee!!! It’s almost here and I can’t wait, i’ve missed Sue Sylvester the most! Her character is epic.

    Loving Survivor! While I liked Boston Rob, Russel’s shenenigans are more interesting to watch.

    I’m excited for the SYTYCD changes, it was getting boring. Besides the ones you talked about, i’m excited to see Ivan, Kayla and Jeanine, I hope they make it in. Also, only 10 contestants means better talent, the pool was starting to shrink, so this might be good. I always like the show more once it gets to the top 10 dancers, so I think it’ll be cool.

    Love you guys!

    By Mia on Apr 6, 2010

  7. So, I think I need to work through my seething jealousy that Kath got tickets to glee, I tried so hard to get some for the Chicago show but I couldn’t get any :-( Maybe I should’ve hiked my lawn chair over to Harpo on the weekend to try and catch a glimpse of them… anyways.

    Ok, this podcast was awesome. When you broke into “I’ve got a theory” I burst out laughing on the bus, so thanks for making people think I’m weird. Loved all the Buffy talk and all the random vampire show talk in general. I’m glad I listened to you guys and gave TVD a chance, because it has to be my favorite show of the year. Still liking LUX as well, but I totally see your point about the rehashing of story lines, I did enjoy the road trip this week though.

    Also really enjoying Parenthood, but I have to put it out there that I really am beginning to dislike the character of Adam. I know he’s dealing with a lot, and he’s used to being able to fix things, but it’s been a few episodes and I feel like he’s stuck in the get a quick fix/still denying there’s really a problem phase. I LOVE Peter Krause, but I almost want to turn the TV to mute when Adam is dealing with any professional related to Max because it’s always the same what can we do to fix this, ohh but I’m not ready to admit there’s actually a problem type of conversation. This also annoyed me in the movie version, maybe just not as much as the show which seems to be really drawing out the fact that he can’t deal with his son not being what he considers normal. I understand a character having to process things but for me, I’m bored with him and would like him to at least get to a stage where he can constructively help with his son’s aide instead of trying to downplay everything.

    I am loving Dax Sheppard though and wondering if you guys secretly wrote the entire storyline for Julia’s husband since it was revealed that the other woman had tried to make a move on him but he pushed her away and then Julia over-reacting.

    Lastly, I love that you didn’t know The Director’s real name from Chuck, cuz I don’t know it either and whenever I see that guy, who seems to pop up on every show I watch lately, I’m always thinking “Badger!”… which also makes me wonder how the Firefly watching is going over at GMMR ;-)

    Thanks for a great podcast and for allowing me to procrastinate studying just a little bit longer!

    Good luck with the film festival!

    By Jenn on Apr 7, 2010

  8. The Ring Director is also ‘Sterling’ frpm Leverage. He is always the bad guy.

    By JasTay on Apr 9, 2010

  9. Dan, what’s your opinion on Matt Smith as the new Dcctor?

    By leK on Apr 13, 2010

  10. I saw today on Facebook that Mark Kanemura has been confirmed as a SYTYCD all star!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Michele on Apr 14, 2010

  11. Wait, what did Lacey say? I tried good old googling. How did she trash SYTYCD?

    By D on Jun 23, 2010

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