TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky: 5/20/10

May 23, 2010 – 2:58 pm

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Kath and Dan are back to discuss vacation mishaps and what you probably tuned in for… TV!


*Recorded: 5/20/10

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The TV Talk Podcast: 5/20/10 (mp3 version):

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  1. 15 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky: 5/20/10”

  2. Hey,

    Loved the podcast. Had a few comments about Chuck. I’m really hoping that BR is a much better actor playing a villian. He wasn’t so horrible in Other Guy. So, I’m keeping an open mind.

    I’m a big shipper and love C/S together. But I find myself scratching my head at the plot holes. Wasn’t the overriding theme of the season that Sarah didn’t want Chuck to be a spy? She didn’t like what he turned into. So he’s willing to run off with her and leave the spy life… and she talks him out of it? Didn’t that basically invalidate the whole freaking Shaw storyline?

    Anyway, enjoy the poscast and appreciate your efforts.

    By BillAtWork on May 23, 2010

  3. In episode 10 of the Vampire Diaries, there is a scene with Jeremy is trying to be nice to Tyler and Tyler punches him. After the punch Jeremy asks Tyler “what’s your problem?” and Tyler responds “I don’t know” and while he’s saying that, behind him you see a full moon.

    So I think it’s a safe bet that Tyler and his dad are both werewolves.

    By shanemd on May 23, 2010

  4. Did either of you get a ‘Jack and Bobby’ vibe from the Supernatural finale. The way Chuck was doing the voiceover stuff, gave me a ‘Jack and Bobby’ feel.

    What are your thoughts on Chuck’s last scene in the episode, where he disappears? Do you think he was God?

    By shanemd on May 24, 2010

  5. Shanemd – Didn’t get a “jack and Bobby’ feel really, but the voiceover is such a common device that it reminded me of many things.

    Took me a good 5 minutes to figure out what you were asking. Wondering when Chuck (Bartowski) disappeared?! Ha! Wrong show…wrong CHuck. it didn’t occur to me that Chuck was God, but you never know.

    By Kath on May 24, 2010

  6. “‘The Dobrev’ you go!” LOL I love you Ducky! =D

    By Mia on May 24, 2010

  7. dear kathy and dan

    my name is vanessa and i am one of your avid listener and although this email is not gonna make a lot of sense i just had to write it.
    when i was 9/10 my uncle was talking about this new show, he said it was a new breakout show in america and he absolutlty had to see it and since i didnt have my own tv i had to watch it with. from the very 1st episode the very 1st scene in fact i feel inlove with this show and my uncle he didnt care for it that much.
    flash forward 10 years later and i am a university student studying television and the reason why i am here is because when i was 10 i met Dawson Leery and Buffy Summers and without being over dramatic they kind of changed my life, i mean if i had been a normal kids who liked playing outside instead of scheduling my days around episodes of Buffy and Dawson then i might be studying law right now like my dad wants me too.
    Anyways recently i had to write a paper for one of my classes and i ended up writing about Dawson, so i went back and watched old episodes. it was the weirdest thing cause it took me back to my childhood and then i started thinking, i wanted to work in television because of all those WB shows i liked but those i dead and gone i mean the teen shows we have now, there is nothing new and inspirational about them. people always use to complain about how the kids of the creek sounded too adult well i have to say the kids on the CW are probably the dumbest bunch i have ever encountered. don’t get me wrong i love Gossip Girl and i am addicted to Vampire Diaries but when i go back and watch Buffy and Dawson it put things in perspective, i am gonna stop now cause i am just rambling and the more i think about it, the less i like my TV these days and i really want to like my TV. the email was mainly about teen shows cause i am 20 years old so my time has past but when i hear 14 year old girls say that that their favourite show is the new 90210 and the secret life of the american teenager it makes me want to throw rocks at my TV.

    anyways you guys are awesome and how do not have a show on Bravo yet? listening to you makes me feel like less of a dork. (that show my uncle was talking about was Dawson which was big in france back in the days)

    love vanessa from london by way of paris

    By nessa on May 24, 2010

  8. Great podcast, as per usual. Loved the intro. “Listeners, are you still there?” Haha I love that you guys apologize for being away every time, even though you guys are away every time! Haha. I liked the story about your late flight. I watched that unfold on twitter and it was hilarious. Although I did curse out loud when you wrote the twitter about forgetting the podcasting equipment. NOOOOOOO! I completely understand about your busy lives though and it probably makes the podcasts that much more special that they are more sporadic. I get to triumphantly announce that a new TV Talk podcast is out every few weeks! It’s exciting!

    Ducky, I too stopped watching Chuck. The relationship between Sarah and Chuck was just getting old for me. The same issues recycled over and over. I just got behind and then I realized that I didn’t really care about catching up. Periodically I will catch random episodes on Hulu but I don’t really care about seeing every episode, and that is odd for me.

    Agreed that Modern Family is perfection. Definitely my new favorite show, next to Glee, which is also amazing. I’ve been really enjoying the new episodes of Glee since the hiatus. The music is even more fun for me and I can’t wait for the GAGA episode! I rewatched the first half of the season with my mom and fell in love all over again. Aww such a fun show!

    Thanks for talking about Supernatural right at the end there. :] Thought you guys were gonna forget about it! Ducky is right, it does keep reinventing itself every season, which is really great. Although they still have the same old issues of self sacrifice. Of course Sam was gonna ask Dean not to save him and of course Dean wasn’t gonna agree to it without a fight lol. But the end was the best for me. I agree with Kath that it would be really interesting for Dean to be thrown into a John Winchester type scenario. But I’m not sure how that would play out through the whole season. I don’t want Dean to lose his family, and I thought the end with Sam coming back was perfect for a series finale. So now I’m really intrigued to see where they’ll go with it but I’m also worried they’ll shatter everything I wanted for the boys in the end… I’m ready for the show to come to a close, and since Jensen and Jared’s contracts run out after the 6th year, I’m pretty sure it’s going to end. But I’m annoyed I’ll be watching it on a Friday Night. Curse you CW!

    Speaking of Friday Nights why wasn’t there any talk of Friday Night Lights?! I’ve been waiting for SIX MONTHS for you guys to talk about it! Curse you Direct TV! Will there be a discussion next podcast? :]

    By Kristen on May 24, 2010

  9. so VERY happy to get a new podcast on this craptastic Monday!

    I have to thank you both again for getting me to watch Vampire Diaries. It’s one of my very favorite show and Kath? I too am going to be in a bad way without some Ian every week. I think he has another crappy movie coming out on DVD soon and you know I can’t pass that up!

    I kinda loved the Supernatural finale. I was scared it would suck but it didn’t. And I am very intrigued with what will happen in S6. I love Sera Gamble and I trust she will not let us fans down.

    I have stuck it out with Chuck. I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either. Just finished the finale and liked it better than most of the past season.

    Dan, I love The Good Wife! I never watch it live but it’s on demand and I watch it Saturday afternoons. It’s so good! It’s a quietly excellent show.

    Oh! And so happy you mentioned my absolute favorite line from the Glee GaGa episode – “we’ve got a jumper!” I pee a little every time I see that commercial!

    Even if we only get one podcast a month? If it’s two hours I am down!

    Maybe the new “two idiots” can be that new show “The Event”? Not that it will be Lost but it looks like it will be plenty confusing!

    By Patty on May 24, 2010

  10. I still LOVE your podcasts even though we barely watch any of the same shows anymore.

    I’d given up Gossip Girl, but tuned in for the finale. I’m totally with you Kath on the Jenny hate. That girl (and her awful hair) totally ruin the show for me. The writers seem to love her though, as whenever she makes a mess of her life, her family/friends seem to rally around her so she never learns her lesson. I hope they kill her off soon, because then I may start watching again.
    I thought the LUX finale was terrible. A total cliche with Baze throwing open the doors to stop the wedding. I can’t believe people would actually still write like that and think it’s a surprising twist! I really enjoyed the show up until that point, but wasn’t dying for it to get renewed after such a terrible finale. I may still watch in the fall though.
    I also agree about Dawn Ostroff not knowing what the eff she is doing. Will never forgive her for canceling Everwood to save 7th Heaven. And isn’t it Tommy (druggie boyfriend) who is on Vampire Diaries, or is Colin (coma boyfriend) there too?

    I really loved the last episode of Glee. I thought they finally dealt with a “real” issue without having it be too after-school special. I’m looking forward to the Gaga episode tonight. The show always makes me happy due to the musical numbers even when the writing/plot is terrible.

    Shows you didn’t talk about:
    V-still like it, but I never really think about it outside of when I’m watching the show. I actually hope it ends next season because I want to know how it ends more than I cre about continuing the storylines.
    TAR-I was actually happy that the bothers won. They ran a great last leg, and the cowboys were compelete dipshits for not figureing out that they should spin after watching Jordan do it. They arrived just as the brothers were leaving the final task, so if they had stepped it up at the virtual reality task, they could have pulled it out. Still hate South Carolina chick.
    Ugly Betty-finally improved for the last handful of episodes. I loved the finale, which really gave everyone a happy ending. I wish there had been a minor hookup between Betty and Daniel, but since fans were divided on Betty and Daniel being a couple, the ambiguous ending probably placated both groups.

    I’m bummed that Better Off Ted and Scrubs (yeah, I eventually ended up liking the new group of kids once they dumped JD) were canceled, though their really low rating made it kind of inevitable. I don’t have many shows to watch next fall, so I can’t wait for your end of summer rundown of all the pilots so I can figure out what to watch…

    I’m also excited for the summer shows like Psych, White Collar, Royal Pains, and SYTYCD (to a lesser degree, because I think all the changes blow). I’m also tempted to watch Pretty Little Liars because the books are like crack. Can’t wait for the next podcast!

    By Dawn on May 25, 2010

  11. Nobody is so fun to listen to than you guys, so glad you podcasted!

    I need to get into Parenthood, it sounds like a really good show and now that there’s not much to watch in the summer i’ll marathon it. I hope you guys podcast in the summer! SYTYCD should be exciting again considering it’s an all stars tyope season and Mia Michaels is back! Also, True Bolood!!! I’m SO excited for True Blood!

    Vampire Diaries finale was cramazing! The Dobrev (lol) really is good at playing Katherine, i’m so intrigued to watch the Damon/Stefan/Elena/Katherine dynamics! It’s going to be a tough summer.

    I hope Castiel isn’t kept as a regular on SPN, let the writers just introduce new characters, preferably females, the show really lacks strong estrogen. Castiel’s story has run its course, besides he’s in a vessel who has a family, he needs to just return the body! I think keeping him would be fanservice and this show does too much of that. Leave the angel storyline behind, Sera, it was getting boring. Fresh new storylines please, i’m actually excited for that.

    I totally agree aboput Glee. Show is crazy flawd and the pacing and continuity sucks, but then some moments and numbers and one liners are just genius and full of heart. My biggest complain is they completely dropped Quinn’s storyline in the back 9. I don’t get why. They could give Terry a few scenes too, did they fire the actress? Whatever, I still love the show.

    What else… The Hills! Heidi and Spenser are crazy! I honestly think they’re insane. I felt awful for Heidi’s mother when she saw her daughter’s face. And she still wants bigger boobs!? My clueless, what a world!

    Anyway, thanks for the podcast guys!

    By tara-gee on May 25, 2010

  12. Yay podcast!!! Don’t worry, if you guys don’t podcast for months and months, I’ll still be here waiting! It almost make the podcast all the more special when it doesn’t come as often. But seriously, you could put out 2 hr podcasts on a weekly basis, and I’d still love it!

    Thanks for all the Supernatural and Vampire Diaries love – those shows ROCK! I think Vampire Diaries was my total surprise love from this season, just because I figured it would be super campy and stupid, and it wasn’t! Plus, Ian Somerhalder = not so bad to look at. I hope Patty is right, and he’s got something out this summer to keep me entertained and inundated with his gorgeous mug.

    Glee – still loving it, but I think I’m more critical now of the plots, and the plotholes, and the characters. I really, really enjoyed the episode centred around Artie – that flash mob scene was FANTASTIC! And Brittany continues to amaze me with her one-liners, and her awesome dance moves.

    Chuck – oh, Chuck. (Bartowski, that is!). Love it, excited it’s coming back, can’t wait for the new season and Mama Bartowski!! It’s going to rock!

    By Kimber on May 27, 2010

  13. ver serious importand staff

    i love you guys and i always look forward to the podcast i wish some news outlet would hire you so you could do a weekly podcast like the tvguide peeps use to do. anyways
    i really trust your advice about which shows to watch mainly because Dan fave show is buffy and Kath is Dawson and those were my favourite shows growing up and now i pretty much watch the same shows u guys do (except for reality tv) every year i always follow your recommendations about which shows to look out for and you end up being right about most of the shows that i like and last year i decided to get caught up on Greek per your recommendation and ended up loving it, now this summer i really wanted to watch supernatural cause you guys always tlk about and i love both of those boys.
    i just found the 1ts 3 season on Amazon at the amazing price of £20 which is basically $30. i know this is a petty good deal but keep in mind that iam a poor college student and $30 is what i spend on my weekly grocery shopping but i trust u guys that the show will keep me entertain this summer.

    By nessa on May 27, 2010

  14. Thanks for talking about Doctor Who!

    By leK on Jun 15, 2010

  15. Hey guys,
    New listener, little late to this particular podcast, but I had to drop a line. First to say great podcast! Funny (especially the HOLY CRAP I MISSED MY FLIGHT recounting) and a great way to catch up on the shows I’ll never have time to watch.

    Second to say that a name you mentioned in connection with Brothers and Sisters sounded familiar. I Googled Greg Berlanti; turns out he and I were in the same acting class senior year at Northwestern. I have to say, no lie: he looks EXACTLY the same now as he did, what, 16 years ago? Funny he’s on the other side of the business now…

    Anyway, thought you’d get a kick out of that. keep up the great work!

    Anyway, thought you’d get a kick out of that.

    By CJH on Jun 24, 2010

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