TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky: 6/2/10

June 3, 2010 – 9:11 pm

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Kath and Dan tackle the rest of remaining season finales, including PARENTHOOD, CHUCK, GREY’S ANATOMY, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, BIG BANG THEORY, THE GOOD WIFE and AMERICAN IDOL. It wouldn’t be a TV Talk Podcast without talking about GLEE and this time, Kath shares her experience watching the Glee Tour at Radio City Music Hall. Wondering what our summer catch-up series will be? Listen and find out.

We also run down the Summer Show Premiere Dates and give you our thoughts on some of our returning and new summer faves. Honestly, we’re already obsessing about SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, TRUE BLOOD, WIPEOUT, MAD MEN and BIG BROTHER!

*Recorded: 6/2/10

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  1. 27 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky: 6/2/10”

  2. Just a quick note… i only wanted to listen to the glee stuff before i went to bed.
    You said the last time we saw Jesse was the Bad Reputation ep, that’s wrong.
    The last we saw of him before Gaga was Dream On (NPH) he was there to make Rachel’s dream of meeting her mom come true. He said to Shelby that he likes Rachel and didn’t want to hurt her. He was all sweet and love-y in the ep that the drastic 180 character turn of Jesse in Funk made me shout WTF! at my tv. Seriously i feel like these writers don’t give a crap about fans or people who aren’t all set on the characters of Finn, Rachel, Will.

    I will listen to the rest of the podcast tomorrow and leave a better comment then.

    By Tanja (Slopoc88) on Jun 3, 2010

  3. Tanja –
    You are SO right about Jesse’s appearance in ‘Dream On’. Forgot about that. Thanks.

    By Kath (GMMR) on Jun 4, 2010

  4. I didn’t forget, didn’t I mention that it was the car scene where he said that he was falling for her? That was the “Dream On” ep, correct?

    By Ducky on Jun 4, 2010

  5. I definitely agree with you guys about the diminished excitement for upfronts. So many of the shows I watch get canceled that I’ve stopped caring. Plus, every year they seem to make a bunch of copycat shows of what was popular the previous year. Since Modern Family was the breakout hit, it seems like lots of family comedies are coming out next year, but why bother watching rip offs if you’re into Modern Family?

    As for the dissing of Chicago being on the finale, my mom was really pissed that she missed it, so perhaps they were trying to capture the 50+ demographic?

    I’ve found the last two eps of Glee to be appallingly bad. I had high expectations for Gaga and ended up hating everything but Bad Romance. I knew of the episode switch and I was thinking it was dumb that they switched Gaga in for sweeps, because I figured that Funk would have to be better, and somehow it was so much worse. I can forgive the plot if it turn out a good song choice/musical performance. For example, Puck/Finn slashing tires so they have to get random Sheets and Things jobs was dumb, but having Terri, Bamboo, and Sandy all show up and sing “Loser” made up for it. But having Jesse turn on Rachel and egg her so they could follow it up with a mediocre funk song, not so much. Unless VA totally messes things up, they should win Regionals, and I hope they do. Otherwise where does the show go next year? Unfortunately, I’m sure it will go the way of Popular, with ND winning at regionals and season 2 having the outcasts be popular…

    I’m watching SYTYCD, but am not excited about the all stars. I agree that they should mix up the genders a little. Why can’t two girls do hip hop together? Also, Katee danced with Courtney G (in season 4, a TERRIBLE Tyce Broadway with parasols). Lacey danced with Sabra (in season 3, the weird Wade piece with Foxes). I’m excited for the intro episode (though I don’t know why the all stars should be featured along with the new dancers) and wish they could incorporate small groups into the competition too.

    I’m also looking forward to Pretty Little Liars, but I hop it’s not ruined by the fact that I’ve read some of the books. I don’t necessarily like the casting of the girls because they look vastly different from the books, so it may take me some time to remember who is who.

    By Dawn on Jun 4, 2010

  6. Ducky,
    I listened again and you did mention it, but i guess when I listened the first time i sort of missed it because I was just enjoying all the rage at Glee and the writers.

    By Tanja (Slopoc88) on Jun 4, 2010

  7. Firstly thanks for keeping me entertained during a mammoth cleaning session in my house this afternoon. I was so pleased to have 2 hours of you guys talking to focus on while I did some really boring housework.

    Glee – I don’t want to hate the show, but it is beginning to get to me – I think it was really noticable having “Funk” and “theatricality” switched round, it did play with what little continuity there is on the show. However REALLY upset with what they did with the Jesse character – I was so pleased that he didn’t seem intent on ruining ND the way we had all assumed, and it was all about Shelby being Rachel’s mom, but then the writers screwed with us all, and ruined the character for me.

    Parenthood – I’ve been really enjoying this show, and I love the family dynamic. Crosby 9Dax) has been the biggest suprise for me on the show, and I was so pleased for it to be picked up. (I was more excited about that pickup than I was about Lux)

    As for new / returning shows – so pleased SYTYCD is back, while I watched season 6, I felt really alone watching it – because I didn’t have the podcasts (So really lokoing forward to the return of those if you can)! And even more so with the UK version of SYTYCD which I was so excited for but felt it didn’t hold a candle to the US version.

    Cannot wait for True Blood, especially because the new book is out later this week in the UK – and while it’s “spoilt” me for the TV show, it feels like 2 totally different stories, so it excites me more, because I kinda know where it’s going but not completely because they do change it up. Would also love a seperate podcast for the show. “2 fangbangers talk True Blood” Maybe?

    Mad men is a show I caught up with last summer, so it’ll be great to finally watch it along with everyone else.

    Another show I’m looking forward to is Huge, you only briefly mention it on the show, but I wanna like this show so much, purely because it’s written and produced by Winnie Holzman – who wrote my first ever TV obsession “My So Called Life” (and I didnb’t realise it, but having looked her up she also wrote the script for the musical Wicked. So I’m really hoping good things for this show.

    Finally for Dan’s benefit – Being Human season 3 started filming this week in the UK – which is great news. I believe there is still talk / the pssibility of them making a US version too. Could be interesting.

    By laiq on Jun 4, 2010

  8. I agree that there has been a lack of excitement over new shows. I mean there are a few that I’ve read about that people seem to be talking a little bit more about but other than that it’s like no one cares to much because we’ve all settled into shows that we all love that we know are coming back.

    And I think you are right we are so accustomed to failure that I find no point in getting into or invested in a show that might not last a whole season. For me it was like this last year too (with the exception of Glee and Mod Fam) with Community. I thought there are some funny actors and it could be good but I don’t want to watch if its just going to get cancelled.

    FlashPoint is pretty big here in Canada, well at least Toronto because it’s filmed here and CTV (a Canadian Network) is pretty good about promoting it so it’s got an established fanbase here. I don’t watch it, but my parents do.

    Parenthood – I think was one of the strongest tv shows all season. Even it having so few episodes each one had great writing, the acting was good and I really got invested in the family. I agree that the four of the siblings have just a great connection, and Sarah and Adam just work together beautifully. Dax has also been the biggest surprise for me too.
    I can’t wait for it to come back next season.

    HIMYM – i agree for a season finale it was mehh. But I did like the end when they were all there together to help Lily.

    Glee – So i think i am going to have to start watching it like you two do with some expectations, mostly just for the musical numbers, but not a whole lot for the story or plot, because I feel that I am going to be being let down.
    I do want VA to win at regionals because as a show choir they are the better one and having ND win is too cheesy happy for me. Also I want to return to the first 13 episodes where VA wasn’t the enemy team, they were the far superior team (one that was above all the petty high school shenanigans) that ND was striving to be like.
    I agree with you, Jesse for me was the most realized character with what looked like a full story arc. He had this established (and well earned) ego, but we sort of saw him bring it down to be with Rachel. We got to see his character hurt, him being in love with Rachel and being a jerk. But I think that there needed to be more of a build up to the complete asshole move of breaking the egg on Rachel’s head with that cryptic “I Loved You” making it seem like she did something to drive him to that.
    ["He did some really great facial work" Made me laugh, and he really did have some great facial work showing his pain in that egging scene.]
    Before Funk it seemed he wasn’t intent on destroying ND, just trying to get Rachel and Shelby together. The writers ruined a great guest character that had a lot of great returning potential for a role more than just an enemy to the club and to the Rachel/Finn pairing (which is why Jesse was character assassinated, so that Rachel/Finn can have a great moment because Finn could never hurt Rachel in that way *sarcasm*).
    One last thing on Glee and the whole Rachel/Finn pairing. I don’t know how serious Ryan Murphy was about those two being the endgame couple but if he was, anything the writers do with the two of them dating other characters, breaking up or dating each other will be a giant eyeroll for me because i will feel no investment into the tension or “drama” their coupling has.

    OMG SYTYCD… I can’t wait for the separate podcasts because it makes watching the show better and it gives me some place to discuss my feelings on the dances.

    Ducky – I just want to know what you think of the new season of Doctor Who. I know you mentioned it in an earlier podcast but what are your thoughts now that more of the season has gone on.

    By Tanja (Slopoc88) on Jun 4, 2010

  9. My summer shows- SYTYCD, True Blood (“Sookeh”), and thinking of checking out The Gates. My catch up shows- Fringe and Bones.
    Thanks for the recaps- so agreed!
    Will miss you guys on “Two Idiots Talk Lost”- Fiona Faraday!!!!!
    True Blood podcast would rock! Looking forward to SYTYCD podcast as well.

    Happy Summer to come, you guys! Kath, say no to melanoma!!! Love ya!

    By Amanda on Jun 4, 2010

  10. Kath, I would love to read the Mia transcript. I love her! She had balls and I love it!

    My parents watch America’s Got Talent but I think it’s because my mom got to Vegas the 1st year and she still dreams of being famous. She didn’t even make it to the broadcast with was a pisser because they don’t tell you if you are going to be shown and she made me watch some of that crap. I saw enough to never want to see it ever again!

    And who watches Hell’s Kitchen? Not me.

    Is there any word on when Caprica is coming back? I thought it would be this summer but I haven’t seen anything.

    I am on the fence about SYTYCD. Definitely need a podcast. I am hoping that the quality will be so freaking high that I will have to love it.

    As for TV excitement. Hmmmm. I honestly seem to not get excited about new shows anymore. I get excited when I watch them on DVD because somebody on a podcast I listen to *cough* gets me interested in a show and I watch seasons of a show all in a row. This month? Friday Night Lights. Then Mad Men. Then Lost. All are in the queue for summer.

    I am super excited about all the USA shows coming back. All those hot guys! Rawr!

    By Patty on Jun 4, 2010

  11. Never mind about Caprica. It looks like September. Which is WAY too long a break.

    By Patty on Jun 4, 2010

  12. “I want to be his baby so he can hold me”


    And that folks is why I listen to these two.
    Loves them.

    By ColoradoKila on Jun 4, 2010

  13. Love “White Collar”. Actually Matt and his husband (publicist Simon Halls) are raising 3 children together.

    I’m going to have to go back and listen to some of your commentary on “Glee”. I have this uneasy feeling that there is so much hate in this episode. I love the production numbers, but maybe it is that the writers don’t respect the audience (or, actually, their own characters).

    By Lynne on Jun 4, 2010

  14. Hey guys,
    I just wanted to say the Emma has not been in glee because she had to take leave to do the Smurfs movie :)
    Also they have not done the “I’m not leavng glee club” bit since Mash-up, which was 14 episodes ago in October. Maybe its time to forgive and forget lol

    By Beth on Jun 5, 2010

  15. Lost finale??? Please???

    By Lynn on Jun 5, 2010

  16. I am so excited about Pretty Little Liars! Lucy Hale is the cutest thing in Hollywood and i’m so exzcited to have her on my tv again. I hope you guys include the show in your tv talk podcasts.

    Sad you didn’t talk about Friday Night Lights, loving this season.

    So jealouus Kath about the Glee tour! I wasn’t as pissed about Jesse, but that might be because I didn’t know The Groff before so I guess I wasn’t as attached? And don’t forget he’s a senior, so it wouldn’t make much sense for him to be a regular next season. Outch for Terri’s singing being cut out of the episode! For the finale, i’m hoping New Directions loses Regionals to Vocal Adrenaline as that makes the end of the season at this point plausible and then they can start next year fresh and end the season at Nationals. The 13 episodes and the back 9 being almost separate seasons really hurt the continuity of the show and i’m hoping next season there’s a flow throughout the entire season. Hopefully they get their heads together in the writers room.

    I got into The Middle because of Ducky and i’m so happy I did! The show is so well done, funny and endearing! And relatable! Sue Heck is cramazing, the actress she should get an Emmy nomination for best comedic actress in a supporting role. I watched the whole season in a week, is how much I loved it.

    The last 2 Iditots Talk Lost Podcast is coming, right? I don’t think you mentioned podcasting about it. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on that emotional roller coaster of a series finale.

    On a last note, Kath, your adorable dog should become the mascot of this podcast as she’s always intruding in hilarious ways! =)

    By Mia on Jun 5, 2010

  17. I wish I could access this website to post my comments from work right after I listen to your podcast! grr

    Love USA in the summer! They have so many fun shows. I wish James Roday would get nominated for Psych. The one-liners are fast and furious.

    My favorite summer show (not including reality)is In Plain Sight (Marshall Marshall Mann is such a different character, as is Mary). Allison Janney is a good addition and it’s great that they’re getting some big names on there! That’s a good sign.

    Also love White Collar (not because of Bomber, because of Tim DeKay..I’m so happy that they wrote his character as smart, funny and competent), The Closer and My Boys is tolerable (although Jim Gaffigan was my favorite and I heard he left the show).

    Thanks for mentioning the Alias/Chuck connection in your podcast! I’d laugh so hard if Lena Olin was the mom! I’ve loved Sela Ward ever since Sisters and she’d be a great casting choice!

    I’m looking forward to the new Colin Hanks & Bradley Whitford FOX show The Good Guys. That looks silly and fun! And doesn’t Colin look like his dad from Dragnet in those ads??!!

    SYTYCD..since they cast so many dancers along with their partners from their seasons, I’d love to see them re-create some of their past routines (Neil/Lauren Devil & Angel routine, please!)

    By toast with JAM on Jun 6, 2010

  18. Need to preview before posting…LOVE the Closer, My Boys is the one I just tolerate!

    I skipped the Glee discussion ’cause I thought the season finale had aired already and I didn’t see it yet. Just now realized that I’m not as behind as I thought! Going back to listen now!!

    By toast with JAM on Jun 6, 2010

  19. Hey guys, glad to hear another long podcast!
    Where to start… hmmm ok i guess i’ll go in order of what you guys talked about:

    -Parenthood: Amazing end to an amazing short season, I was kind of sad that we got such a short season of this show but i’m glad that I gave it a shot and I have to thank Lauren Graham for it because otherwise I don’t think I would have checked it out. Like you guys said, I can’t picture Maura Tierney in the role that Graham has because it just wouldn’t be the same. I loved all the stories that each sibling has but I have to agree that the parent’s story line is by far the weakest and the less interesting. I can’t wait for this show to come back in the fall and get a full season.

    -Grey’s Anatomy: OMG….. that’s all i was able to say throughout the whole episode. Even from the beginning when Reid gets shot right in the head I was taken by surprise! Then Alex and that’s when I thought wow no one is safe because they shot a character we (the audience)actually care about. I thought that Bailey as always did an amazing job and actually every other actor did as well. This was a good ending to a good season and I hope that they keep bringing on what made me fall in love with Grey’s when it first started.

    Chuck: I was really glad to be going into the finale of Chuck knowing that it had been picked up for another season because I knew there would be some sort of cliffhanger and I would have been mad had we been left hanging. I thought it was a great finale overall, I like that Ellie knows finally that Chuck is a spy and I wonder if he is going through with his promise of quitting the spy life. If he does, it would be interesting to see how Casey and Sarah will help him out seeing as he wouldn’t work for the gov. anymore. I think i’ll miss General Beckhman just a little bit lol.

    Glee: I gotta say that I do like this show, however….. I don’t see the continuity at all. This past episode (the one w/ Rachel getting egged) I was so confused because I didn’t remember that Jesse had broken up with her. I had to rewind to the beginning of the episode to see if I had missed something but apparently the audience just had to assume that it was all over. Also, the supposed spring break that Jesse took was ridiculous. Like they are gonna allow just one student to be on spring break while the rest are still in school. At least they could have come up with a better excuse like him being sick or something like that. Now on to the good parts, I loved the GaGa episode, i thought they did a great job covering her songs but I wish there would have been more. I loved the poker face cover but I thought it was kind of weird in the context of the show because wouldn’t it be awkward that your mom is saying to you “i’m bluffing with my muffin”? Just sayin… lol
    anyway hope the finale is a good one and they start taking the audience more into account.

    As for summer tv, I am excited for white collar and big brother! I guess i’ll check out some other show but I also plan to catch up with Dexter season 3 and 4. Oh and how could i forget?? Sookeh!!! I can’t wait for True Blood and I would definitely love to hear a separate podcast about it but if not then that’s cool because I know that you guys will be covering it.
    Anyway, I think that’s all for now, again thanks for the podcast and I can’t wait to hear the next one!

    By happybunny87 on Jun 6, 2010

  20. I love this podcast so much. Only found it when season 6 of SYTYCD was on but went back and rewatched season 5 and listened to your coverage: GENIUS. Can’t wait to here your thoughts on this season.
    ZBZ snaps all round!!

    By ogl88 on Jun 7, 2010

  21. Hey you two! Huge fandom nerd here. Just found your show a few weeks back and I am LOVING IT. I love a lot of the shows you guys do, minus the reality (except Top Chef!) so I really appreciate the chapter breaks you insert in editing so I can skip right past. :)

    Am completely and utterly excited for True Blood. You could totally do a separate show for it. That fandom has just been growing and growing since day 1!

    Thanks for the super show! I love your senses of humor and your genuine affection for each other that really does come out in your discussions. Keep it up and I will be listening!!

    Oh, and yes…another Parenthood fan here. I caught up on it a few weeks back, marathoned through real fast and was immediately hooked.

    By Jenni Lou on Jun 7, 2010

  22. The “Are We There Yet?” movie is more like a cross between “Dutch”, “The Parent Trap” and “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”. The sequel “Are We Home Yet?” is the remake of the “Mr. Blandings” film–but the Tom Hanks/Shelly Long “Money Pit” is a much better remake. I have the “Mr. Blandings” film on my Netflix queue for a while, but still haven’t seen it.
    The series seemed to be more like the first film, but takes place after the second film. In either case, I shut it off after 5 minutes.

    By Kyle on Jun 9, 2010

  23. Hey Guys! God, I love your podcast so much. You both crack me right up, seriously. Just wanted to say that I am also all for a True Blood podcast. I don’t watch SYTYCD or Lost, so I’d be excited to have a “single show” podcast to follow from you two.

    Isn’t Greek coming back this summer too, or no? I thought they had one more half season left, which I assumed would be airing over the summer, but I could be wrong. Hey, I know, how about I Bing it! (Kidding – Google, obviously, no matter what kind of Bing Revolution the CW is trying to start). Just checked – looks like there’s no date set yet, meaning that it probably won’t be until the fall or late summer. Grrrr…. I miss Evan and Cappie.

    By Nicole (@ToNicole) on Jun 10, 2010

  24. So while I don’t remember much about the podcast last week other than it was great *as per usual* and another marathon *yes, saw me through 2 lawn mowings!* I did remember that I wanted to make a few comments
    –I’m currently watching Friday Night Lights, which would probably be difficult but would be awesome if you talked about.
    –I plan on watching SYTYCD this summer if there’s a podcast to spur me on, I haven’t seen an episode yet, but I don’t normally start until after the cringe-inducing try-outs
    –I’m catching up on THE WIRE as my backlog show and man that’s going quick, 2 seasons in 2 weeks already
    –I’m also catching up on the Good Wife in the summer repeats (and HIMYM, I thought I was tuning in for a repeast, didn’t know until you mentioned it that it was the finale!)
    –Did you talk at all about the Good Guys (Bradley Whitford & Colin Hanks) show? I have seen two wildly uneven episodes but like some aspects of the production and c’mon Josh Lyman and Father…Farraday? Sorry If you did I don’t remember it though.
    –a separate True Blood podcast would be awesome, because I don’t watch the show and then I won’t have to stop and skip that section

    By Laurie on Jun 10, 2010

  25. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU GUYS!! I just love hearing friends talk about television with such fun and detail. One request- Friday Night Lights! Please reemphasize the amazingness of this show. and if you are not watching this summer, you really are missing out on a fantastically written and acted show! Thanks

    By Chitown mimi on Jun 14, 2010

  26. You guys need to check out this Survivor podcast:

    It’s from actual Survivor contestants and has a lot of inside info. Great interviews for and comments, all Survivor fans should listen. I hope Ducky and Kath don’t mind me pitching anothor podcast here, it’s just because I know we’re all TV fans. This is still my favourite podcast! =)

    By Mia on Jun 16, 2010

  27. i love football and lovestory that is why i like Friday Night Lights. ~:`

    By Sebastian Sanders on Jul 20, 2010

  28. oh well, the guys on Friday Night Lights are really handsome and sexy”;-

    By Wrinkle Treatment : on Oct 23, 2010

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