TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky: Two Idiots Talk LOST – Series Finale

June 6, 2010 – 7:23 pm


The LOST Series Finale means that this is the finale TWO IDIOTS TALK LOST… Like ever!

Sure it’s been two weeks since the finale aired, that only means you get a little extra idiot in your podcast this week. We talk about our favorite moments from the finale and wax idiotsophical on what it all meant.

As a bonus, we talk about our favorite series moments including the biggest tear-jerker, the hottest character, the biggest villain and much much more.

Get your hand out of the vending machine and listen up because this is the last TWO IDIOTS TALK LOST you’ll be lucky enough to hear.


*Recorded: 6/6/10

The TV Talk Podcast: Two Idiots Talk LOST – Series Finale (mp3 version):

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  1. 9 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky: Two Idiots Talk LOST – Series Finale”

  2. Regarding GMMR’s question about what Eloise meant with what she said to Desmond.

    I believe that the flash sideways were a form of purgatory. Where everyone goes before they cross over to the afterlife.

    It’s never explained but there’s something special about Eloise. She knew everything when she was alive and in the flash sideways she was aware that they were all dead and this was a form of purgatory.

    I think because of the things she did when she was alive, she would not be going to the same place where Daniel would be going when they crossed over, so she wanted to spend as much time with Daniel as she could before he got to go to ‘Heaven’ and she had to go to ‘Hell’.

    I apologise for the long winded response, but I’m not very good at explaining myself and that’s the best I could do.

    By shanemd on Jun 7, 2010

  3. Thank you for the final “2 Idiots Talk LOST”! Pure entertainment…it will be missed.

    Kath, I agree…I would love to hear all the insider stuff from Carlton and Damon…they better release a bunch on DVD. I would like to see the Hurley/Ben running the island stuff they shot for the complete box set as well.

    By Amanda on Jun 7, 2010

  4. OMGosh i’m so nostalgic! 2 Idiots Talk Lost gave us such great moments! Fiona Faraday shall never be forgotten! *wipes tears*

    By Mia on Jun 7, 2010

  5. I have an interpretation of the Church that is quite different from both of yours and has me satisfied with all the people who were and weren’t there and why Fiona said not to take Dan, but I won’t bother sharing it here when it’d probably come out all discombobulated and I think it’s fair for everyone to have their own interpretation so I’m not going to bother to try to convince you to see it my way, but one thing I had to mention:

    You guys had a moment this week that in my mind was totally like a Fiona Farraday moment except you totally let it pass by: it doesn’t quite have the same catch phrase quality nor the same level of hilarity, but it was the same sort of thing with Dan stating something from the show as fact and Kath just being like, “oh, uh huh, yeah” when it never friggin’ happened! When Dan was like, “Penny might have died when Ben shot her, because we never saw her after that, remember?” Dudes, no, never happened ;) A) Ben shot Desmond, not Penny. B) We saw her after the fact in the hospital where Des was having HIS gunshot wound taken care of, and Penny and Charlie were hangin’ in the waiting area and she had a chat with Fiona Farraday who was like, “sorry, I think my son was responsible for this”, Penny: “Your son is Benjamin Linus?”, Fiona: “oh, heavens no! Ew.” Hehe. Oh, my two idiots, I will miss you. Dan, you sounded so certain.

    By Jules on Jun 8, 2010

  6. Jules…
    I AM DYING!! I couldn’t be prouder that we ended Two Idiots in TRUE idiot fashion!! Just informed Dan. HILARIOUS!

    By Kath on Jun 8, 2010

  7. Jules, i’m a total idiot listener because I totally went along with that Penny thing too. Just one thing though, please share your interpertation of what happened in the church because I for one still don’t know what to make of it all and I like to know what other people’s theories are so I can make sense of it because i’m just too idiot and maybe lazy to come up with my own interpretation. It wouldn’t be convincing because everyone will believe their own theories anyway, just sharing and if it comes out discombobulated (totally had to copy/paste that word btw lol) it’s okay, you just made me curious!

    By Karla on Jun 8, 2010

  8. Karla, I’ll try to explain but I really think it makes more sense in my head than it will if I try to write it out in words: so first of all, I believe it was everyone’s place and time to pass on to the next level of the afterlife, not just Jack’s, and they all had to remember and accept their deaths to move on. I think coming together in the Church was the warm and fuzzy way they wanted to do it to reconnect with each other, but was not required for moving on, so if at some point Ben decides he’s ready, he can move on too on his own. I also think it is a place that doesn’t exist in “time” per se, so Jack died and ended up there and Hurley potentially died hundreds of years later and ended up there, and it’s not like Jack was sitting there waiting for him, and no one’s missing simply because they haven’t died yet because there is no “yet”.

    Then you have people like Ben who isn’t ready to accept his actions, be forgiven, and move on, and you have people like Ana Lucia who haven’t figured it out yet and Desmond I guess figures she’s a lost cause for now and isn’t going to push her, and then you have people like Eloise who knows where she is, has accepted her death, but wants to use this place as a second chance to do right by her son and isn’t ready to let that go yet.

    I also think that all of the people in the Church are really there (or really their souls, or whatever), but of course not everyone walking around in that world is a lost soul waiting to move on, a lot of it is just their imagined world they needed to see to accept their deaths. And some of that imagined world was what they felt they wanted in their actual lives (Jack having a healthy father/son relationship) and some was what they felt they deserved in their actual lives (Sayid having to see Nadia married to his brother), but it was all a part of what they needed to move on. And because people like Nadia were imagined, we can assume that actual Nadia’s soul, and a lot of other people from the original universe who weren’t in the Church, just moved on in their own way after their deaths and didn’t need a stop in the sideways world to process. Like, I assume Aaron grew up and died older and moved on, and baby Aaron that Claire had in the Church wasn’t actually Aaron’s soul, but just what she needed to see in her sideways world before she moved on, just another imagined part of the world. And anyone else who wasn’t there just didn’t need the extra step to move on, or chose to move on from the sideways world in their own way and didn’t feel the need to connect with all the people in the Church first.

    So… that’s my super long-winded attempt at an explanation! Does it make any sort of sense?

    By Julie on Jun 9, 2010

  9. Thanks Julie, you explained that really well, great perspective! I had similar thoughts about the time continuum thing, that they weren’t all necessarily dead, but that’s something the writers didn’t make obvious, i’d guess on purpose. By leaving the details open to the viewers’s imaginiagion, everyone can be somewhat satisfied with the ending, because each person will envision it by filling the gaps in a way that makes the most sense to them. I just haven’t been able to definitely decide on a specific interpertation myself which is why I like to hear other points of view.

    By Karla on Jun 9, 2010

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