TV Talk Podcast: 10/22/10

October 23, 2010 – 9:36 am

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It’s another marathon podcast so grab a snack, some water, a pillow and some earplugs because there’s a lot of TV Talk coming at you, fast and furious.


  • More 4th Anniversary talk, including some listener favorite moments and shout-outs.
  • There’s an 80s sing-a-long somewhere buried in the podcast.
  • Someone does their best Wizard of Oz.
  • There’s the most off color language ever during the Housewives discussion (if our parents listen, we’re disowned).
  • There’s something stuck in the back of Ducky’s throat.
  • Scream 4 squeeing.
  • There’s a moment where we completely forgot we were podcasting (54 mins in) that is just ridonkulous.
  • Meryl Streep gets the praise she’s been waiting for her entire life, that of Ducky and GMMR.
  • Kath reveals her hatred for a certain Thursday night diva. While Ducky reveals a not so hot TV crush.
  • Find out which Reality TV star we’re truly concerned about and which Reality Host we truly despise now.
  • ABC Family gets bitch-slapped
  • Kath makes a plea for an Oscar
  • Sadly, after podcasting, we realized we didn’t talk about GLEE. It’s like we don’t even watch television sometimes. Fuuuuuudge.
  • Shows we cover this week: How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills, The Good Wife, Parenthood, Caprica, Better With You, Pretty Little Liars, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Survivor, Top Chef: Just Desserts, The Vampire Diaries, The Office, 30 Rock, The Big Bang Theory, Community, Project Runway, Supernatural, Degrassi, Gigantic, School Pride, Brothers & Sisters, Dexter, The Amazing Race, and the Mad Men finale.

    *Recorded: 10/22/10

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    1. 59 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 10/22/10”

    2. I am only an hour and a half in but could you guys please laugh more? I was listening while shopping at Target and I know people thought I was crazy!

      First off, I am not a watcher of the Housewives but OMG Kim Richards in on BH? I loved those Witch Mountain movies as a kid! And she is in my favorite awful 80′s movie with James Spader! Tuff Turf in case you want to watch it. It’s BAD and I loved it! I ended up watching a few episodes of Orange County because that one chick is on Thinervention.

      (Why is Bravo so addicting and why does NBC not pilfer more from them?)

      I agree with everyone that The Good Wife is a great show. And I don’t know why. It just is. Everyone on the show is great and it’s compelling without being…again I don’t know. Nothing on the show is my life at all and yet I love it!

      I continue to thing Vampire Diaries is one of the best shows on TV. Week after week I am amazed! And now that I have all my friends watching? Even better!

      Keep talking about Chuck. I am not loving this season and I want to know I will love it again. Casey and Morgan are great and Chuck and Sara are to but there is just something off.

      Ok, I need to finish this last hour…

      By Patty on Oct 23, 2010

    3. Loving your intro already. I had tears forming from laughing so hard.
      Also as a Canadian, Ducky I will come down there and kick your ass (jk)… only after we have a nice long discussion about TV.

      HIMYM – Firstly I love how instead of talking about the episode the first thing brought up is how bad Ted’s hair is getting. This is why I love listening because you mention things that I think.
      I agree that Jennifer Morrison didn’t really bring anything to the episode. I feel like an unknown actress could have played the role and the writers could have found a better way to incorporate her. (Loved that in this you brought up one of the funniest podcast moments from SYTYCD, buying black babies.) I don’t think that Jennifer is going to be the mother because right at the end there would have been the voice over of “kids that’s how I met your mother” and the show would be over.
      Like the two of you said HIMYM is kind of a mixed bag when it comes to episodes. This one really didn’t make me laugh or even get that much of a reaction out of me.

      Parenthood – I agree with you Kath that the episode two weeks ago was very touching. I was in tears through both support group scenes, because everyone there just seems so real. I work with autistic kids and I know how hard it is on parents to not just get so angry that their kids can’t do the simple things. So these scenes got to me. I think that’s why the whole show really gets to me whenever there is something touching or important with Max.

      Modern Family – I just want to let you two know that I got into this show because of this podcast. I hadn’t been planning on watching another comedy last year, so I never picked it up. But after all the great things you were saying about it I powered through all of season one in two nights over the summer and I have been hooked ever since.
      I agree that the whole episode was hilarious. I laughed at everything. From Gloria yelling “Jay”, to the bar of soap, to Manny and Jay trying to figure out what Gloria did to the dog. But the stuff that had me laughing the most was Cameron and Mitchell. OMG the stuff about the “Duckies” and then Cameron pretending to be Native to help get them into the pre-school, I was literally dying in front of my TV.

      I have to admit that I don’t watch Vampire Diaries. I do want to get into it and have seen a few episodes, but I sort of got over my whole Vampire craze last year and decided that I didn’t want to watch a teen vampire type show. But every podcast that you put out that goes into how good it is makes me want to watch it. I know what I will be doing over my Christmas break now. Watching all of season 1 and catching up on all the amazingness of this season. Thanks for getting me into another (what is most likely going to be addictive) show.

      The Sweeny Todd episode of The Office was perfection. It had everything that reminded of season 2. It had the awkward moments that I have come to love from the show, and it had the heart, but the slightly absurd aspects that had me laughing.
      Kath I love that you watch Community… only because I feel like it along with Modern Family are the two great comedies to come out in the last two years. I hope that more listeners of this podcast pick it up to watch. I was wondering do you have someone covering it on GMMR? I feel like that would be a fun show to discuss.

      So this was another great podcast. I laughed and I thought what you two talked about was both entertaining and thoughtful. I can’t wait for the next one you put out… although I kind of wanted to hear your thoughts on Glee. Which I love, but sometimes is just bad, but Duets was a really good episode and I can’t wait for the RHPS episode.

      By Tanja on Oct 23, 2010

    4. I only listened to the intro, I think Kath was going to say with one L because I only have one S :) . Then I remembered in a week I’ll be on an 8 hour plane ride, so I’m going to hold out listening to the rest until then, but you guys are off to a good start.

      By Alissssson :) on Oct 24, 2010

    5. 1. I refuse to listen because I’m insulted you forgot about GLEE.
      2. You’re ringtone has been deleted.

      That is all.

      xoxo A small town girl living in a lonely world

      By You Know Who I Am on Oct 24, 2010

    6. So again I have not finished the entire podcast yet, but I have skipped through to all the shows I watch so I’ll comment now.

      I love when you guys do shout-outs. I realized that I could never talk to you guys on twitter because my tweets were protected, so I went public so that I could chat with Dan about Raising Hope (one of the many shows you guys have turned me on to)! :]

      Starting from the beginning: How I Met Your Mother. Don’t really remember much from the episode. I thought the whole small penis thing was funny, do guys really think that way? lol The guy who played Marshall’s friend and Robin’s boyfriend is a different actor than the guy that was Marshall’s brunch date, but did they use the same character name for him? I don’t remember.

      Modern Family: Perfection! I’m so surprised when people haven’t heard of this show. I bought the 1st season for one of my friends just so she could get caught up with me. It’s so good! This week’s episode was particularly hilarious and I definitely watched it multiple times. All the storylines were amusing. Also, I re-watched the Strangers on a Treadmill episode today at lunch and I friggin love Phil Dunphey! He is always comedy gold on that show! Whenever I’m bored and don’t have any new TV to watch this is my go-to show for old episodes.

      The Office: It’s funny but I just don’t find it as quirky as I used to. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s lost it’s luster for me. If it wasn’t for the water-cooler aspect of the show I might just give it up all together.

      30 Rock: I too thought the Live episode was unnecessary. It was still funny writing, but the cinematography took away from the bizarre world that we’re used to with 30 Rock. This week with the whole Reaganing and Liz’s sex problems was pretty amusing. I wonder how regularly Matt Damon will be on 30 Rock. He must be expensive! But I did fall in love with 30 Rock Again at the end of last season. So I’m hooked!

      The Big Bang Theory: I disagree that it feels old, I find it just as fresh and amusing as I always have. The Amy Farrah-Fowler relationship has definitely brought out a new side of Sheldon. Especially when he doubts the relationship it brings some humanity to him. Love when she asked him to meet her mom and he ran down four flights of stairs to get Leonard’s advice lol. I do find it kind of exhausting though that they’re close to breaking up every episode. I wonder how much longer it’s going to last. And I agree they need to make Amy Farrah-Fowler’s character more likable, because right now she’s funny but I’m not rooting for her at all.

      Community: I watched the first episode of this season, because I was intrigued by what Kath had to say about the show but I’m still not into it. I don’t think I really like the characters that much. Especially Joel McHale’s character.

      Project Runway: OMG I’m so glad you guys talked about this Thursday’s episode. Michael Costello’s reaction to losing was totally annoying to me. It seemed like he was milking it. I agree about what you both said about him just completely breaking down, and he did have a right to, but most of those designers do, and they seem to keep their composure and dignity in a better way. I just felt like he was so two-faced and such a drama queen all season. I never liked him. I had sympathy for him because he was bullied and because of his family situation but I don’t think he was of the design caliber to make it to Bryant Park.

      Supernatural: Now you guys know I love me some Supernatural, but I agree, Kath, it just feels off this season. I think the Bobby-centric episode was my favorite because it had just the right amount of Sam and Dean sprinkled on a sundae of Bobby. It was great to see how Bobby never stops giving. I am annoyed that the boys are so distant this season. It feels so off. The closest they got to brotherly banter was in the baby changeling episode but still that was mostly just Dean being hilarious and Sam acting like the straight man. This most recent episode only deepened Dean’s distrust of his brother. I am so curious why Sam has become so reckless. At first I thought he let Dean drink the blood because he wanted Dean to know the power he felt when he drank demon blood… but now it just looks like Sam will do anything and sacrifice anyone for the hunt. “At least you always have my back, right Sam?” hmmmm… That aside, I thought it was hilarious they used Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s names in the episode. And the episode title was perfection. Enjoyed it thoroughly, just hoping that the element of the show that I love the most, the family aspect, heals itself soon.

      Love the podcast! I feel like you guys have been recording them more frequently this fall. Kudos! Keep them coming! Sometimes when I need my Kath and Dan fix I’ll just flip to a random episode of the TV Talk Podcast just to hear your voices… that’s how desperately I need this podcast! haha!

      By Kristen on Oct 24, 2010

    7. 25 minutes in and have to take a break. I’m fucking dying of laughter.

      By shanemd on Oct 24, 2010

    8. Love the comment shoutouts!
      I totally take notes during the podcasts so I know what to talk about in my comments.
      1) I also refused to see Avatar.
      2) I love Witch Mountain! I was so pissed when they “remade” it a couple of years ago with the Rock.
      3) I’m SO EXCITED for the return of PLL. I can’t wait for that show to come back. They’ve apparently changed the killer/A from the books, so now I have no idea who did it (well, I know who it isn’t).

      I really need to watch The Good Wife. I taped some episodes but never got around to watching them and had given up on getting into the show, but then you podcast and I want to start watching it.

      I’m loving Modern Family. So happy I started watching it. I love the three siblings much more than Manny, who I’m really not into. The soap phone was great, and I loved that the parents just told her, “Yeah, you’re not getting a car.” I’m watching Cougartown because I’m too lazy to turn off the tv after MF. Christa Miller’s face bothers me…

      One-legged Kelly?? Glad I don’t watch Survivor.

      I wanted to start watching Just Desserts. My brother is really into Top Chef, and I love baking, but I just can’t get into it. You can’t taste the food, and thus have to rely completely on what the judges are saying! And after the “crack smoking” judges on Project Runway this season, I just can’t get into it.

      Project Runway – Heidi was a total bitch and mocking Mondo during the workroom critiques. All those overpriced sweats are ridiculous! I love Mondo. I think he has pretty much deserved to win every challenge for the last 6 weeks. MC’s aufing was hard to watch. Also apparently he has a daughter that he never sees and his ex-wife never sees his son. So messed up. Also, have you heard about the supposed “cheating” of Andy’s? He apparently copied some designs for a pattern book. Whatever, Mondo better win.

      TAR-So much fun! I loved the African geography challenge a couple of weeks ago. Many teams picked out Ghana early on, but one team had the whole board covered before they got it right! Also watching all the teams missing the code breaker and just walking around looking at all the symbols was funny. The sitting on ice challenge wasn’t too hard, but it seemed even more irrelevant because they were first. If they had been in the back of the pack, and had every one pass them because they had to stop and wait, it would have seemed worse.

      Glee (even though you forgot) – I loved Duets. Best of the season so far for me. Not looking forward to RHPS episode this week, as I’ve only seen it once and didn’t really “get it”.
      LUX – still terrible, but I can’t stop watching! Apparently 2 more eps were ordered? I thought ratings were really bad though…

      Can’t wait for Psych to return on 11/10! I’m making some pineapple upside down cake to celebrate!

      By Dawn on Oct 25, 2010

    9. Dan, I refuse to watch Avatar too.

      Project Runway – If Mondo doesn’t win I will be pissed. Once he found himself (I think in large part to working with Michael C) he has been brilliant.

      I guess I will be hunting down Gigantic to check out on Saturday mornings.

      By Patty on Oct 25, 2010

    10. Oh you guys, i’ve been preaching for a Jared Padalecki haircut since season 3! Seriously dude! Cut it!

      Dan, i’m with you on The Middle. The buzz isn’t a lot but it’s so consistent and funny, it never disapoints. It’s all about the kids, they are hilariousness.

      By Mia on Oct 25, 2010

    11. Being a total TV person I have no desire to see Avatar. Very few movies get me into the theatre when I can just wait for them to get to On Demand.

      What’s with the Canadian dissing, eh? It must be kept in mind how many Canadians appear on US TV. Could you imagine anyone other than Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer? Robin would not have the same sparkle without Cobie Smulders?

      Back after I complete the podcast. Give Digby a pet for me in the meantime.

      By @TheOneDeej on Oct 25, 2010

    12. First – I just want to say that I love, love, love this podcast. When I log into Itunes and there is a new podcast there I get a little giddy, especially when I see that it is almost 3 hours long :-)
      Second – I started watching The Vampire Diaries and The Good Wife (watched them all on netflix before the current seasons began)because of this podcast and they have both become two of my favorite shows(besides Mad Men) on television.
      Third – minor detail – I believe that it is Angel, on the day that Buffy and Angel are able to spend together in Angel Season 1 where Angel is human for the day, who remembers everything and Buffy that will never remember.

      Thanks for podcasting!

      By Meghan on Oct 25, 2010

    13. woop woop, loving the shout out’s on the beginning of the episode. You guys are awesome!

      And you guys make me laugh so much. And I love being able to listen on my PC, so I can write my comments as I listen, so I don’t forget anything.

      HIMYM – still only really care about the Barney / Robin parts of the episodes. They’ve gone back to really cute sweet moments with the two of them and they are so going to go back there, especially after watching this weeks episode.

      Chuck – Like you guys said, they’ve got back into the groove with how to balance the stories, and I love the Casey / A Team style. And having literally just watched this weeks Chuck, I agree. Not a bad episode by any means, but just clunky in points.

      Discussions around the housewives, so glad I’m home alone watching (by that I mean listening of course) this, because I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so, so hard. Brilliant. You guys are banoodles, but cramazing too.

      Good wife – I’m clearly gonna have to start watching because you guys are really into this show. Looks like I’ll look forward to the winter break to catch up.

      Parenthood – The Max / Aspergers storyline has been fantastic and it’s so, so emotional to see that. And I agree with Kath – if you stopped watching, you are stupid!!

      PLL – Korbi is awesome, even without the phone call. (Although she should have called because that would have been fantabulous)

      Scream 4 – Wow, I hate the scream movies and ghost face genuinely scares me – BUT with that cast I might have to watch it anyway, because Lucy Hale and KBell? Hells yeah.

      Cougar Town – clearly another show that I need to start watching.

      TVD – I’m so, so glad I gave this show a second chance after the first few episodes of season 1, because it’s amazing. Best thing about the show is the fact they are not scared to surprise the audience and kill people off. Cannot wait to see what happens next.

      SPN – Still not sure about this season, but this week (the vampire episode) I think gave me the reason I’m not sure about it and now has me intrigued and hooked. Perfect. (and Jared’s body still freaking smoking)

      ABCF cancelled Greek? When? What? Why? ERKKKKKKKKK. I seem to have missed this news. *freaks out* completely freaking out right now. The show isn’t coming back? What? HELP ME.

      Mad Men – To me I really enjoyed the finale – again it went back to the show I love that totally isn’t really about the men at all, but about the women. Don only finds himself happy when he has a woman who needs him – the only people that really call him on it (although not to his face) were Peggy and Joan (I loved, loved their scene). And I think the same of Betty, and certainly Sally has also come into her own on this too. Her storyline has been amazing this season. I have really loved Mad Men this season, and the finale was while not as “loud” as last season, was a good finishing point, and like Dan I believed that Don really was happy with Meghan.

      By Laiq on Oct 26, 2010

    14. I should also state, now that podcast listening has been completed, that without Canada there would be no Degrassi :)

      By @TheOneDeej on Oct 26, 2010

    15. @Laiq Last I heard GREEK, Season 4 will be the last season and will start airing January 3rd.

      By JasTay on Oct 26, 2010

    16. 4 years of this shit show, really? Wow, can’t hardly believe that.

      Well, your are my favorite shit show podcast out there. Keep up the hilarity, your braille listeners love your dedication to all things TV.


      By ColoradoKila on Oct 28, 2010

    17. Cos two can keep a secret if one of them is dead ;)

      Firstly thank you for giving me something hilarious to listen to while doing mind numbing work at work.
      People are looking at me weird cos im laughing for no reason but that’s ok they already think im weird anyways.

      And yes I sat there writing down what I wanted to comment on while listening and doing my work.
      Otherwise how will I remember.

      Bizzaro coincidence in your comments about the kids on HIMYM. Just the other week my boyfriend and I were talking about wether they still get paid for each episode they use the footage of them on or if they just got paid a flat fee when they first filmed those reaction scenes.
      Really if they were only paid at the start they got ripped cos they still get credited at the end.

      Dan hates avatar and refuses to see it – YAY!!!!!!
      I had to see it cos apparently you can’t dis something you haven’t seen – so I saw it and felt more than happy to keep dissing it.

      On the movie note I loved that you mentioned Scream 4 – massive Kevin Williamson fan for all his movies and shows so I am extremely excited to see this movie. Funny how so many actors in the movie are on tv shows we love.
      Back in Scream 2 the celebrity tv star was SMG – now theres so many to pick from im almost contemplating doing some form of online betting as to which star is gonna get killed off first you know.
      Personally I want it to be anna pacquin but hey that’s just me.

      Jared is one of the sexiest men alive but dear god that boy does need to cut his damn hair!!
      I have said it in every episode since its been that long – why hasn’t he cut it yet.
      If he wasn’t so masculine I would say that he kinda looks like a girl.
      In regards to the season so far and the relationship between the brothers.
      Well call me stupid but I was really really hoping for a season like the first and second. New dark and mysterious creatures every night, on the road with no real plan just go with whatever mysterious thing you happen to find next,
      I guess that is gone now.
      As much as I have loved Castiel I think that they went too far with the angels storyline as I now feel that they can’t find a way to leave it behind or not have it be a main plot point.
      Vengeance I understand as a season arc, finding the demon who killed their mother then father who wants to kill them, the whole sam has demon blood and powers cool.
      The vessel storylines and the higher powers and blah blah im over.
      I love Jared and I love this show but it really should’ve finished with that brilliant ending last season and been that.
      Im really struggling to think how they can finish it now.
      Rarely does a show get to have a really good finale/goodbye and it had one last season. Now what?

      Side note – a question to you both to answer here or on the podcast
      Best final ever for a tv show.
      What tv show finished in a really satisfactory way, made you feel like all the questions have been answered, like you have closure, that you are happy to say goodbye and don’t need anymore – you may want more of course we never want shows to end but you don’t need more.

      For me id say it’s a tie between BTVS and Dawsons.
      Dawsons will be the ending that really ended things.
      It tied up the relationships and made me so happy with how things ended. Knowing that Pacey and Joey were going to be together and live happily ever after.
      And the Jen storyline just made me bawl my eyes out and well we all need a good cry.
      BTVS cos it felt like that chapter was over. Buffys story as the one slayer and her life in sunnydale fighting vampires, demons and the forces of evil was finished.
      Yet it left it open cos of course she will go on and keep fighting (as seen in the comics). There will still be slayers and there are still stories to tell but as an end to the show and its purpose it was perfect.

      Lastly before I bore you to death I just wanted to mention to you that the excitement you get from a celebrity answering your questions on twitter is the same that I get when you reply to feedback or something posted on facebook.
      The crazy feeling of holy crap they know I exist and they are actually taking the time out of their busy lives to reply to something I’ve said.

      By Nikki NZ on Nov 1, 2010

    18. Oh no i forgot to comment on Vampire Diaries

      oh well written too much already

      all i can say is holy crap when will this show stop being AWESOME!!!
      every episode has a moment of suprise/shock/heart breaking sadness/hilarity and most of them have it all

      i must say thou as awesome as the episode was that you are talking about – i could not stop saying BONNIE SHUT UP AND STOP WHINING
      im over her boo hoo vampire stuff
      deal with it woman you have gone from a fav to the most annoying person on the show yet

      and now i will stop

      By Nikki NZ on Nov 1, 2010

    19. The podcasts that dissolve into fits of cursing and laughter are always my favorites.

      Sidenote @Nikki NZ my favorite finale ever is Six Feet Under, only because the last 5 minutes rank as one of my favorite bits of TV I’ve ever watched.

      I’m too behind on TV so I can’t comment much. I loved hearing the Mad Men discussion because you made me think about stuff I hadn’t taken in the first time, especially about Betty. She’s so easy to write off as a bad person, but January Jones does a lot more with it if you just take a second and watch.

      I said it once and I’ll say it again, I did not enjoy this season of Runway at all. I found out who won and cared even less. I don’t know what’s with the turn-about.

      Dexter so far is rocking it, and I love that it’s such a consistently good show. I’m right at the episode where we get to Julia Stiles, so I really have to catch up this weekend.

      Did either of you catch Sherlock on BBC America? It’s witty, fast-paced, and definitely worth a watch. It’s only 3 hour-and-a-half episodes, so it’s quick to watch, and the dialogue is so Rapid-Fire.

      Can’t wait for the next podcast.

      By Mattie B on Nov 2, 2010

    20. OK, I finally listened and here are my thoughts:

      HIMYM- It’s been OK this season, but I’m not still not enjoying it the same as past seasons. I am interested to see what happens with Jennifer Morrison’s character. If she doesn’t end up being the mother I’ll be pissed because that just means that they’re going to drag it on even longer.

      Chuck- The Casey episode was amazing! Anything with Casey is awesome and Casey AND Morgan is comedy gold.

      The Good Wife- I went back to it after the last podcast and I really like it. I’m just a little confused about Alan Cummings and what his role is.

      Parenthood- I still love this show and the Halloween episode was great. I’m a little confused about Joel and Julia’s storyline- why don’t they just get a nanny?

      Pretty Little Liars- I am ridiculously excited for it to come back in January.

      Modern Family- I loved the episode when Haley carved soap into a cell phone, brillant! Gloria as a parrot and Cam as an indian? I laughed my ass off!

      Cougar Town- Possibly my second favorite comedy on TV. Community being my first.

      Vampire Diaries- That was one of the most amazing hours of television this season. I literally gasped out loud every two minutes. I thought it was going to end with Jenna stabbing herself, but no! There was even more! The cliffhanger with Matt was awesome and Paul Wesley killed me. Vampire Diaries is my favorite drama right now.

      The Office- The episode with Andy’s play was my favorite this season. It reminded me of the good times from previous seasons. I wasn’t feeling the episode with Michael’s exes. I still love my Jim even though Timothy Olyphant is there.

      Community- I LOVE Community! This season has been pretty consistent although I didn’t love the Abed as Jesus one. However, Abed’s story in the background a few weeks back was possibly one of the smartest things I’ve seen on a comedy. It’s awesome.

      30 Rock- I didn’t really like the live episode. The way I see it, it was a really good SNL. But, a bad 30 Rock. I liked the episode after though. And Kath, if you were talking about the reason Liz’s mom took down the posters, I agree, it made me uncomfortable.

      TBBT- I still watch it every week and it still makes me laugh, but it’s not as good as season one or two.

      Supernatural- I felt like there was something off this season and now that I think about it, I think it is that Sam and Dean don’t have their bromance this season. I hope they can figure out and fix Sam soon. I really like the Bobby episode, I thought it was a nice change of pace because it’s been a little heavy this season. The girl who played Bobby’s neighbor looked SOOO familiar, but I couldn’t place it, now I remember that she played Terri’s sister!

      OK that’s all I got! Can’t wait for another podcast! It made my flight a lot more tolerable.

      By Alissssson :) on Nov 3, 2010

    21. Like all of the other “tvtalkers”, I absolutely loved hearing my name on the air. So freakin cool! This podcast was chock full of goodness and I am just loving you beautiful people! Let us begin:

      *Amazing Race- Thank you for saying what my husband and I were SCREAMING to the tv- Use the speed pass, dumbass! It didn’t make any sense to me at all. But I’ve got to say the pair stealing my heart is the Asian dad and son. The dad is so sweet and cute. I wanted them to get first place so bad. Sucks.

      *Luther- I am including this miniseries because (1) noone is talking about it, probably because it is on BBC and (2) Idris Elba is so damn good in this show, you guys. I am really enjoying it. I recommend it to anyone trying to fill up their Sunday nights, w/o lame Brothers and Sis or Desperate Housechicks.

      * Chuck- The show is feeling really satisfying to me lately. I loved Linda Hamilton, who is looking kinda weird, and her scenes watching Ellie. It was touching and sweet. The show has hit a really good stride that I hope they don’t break.

      *Glee- Rocky Horror Show??? Hmmm. Mixed bag. I loved Damn it, Janet and Sweet Tranny, and of course topless Mr. Shuester is always awesome, but….I miss Puck. I miss his mohawk and cute smile, but then again new little blondie is working it. The episode was alright, but definitely not one of my favorites. BTW, why am I addicted to Lea Michele’s “Papa can you hear me” and Lea&Kurt’s “Happy Days”. Unbelievable!

      * Friday Night Lights!!!!!!! Awesome return! The show is really trying to pull at the heart strings. I won’t spoil those who don’t have DirectTV (na, na, na, na, nah Bitches) But it is pretty awesome, you guys.

      * Vampire Diaries- Where do I begin? I only started watching this show based on you guys’ recommendation. Is this show fantastic or what? Ducky, I loved that you referenced the Angel/Buffy crossover episode when he was a regular human. Clarification though, only he remembered the day, not buffy. Even sadder, right? Stefan’s face during the break up was so real and authentic, you just know Paul really has been in a break up before. And Damon..Mister Sexiest Vampire. He is just getting hotter and hotter.

      * Supernatural- Kath, you are dead right about the episode with Bobby! I think I really felt for Bobby and all that he grows through researching for the Winchesters. And what about the revelation***spoiler alert*** that Sam has no soul!! What! No wonder he watched Dean becoming a vampire and loved it.

      * Parenthood- Now, I never saw Six Feet Under, but I must have been six feet under to miss Peter Krause. I know him from the favorite, favorite show “cut to soon” Dirty Sexy Money. Man, that show was good. And he worked with the Baldwin guy in that show too! Whoa, I just caught that. Anyway, Peter is freaking awesome. This last episode where he had to fire employees. Great acting. Just great. Flat out. And did anyone catch vince from FNL on Parenthood with a possible hookup with Peter’s daughter???? I’m liking it. The daughter is too boring right now and needs some umph.

      Okay, that was me spilling my guts. Keep up the great work you guys. Tootles.

      By Chitown mimi on Nov 5, 2010

    22. @Nikki NZ, THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU for what you said about the Castiel storyline on Supernatural. It’s gone on long enough right? Let’s end this season with a bang!

      By Chitown mimi on Nov 5, 2010

    23. I agree about the Castiel storyline going on for too long. I mean, i’m fine if he pops in once in a while TO help the boys, but having his own “heaven in a crisis blah blah” storyline? Boring. I don’t care.

      Also, can the writers plz restore Sam’s soul already? I need some of his pov now. And I need more genuine brotherly love, like where is that?

      Anyway, you guys should podcast more! You know most podcasts are weekly, right? I know your podcasts are longer to compensate, which I love but still, if you only podcast every 3 weeks there are too many episodes that go undiscussed because then you guys only do the week you’re podcasting.

      By Kayla on Nov 5, 2010

    24. Chitown mimi you are welcome :D

      i knew i couldn’t be the only person thinking it

      the show started to go downhill when they started playing the brothers against each other

      wheres the constant gay couple references that we all know and love

      By Nikki on Nov 7, 2010

    25. Kath – rest assured I’ve also never watched “It’s a wonderful life” either. And sorry to your neighbours! If you were my neighbours I wouldn’t care about the noise. Clearly I need to move to the USA and next to Kath!! Then my kids can make too much noise and annoy Kath instead, but I’d get to cuddle Digby sometimes, lol.

      I’m a stay at home mum (mom for you US folk!!), so I have nothing better to do for 3 hours than to sit and listen, and type while I listen! (Who needs a clean house, right?!) But yay for live blogging your podcast.

      OMG, you cancelled the second DVR?!! That’s huge Kath. But so good that you save $15 a month, and thank goodness that online TV is so much better recently.

      HIMYM – I enjoy it still, but do miss most of the group all together.

      Chuck – I’ve been really enjoying Chuck, and especially Timothy Dalton I thought he bought some great things to Chuck and I’m intrigued to see where they go with that. Timothy Dalton was amazing.

      Digby is so not a coaster Dan!!! ROFL. And the squeaking?! Brilliant.

      I will be buying The Hunger Games soon, hoping that some nice people will maybe buy them for me for Christmas. (any offers? I’m a single Mum with no real income – anyone, anyone????? LOL!)

      Sugar Snatch moment – are you two still alive after all that? Because hilarious!!!

      Parenthood – I really liked the Adam firing storyline, because like the film “Up in the Air” you don’t tend to think about the feelings of the person doing the firing. Did really well with that whole aspect of the families. I was so annoyed at being spoiled on the Jasmine / Crosby engagement – they left it on a cliff hanger, and then EVERY summary talked about them announcing it. (and I believe that the promo after the episode did the same thing).

      LUX – I’m still watching, but not devastated about the cancellation, because it hasn’t been good. Really not been feeling the teacher / student storyline at all – it’s just not working.

      The Middle – I saw an advert on UK TV, and I actually might try to find it to catch up, because it does look good.

      Glee ¬¬- Duets a brilliant episode and I really enjoyed the plot (like we ever say that about Glee) and it fit together really well. Mercedes and Santana’s duet was fantastic. And after the RHGS I totally get the Will Shue hate, so totally agree with you guys about his small role in Duets. And I’m actually enjoying the Emma / Dr Carl storyline, and I like them as a couple. But yes, he looked hot in the toucha- toucha scenes! (But where, where is Puck? What is going on there). Like Dan I am a massive RHPS fan, I don’t know much of the audience participation stuff so it never really affects me. (I also wrote a dissertation about it for my degree, so I love it so damn much). The audience participation totally works on the live stage show, but having turned on the audience participation on the DVD and was so pissed because you couldn’t hear ANYTHING of the film, and that annoyed me beyond belief. Having said it’s not appropriate most people get into the show in high-school and that 16/17 year old age, so it makes me wonder if it really is inappropriate as everyone has been suggesting? I got giddy with the Britt / Santana bit of the toucha-toucha because it was so close to the film, and was totally perfect! The lyric changes in toucha-toucha weren’t so bad I felt, however the Sweet Transvestite really, really bugged me I hated it, and still hate it (but maybe it’s because my favourite song of the show). By the way, how did Santana get away with the word “wanky” – that to me seemed really, really over the top and like saying “fuck” on a level of cursing but perhaps that’s just a British thing?. The casting seemed really good, and Cory’s dancing during Damnit Janet was so perfectly Brad that I really enjoyed it. And Chris Colfer as Riff-Raff – brilliance!!
      Just watched “teenage dream” a couple of times on you tube, since I cannot see it on GMMR (stupid being in the wrong country stuff) – but yeah it looks good – hope it’s not a too good to be true situation.

      BBT – I also really enjoy the title cards, and loved this weeks. (I even tweeted about it!) As for Eliza, I didn’t notice how bad she was, but I didn’t think she was great at all. (and having checked imdb Six appears to have done very little)

      TVD – I loved the little “thank you” over the shoulder. Was perfect as a scene. When did The Vampire Diaries become one of the most fantastic shows on TV? I’m so glad I caught up on this show because I love it when so many other shows are not keeping my attention. What was funny about the twitter was I hadn’t seen the episode and when I saw the “stairs scene” I went “that’s so what Kath was talking about there”. Lol. And Bonnie and Jeremy are CUTE, I’m looking forward to see how it’s going to turn out.

      SPN – I love Crowley, and his ways (But I also love Mark Sheppard the actor!). And it was nice to finally work out what was wrong with Sam, and it’ll be interesting to see how that develops.

      And as for “walking away from a show” – it has to be something that stops working over a LONG period of time. It took me sitting through an entire season of Prison Break (Season 3) and not enjoying it that made me not come back for Season 4. (And I think the same went for Heroes, It took me a LONG time for me to realise it wasn’t working anymore for me to get fed up with it). And there are shows that I wont give up on, no matter how many missteps that are taken (HIMYM, Glee are probably examples of never drop shows).

      The Walking Dead – Really enjoyed it. It’s gory and gross – but there aren’t many “jump out of the skin” moments. And I think it’s a really well presented and interesting to see and despite it being a “zombie” show I see it along the same well acted, and driven as “Mad Men”. I generally find that it is a high calibre show, and I loved it a lot.

      Now, looking at this might be a comment way over the top, at over 1100 words, I’m going to go and hide under a rock again until the next podcast. Sorry about the marathon comment that goes along with the marathon (and loved) podcast.

      By Laiq on Nov 8, 2010

    26. omg, I’m so brain dead. That last comment – meant for latest podcast. Sorry guys.

      By Laiq on Nov 8, 2010

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