TV Talk Podcast: 11/5/10

November 7, 2010 – 4:21 pm

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Two weeks worth of shows to talk about this ‘cast. We’re covering everything about our favorite shows, including cancellations, Halloween episodes, and much more.


  • We invented a new cereal for kids! In the process we lost our shit (check out the 20 min. mark)
  • Digby makes a special appearance – listen closely. Anyone need a coaster?
  • The TV Talk Book Club takes effect with The Hunger Games and The Help.
  • We get all analytical on The Good Wife.
  • We talk about Glee for a full 30 minutes!
  • Plenty of Halloween TV episode banter.
  • We didn’t think it was possible, but The Dushku got even worse at that thing called acting.
  • Kath and Dan wonder where the hell Six went (and we’re not talking Jason Street)
  • We prove once again that we can’t remember actors names to save our lives.
  • Sunday’s are for serial killers and zombies… finally!
  • Shows we cover this week: How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills, The A-List New York, The Good Wife, Parenthood, Caprica, Life Unexpected, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Survivor, Top Chef: Just Desserts, Glee, The Vampire Diaries, The Office, The Big Bang Theory, Community, Project Runway, Supernatural, Brothers & Sisters, Dexter, The Walking Dead.

    *Recorded: 11/5/10

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    1. 37 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 11/5/10”

    2. Really, guys, on the Project Runway finale? Y’all are the only ones I’ve heard/read who think Gretchen’s collection was good. I’ll grant that Mondo’s collection didn’t live up to his high standards but Gretchen’s clothes were hideous and did stick to one color. I don’t know any woman who would wear those clothes b/c they were hideous. This is not a Jeffrey Sebelia moment, where I don’t like the designer per se but the clothes won me over (still loving that final dress on Marilinda).

      Otherwise, love you guys, but goodness, was not expecting that.

      By Christie on Nov 7, 2010

    3. Writing from the library as I work on Japanese Homework:

      So the laughter from this podcast started early for me with the Joe Christmas comment and then with that whole sound and you guys pausing to listen to it.
      Love Ducky supporting the eating disorders.
      I’m waiting for Christmas to get Hunger Games and I’ve been so excited to read it.
      Ok at the 20 min mark people are giving me the weirdest looks because I am dying in my seat and trying not to laugh out loud. “Sugar Snatch” My god that has to be one of the greatest moments of all the podcasts – it’s going up there with Fiona Faraday as a moment that I was pissing myself laughing and wishing i could be there with you guys just to join in the hilarity.
      thanks for the little language lesson, made me smile when i was working.
      Finally thoughts on Glee!
      I agree with you Kath, Duets was one of my fave episodes so far of the season. It just seemed to flow and fit. It wasn’t forced and i found myself actually liking Finchel because they were in the background. I agree Mercedes and Santana should have won the competition because it was by far the best number. I agree that I finally liked Will in Duets because he was more like a teacher, than a creepy guy that he turned into since the start of this season. I kind of miss my Mr.Schue from the first 13 who was a teacher, not an inappropriate teacher who isn’t so much a mentor but a child who is upset and is putting himself first – excepting those moments where he was putting himself first.
      I agree with you Dan – RHPS is perfect just by itself, i can enjoy it without all the interaction and audience participation, i’m glad someone else is like that too because everyone i know just loves all the participation. I do have to say that I Fucking HATED “Sweet Transvestite” because I just love Tim Curry’s slightly creepy singing that works for me and Mercedes soulful, powerhouse performance just kind of threw me way too much, and though i’ve listened to it a few times and it is slowly growing on me but i’m not there yet. I also hate all the changing of lyrics because i mean there has be a lot worse said on the show and tv so why change the words… and i like you cringed when i hear the changes.
      Teenage Dream was Awesome! I can’t wait for this number, i have downloaded the song and it has played like 10 times already on my itunes ( i found it online and Downloaded it!). I agree that I wish Glee performed like this every week and I can’t wait to see Darren Criss rock the role of Kurt’s love interest.
      I kind of see him in the same way I saw Jon Groff. He was slightly unknown (except to the main Broadway lovers and Lea obsessed people) but when he stepped onto the screen he just took everything over and was just so amazing that it was hard not to want him around all the time, I feel the same way with Darren Criss.

      OK well I am going to stop here… maybe i’ll add more when I get home after I finish listening to the whole thing.
      Loving this though!

      By Tanja on Nov 7, 2010

    4. I think Dan is thinking of Aunt Jenna since was able to use her mind compulsion to make Aunt Jenna spy on Stefan and Elena and then telephone her and make her stab herself with a massive knife she was using to slice bread.

      I do think that Tyler should be the A story for one episode. It isn’t that I’m terribly curious/interested in the werewolf stuff or in love with Michael Trevino with his acting. It’s just if you’re going to do werewolf stuff, go all in. Although maybe Paul Wesley is too territorial to let anybody else into the A story. It’s like “The Simpsons” where you have a huge cast so why let them have an episode out of the 22 of the season. And if Tyler is moving up in the world, it makes sense for him to have a romantic love interest and why not make it Caroline, one of the best characters. Matt, Matt, Matt… I have to wonder if the entire reason that Matt’s around is because Zach Roerig has a pretty face? I’m on the other end that Matt hasn’t done enough this season for his death to have much empact.

      By CW on Nov 7, 2010

    5. I think Lauren Graham beside playing funny can play awkward/nervous really well, too.In the Helloween episode, where she went to Billy Baldwin´s office to talk about their kiss, I could feel the awkwardness of it like I was in the room with them. It was so great. But yeah, sometimes I wish they would write some more dramatic scenes for her. I think we can look for that in the second half of the season. I heard they are planning to bring her ex-husband back. Looking forward to it.

      Sorry, can´t comment on anything else. Parenthood and 30 Rock are the only shows I watch.

      By Kary on Nov 8, 2010

    6. I adore you guys! It seriously makes my day when I’ve discovered you’ve made a new podcast!

      I had to go watch the Glee Teenage Dream after I listened. Obsessed. That kid is cramazing! I’ve watched it multiple times and can’t get enough of him! I may or may not watch it again after I post my comment…. The clip didn’t even feel like Glee to me. Super excited for Tuesday’s episode now because of this clip.

      Survivor- I can barely stand watching anymore because of Na. How hasn’t anyone slapped that girl yet?! She reminds me of some of the irrational youth I work with who you end up talking in circles with because there’s just no rational reasoning happening in their mind! i can’t say I’ve really enjoyed this season. I find most of the players obnoxious and bad game players. I think they tried too hard to cast this year. I’m hoping it will get good now that they’ve merged.

      TVD- For the love of pete! Damon is killing me! I’m so hoping Elena had some sort of vervain on her so she does remember his comments to her. Love that Jeremy is becoming more part of the story, I wish they’d do the same for Matt. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Dobrev, but even I have to admit she’s killing it with both her roles. Loving this season!

      Kath- Loved the Help and also didn’t realize it was being made into a movie. I don’t know about Emma Stone… I’ve added my name to the list at the library to check out the Hunger Games after hearing so many good things about it. I may have to break down and buy them though after both your endorsements!

      Thanks for the awesome podcast guys! Loved all nearly 3 hours of it! You guys always keep me laughing with your laughing. Love it!

      By Rachael on Nov 8, 2010

    7. This week in The TV Book Club…

      Just checked the cast list for ‘The Help’ and sweet chessus, Chris Lowell is in it! I couldn’t be happier.

      Oh and THE HUNGER GAMES was even better than I hoped. I read all of Saturday and finished up yesterday morning. Already on to the second book.

      Sorry for the interruption. I’ll be back to respond to your awesome comments soon!

      By Kath on Nov 8, 2010

    8. OMGosh, i’ve only yet read the Highlights and i’m already laughing hysterically! =D YAY Podcast! Love you guys!!

      By Mia on Nov 8, 2010

    9. Hey guys, love the podcast. Just started listening to you guys waaaay earlier this year and I’m hooked!
      Anyways w/r/t TVD, from what I understood Katherine is a doppelganger herself, and was supposed to be the sacrifice all those years ago I think, and that Trevor vampire helped her escape and that was why Elijah killed him. And I’m pretty sure that after she turned into a vampire she could no longer be the sacrifice.

      By Dajaja on Nov 8, 2010

    10. *now posting comments on correct podcast*

      Kath – rest assured I’ve also never watched “It’s a wonderful life” either. And sorry to your neighbours! If you were my neighbours I wouldn’t care about the noise. Clearly I need to move to the USA and next to Kath!! Then my kids can make too much noise and annoy Kath instead, but I’d get to cuddle Digby sometimes, lol.

      I’m a stay at home mum (mom for you US folk!!), so I have nothing better to do for 3 hours than to sit and listen, and type while I listen! (Who needs a clean house, right?!) But yay for live blogging your podcast.

      OMG, you cancelled the second DVR?!! That’s huge Kath. But so good that you save $15 a month, and thank goodness that online TV is so much better recently.

      HIMYM – I enjoy it still, but do miss most of the group all together.

      Chuck – I’ve been really enjoying Chuck, and especially Timothy Dalton I thought he bought some great things to Chuck and I’m intrigued to see where they go with that. Timothy Dalton was amazing.

      Digby is so not a coaster Dan!!! ROFL. And the squeaking?! Brilliant.

      I will be buying The Hunger Games soon, hoping that some nice people will maybe buy them for me for Christmas. (any offers? I’m a single Mum with no real income – anyone, anyone????? LOL!)

      Sugar Snatch moment – are you two still alive after all that? Because hilarious!!!

      Parenthood – I really liked the Adam firing storyline, because like the film “Up in the Air” you don’t tend to think about the feelings of the person doing the firing. Did really well with that whole aspect of the families. I was so annoyed at being spoiled on the Jasmine / Crosby engagement – they left it on a cliff hanger, and then EVERY summary talked about them announcing it. (and I believe that the promo after the episode did the same thing).

      LUX – I’m still watching, but not devastated about the cancellation, because it hasn’t been good. Really not been feeling the teacher / student storyline at all – it’s just not working.

      The Middle – I saw an advert on UK TV, and I actually might try to find it to catch up, because it does look good.

      Glee ¬¬- Duets a brilliant episode and I really enjoyed the plot (like we ever say that about Glee) and it fit together really well. Mercedes and Santana’s duet was fantastic. And after the RHGS I totally get the Will Shue hate, so totally agree with you guys about his small role in Duets. And I’m actually enjoying the Emma / Dr Carl storyline, and I like them as a couple. But yes, he looked hot in the toucha- toucha scenes! (But where, where is Puck? What is going on there). Like Dan I am a massive RHPS fan, I don’t know much of the audience participation stuff so it never really affects me. (I also wrote a dissertation about it for my degree, so I love it so damn much). The audience participation totally works on the live stage show, but having turned on the audience participation on the DVD and was so pissed because you couldn’t hear ANYTHING of the film, and that annoyed me beyond belief. Having said it’s not appropriate most people get into the show in high-school and that 16/17 year old age, so it makes me wonder if it really is inappropriate as everyone has been suggesting? I got giddy with the Britt / Santana bit of the toucha-toucha because it was so close to the film, and was totally perfect! The lyric changes in toucha-toucha weren’t so bad I felt, however the Sweet Transvestite really, really bugged me I hated it, and still hate it (but maybe it’s because my favourite song of the show). By the way, how did Santana get away with the word “wanky” – that to me seemed really, really over the top and like saying “fuck” on a level of cursing but perhaps that’s just a British thing?. The casting seemed really good, and Cory’s dancing during Damnit Janet was so perfectly Brad that I really enjoyed it. And Chris Colfer as Riff-Raff – brilliance!!
      Just watched “teenage dream” a couple of times on you tube, since I cannot see it on GMMR (stupid being in the wrong country stuff) – but yeah it looks good – hope it’s not a too good to be true situation.

      BBT – I also really enjoy the title cards, and loved this weeks. (I even tweeted about it!) As for Eliza, I didn’t notice how bad she was, but I didn’t think she was great at all. (and having checked imdb Six appears to have done very little)

      TVD – I loved the little “thank you” over the shoulder. Was perfect as a scene. When did The Vampire Diaries become one of the most fantastic shows on TV? I’m so glad I caught up on this show because I love it when so many other shows are not keeping my attention. What was funny about the twitter was I hadn’t seen the episode and when I saw the “stairs scene” I went “that’s so what Kath was talking about there”. Lol. And Bonnie and Jeremy are CUTE, I’m looking forward to see how it’s going to turn out.

      SPN – I love Crowley, and his ways (But I also love Mark Sheppard the actor!). And it was nice to finally work out what was wrong with Sam, and it’ll be interesting to see how that develops.

      And as for “walking away from a show” – it has to be something that stops working over a LONG period of time. It took me sitting through an entire season of Prison Break (Season 3) and not enjoying it that made me not come back for Season 4. (And I think the same went for Heroes, It took me a LONG time for me to realise it wasn’t working anymore for me to get fed up with it). And there are shows that I wont give up on, no matter how many missteps that are taken (HIMYM, Glee are probably examples of never drop shows).

      The Walking Dead – Really enjoyed it. It’s gory and gross – but there aren’t many “jump out of the skin” moments. And I think it’s a really well presented and interesting to see and despite it being a “zombie” show I see it along the same well acted, and driven as “Mad Men”. I generally find that it is a high calibre show, and I loved it a lot.

      Now, looking at this might be a comment way over the top, at over 1100 words, I’m going to go and hide under a rock again until the next podcast. Sorry about the marathon comment that goes along with the marathon (and loved) podcast.

      By Laiq on Nov 8, 2010

    11. Loved the podcast guys.
      I just finished listening to the audiobook of The Help and it was great. I bought all three of the Hunger Game books for my niece for Christmas, but you tempting me to read them myself before I give them to her, (bad aunt).
      Gretchen, seriously? I totally agree with Christie. I have mild dislike for Gretchen as a person (although the more interviews I read with her, the more I disllike her), but her clothes were dowdly and boring. Brown, brown and brown does not a collection make. I could totally see people taking pieces of Mondo’s collection and mixing them in with their existing wardrode. I do agree with you guy about that tacky skull shirt of Mondo’s that the judges loved.

      Starting watching TVD on your recommendation and loving it. Damon totally feeds the hole that was left when Spike wasn’t on tv anymore.

      By kjc on Nov 8, 2010

    12. Holy Comments Batman! You people rule.

      By Ducky on Nov 8, 2010

    13. I don’t think I have ever snorted louder or laughed harder than I did during your discussion of Sugar Snatch. I’m just glad I wasn’t in public/at work when I absolutely lost it. That would have been embarrassing.

      Okay, since this seems to work for everyone else:

      HIMYM – Meh. I’m not enjoying the show very much this season, but that’s not surprising to me. It’s always been one of those shows that I watch but don’t get horribly invested. The storyline of meeting of the mother isn’t interesting anymore and I don’t really care if they get there.

      Chuck – I’ve twittered this season that something just doesn’t feel right about the show to me. I love Zachary Levi with all my heart and I enjoy the ‘ship, but the fun has been lacking. I find myself fast forwarding through most of the Buy More bits and not caring about Casey or Morgan storyline. It makes me sad that I don’t love it like other people do. I can’t even explain why I don’t like it. I’ll keep watching though because Monday’s aren’t overloaded.

      Parenthood/LUX – I have all this season’s episodes still on the DVR. I’ll watch Parenthood eventually. I don’t have an opinion on the cancellation of LUX and I’m debating on erasing them to give me much needed space.

      Cougar Town – Love this show and the ensemble feel. Busy Philipps has been shining this season and Josh Hopkins is totally hot.

      Glee – Still love the show but my obsession has leveled off this season. Mr. Schuester creeps me the fuck out. He’s become so skeevy this season. Love the music but some of the storylines are weird. And not weird in a good way. I’m avoiding music spoilers so I haven’t seen or heard the Teenage Dream clip but you’re excitement has me wishing for Tuesday.

      Community – LOVE. This show keeps getting better. I had to watch the brilliance of the Halloween episode several times. What struck me about this episode was the commitment. Favorite moments include: Troy professing his love for Abed, Jeff still cool as a zombie and the Dean as Lady Gaga.

      TVD – Where do I start with this show? Almost every comment/opinion I read is related to how did this show become the best on tv/my favorite show/etc, and IT’S SO TRUE. The writers manage to surprise me and intrigue me every week. Damon was heartbreaking in the “stair scene” and the single man tear confession. I started rewatching season 1 last week and made a note to pay closer attention to Damon’s journey to becoming a better vampire and falling in love with Elena. Both fascinating and enjoyable. Ian Somerhalder is awesome. Period.

      Supernatural – My show! I shake my head at people giving up on this show in their (maybe) last season. Jensen Ackles has been hitting it out of the park. His desperation and anxiety over Sam/NotSam is heartbreaking to watch. Soulless Sam is creeptastic and I love the intermittent return of Cas.

      Dexter – I’m really enjoying the new dynamic Julia Stiles brings to the show. Lumen’s anguish is a great compliment to Dexter’s grief over his wife’s loss. I’m looking forward to Dex having a murderous ally.

      Walking Dead – The second episode made my stomach turn. The chopping up zombies and smearing dead guts all over ourselves was GROSS. Gag me. The story is great, but Dan’s right, it’s moving along pretty slowly. It looks like the story gets amped up next week.

      I’m going to be upset if the next podcast isn’t at least two hours long! I don’t care if you only have a week of shows to talk about! Yes, these sentences require exclamation points dammit!

      Keep cool, kids.

      By hockeybychoice on Nov 8, 2010

    14. Blerg. I need to read my comments before posting. Ignore all my spelling/grammar mistakes (including that you’re, which makes me cringe). I feel shame. I’ll going to just go sit in the corner.

      By hockeybychoice on Nov 8, 2010

    15. Hey Guys,
      I’m a long time listener, but I’ve never commented before. I felt it necessary to fill you guys in on the amazingness that is Darren Criss. He is newish to tv but the boy is a youtube sensation. Pretty please look up A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequal they are ridiculously long and you have to kinda give it time to get into it but I promise it is pure genius. The lovely Mr. Criss wrote it and stars in it and he is amazing. You will fall in love!!!!! Can’t wait to see him on Glee tmr!

      By Mary on Nov 8, 2010

    16. Posting the second half of my comments… since I sort of stopped after Glee.

      Every time I listen to you guys I regret not getting into TVD :( I listen to the two of you talk and i think Why the Fuck am I not watching what is clearly a great show. I seriously need to find a time to power through all of them… especially if i can do that with four seasons worth of 30 Rock, one season of TVD should be nothing.
      Plus I’ve loved me some Somerhalder for years and I feel bad not watching him every week.

      I agree Dushku sucked the big one of TBBT. I have missed Penny too… mostly just her and Sheldon, they are comedy gold and I need them together at least once an episode.

      Loving the Community love on the Podcast. It is one of my faves from last year and I’m kind of sad that more people aren’t watching because it utilizes meta storylines so well and it does it consciously. Abed by far makes the show what it is, and i loved him being a “mean girl” because he delivers the insults with such honesty that it is almost like you can’t be mad at him.
      Kath is someone covering Community on your blog? Let me know because I would love to join in that discussion!

      The Office – I love this show but as we get more this season I think that
      this really should be the final season. I’m loving how we are seeing the side of Michael that no longer feels relevant and is finding or making ways to get out of Scranton. I thought last week’s episode was closer to some of the darker tones of the British one.

      Supernatural – Finally we got to see what was up with Sam. I kind of missed the caring, questioning younger brother. I like you hope that they don’t drag this storyline out for the rest of the season, i want the brotherhood starting to repair itself. I like a lot of the fans was angry that there was a disconnect between Sam and Dean, but I realize that without it the show would be rehashing some of what we’ve seen. This disconnect is great to show the different facets of Jared and Jensen and to open a new story for the characters as brothers, almost going back to the early season one episodes where they were learning to be brothers again.

      Well I hope you guys podcast next week and I can’t wait to hear it!

      By Tanja on Nov 8, 2010

    17. I get what Kath is getting at with “The Vampire Diaries” becoming predictable (especially with the deaths). They really haven’t had a major death in a while. If a new character (Mason Lockwood, Drunken Floozies) d’uh they’re going to killed off. If it’s one of the main characters around since the pilot, it’s a fake out (Caroline getting smothered with a pillow, Katherine mind compelling Matt to fight Tyler until he kills him, Aunt Jenna stabbing herself with the massive bread knife). It’s a bit jerking us in the audience around. But so agree with both Dan and Kath that isn’t something that really takes away from the TV series. Originally you really did believe that any character beyond the three leads could be killed off, but not so much anymore.

      I still think Aunt Jenna should have been killed since there is NOTHING to that character being Elena and Jeremy need a legal guardian although they stretching it now coming nice reason for Aunt Jenna not to notice that Elena and/or Jeremy are kidnapped or nearly being killed. One reason is how ridiculous this show is with quickly normalizing after major traumatic events. Drunken Maiara Walsh is quickly forgotten, but Aunt Jenna would be harder.

      Maybe Elena and Jeremy can have an elderly Grandma Gilbert moved up from Fort Launderdale since it would make sense that an enfeebled retiree with an hearing aid and cataracts wouldn’t notice anything going on. Or maybe Aunt Jenna can let Alaric Saltzman be Elena and Jeremy’s legal guardian since I like that character and wish they could incorporate him into the storyline better. Or maybe bring back Uncle John Gilbert back to be the legal guardian? Either way, Aunt Jenna is SO useless and I was a bit disappointed they didn’t have the balls to kill her off.

      By CW on Nov 8, 2010

    18. LOL at you guys for calling your listeners out for inventing words! Like look in the mirror, you totally encourage that behaviour, I don’t think we check our grammar to leave comments on THIS site. Please. Just deal with firstly and move on.

      By Mia on Nov 8, 2010

    19. This is all I have to say on the “Firstly” debate

      It’s totally a word, unlike banoodles, cramazing, twunt, etc. hehe. Love you guys.

      By Laiq on Nov 9, 2010

    20. English always was my worst subject in school. HAHAHA!

      By Ducky on Nov 9, 2010

    21. FIRSTLY, when in doubt, I’m going to just assume you all have a better handle on the English language than Dan and I? Or is Dan and me (ha ha).

      I think the fact that we called out everyone’s use of “Firstly” demonstrates that!

      By Kath on Nov 9, 2010

    22. Good lordy I loved it. Nothing like a 3 hour podcast to make me happy!

      And yes, I am one of those people who has my ear buds in at work or at Target and I laugh and people think I am crazy, but I am old and I don’t give a shit what other people think.

      And everyone knows that banoodles, cramazing, twunt are now words. The more people that use them the more validating it is, right? Cramazing!

      Where can one buy some Super Snatch cereal? I think my dad might like some.

      Kath, I feel ya on the DVR thing. Two more episodes of Weeds and The Big C and my HBO/Showtime package is gone. That’s $25 a month. Netflix is cheaper and with all the other crap I seem to watch it’s not like I can’t wait a few months for DVDs.


      Chuck: I am behind. It has turned into a Saturday show for me. Maybe. I am only 1 ep behind so far. I am just not feeling it.

      Come to think of it, I am having a hard time feeling alot of shows. I am not happy with Glee this season. Mr Shue needs to get the eff off my TV. i cringe anytime he is on the screen abs or no abs. He’s a douche and I don’t like him! I really wanted to love the RHPS episode but was put off my the lyric changes too. I mean, come on, they already had the subject matter and they can’t say “transsexual” in a song? Didn’t Kurt say he “couldn’t be the tranny” at the beginning? Meh. Whatever. I still watch and Kurt is my favorite character. Looking forward to the episode tonight.

      TVD: LOVING IT! While is can be predictable I guess, it still manages to surprise me in every week! there are always parts that take my breath away (Damon on the stairs and at the end) and that make me smile (Caroline all of S2 – I vote her best transformed character!) I still hate Bonnie. I am not buying her being all nice now. Maybe later. Oh! And I thing the reason Bella/Rose looked so tall is because the because TVD boys are short and not the towering monsters that the Winchesters are.

      Supernatural: It’s hard for me not to live this damn show that fucking Dan got me to watch in the first place. I feel so connected with the show. I don’t love it as much as I used to and I am not sure why. It may be partly TVD fault because it’s the shoe I look forward to the most now. But I am still watching Supernatural almost live.

      Walking Dead: I am on a zombie lover. I love me some vampires but the chatter on my twitter and facebook about this show was too much for me not to watch. And I surprisingly loved it. I can commit to 6 episodes. You know, and get some more people to watch it too. Cause that’s what I love to do. I am a TV crack dealer.

      Two last things before I get my ass back to work.

      Kath, can you please say “Zombie, zombie, zombie” more more more please?

      Dan, you said “doodoo”

      By Patty on Nov 9, 2010

    23. Oh my god, I have not commented over here for AGES! I’m so, so, so sorry! There is really no good excuse, but honestly I was so behind in my podcasts that I felt guilty about commenting months and months later. Oh well, I’m back to the public transportation life (yay!) which means I’ll be listening to the podcasts more frequently.

      The fact that your podcasts are now 2 hours or more THRILLS me! You guys could talk forever, and I would still find a way to listen! I’d quit my job to listen to you two talk! Yes, I’m that addicted.

      What can I say about the shows … I’m really not into Chuck this season, and that bugs me, but at least I’ve got you guys to keep me filled in. It’s not lack of love for Zach, or Yvonne, or my favourite fuzzy man, Joshua Gomez … it’s just not really getting to me this season. Same with Supernatural, which is sucky because I only became a fan after listening to you guys yak about it. I’m still watching, and loving Cas and the boys, but I’m just not as invested.

      Glee … or “GLEE!” … loving it, and didn’t realize that Puck had been gone so long until you guys pointed it out. *Gulp*! I can’t stand the new kid – Lips McGoo – but mainly his face. Don’t mind his voice, or acting. Is that shallow of me? Yeah, it totally is.

      Holy CRAP with the whole scissoring thing. Wow. I was one of about 3 people who tweeted “OMG, did they just go there?” live during the episode because I couldn’t believe it. Dude, I loved that comment, and loved Santa and Brittany hooking up – even if just to feed the female sex shark – but for a 7 pm show to go there? Yikes!! Mr. Shue is creepy, even though I do love me some Matt Morrison, and some curly man hair.

      TVD continues to blow my mind … and I’m so damn happy I decided to give it a go last year, after listening to your pre-season podcast. Best decision ever! The Dobrev is amazing as Katherine, and even as Elena, and oh my god the insanity that is Ian Somerhalder. AMAZING! … Or CRAmazing, rather.

      I LOL’d (really – and I was on THE BUS! The lady in front of me actually turned and glared!) when Dan said he’d love to see a Tyler/Caroline/Matt hook up. Ha! Me too!

      Ok … I could literally go on and on and on about your podcast, but I’ll stop here. Love it, love little Diggs and her appearances, just love it all!

      Two Qs … are you guys watching Nikita? Or Raising Hope? I’m sure Dan watches the second, because I’m sure he’s Tweeted about it. I caught up on Nikita this past weekend, and now love it! And Raising Hope … what can I say? It’s the show I never wanted to see, and now can’t get enough of!!

      By Kimber on Nov 9, 2010

    24. Oh, and forgot to mention about LUX and how I gave up with this season’s premiere. Sorry, I love Shiri Appleby but like Kath, I HATED Cate! She annoyed the crap out of me, and was starting to make me hate Shiri too. I felt like it was such a chore to watch last season, so I thought I’d give it one last chance this year. It failed! Such predictable storylines, and kept going places I begged it not to.

      Too bad, because I heard that Emma Caulfield showed up, and I loved her on Buffy. Oh well.

      By Kimber on Nov 9, 2010

    25. Hello,

      Yet again I was caught out by you guys, I should have learnt not to listen to the podcast while walking to work, the whole sugar snatch debacle had passersby thinking I was a crazy person. I need to remember its an at home podcast rather than an outside one!

      Don’t worry about the length of the podcasts, the longer the better, they brighten up my journey to work!

      Also, I second some of the other comments, I think if you’re not watching Raising Hope you should be doing, the episodes have really evolved past juvenile baby in danger situations to something pretty adorable. Last weeks was a particular highlight…

      Keep up the podcasting, you guys almost have momentum going!!

      By James UK on Nov 10, 2010

    26. Also, Kimber, on your post I love the idea of Brittany hooking up with Santa (!!!) Mind you though she’s had a go at everything else, so maybe after Santana… as long as she stays clear of the Easter Bunny we’ll be ok.

      By James UK on Nov 10, 2010

    27. James UK – HA HA HA HA! OMG, I totally typed Santa when I meant Santana! Silly me. Though, really, maybe in my mind I saw Brittany and Santa, and thought it was seasonal and sexy. And you’re right, Brittany has had a go at everyone else, so why not the seasonal figures?!

      By Kimber on Nov 10, 2010

    28. You guys are hilarious.


      James UK, I like to think that when people are out walking to work and listening to the podcast that a pop-up ad for our podcast hangs above you all… kinda like in SIMS.

      Can someone make that happen?

      By Ducky on Nov 10, 2010

    29. @Ducky, maybe we just need to make sandwich boards or t-shirts? Do you have T-shirts?

      “I am laughing because I’m listening to the TV Talk Podcast with GMMR and Ducky”

      Make it happen. I need more people to stare at my boobs.

      By Patty on Nov 10, 2010

    30. @Kimber I totally thought when you said Santa I had missed something!

      By Patty on Nov 10, 2010

    31. I always wear my Ipod when I go shopping without my husband, which is Target and Whole Foods!

      By Kari on Nov 10, 2010

    32. I wanbt one of those T-Shirts would make bus / train journeys much easier!!

      By Laiq on Nov 10, 2010

    33. I third the tee shirt idea! Then people on the bus/street would know why I was laughing, and wouldn’t think I was totally crazy! Great promo for the podcast, too!

      By Kimber on Nov 10, 2010

    34. You two were so breathless I didn’t even get half of the sugar-snatch conversation, which made it even funnier. This podcast always makes me happy.

      I’m loving this season of Dexter, although not as much as last season. It makes me very angry when he forgets about his son. I like seeing more of Quinn, but I probably have very puerile reasons for that.

      I think this season of HIMYM is so much better than last season. I don’t know if I’m just watching it a different time, but I enjoy watching all of the cast now as opposed to just NPH last year. There’s definitely been a shift in tone and I love it.

      The Asian Baby joke in Modern Family was brilliant. I love that kind of humor, and am actually turned off by the more physical comedy. I agree Ty Burrell is a very gifted physical comedian, but I don’t like it. Cougartown I think has become a bigger favorite of mine, though, because I love the ensemble more, and frankly I see myself BEING them when I get a little older.

      I’m really enjoying this season of Top Chef: Just Desserts, and Yigit is my favorite. It’s not that I think Morgan isn’t talented, but he’s just such an dick all the time to everyone. I’m rooting against him. And I am continually confused how Danielle is even still in the competition. I haven’t seen last night’s though.

      I can’t wait to hear you two talk about this week’s Glee. The reviews seem to be very, very mixed. I didn’t like it for most of the same reasons Kath listed on her website. I get all of the “Yay Gay” stuff, but that’s all Kurt is anymore. He’s a walking Gay Stereotype that is letting Ryan Murphy exorcise some demons. And I don’t think it’s Chris Colfer as much as it’s the writing that he’s given. Everytime it’s a Kurt episode I know it’s going to be “Very Special” and that gets old. Plus, Will’s kiss with Bieste made me hate him even more than I already did (I completely agree with Kath about him). Don’t you two ever get tired of cutting the show a break? I know it’s original and the idea is amazing, but at this point they’ve proven it can work in general, so now can someone do it up properly, with at least average quality writing? All that said I friggin LOVED Teenage Dream, and the damn thing has been on repeat in my head the last week. They leaked a Christmas song with Kurt online this week and I loved that too.

      By Mattie B on Nov 11, 2010

    35. And I say all of that about Kurt and Glee as a gay man. I get the importance of the storyline, but I feel the Glee writers handle it in a rather ham-handed fashion.

      By Mattie B on Nov 11, 2010

    36. This string of Chuck episodes starting season 4 have been fantastic (and I agree the last one with Timothy Dalton was among the best of the entire series).

      By SpyTV on Nov 11, 2010

    37. Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t commented until now. I listened to the podcast days ago.

      First I have to just say Sugar Snatch is one of my favorite things ever! HAHAHA! Definitely goes on the podcast greatest moments! See this is why I listen to the entire podcast apart from the shows I actually watch, because I can’t miss golden moments like this! My favorite classic moments through the years came when you guys talked about American Idol, Mad Men and The Real Housewives, none of which are shows that I watch lol.

      How I Met Your Mother: Always a funny show. I think I’m more attached to these characters than the characters of the Office. I really enjoyed Barney and Robin’s chemistry this week. I think they will be the couple to get married, but only in one of the last episodes of the series. Marshall and Lily should be the only established married couple on the show. And what’s with the rich trophy wife? Is she going to leave the Captain for Ted? I don’t know if I approve, although their marriage does seem to be a sham… I need you guys to podcast about this! lol

      Modern Family: Sad there wasn’t an episode on this week but it allowed me to watch Psych! So glad that show’s back on, and you guys need to talk about the brilliance of Cary Elwes and Shawn and Juliette’s kiss! But back to Modern Family, yeah I agree that the “Chirp” episode wasn’t as classically good as Modern Family always is, but it consistently makes me laugh. It’s still one of my favorite shows.

      Glee: Still haven’t watched the Rocky Horror episode even though I’ve now watched this week’s episode and listened to your segment about it. I’ve not seen the movie so I wanted to watch that first so I could catch on to the references. But overall it sounds like the episode was a little creepy (from a Will standpoint) so I might wait a while to watch. Speaking of this week’s episode though, whoa. I read Kath’s post on GMMR and I agree with most of it. All of my friends loved the episode because it was “powerful” but they didn’t consider the cliched messages that the show was relying on. I completely agree that Glee has always been a show about Bullying, but it seems the only character who’s developing at all in the show is Kurt and it’s not fair to only focus on variations of one trauma.

      Raising Hope: You didn’t talk about it this week. Dan got me to watch it and it is the only new fall show I enjoy. I love the characters and the storylines. You should plug it again so more people can discover it before they feel it’s too late to play catchup.

      The Office: I’m two weeks behind and I don’t care. After Steve Carrell leaves I’m probably done with the show. It has gone on too long and there are better comedies out there now.

      The Big Bang Theory: Poor Walowitz. But he didn’t really deserve security clearance anyway. Sheldon was cute how he gave up his spot and immediately wanted it back after Walowitz reminded him why it was so great haha. And agreed, the Dushku was completely unnecessary. I watched Dollhouse for about 3 episodes before I realized she did not do the show justice and I gave up.

      30 Rock: Sad you didn’t talk about it. I really enjoyed the Liz/Jack mentor storyline. It was cute. I’m enjoying 30 Rock more than The Office this season.

      Project Runway: AGREED COMPLETELY! I wanted Mondo to win, but after seeing their collections I agreed with the judge’s choice. Gretchen’s was good and she definitely needed that boost more than Mondo did. Mondo will do great things no matter what. Love the show and can’t wait for a new season. Any scoop on when that is?

      Supernatural: Oh boy. OK. So thank you for addressing my comment about my friends who have stopped watching. I think I feel a lot better about the show now. Maybe I have completely fickle friends, but the one I’m most concerned about is my friend who I met through Supernatural. Our whole friendship was really based on the show and she said after the apocalyptic storyline ended, she just didn’t have the urge to watch another season. I’m hoping the sixth will be the last season, because Jensen and Jared’s contracts come due. They both have wives now and they probably want to start families without spending 18 hours of their days on Supernatural. That being said I too have been feeling a bit disconnected from the series this season. I am a loyal fan, and I will stick with it, but it’s one of the last shows I catch up with during the week and I want the parts of the show I love to come back. I think Sam’s no soul storyline is supposed to be compelling but it’s just making for some flat interactions between the brothers, and that is the heart of the show. Dean loathes his brother this season and it’s very uncomfortable to watch. I like how they brought Crowley in and introduced the Purgatory line but for some reason it just feels like the writer’s are scrambling to find some direction for a season they never thought would happen. I think my favorite episode of the season was the Bobby episode because it had just enough silly Sam and Dean to make me happy. Even Marissa from GMMR said she is behind on Supernatural and has little desire to catch up. This makes me sad but I understand why, and while I’m not going to stop watching, I am starting to take the road of my friends who stopped watching after season 2 or 3, and wish for the good ol’ days.

      Friday Night Lights: Not saying anything about the plot, because I know you haven’t watched it yet, but can I just say it’s a breath of fresh air to have FNL back on my screen. It never feels like a TV show, it feels like I’m visiting my old friends and family. I’m sad it’s the last season but I think they’ll be able to wrap it up nicely. I can’t wait for you guys to talk about it, even though that probably means waiting for this summer. CURSES!

      By Kristen on Nov 12, 2010

    38. @Mattie B “He’s a walking Gay Stereotype that is letting Ryan Murphy exorcise some demons.” Agreed! But I also think Chris Colfer has his fair share of demons to exorcise as well. Sounds like his High School experience was pretty much Kurt’s situation. They definitely need to address the bullying, I just wish Glee would handle it in a less cliched way.

      By Kristen on Nov 12, 2010

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