TV Talk Podcast: 11/14/10

November 15, 2010 – 5:18 am

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Brace yourselves because the unthinkable happened. We’ve posted a podcast two weeks in a row. We’ll give you a second to pull your jaw off the floor. Good?


  • Almost 3 hours to TV Talk coming at’ya once again.
  • We have a Say Anything sing-a-long in honor of THE GOOD WIFE.
  • We talk about GLEE for nearly 45 minutes! How is our conversation as long as the actual show?
  • For once there’s someone other than Kath making racist comments.
  • Find out which show needs to be at the top of your Xmas list and deserves a Holiday catch-up.
  • “Zombies Zombies Zombies”
  • Ducky calls a beloved cartoon character a “fucking bitch” just in time for the Holidays.
  • We tease a Hunger Games Trilogy segment for an upcoming podcast.
  • We forget we’re podcasting and start going through Facebook photos.
  • Finally, we spend a good amount of time reading Listener Comments and answering Listener Questions.
  • Shows we cover this week: How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, Gossip Girl, Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Good Wife, Life Unexpected, Survivor, Top Chef: Just Desserts, Glee, Raising Hope, The Vampire Diaries, The Office, The Big Bang Theory, Community, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, The Amazing Race, The Walking Dead.

    *Recorded: 11/14/10

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    1. 60 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 11/14/10”

    2. Ya’ll are great! Can’t wait to listen

      By Naychelle Lucas on Nov 15, 2010

    3. Brilliant to have a new podcast after only a week, thanks so much guys.

      The “Firstly” Debate. I think it may be a British thing… because if I used “first” not “firstly” on an essay (for instance) I would get told it was wrong. So maybe I can blame my use of it on the ORIGINAL ENGLISH, rather than your bastardised American ;D And how about this link?

      HIMYM – It was so, so good to have a “bro-mance” storyline remembering why they worked so well as friends, and how it could so work between them. Barney’s “dad” moment was so subtly dropped in it was done brilliantly. I loved it, and actually got choked up for a moment. Cannot wait for the Robin Sparkles episode – it’s always a highlight to see RS.

      Gossip Girl – I’m still watching, and I’m enjoying it still. I loved the scenes last week when Blair and Chuck seemed to have finally moved past their anger and road blocks and are hopefully back on track together.

      Glee (Deep Breath, lol) – I left huge ass comments on Kath’s site about my opinions on the episode. I do applaud Kurt and the impact his character is having on high schoolers, I do however hope the show doesn’t JUST use HIM for an emotional impact. We know that tackling the bully storyline and especially the gay aspect of it that there will obviously be a focus on Kurt. But it was only a few episodes ago that we had Kurt’s emotional issues about his Dad being the focus of a “religion” episode – while we know Kurt’s Dad and that’s why he was used – that could possibly have been another character in that situation, so we could have less “Kurt, Kurt, Kurt” all the time. My other major issue is that Glee has never been strong on continuity but a lot of the characters are completely all over the place, the only one the writers seem to have a strong handle on IS Kurt – especially because I know Ryan Murphy is probably using Kurt as a mouth piece for his own life. We saw it this week with Puck and Artie. (Oh, and now you mention it too!) Puck, even when he messed up was doing it for “a good reason” (Selling drugs to earn money for Quinn and the Baby etc.) He always had a heart of gold, and now they have screwed him up as a character. (and while I loved some Artie / Puck moments on their own I think they may be throwing in only to please the “shippers” (felt very much a “Rob Thomas” moment – I think you guys get what I mean by that) And as for the Beiste kiss – drove me nuts. I hated, hated it. Shouting from early on “please don’t kiss her, please don’t kiss her”. Like Kath I knew what they were trying to achieve but I felt it was a) far too cliché and b) not a credit to the character of Beiste – she is becoming one of my favourite characters of the show (next to Brittany). And I rolled my eyes at the boys comments to Shannon before they sang, but chose to gloss over them, because I was still pissed at the kiss. But this comment is why I love your podcast – I also listen to a glee podcast – and they drive me nuts because they will not see a word said against the show, and I know that they will be squeeling about the Kurt aspects of this episode, and that is ALL they were talk about. But even with how annoyed I am with this show, I still love it and when they get it right, it goes great, and I hope eventually it will improve.

      TVD – It’s so easy to forget that Elena and Katherine are played by the same person. And it was done so, so well this week. The “blaming” moment came as a wonderful to twist to me, and it was such a stunning scene too. Jeremy did look really hot and Bonnie needs to get up on that, like soon. And to say “not one of their best shows” and still have it be THIS good, tells me that this is such a fantastic and brilliant show. And I love the idea of describing Mystic Falls as a hellmouth – makes perfect sense.

      BBT – Maiyim Bialik has been a fantastic addition to the show, and what she’s bringing to the comedy of the show. Well Done BBT.

      The Walking Dead – still really enjoying it, some really strong scenes in the most recent episode which prove that this isn’t really about the zombies it’s about the characters in this situation.

      Can I clarify my kids are 10 and 7 – and so are both at school from 8.30 am until 3.30 pm, so I really do have like 6 hours a day where I have very little do, except clean my house – which is dull, watch US TV on my computer, and listen to your podcast, just so no-one thinks my kids are neglected!

      And I might have to stop commenting, if all you are gonna do if you rip the shit out of me for it. (joke, because this “shit show” is a true highlight for me every time you guys podcast.)

      And I’ve not been on the facebook for a while, but was good to go and look at the photos again, while you guys were talking.

      By Laiq on Nov 15, 2010

    4. I remember when your podcasts used to be 45 minutes. It seems like over the years you both are watching less TV, but the podcast seems to increase in length. Personally, I can’t wait until 2012 when the podcasts end up being 5 hours long and you’re only talking about two shows. That will be epic.
      I loved this weeks Glee discussion. I’m totally on team Kath on the subject. Dan…for a guy who can’t seem to get past Kevin Mckidd’s face dent, you weren’t very critical of the episode. I expect more from you.
      Thanks to both of your constant praise, I’m finally all caught up on The Good Wife and The Vampire Diaries. Seriously, they’re the best dramas on TV at the moment. Also, thanks to Dan, I started reading The Hunger Games about a month a go. I finished the second book about two weeks ago and I’ve been holding off on the third because I didn’t want it to end, plus I needed both your reactions to the ending. Clearly you seem happy by it, so I’ll have to power threw the third on before the next podcast. If you devote the next podcast to The Hunger Games, I’ll die happy.

      By luke on Nov 15, 2010

    5. just listened to the whole thing on glee… i can’t wait to get home… i’m driving… to leave a massive comment on this and the rest.

      By Tanja on Nov 15, 2010

    6. i’m still watching Gossip Girl. My friends judge me relentlessly for it but I don’t care. While they’re spending their mondays studying I get to watch hot people have sex on pianos, so clearly I win.

      My favorite part of the show are Chuck and Blair. I’m not a shipper person, but they are just so awesome together. With that said, i’m disappointed with how they are handeling them this season thus far. Their ‘war’ was beyond lame, and as hot as hate sex is, i’m upset about Blair letting him into her pants so easily. I mean homeboy pimped you out to his creepy rapey uncle, slept with a corpse, and told you he was plotting to destroy you. So the naturally you would bop him in your living room…. I don’t get it. And what happend to Chuck actually growing up and taking responsibility for his actions and making it up to Blair? Telling her everything was ‘fate’ does not make everything all better Chuckles. An actual apology would be nice : )

      Moving on, I completely agree with you on Katie Cassidy- she’s a wonderful addition to the show, and so much better at playing the bitchy evil girl than Michelle Tratchenberg ever was. I’ll take Juliet over Whoregina any day. I hope they find a way to keep her around. And bravo to the GG writers for having a guest star on and keeping the mystery as to why she hates Serena for more than 2 episodes! Who knew they still had it in them?! But as much as I love her, i’m not looking forward to V, J and J ( omg i just realized that’s team Va-J-J lmao, so fitting) working together to plot against Serena. Vanessa is pure fail when it comes to plotting (and life in general), Juilet should just do it on her own. And any story line that makes me look at jenny makes me sad.

      Speaking of jenny, can someone please start a ‘save taylor’ campaign and bring her back to reality? Looking like you just roamed off the set of the Walking Dead when you’re 17 is not a good sign. Someone sent me the most adorable video of her earlier today where she is beyond adorable. ( Looking at her now, ugh and it just breaks my heart. WHAT HAPPENED?

      wow, i spent way to much time writing about Gossip Girl. I should probably comment about a ‘good’ show to make up for it, but I’m not really in the mood lol. Anyway, love you guys and keep up the good work!!!

      By B on Nov 15, 2010

    7. Not only are you guys awesome for posting another podcast so quickly, but I also get a shout out?! Holler! Thanks guys! I also love how you guys made checking out books from the library sound so obsolete! I may have to break down and say screw the library because I believe I’m about number 150 something on the list to get The Hunger Games (see there are still lots of people using the library!) and I don’t think I can wait that long! I may buy the series this week in preparation for your book club edition podcast! Love it!

      Dan- I heart your tangent on a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone be so passionate about Charlie Brown before! Fucking hilarious! I have to admit, I’ve never seen it before, but from your description, Peppermint Patty does sound like a fucking bitch! Who invites themselves over and then complains the whole time?!

      I had my roommate watch the Glee Teenage Dream clip after I watched about 50 times. Her reaction? “It looks like the Dead Poet’s Society started a glee club!” Why yes, yes it does! I was on the fence with the episode. Biggest pet peeve for sure was the Will/Biest kiss! That’s not what she wanted you jerk! He always seems to make things about himself… I loved that during your recap of Glee while mentioning Breadsticks I believe I heard Dan whisper that he loves Breadsticks! Dan- do you love breadsticks in general (I mean who doesn’t?) or have you been to the actual restaurant?!

      As always, I loved the podcast! You guys do a fantastic job of not only covering shows I love, but also making me laugh. A lot. Looking forward to this week’s tv and hearing your take in the next podcast! You know the pressures on now that you’ve gone 2 weeks in a row right?!

      By Rachael on Nov 16, 2010

    8. No Parenthood talk? No need to listen this time then.

      By Lala on Nov 16, 2010

    9. The only Monday show I watch is The Event. I’m still liking it a lot. It’s not great, and apparently there are tons of plot holes, but I never notice them. I feel so stupid for missing things, but I think it would ruin the show for me if I read up on all the problems. I gave up Gossip Girl a while ago because I also hate Jenny. She’s a bitch just like Blair, but appparently we’re supposed to root for her because she always comes out ahead. Even when she stupidly slept with Chuck and moved away everyone was comforting her instead of telling her she’s an asshole.

      I’ve given up on LUX. Haven’t watched for a couple of weeks because I think ALL the characters suck, not just Cate. Ryan was good last year, but they’ve made him douchey now, and Lux is worse too. I will watch the finale just to see how it ends.

      Still loving Modern Family and Cougar Town. I only started watching this season and Target had the first season for cheap-ish, so I bought it and have been watching. My mom and I were going to watch just the pilot, and then four episodes later we had to drag ourselves away from the tv so we could get some stuff done!

      Psych is back, which makes me really happy! The first episode back wasn’t their strongest, but it was much better than some of the eps from the summer season. Can’t wait for White Collar to come back in January!

      This week of TAR was awful because of stupid Chad & Stephanie. The final 5 finished in exactly the reverse order I would want them to finish, with C&S first and Nat&Kat last.

      As for Glee, I am getting sick of the show, but will probably still watch it. The show has definitely gotten worse since last season, but last season had some terrible eps too. There have been very few good episodes, and the writing is awful. I do like the character of Blaine, but I am one of those people who is getting sick of all the Kurt storylines. There are just too many characters, and now they’ve added Sam and Blaine, promoted Santana, Brittany, and Mike to regulars, and seem to have bumped Kurt up to a lead. I think it is great that they are telling a gay bullying story, but I, like Kath, am afraid they’ll screw it up. I think they have to walk a very fine line because if they have the whole thing be “The bully teases you because he’s gay too and you talk about it and now your BFFs!”, it might be even worse than not doing the story at all. Do you know what I mean? If they make it too easy to resolve, won’t that make kids who are bullied feel even shittier, because they can’t fix what’s happening to them as easily as Glee kids can? I really hope it doesn’t suck. Also, Kath you made a really great point about the slushy-ing being played for laughs and Sue pushing people down stairs is funny, but now Kurt’s bullying is SUPER SERIOUS, and how they can’t have it both ways. However, I do think that having Beiste all dressed up in the lingerie was supposed to sort of implicate the viewer in the bullying. If you were laughing at those images, then you were guilty too, you know? Or maybe I’m overthinking and trying to find some rationale to this completely irrational epsiode. The boys’ apology with the song was so terrible, I’m trying to block it from my mind, but I liked the girls’ song. I have to delay my viewing of this week’s episode because I hate gwyneth paltrow, stop with the stunt casting already!

      I didn’t comment last week, but I was also shocked that you liked Gretchen. When I saw all the finale collections, I didn’t even think she had made it to the top 3. I thought Mondo was the clear winner, and when I first saw the collections, I loved his little hair pieces, so I was pissed when the judges hated them. If PR didn’t come back, I wouldn’t really miss it. I would only miss Tim. I don’t think an All-Stars season would ever happen, becuase most of the all-stars are successful enough that they wouldn’t want to come back. They did do a mini all-star challenge a few years ago. Daniel V won, but it should have been Uli (who wasn’t even in the top! judges have been crack smoking for a long time).

      I love libraries! I check out everything from the library before I buy it (excluding Harry Potter), because I don’t want to buy something that I end up hating. I’m actually waiting for The Help to come in at the library, but I’m way back in line, so I probably won’t get it for another month or two. I have read all the Hunger Games books (from the library!) and would love for you to talk about them! Dan, did you ever read Never Let Me Go? That’s a book that I ended up buying, so clearly I loved it lots!

      By Dawn on Nov 16, 2010

    10. Another great podcast–and once again, thank you for the chapter stops. They are really useful for skipping over shows I don’t watch (Real Housewives) or shows I have not watched yet this week (Vampire Diaries). However, I loved your comment about possibly missing something brilliant–I had the exact same fear/thought as I skipped over Real Housewives! :) However, if there’s something really hilarious, you usually cycle back to it a few times during the marathon podcast. :)

      I would love to hear your thoughts on the Hunger Games, but not yet as I don’t want to hear spoilers. I just recently finished the first book last month (it was Rae & Jody’s Book Club pick of the month) and have the other two on my iPhone from However, these 3 hour podcasts are not leaving me much time for audiobook listening! :)

      By Kyle on Nov 16, 2010

    11. Sorry, looking at my post, I realized that I am an emoticon-aholic and need to cut back.

      By Kyle on Nov 16, 2010

    12. WTF you guys!! I was meaning to comment on the last episode and then before I had the chance you put out another one! I’m only halfway done with your most recent one, but I just had to comment. In any case, awesome. I absolutely love your podcasts and you wouldn’t believe how fucking excited I get whenever I see a new one pop up in iTunes. I listen to you everywhere; in bed, while cooking, grocery shopping or walking to work. There have been many moments where I’ve broken out laughing in the middle of a store and people have definitely given me some weird looks. Btw – I love the monster size of them and I also love those little chapter thingies (the must have an actual name, but you know what I mean).

      So, some of my thoughts on the shows you discussed.

      Glee – Loved your thorough-ass discussion of this show! I really liked Kath’s point about the double standard they have towards bullying (funny when Sue does it, reprehensible when other characters are bullied). If there’s one word that comes to mind when thinking of Glee it’s definitely “frustrating”. It has so much potential but only sporadically lives up to it. There are so many characters I dislike (Will, Tina etc.) or don’t care about (Mike, Puck etc.) that the shows spends so much time on that I often only half pay attention when watching it. And with your discussion of Darren Cris becoming a regular, I have to wonder what that means on Glee. Honestly, Terri is supposed to be a regular character, but I think we’ve seen her only once for a couple of seconds this season. And isn’t Burt a regular as well? I guess we’ll have to see how often this boy will actually show up.

      Private Practice – I really like that you commented on the show, there are not that many critics/podcasters out there that talk about it. I have watched every episode but my feelings towards it are somewhat ambivalent. I love some of the characters and many of the actors, but the writing has never been up to par. For example, I loved the potential of the Cooper and Charlotte relationship, but their storyline became very frustrating and repetitive during the third season. When I heard about the sexual assault storyline I felt a little weary, because I’d hate for such a sensitive topic to be used just for its shock/entertainment value. However, I was surprised by how well-done and affecting the episode was, not in the least because of the strong acting of some of the main players (KaDee Strickland, Paul Adelstein and Kate Walsh especially). This past episode was a little bit of a mixed bag for me, I was so invested in the Charlotte stuff (seeing how she and her colleagues are dealing with what happened and slowly have the truth come out) that the other stuff didn’t really interest me. I’m curious to see how they’ll be dealing with this as the season continues.

      The Good Wife – Looove this show. I was excited to get some more details on Kalinda and her personal life, even if it was just a little bit. Archie Panjabi is so skilled at portraying the little cracks in Kalinda’s armor. She has a very subtle way of showing little off-balance moments. Love Eli, love Childs, love evil grandma, so so good.

      Top Chef: Just Desserts — In the beginning I loved Zac because he seemed so joyful and funny and also very respectful of the other players. However, ever since the whole team Godiva came into play he became increasingly bitchy and annoying. Then Eric and Erica were my favorites, so I hated when first she was eliminated as early as she was and then we lost Eric as well..ugh.. Now I guess I’m kind of rooting for Danielle, she’s funny (love her crazy facial expressions) and she seems to be the underdog. I’ve been going back and forth on Morgan, he seems to switch between complete asshole and fun, laidback guy so quickly. I do have to say I’ve been liking Gail (Gayle?) as a host and judge. Greasy Not!Elvis, not so much, there’s just no sense of humor to the guy. Also, the red hots are for my mommy.

      When NBC’s new schedule came out I was sooo happy to see Parks & Recreation finally get a premiere date! It’ll be so, so good to have it back come January. I was also mildly curious about the new Becki Newton show (Love Bites) and it was a little puzzling that it was missing from the schedule. I wonder what’s going on there.

      As for questions, I wonder how you guys feel about fanfic (I can’t remember if you’ve ever talked about this) – love, loathe, don’t read? Are you watching Sons of Anarchy? How are you feeling about Parenthood?
      Okay, sorry this got so long. I might come back when I’ve listened to the rest. Love you guys!

      By Juul on Nov 16, 2010

    13. I’m right there with you Juul. It’s kinda ridiculous how excited I get when a new podcast is posted. Thanks for posting another one so quickly.

      I had to laugh Dan when you brought up your friend asking if all witches are black on TVD. My mom asked the same thing the day before as we were having a TVD marathon.

      Thanks for the audiobook suggestion of The Christmas Story. I have a long commute to work and audiobooks help hold back the road rage.

      Loving The Good Wife. Kalinda is such a bad ass. She’s one of those characters that the more you find out about her, the more you want to know.

      Can’t say that I’m really pushing for any of the remaining chefs on TC: Just Desserts, but Gayle is such a better host than Padma.

      I actually got to see Tim Gunn last week. There was promotion event at one of the malls. He kinda said the same thing. That Monda will do just fine in fashion without winning. But Gretchen was a complete control freak, that just can’t stop herself. He told a couple of stories. Felt like there is a little friction between him and Nina / Michael, even before the finale.

      By kjc on Nov 16, 2010

    14. Great podcast again! I love love love the long podcasts. I listened to this one at work and it took most of the day because people never leave me alone. But you help me not stab people in the face so thanks.

      I have a whole page of notes. Dorkasaur, yes.

      Book club! Yes! Interesting as a friend of mine wants to start one but I am sure I will never get her to read The Hunger Games. However, I will be reading it. Soon. I guess I need to bump it up the list so I can participate in the GMMR & Ducky book club podcast too!

      Dan, I loved the snorts during the Demi Lovato (is that how you spell her name? I am only aware of her because she is from Texas somewhere and it’s been on the local news. Sad I know) anyway, I love the snorts. I love when you laugh that hard.

      Thanks for making me bust out on the Say Anything/Good Wife cause that shit was funny. I love that movie.

      Glee: thanks so much for the in depth discussion. I am back and forth on this show and this last episode left a bad taste in my mouth and I was having a hard time figuring out why. But now, I am with Dan. Because Glee does what it does, I can and will continue to cut it some slack. For now. HOWEVER, can there be a petition to get Mr Shue arrested? I cringe anytime he is on screen now.

      It never even occurred to me that the hand holding slowmo scene could be a Kurt fantasy! Thanks for that. Part of me keep trying to go back and be a 16 year old and remember how I was (because I think I was alot like Kurt) It was so long ago and I am so jaded any of that love crap is just that. Crap. So I am kind of excited to watch as a teenage girl. Plus, Oprah had Shaun Cassidy on last week and I remembered what it was like to be 13 so maybe I will be in a better teenage mood this week.

      Life Unexpected: I totally deleted it from my DVR half way through the 1st episode of s2 because I was hating everyone. I am not sorry at all.

      (I love that I cannot read my own handwriting)

      TVD: I think all the witches are black because they are all related and we just don’t know it yet. I said the same thing awhile back but then I was like, wait, if all the vampires are kind of related and the founding fathers ect, why would the witches not all be related too?

      I love this damn show so much.

      I have no problem waiting on Supernatural this week. I watch but I had company and I forgot how annoying it can be to watch with someone that doesn’t have the entire history of the sow memorized. I need to rewatch.

      Ok, now, Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty. You know I love me some Peppermint Patty mostly because she is really a mean bitch like me. And he “blindy” friend is Marcy BTW. I always had an issue with this Thanksgiving episode because of the missing family thing. I need to watch again. And I am so taking pictures of my Peppermint Patty collection and posting to my facebook page this week.

      Speaking of facebook…I still laugh when I look at some of those pictures! You guys really need to list who some of those people are because I feel so stupid not knowing who everyone is! I know I should know but well, I don’t.

      That’s it for me. i still have way too much work to do and it’s already 6:30!

      By Patty on Nov 16, 2010

    15. oh no i didn’t have time to comment on the last one – what are you doing having podcasts two weeks in a row!!

      like i can actually complain about that
      that’d be like complaining that you only talked for 2 hours. thats just not enough time!!
      i work for 8 hours a day fill it all up

      i don’t know if either of you have ever watch flight of the conchords but since they are my homeboys i did. in season 2 they did a song called sugar lumps – youtube it if you haven’t seen it
      cos since last week i’ve had the song stuck in my head but instead of singing sugar lumps i’ve been singing sugar snatch
      thank you for that

      vampd – i said after the mascarade ep that all witches must be black on this programme
      also wondering if gina torres and the one from said ep are related, they look too much alike and it scared me
      from day 1 i said that jeremy was my fav guy and while his hotness has been hidden from most i stuck to it
      and now im doing a na na na na na :P to everyone who is finally catching up on the hotness – kath i will put some pics on the facebook page when i get home from work
      there isn’t much but i’ve done my searching to find anything i can

      glee. i watch for the songs period. if i like the music then i enjoy the episode. long ago i gave up on the storylines and yes occasionally they have a good episode where i like the story but yeah songs are primary
      and despite the puck/artie storyline being weak how can you not like the duet they did. ignoring the plot and puck bullying people just listening to that song on my ipod makes me smile. i likes it
      buffy and dawsons both had the football player gay guy btw. buffy was the only one that made the person a bully but its both there

      gossip girl
      i have only seen the first two seasons but am dying to watch more – cos i LOVE chuck bass
      i am suprised that neither of you watch one tree hill. kath especially i think.
      cos it has amazing drama like rediculous sometimes and they put their characters thru so much but at the end of the day i can’t stop watching, i want to know what is going to happen.

      ooooh i want one of those t-shirts!!!!!
      yuhp still listening
      hope cafepress ships to NZ
      - btw have a t-shirt with a pic of digby on there
      i’d totally wear a t-shirt that says “im laughing cos im listening to tv talk podcast” and there was a pic of digby on the back

      the best friends episodes ever were always the thanksgiving episodes as the whole group was always together and it was always hilarious. dan if you don’t do anything else on thanksgiving then check out some old friends eps

      i can’t wait for robyn sparkles!!!!!!!
      i hope the robot comes back

      By Nikki NZ on Nov 16, 2010

    16. oh and so i don’t forget

      itunes wont let me leave a comment

      im not sure if its cos im foreign or what but there it is

      could if i would but i can’t

      wont stop me from spamming facebook with you thou mwahahahahahahaha

      By Nikki NZ on Nov 16, 2010

    17. I would first like to give a big round of applause to the people behind Glee for having the courage to address such a poignant and applicable subject. Despite ones opinions on the show, bullying is something that has affected millions in one way or another and it has to be talked about. Like it or not, Glee has influence in our society. If this show can change just one life than it’s better than most.

      For me one of the most shocking elements of the show was not the outright abuse of Kurt or the fact that his abuser was sexually confused himself, it was the fact that so many people saw what was happening and let it slide, including Mr. Schuester. I believe being a bystander to bullying is just as bad as being the bully yourself. The only way to curb ignorance is to call people out on their outright unacceptable behavior. Moral obligations aside, it’s a teachers job to make sure that their students are in a safe environment. I think the writers are putting too much responsibility on the students and not enough on the teachers. Where is the guidance? Where is the support?

      When Mr. Schue sat Kurt in his office and pointed out how the bullying has affected him, instead of just changing the glee club assignment, he should have offered Kurt resources, called Dave into the principals office, or let Kurt know in some way that Karofsky’s actions were unacceptable. He should have assured him that something was going to be done about it.

      Do the administrators at this school not have any authority? The principal spends more time worrying about budgeting for the cheerios or a winning football team then the safety of the students at the school. The only person that comes to Kurt’s aid in this episode is Blaine.

      Ryan Murphy says this isn’t the end of the bullying themed episodes on Glee and that the subject is going to reach multiple characters. I think if the writers don’t make it a point in later episodes to show more action being done on the part of the administrators in the school, then the show will have done a disservice to its fans. People need to know that there are resources out there. Whether it be within your school, in your town, or on the internet, you don’t just have to sit there and take it. If Glee is going to paint characters like Mr. Schue to be role models than they need to be role models in every sense. Kurt and the other characters should not only have the support of each other but of the support their teachers.

      By Naychelle Lucas on Nov 16, 2010

    18. Long long time listener. First time commenter. Thought I’d get off my ass and show you some lovin’.

      FIRSTLY. Hee. Love the 3 hour podcast! Wish you could do one every day. You don’t need a life or a job. Make it so!

      Love all the shows you love, except the reality/competition crap. I occasionally catch TAR, but can’t stomach the other stuff.

      Was disappointed you didn’t talk about Supernatural. Yes. I’m one of those crazy SPN fangurlz, but hopefully not one of the totally batshit crazy ones. I’m the one who told you about the SPN convention in Boston. Hope you can go.

      Love TVD and Walking Dead. Never too many zombies for my liking.

      I’m an audiobook lover. I like to listen while walking the doggies. I listened to The Help last summer. Awesome book! I’m about to finish Catching Fire and am eagerly anticipating Mockingjay. My vote is for you to wait a few weeks for your book club discussion about the series.

      I love Katniss! All the talk of hunting and peacekeepers made me think of Supernatural and Farscape. I admit to having a strong desire to match Katniss with a young Dean Winchester. I think they’d get on well.

      Anyhoo. Thanks for the hours of entertainment. I’ll try to make a habit of telling you both how cramazing you are!

      By Kimmer on Nov 16, 2010

    19. Love you guys! I know everyone else writes a book for you, but I am in the middle of writing an English test for my Sophmores tomorrow, but I am procrastinating by listening to your latest podcast. You guys make me literally laugh out loud. I listen to my ipod as I falling asleep (I need noise to sleep; my husband needs silence. This is my best solution). The nights that I have a new TV Talk podcast to listen to, I always get in trouble. I always end up giggling out loud because you guys are hilarious. My husband gets so mad. I had to get up and leave the bed and go to the living room for the Fiona Farraday episode! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your 3 hour weekly podcasts! I can’t believe you guys have not been friends your whole life!

      By Pamela Williams on Nov 16, 2010

    20. Oh by the way. I have all three Hunger Games books in my classroom for my high schoolers to read during Silent Reading. I think I am going to have pry one out of their hands so I can read them. I guess I have to stop the podcast here and come back to it :)

      By Pamela Williams on Nov 16, 2010

    21. I’m commenting because i’ve been listening for three years and I thought I should finally chime in! (to be fair I did leave an itunes comment like two years ago lol) i’m so glad you guys came back for another podcast this week! Although you do realize now we’re all expecting a podcast next week too right?


      HIMYM: The show has been really good this season! Barney and Robin are honestly the best thing about it. But could they make Lily any more unlikable? I used to love her but lately it seems like she just has to whine about every single thing. I’m not loving Jennifer Morrison, I don’t really see any chemistry between them or feel anything towards that character (I don’t even remember her name and that says something – Fiona!) I don’t think she’s the mother but I think she really needs to progress the mother storyline somehow if she’s gonna be around for this long (kind of like how Rachel Bilson wasn’t the mother but she got Ted closer to meeting her) and also, was it Ted’s old best friend’s wedding we saw a glimpse of in the premiere? How funny was that scene with Sparkles and Glitter playing with the joystick? LMFAO.

      Gossip Girl: This is absolutely the best season since the first one. Dan, you need to catch up when you have time. You honestly will not regret it and I remember when you were ready to kill your own mother for this show so I’m like 100% sure you’d totally LOVE it if you watched. Maybe you should catch up on this instead of Chuck, which hasn’t been that great (Sorry Kath!). It’s been so deliciously good every week. I can’t believe every single person turned against Serena this week. I actually feel so sorry for her. She’s actually changed and she’s genuinely trying to be better! Also, how the hell was Little J completely okay with screwing over her own brother to mess with Serena? One thing I’ve said about the show before is they need some new blood. If you think about it they’ve had the same characters since the pilot and it’s time for a couple of new regulars. The OC got Taylor and Kaitlin and they really breathed some life into the show. There’s only so much they can do with these 8 or 9 people.

      TVD: Ugh, I cannot even believe how amazing this show has been. I totally agree with Kath – I actually forgot that the Dobrev is playing both characters. Some tv critic said “It’s one of the most enjoyable shows on tv but no one can say that out loud without people laughing in their face” and it’s really true. I think people aren’t ready to admit that it’s a quality show because a) it’s on the CW and b) it’s about vampires which are so “in” right now. Damn, it’s so much fun to watch though. I can’t wait to see how this all ends…I kept thinking how smart the writers were when Katherine tells them she’d be the safest. Elena and Stefan’s faces just dropped when they realized she was right. So good. Unfortunately there’s two negatives: 1) Eventually the quality of the show will go down. Me and my friend were talking about how the show might already be peaking. And 2) It won’t be back for a couple of weeks and I don’t know what i’m gonna do without it!

      The Good Wife: Should I watch this show? I watched the pilot last year and liked it but I don’t know if can watch a procedural…I even tried to watch Bones but everything just feels so disposable and meaningless with these shows.

      Glee: I gave up like a month ago (the last episode I watched was Duets) but now I kind of wanna catch up. I agree with you guys about how everyone should it take it for what it is but what bothers me is how low standards have gotten for the show. Since it can be so poorly/thoughtlessly written at times people think a pretty mediocre episode is good. If you look at an episode from the first run last year (the first 13 episodes) and compare it to any of these season 2 episodes, are they actually good?

      Life Unexpected: Why am I still watching this shitshow? I think it’s Britt Robertson, she’s my favourite thing about it. Everything else about the show has been SUCKING. One problem is (and this applies to all tv shows and is a problem i’ve had with tv forever) I don’t care about Shaun Sipos or Emma Caulfield or any of those stories because I know they’re just one-season additions (even though the show is ending). It’s like how when I watched Dawson’s, all the side randoms like Michael Pitt, etc seemed so pointless cause you know the stories won’t go anywhere beyond those 22 episodes. And I despise Cate. And Ryan is annoying. Basically I hate all the characters (except 2) and stories but am still tuning in every week. I hate myself.

      Raising Hope: Best new comedy this year!, It’s ridiculous how much i’ve been enjoying it.

      The Office: It pains me to say this but i’ve become so “meh” about this show. I used to love it so so so so much but it just doesn’t make me laugh anymore. And I know they’ll try to stretch it even beyond the Michael-less season 8 which will honestly hinder my enjoyment of future season 1-3 rewatches. I think it’s just showing signs of age now. But that’s with any show. I feel as though the comedies are kind of shifting because now I get more excited about Raising Hope, Cougar Town, and Modern Family than I do about 30 Rock, HIMYM or The Office.

      Community: That episode was fantastic. I think the show has been getting a bit too “which movie should we parody this week?” lately and I was looking forward to an episode where the group just sits around the table (there’s been a severe lack of that this season) and this was just a great episode to go back to all their dynamics as a group.

      Grey’s/PP: I don’t understand how Grey’s has been pulling off such quality in it’s 7th season. For a show that went from being SO good to SO frustrating, it’s remarkable that they’d be able to go back to the quality of the first few seasons. I agree about Cristina but I still like how they’re showing that the shooting had a longterm effect on someone (the rest of the characters are changed but seem to be kind of moving on?). I love all the characters again, there’s not a single character I hate on the show, which is really good. Private Practice has been enjoyable, I don’t really have anything to say about it except i’m really just praying that Shonda Rhimes doesn’t consider Sam/Addison endgame or a longterm thing. Because I honestly find them so boring. And they have zero chemistry. It’s ridiculous. If their romance goes past this season I might have to get my eyes checked because I don’t see ANYTHING there.

      Other completely random stuff:
      -I know neither of you have been watching (I think Dan used to) but the Weeds finale was excellent. I won’t spoil it but I don’t know how that show, despite it’s very obvious issues over the last couple of years, can still have these really heart wrenching and amazing moments and STILL make the viewers feel for the characters.
      -Kath, are you still watching Brothers and Sisters? Is it just me or has the show actually been kind of okay this season? I think I kind of started watching it with a Glee attitude and just enjoy it for what it is now. It’s still pretty stupid but it’s just good fun!
      -When are Pretty Little Liars and Greek coming back? I need some good trashy teen shows ASAP. Their return dates seem to be more mysterious than what was behind Jenna’s sunglasses…Maybe I should watch that Gigantic show Dan was talking about?

      Whoa, I can’t believe how much I wrote. Anyways, LOVE the podcast. Always have, always will. Cannot wait to hear your thoughts next time! :)


      By Mohammad on Nov 16, 2010

    22. yay, lots of new commenters (not sure that’s a word)!

      and @Nikki NZ you’re “onely, twoly” made me me laugh lots! (and I love the idea of Digby on the back of the t-shirts, maybe we can have a nice Benna kitty / Digby double pic?! )

      By Laiq on Nov 17, 2010

    23. Firstly – HEEE!! Great podcast, guys, great podcast! I think I audibly “awwww-d” on the bus when I heard a Digby noise in the background. What was the podcast like before her cute noises, and coaster-abilities?!

      I listened to this beauty in three separate bus rides, so I’m going to try and piece together my comments on your comments. As always, love the GLEE chat, and I like that you two could debate last week’s episode. For me, I made numerous comments all over the Interweb, but I think my overall opinion was “bleh”. The Kurt/Bully storyline was annoying to me only because it was so damn predictable that the bully would end up being a closeted homosexual. Buffy already told me about that scenario, so Glee – you’re only second-best. I did love Kurt and Blaine, though, and look forward to seeing them together in the future.

      The storyline that really pissed me off, though, was Will/Beast. And that kiss. Ugh, terrible. It was 100% a pity kiss, which Will shouldn’t have done, and the Beast should have totally kicked his ass over it. But for some reason, she didn’t.

      I LOVE that you guys chatted up Raising Hope, and Kath – you completely need to get back on board!! That show is cramazing, and it makes me giggle. Martha Plimpton is my new favourite thing, and her and Garret Dillahunt together are unbelievably fantastic! I even love Maw Maw and her topless escapades. Too funny. Plus, they’ve found a fantastic use for Kate Micucci – who I know from Scrubs – and who coincidentally is a part of Garfunkel and Oates, a hilarious musical group with Riki Lindhome (you guys might know her as Jeanine, the bulimic pie-eater, from the Dummy episode of Pushing Daisies).

      Aaaand segue … after finishing this podcast and having a few bus moments to spare, I switched over to the Pushing Daisies soundtrack. Which got me thinking, did you guys ever give us the series finale podcast that was promised?? I kind of think you didn’t! Not that it would be relevant now, but Pushing Daisies will never stop being awesome, and I have you two to thank for getting me into it, and for loving it so damn much!

      I LOL’d at your comment about “library users” and how archaic you made us sound. I totally still use my local library, and I love it!! I get audio books (CDs now, Dan. Not tapes anymore!!), real-live books, and even television series’! It’s thanks to my lovely local library that I’ve been able to watch cable series’ like True Blood and Dexter, since they always have the latest season and rent it out for $2/week.

      I haven’t really heard of The Hunger Games trilogy, but I’m definitely going to look into it, and see what my library has kicking around. I’m currently barreling through the Sookie Stackhouse series (after taking a break), and will probably need another break sometime soon. In the meantime, you guys can go ahead and podcast on the book series, and I’ll just skip over that part for the time being.

      You guys know I fully support an “I’m Laughing at The TV Talk Podcast with GMMR & Ducky” tee shirt, and would wear the hell out of it in the summer here, but winter is a-coming. I live in the frigid North (well, Canada!) where it gets to -40C, so a tee shirt wouldn’t help people riding the bus with me. I think you guys should branch into toques, mittens, scarves, and perhaps hoodies with your logo on the back of the hood. That way I could still proudly display my love for you on the bus, when a tee just won’t do!!

      Ok, well otherwise I totally loved the latest podcast, can’t wait for the next one, and think you guys are swell!

      By Kimber on Nov 17, 2010

    24. So I was going to comment after I got home from my drive but then real life school shit got in the way. So I’m doing it now.

      First of all i loved that we’ve gotten two almost 3 hour long podcasts in two weeks! I’ve also liked reading all the comments that have now been posted. Also thanks for the mention in the podcast I was listening in my car and literally squeed when I heard my name mentioned! Love you guys!!
      I agree with @Kimber I am from the frigid North as well… but being in Toronto it sometimes isn’t that bad… but a toque with that quote on it would be awesome. I would wear it proudly displaying not only my love of TV, but great tv discussions.

      Ok so I have to say that I have been liking HIMYM so much more this season than last. The writers have brought back Robin and Barney bro-ing out and still being there for one another… it was a nice call back to the season one episode where the two of them spend a night together bro-ing out.
      Although I have to wonder what happened to Lily? She and Marshall used to be so adorable and cute, if not the two mature ones because of their relationship. I still see Marshall as the cute, funny character, but I seriously want to punch Lily. She has been a pain in the ass this season. And not spoiling this past Mondays episode the way she acted made me hate her and wish that Robin only hung out with Barney and Ted.

      I’m going to do this out of order because I have a lot to say about Glee and I’ll write that at the end.
      First I was so pissed when there was no new Modern Family on Wednesday… i was looking for something to laugh at.

      Thursday: I loved this episode of the office and I have been feeling ‘whatever’ about it this season. I remember when it was the one show that I was excited for every week and now I still love it but I guess like you have said I love it in a different way. I don’t know if I am going to stick with it past Steve Carrell’s departure. Sure I’ll watch it, but it might not be Must See. But getting back to the episode my favourite character lines were all delivered by Mindy Kaling… she said exactly what I have been thinking about Glee since the beginning and I love how she totally ships Jesse/Rachel (i mean who wouldn’t they are epic). The rest of the episode I found funny, with the exception of Ed Helms getting sick.
      BIg Bang Theory: I loved the aspect of Amy hanging out with Bernadette and Penny. I loved how she was wikipedia-ing what a sleepover entails. I love me some Wil Wheaton and I love it when the show throws him in every so often just to mess with Sheldon. The LOL moment for me was when he walks out with the two film canisters.
      Community: I love when the show points out that it is a tv show. I can’t say just how much I love this ensemble, I find that they each have their part to play and together they just work. I wish though that it was on at 8:30 so I could watch live.

      Ok I want to get this out first. You guys kept going on an on about how awesome Darren is (and he is Totally Awesome) and how the character is great and I was agreeing and then you mentioned Jon Groff and i had a massive smile on my face. I agree he needs to make another appearance because I do need his vocal stylings on this show, I also need him to come back and get back with Rachel (yeah I ship them and I get that you two aren’t into the ship stuff, but I love my St. Berry). I like that there are some of us who haven’t forgotten that he was around and that I guess after this weeks episode I like that the writers haven’t either.
      I like that Darren has already made such an impact on the fans of the show and that the character has struck a chord. The one thing that I am kind of disappointed with is that he has been signed to be a regular when Harry Shum Jr. hasn’t yet. I need my Situ-Asian to be made a regular.
      So this episode left me really torn and a little upset.
      I loved the message they were trying to get across and I thought that they are the only show that can get an anti-bullying message across to such a wide audience. But Like others and Kath said it’s hard to have this message be so impactful (not a real word) when one of the central characters really is just an out and out bully. I get that they use Sue as comedic relief and that her bullying is funny, but I find that message very misleading. To me it says that you can bully people if it is done in a witty funny way, but if it is hateful or angry it’s the most horrible thing.
      What left me upset about this story line, especially because it is Kurt is that it seems that they have made him way too lonely. I found that the writers forgot the great friendship that was displayed between Kurt and Mercedes in the first season. I kind of wish that there was more of that in this episode… in fact I want this friendship back in the forefront (not like they had it in this week’s ep) but like the two people who are fabulous and have a great connection with each other.
      What left me torn was all the storylines going on in this episode. I thought that they could have done the Puck/Artie, mash-up competition as part of a separate episode as neither really added anything to the story line. I have to say that the boys numbers (all of them – the mashup, Teenage Dream and One Love) dominated the girls. The girls number felt empty to me, it might have just been the two songs or the fact that this number was Lea Michele performing like Lea Michele, not Rachel.
      All in all i found I enjoyed the episode and I can’t wait to see where they go with the rest of this bullying storyline and if they can handle it without fucking up continuity (doubtful) or ruining characters and plot.

      So I can’t wait until you podcast again! I just hope that you give us a massive heads up on the Hunger Games part… i don’t want to be spoiled. And I already have my TVD catch up planned once my exam period starts and I have to take breaks from studying!

      By Tanja on Nov 17, 2010

    25. @Mohammad you’re still watching Life Unexpected but not The Good Wife? The Good Wife is such a better show! But I know what you mean. Least year, I always watched it on demand on Saturday. This year? I watch it the same night almost live. So much more than a procedural.

      By Patty on Nov 17, 2010

    26. Oh and anyone considering doing a TVD catchup? Let me tell you, this show goes by so fast you’ll be caught up before you know it! I watched the S1 DVDs in a week before S2 started. The CW week of TVD that they do in December? Serious greatness! The only negative I have to say about this show is I hated the pilot with a vengeance! It’s the main reason I wasn’t watching this show all along. So make dinner or do something else while your watching that one (it has character set up so you might want to watch for that) but once you get to 1.2? Sit back with some snacks and enjoy!

      By Patty on Nov 17, 2010

    27. @Tanja – Hey! Another proud Canuck! And you’re my neighbour, I’m in Manitoba! Do you know Joe from Toronto?? Or Tom from Vancouver?? LOL!! I’m glad you’re on board with the toque idea – maybe we can get them made for us!!

      By Kimber on Nov 17, 2010

    28. @Patty thanks for the advice on the first episode, because i am one of those people who will watch the first episode of a show and if it doesn’t hook me I will give up.

      @Kimber Hell yeah to being proud Canucks! The funny thing about what you posted I do know a Tom from Vancouver. The toque idea is great… although I think we should shorten it to read “Laughing With GMMR & Ducky!” the other thing is kind of long.

      Dan, Kath: Kimber and I request toques! lol

      By Tanja on Nov 17, 2010

    29. After listening to the rest of the podcast, a couple more comments.

      Patty, I totally get what you’re saying about Life Unexpected; I stuck it out a little while longer but stopped watching a couple of episodes into the second season. Last year it was one of the shows whose renewal I was very excited about, during the summer break my enthusiasm had already kind of waned (no idea why, maybe because of some spoilers I’d read) and watching the first episode back I was just..ugh.. You could totally see the network’s hand in all of the new storylines and characters. I don’t miss it at all.
      I used to pretty much stick it out to the bitter end with shows I had started watching, but in the last couple of years I have gotten much quicker at letting shows go (House and Brothers & Sisters for example). If episodes keep piling up and it feels like a “chore” to watch them, I just drop the show. A couple of years ago I couldn’t have imagined ever not watching The Office, but I dropped it this season and haven’t missed it for a second. I’m afraid I’m getting close to that point with How I Met Your Mother, I mostly just don’t care about the characters and often find the storylines unfunny and frustrating.

      Mohammad, I like your use of the word “disposable” when talking about procedurals, that’s totally how I feel half the time when I’m watching stuff like Bones or Chuck. However, The Good Wife is a different beast alltogether. The procedural element is maybe 30-40% of the story, the rest is all character stories and development. They are very good at carrying out long arcs, with subtle character moments that make it totally worth watching every single episode. Not the mention the excellent (NY/stage) actors they get for their guest spots. Martha Plimpton, Edward Hermann, Titus Welliver, Gary Cole, Carrie Preston, Mamie Gummer and Dylan Baker to name just a few.

      Anyway, just my thoughts. Thanks again for the new podcast!!

      By Juul on Nov 17, 2010

    30. I listen to the podcast on the bus on my way to work. As my luck would have it the 10 Hastings bus in Vancouver is the bus most of the crazy people are on so if I laugh or act strange I fit right in.

      I really love long podcasts and as I’ve said, it’s not like you’re going to run out of internet.

      A couple of Canadian themed notes that at the Gemini awards this last Saturday Degrassi was voted by Canadian viewers as the best Canadian TV show of the last 25 years. Linda Shuler also got a special award for creating the show.

      There is also a Glee connection that Corey Montieth was the host this year and I think he did a great job. YouTube links are provided for your viewing pleasure.

      I would LOVE a Project Runway all starts which must include the following:

      Austin Scarlet
      Kara Saun
      Andrae Gonzalo
      Malan Breton
      Kayne Gillaspie
      Chris March
      Nick Verreos

      By @TheOneDeej on Nov 17, 2010

    31. Firstly, look at all the comments!!

      Twosly – what the frak is a toques?

      By Ducky on Nov 17, 2010

    32. Okay it took me 3 days to listen to your podcast, please don’t be ofended, it’s just that I wanna save it for as long as possible – kinda like Dan only reading a few pages of THG every day! BTW, i’ve started the first book, i’m so excited!

      OMGYAY You guys read my comment!! It was the first time that happened, now I love you even more!

      Kinda sad you guys seem to be losing interest in SPN too. Have you watched the preview for the next episode? So funny! It’s going to be one of THOSE episodes! =D

      “First of all bitch, you invited yourself.” LOL forever at Dan’s delivery! Someone’s been watchin a little too much Rupaul’s drag Race.

      Cramazing podcast!

      By Mia on Nov 17, 2010

    33. @Dan – HA!! Silly boy, a TOQUE (single term, TOQUES is plural) is a cozy hat we wear to keep the heat in our bodies in winter! I’m sure you have them in America too, maybe you just call them hats? Or “Beanies”, or something?? Toque does sound awfully Canadian. It’s one of very few things visible when we bundle up warmly (that’s a word!) for our winter months.

      Google it!!

      By Kimber on Nov 17, 2010

    34. A toque is the unofficial official hat of Canada.

      I just remembered what I forgot to comment on last time HIMYM was excellent, in particular NPH’s string of reality show kiss offs. I do love the Canadian references on the show (can you tell I love my country).

      By @TheOneDeej on Nov 17, 2010

    35. Hi! First time commenter over here. I just wanted to thank you for the podcast, I’ve been loving it lately. I know it’s long but honestly I don’t mind at all (dare I say I love it?) because I think you two are fun and sometimes even informative. And since none of my friends are big TV fans, listening to you is even more enjoyable because it gives me the chance to hear a friendly conversation between two TV fans (something that I miss in my life).

      I hope you keep up with the podcast even though I know it must take up a lot of your time to record it.

      Oh and the conversation about Glee you had in the last podcast? My favorite. You pointed out so many things I didn’t even notice and your detailed analysis made me love the show even more.

      By Liliana on Nov 17, 2010

    36. Okay – I can’t write as much as these devoted folks. But always like to show you some love anyway.


      2) Secondsly – I love the thoughts on Supernatural. I am uncomfortable with this season and haven’t been loving it the way I usually do, but I do believe that is the intent – and I would never in a million years stop watching because of the course it is taking. I look at it like a journey they are purposely taking us through.

      3) Thirdsly – I am OVER Glee – OVER IT!!! Sorry.

      4) Fourthsly – that bitch Peppermint Patty – that’s all.

      By ColoradoKila on Nov 17, 2010

    37. Patty and Juul:

      I’m convinced. I’ll totally catch up on the good wife during winter break. Yay, I’m excited!

      By Mohammad on Nov 17, 2010

    38. Sorry…I haven’t had much time to respond to these CRAMAZING comments yet, but I just wanted to remind Mohamma that I watched last season’s GOOD WIFE finale and then started watching from this season on…totally worth it. I didn’t need to go back to the beginning and I’m in the loop.

      By Kath on Nov 17, 2010

    39. Just wanted to say, another great podcast! I’m one of those crazt people who doesn’t watch that many of the same shows you guys watch but still listen to the whole podcast! I even listened to the 45 min discussion about Glee- a show I have no interest in watching.

      You guys are making me think of starting The Good Wife. Do I need to start at the beginning?

      I’ve started watching Community this season after seeing Modern Warfare, the paintball episode, on Hulu during the summer. I really like it. It’s the only comedy I watch.

      I still love Chuck and really liked this week’s episode.

      I second Dan about The Walking Dead. It’s a great show and not that scary or even that gory, if you can watch Supernatural, you can watch The Walking Dead. I think it’s the second best new show of the year. Terriors is the best but nobody’s watching it!

      Kath, are you still watching Bones? I’ve found I don’t like it much this season. It’s not the shipper stuff but I don’t know what is bugging me about it.

      I love hearing about Digby. I say he needs to be your mascot and his pic should be on the podcast.


      By denise on Nov 18, 2010

    40. I forgot to say I’ll be picking up The Hunger Games for my kindle. You’ve made me interested in reading it. The joy of the kindle, get it and start reading it in seconds. But lets be truthful, there’s no way you guys do another podcast before Thanksgiving! That would be 3 weeks in a row! I’d die of shock!

      By denise on Nov 18, 2010

    41. Ooh maybe i’ll do that. Although i’ll probably end up watching the whole thing because I need a show to watch when everything’s on hiatus.

      I’m also gonna read the hunger games. I bought the first book but I just haven’t had time.

      I love the community that’s building here! You guys should make a forum!

      Office fans check this out, it’s hilarious:

      By Mohammad on Nov 18, 2010

    42. Holy crap, this thing came out Monday and we’re already at 39 comments, and they’re all book-length.

      Speaking of books, I started reading Hunger Games after hearing Dan and Rae talking about it on Twitter. I’m almost done the second book and I’ll power through the third over Thanksgiving. I enjoy the world the author set up, but I have some issues with Katniss having Bella-syndrome.

      I’ve said my piece about Glee, and this week was actually pretty awesome, so I reckon I’ll drop that particular torch. I still have issues with the show, and probably always will if it continues to rely on Guest Stars to be quality, but I can’t rail against it every week because that would make me a douche. And half my problems revolve around the fact that I can’t shake the feeling that Ryan Murphy is Satan. Right now I’m just happy that Harry Shum got promoted to series regular (even if that brings the cast to forty thousand and one). Can I just say, though, that Kurt’s speech to Mercedes about the Tots made me want to punch him? How condescending and obnoxious. And what was with Dave’s wink?! But Conjunction Junction made up for the crap. It’s great episodes like this that make the bad stuff more unbearable though.

      I can’t wait to hear Dan’s reaction to the Top Chef Just Desserts winner. (spoiler alert?) Personally, I was glad about the winner, because the runner-up (let’s be serious, it was really between Morgan and Yigit. I really developed an appreciation for Danielle, though) was such an asshole that I couldn’t bring myself to cheer for him regardless of how very talented he obviously was. I didn’t care for all of the Go Diva shit that went down with the cattiness, but that still wasn’t enough for me to get over Morgan being a dick. I’m clearly not bothering to censor myself this comment. Top Chef Masters in just a few weeks, I cannot wait.

      I’m really liking HIMYM this year. Last year I was just about ready to give up on it, but they seem to have gotten so much more comfortable with each other than I got from them last year. And the Big Bang Theory is firing on all cylinders, and I’m very excited that Bernadette and Amy are both regulars next season.

      I really wish Amazing Race ran during the non-football season, because the constant pre-emption means I never know what’s going on. Maybe if I liked football more.

      I’m continuing my one-man crusade to get people to watch Nikita. It doesn’t help that it’s on Thursday nights, I know, but it really is fantastic. In the same vein as Alias used to be, but without Sydney’s melodrama.

      By Mattie B on Nov 18, 2010

    43. Also, I meant to add that I saw a woman with her ipod headphones on in Target the other day and thought “Hey, I wonder if she’s listening to the TV Talk Podcast?”

      By Mattie B on Nov 18, 2010

    44. You’ll be pleased to know amazon delivered all 3 THG books to me today… The TV Talk Podcast, promoting reading!!

      By Laiq on Nov 18, 2010

    45. umm still have a comment apparently waiting for moderation.

      By @TheOneDeej on Nov 19, 2010

    46. FIRSTLY, being Canadian I love the idea of diversifying the t-shirt line into toques and perhaps mittens (a la the Vancouver Olympic mittens that are still so popular here). I would be happy with a t-shirt though. Picture this: I am at the gym, listening with great pleasure to your podcast. At certain points when working on the weight machines, I’m sitting doing my rest periods laughing out loud and smiling at your crazy comments. I think the other gym members may believe I am a bit kooky. So be it. :-)

      SECONDLY, thanks for getting out another podcast so quickly. It was such an awesome treat !!

      THIRDLY, I loved loved loved the whole Glee discussion. I had read Kath’s comments on her site (ahem, Dan); and agree with so many points. The sad thing is, for me anyways, I have come to expect so little of Glee that I appreciate whenever there are great bits; and tend to ignore the inconsistency that has plagued Glee since the second half of last season. Teenage Dream was awesome – I’ve downloaded it on itunes after playing it on my tv too many times to count. The Biest storyline was horrendous – with the kiss just topping it off. The Puck storyline did seem a bit weird, but I did enjoy the Artie/Puck rendition of “One Love” if only that I think they both have great voices that can be underused on the show. Kurt was going through his usual emotional trauma, but the introduction of Blaine at least is going to get things moving in a different direction. When I look back at the episode though, I focus on the Warblers and Darren Criss and Teenage Dream and all is good.

      FOURTHLY – just some appreciation for your recent discussions on Survivor and Dexter. I was so happy to see Marty gone on Surivor; and the Dexter season is shaping up to be another good one – I didn’t even realize Julia Stiles was Lumen until she cleaned up a bit.

      FIFTHLY, and LASTLY – thanks again for all of your efforts in podcasting. I’m one listener who doesn’t comment a ton; but loves the podcast and enjoys giggling and looking like a kook at the gym while doing it. Keep it up (Digby too). :-)

      By Caroline B. on Nov 19, 2010

    47. I hate you both (but equally love you both)

      I started reading “the hunger games” Thursday evening, it’s now Saturday lunchtime and i’ve just finished book 2 – I haven’t done anything except read. I’ve resisited picking up book three right now, but i know that by this evening I will have started it…. I haven’t watched TV at all – these books are like the most addictive thing ever. And after the disappointment of all the hype around twilight when i finally read it i realised it was terrible, these are fabulous. Great books, well written captivating story. I’m totally on board.

      By laiq on Nov 20, 2010

    48. OMG me too! I’m about to finish the first book already! (not as impressive as the poster above, but trust me, for ME it’s HUGE! I usually take months to read a small book).

      It’s so good! To the poster who said Katness was like Bella, TAKE IT BACK!!! So not true, like Grrrr!


      Plz podcast soon and talk about it. I’ll lisaten to the HG section once I finish the trilogy.

      By Mia on Nov 21, 2010

    49. You guys have convinced me that I need to give the Vampire Diaires a try. I am a True Blood fan(you guys never did comment on the season finale for that) and I admit, when I saw the previews for TVD, i thought it was a Twilight rip off. And just in time, The first season set is on sale this Black Friday at Target for 12.99!!!!!! SO i will definitely pick up a copy and try to catch up. One again, thanks for another awesome podcast.

      By Nicole on Nov 21, 2010

    50. Amazing podcast, again.
      I’m loving the extra long Glee discussions of late. There’s so much wrong with that show that it really needs a good half hour to its self. I completely agree with everything you said about the episode. Some moments were so CRINGE!!! From the slow-mo running to the boys singing to the Beast I just can’t handle that level of corny-ness (is that a word?). And I always hate Puck the most in those scenes because it’s so out of character. he’s a bad-ass criminal one minute and the next he’s skipping around the room singing love songs to The Beast??!!!?? I really did hate this episode and you guys made some really interesting points about the inconsistency of the messages in the episode and only when you mentioned it did I really realise just how many storylines there were! The whole episode was a hot mess apart from Teenage Dream, but if I’m honest I sort of hated that too. The United Colours of Benetton dancing in the background was too much for me. They all needed to just tone it down a bit. No one has that much fun listening to accapella music at lunch break. It’s like whenever a member of Glee club sings by themselves and the remainder of the cast watch on and act like they’re on drugs, dancing about like idiots (Britney, Artie and Chang) or singing along (Quin and Santana). It drives me crazy. Now take that and make a whole school do it and I was watching through my fingers I found it so cringe worthy. This show sometimes just can’t do subtlety. We get it! It’s a progressive school with a zero tolerance policy but it did look more like Kurt had died and gone to gay heaven (I really hope when I die that gay heaven isn’t that fucking annoying). I thought that any moment we’d cut to Kurt lying in hospital with Rachel at his side singing Papa Can You Hear me in a shawl by candle light!
      Anyway enough bitching about the shitness of pretty much all of season 2 of Glee. I’ve now watched the next 2 episodes, Substitute Teacher and Furt, and OH MY GOD! I think they are possibly the two best episodes of Glee EVER! No jokes. You guys better do a full half hour on EACH episode because I think they were both amazing. It’s like all of a suddenly Glee remembered what they used to be like at the start of season 1 when they didn’t bash you over the head with Kurt’s gayness. The scene where Kurt told his dad he was gay was amazing. It was a perfect piece of writing acted incredibly by Chris Kolfer and Mike O’Malley and it wasn’t accompanied by the Glee club singing Cat Steven’s Father and Son or some corny bull shit like that. And Glee used to be funny. Not just Britney with the occasional one liner funny but really clever and sharp. When Glee began it was often compared to Alexander Pains satirical black indie comedy Election. The past two episodes reminded me of how I used to laugh out loud several times an episode watching Glee. And Furt although at times walked the line of being shmultzy and cringe it made me cry. Twice! and I don’t cry at anything (Except Stepmom. I’m only human).
      I can’t wait to hear you two discussing it, I’m sure you’ll have much more intelligent and funny things to say than I have. I really hope you enjoyed the episodes as much as I did.
      The purse falling out of Kurt’s mouth was HILARIOUS! And Sue’s mum is a Nazi hunter?! Genius.

      I love this podcast so much and it’s been so great having it so frequently of late. Please keep it up, you’re on a roll!

      ‘which is why I just prefer to think of the homeless as outdoorzy. So shine on urban campers, you smell like adventure!’

      By Oscar on Nov 27, 2010

    51. Hi, Kath and Dan. I really love your discussions about Glee. First of all, allow me to tell you that I’m a dedicated fan. I don’t remember when I’ve ever been so addicted to a TV show, but lately I have been having so much problems with it that it is kind of blowing my mind. It does not make me love it less, but I was so exasperated and frustrated with what happened last week.

      I loved your discussions about the Never Been Kissed episode, I agree a lot with what Kath said, she went over a lot of the same issues that I had been having with this show. I didn’t have much problems with The Substitute episode, I thought Gwyneth did a good job with it and her character was fun. It actually gave some plot to Mr. Schue and god knows that man needed something, a lifeline, something to save him from being drowned.

      Now, the latest episode of Glee, called FURT, conflicted me in so many ways and tore me into so many directions that now I feel as if I am coming down with bipolar symptoms.

      I really want to hear what you guys have to say about this episode. Here’s my take on the parts that infuriated me the most and also the parts I loved the most. Actually they are the some parts. (See what I told you about my bipolar symptoms?)

      First, My favorite character is Finn and I HATED what they did with his character in the FURT episode. The writers made him regress to the dumbass doofus who only cared about his reputation and popularity and who still had his issues with Kurt. I thought he went through it last season and had become a better person and had been developed. I was going like “Hey, Writers! REMEMBER the Red Shower Curtain Dress that you made him wear last season as his apology and his declaration that he would be a MAN from now on??” It seemed as if they had forgotten such an episode existed.

      Second, the reason why I was so exasperated was I knew why they were doing it. It was because FINN was also being used as an appendage to further KURT’s story arc. If I had any suspicion that this was turning into the Kurt Hummel Show, well let me tell you that this episode dispelled me of any of it. Finn making the same mistakes over and over and being busted by Burt about it is getting really repetitive. Couldn’t the writers have told the story of the Hummel-Hudson family union without rehashing the same storylines and without rebooting and retconning Finn’s character?

      And I’m complaining about this even though Kurt is my second favorite character after Finn. Let me say that I have no issues with the Bully Storyline, I absolutely agree that it’s an important issue that needs to be dealt with and I applaud the writers for going that way.

      BUT for godssakes PLEASE, the whole episode did not have to be about Kurt. The whole Hummel-Hudson wedding vows? Hello? When Finn’s mom talked more glowingly about Kurt than her own biological son, that’s when I lost it.

      And let’s talk about the Best Man Speech by Finn. Toasting about how absolutely wonderful your stepbrother is at your Mom’s wedding…I can’t even.

      I was feeling so frustrated with this show because I felt that the writer’s sense of balance was badly out of kilter and plot contrivances and character manipulation in favor of Kurt’s character was taking over the entire episode.

      But then something happened. Here’s the punchline.

      As soon as the beat for the Bruno Mars song started, and as soon as Finn started singing so sweetly and charmingly and so earnestly, “If perfect’s what you’re searching for then just stay the same, Girl, you’re amazing, just the way you are.” I felt a tear running down my cheek.

      And when Finn pulled Kurt out and started dancing with him with the gleeclub kids around them…I lost it again. I literally sobbed. That moment was so beautiful, so pure, so cathartic in a good sense that all the issues and feelings of frustration that I had at the beginning were…forgotten.

      It’s been 5 days since the episode aired and I’ve been watching the Just The Way You Are scene at least once everyday, and tearing up everytime.

      What is happening to me? How can a show have such inconsistencies, make you feel so frustrated and angry one minute and then lift you up with pure joy the next?

      I think the amazingly talented actors must have something to do with it. While I have my issues with how the WRITERS are writing Kurt, Chris Colfer’s face breaks my heart every time. And Cory Monteith must be the most underrated actor in that cast. He really hit one out of the ballpark this episode. What they did with that scene really touched me.

      I feel so conflicted with this show. How do you guys feel?

      By Gillian on Nov 27, 2010

    52. So you guys need to podcast right now! I need your thoughts on THG which I just finished. I have to say MockingJay was a huge disappointment. The first 2 books I LOOOOOVED though!

      By Mia on Nov 27, 2010

    53. I looked up the book series you guys mentioned on this podcast and I have to say The Hunger Games is totally amazing and I thank you guys for mentioning it. I might have never read it other wise. Can’t wait for the podcast where you talk about the books :)

      By Selina on Nov 27, 2010

    54. Mia, you’re fucking crazy

      - love Ducky

      By Ducky on Nov 29, 2010

    55. Mia,

      I have to agree with Ducky, you’re crazy! MockingJay was great, as good as The Hunger Games! I can’t wait til you guys talk about these books. I loved these books and I never would have even looked at them if not for you guys! I thought the were another Twilight, which I tried to read but are terrible!

      By Denise on Nov 29, 2010

    56. Whaaaa? That surprises me, but i’ll leave my arguments for the podcast in which you didcuss THG.

      By Mia on Nov 30, 2010

    57. Hey Ducky, did you see this?

      By Juul on Nov 30, 2010

    58. Mia, we’re both crazy together because I thought MJ was a let down, and by far the worst of the three. THG was my favorite. I haven’t reread them all yet, and it’s been awhile since I read the first two ( I read as they came out), so maybe my opinion will change! When does BookTalk Podcast with GMMR & Ducky start?

      By Dawn on Dec 4, 2010

    59. I have so many reasons why MJ was a letdown and I can’t wait to talk about them. THG was also my favorite and I loved CF as well.

      Now, same question! When are you guys podcasting?!? I want to talk Hunger Games, okay? I check every day here for a new podcast and am continually disappointed. Did Kath fall on ice and break her back again? GET TOGETHER AND TAKE YOUR PODCAST EQUIPMENT WITH YOU!

      Much love.

      By Mia on Dec 4, 2010

    60. We podcasted today but not about the Hunger Games. We’ll get to it before Xmas though.

      By Kath on Dec 4, 2010

    61. That’s cool, i’m just happy to hear from you. Thanks for the update.

      By Mia on Dec 5, 2010

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