TV Talk Podcast: 12/4/10

December 6, 2010 – 5:31 am

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We’re back and this time managed to talk for less than 3 hours! You’re welcome world. We told you last time that we wouldn’t get a podcast in before Thanksgiving. Aren’t you glad we didn’t lie? Check out the latest TV Talk Podcast…


  • Stereotypes, Racists, 90s coulda-been stars, oh my!
  • Kath reveals a shocking TV secret.
  • No shocker to listeners of this podcast, someone’s a pillow biter.
  • Yet another round of TV Talk Sing-a-long.
  • Ducky goes off on Wet Noodles and the Machine.
  • We have a discussion that reveals that we may or may not know what the Patriot Act is.
  • Digby makes a special appearance and someone please give her some cheese to go along with that whine.
  • We have a number of Fiona Faraday moments this week.
  • As the podcast goes on, its apparent that Ducky hasn’t watched TV in weeks. What a shit-show…
  • Who knew there was a famous Welsh poet on The Amazing Race?
  • And I quote: “You saw the one with the guy with the wang?”
  • Find out who we think is the most horrible of Housewives.
  • We discuss adaptation deal-breakers.
  • We talk about our favorite Holiday specials, movies and more.
  • Shows covered this week: How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, House, Gossip Girl, The A-List New York, Life Unexpected, Glee, Raising Hope, The Good Wife, Survivor (kinda), Top Chef: Just Desserts, Top Chef All-Stars, Modern Family, Cougar Town, The Office, The Vampire Diaries (not really), Fringe, Supernatural, The Amazing Race, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The Walking Dead, Dexter

    *Recorded: 12/4/10

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    1. 35 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 12/4/10”

    2. Ducky, you seem to have uploaded the previous podcast again instead of the new one! Please fix it fast!

      By Mia on Dec 6, 2010

    3. Hey Mia, it’s not… we just started by saying “Happy Thanksgiving” which then runs into every holiday possible before Xmas. It’s the current one. Just listened to both the one streaming here and the one on iTunes.

      By Ducky on Dec 6, 2010

    4. Oh okay. I got confused because the title had the date from the previous podcast – 11/14/10, so the name was the same, so when I saved it, it asked if I wanted to replace the previous podcast for this one. So I checked the file size too and they’re both 80,5 GB, so I thought it was the same file. Sorry, I should have listened to check and make sure instead of giving you the trouble. LOL

      By Mia on Dec 6, 2010

    5. Oh, I meant 80,5 MB. LOL 80,5 GB, now THAT would be a long podcast! ;p

      By Mia on Dec 6, 2010

    6. Huh, it shouldn’t have the same name or any of that information. Now I’m confused.

      By Ducky on Dec 6, 2010

    7. Actually (Office ref), Kirkman only wrote episode 4.

      By Jason on Dec 6, 2010

    8. So, I blame you guys for my new purchase of the Glee Christmas album on iTunes – I had no idea if it was available here in the UK, but it is –and now I own it.

      And 9 minutes in – I completely forgot that you guys were supposed to be talking TV. I really could just listen to you guys chatting.

      HIMYM – Hurley fit really really well in the cast, and I barely noticed he wasn’t there normally.

      Chuck – Timothy Dalton is a superb casting, and it makes me proud to be a Brit!! (English actors FTW) – there was so brilliant comedy moments, supplied by Morgan and Casey.

      LUX – *yawn* gonna keep watching, but really don’t care that it’s going.

      Glee – I’m a Gwyneth fan, and have been for years, and the Glee episode just made me love her more. The episode made sense, there wasn’t too much Kurt (sorry Kurt fans) – it balanced really well. !! Gwenyth’s version of Cee Lo was great, and helped me fall in love with the song – like Dan I’m always late to these things! (And since Gwenyth had a yellow umbrella at the end of the singing in the rain, I have decided she is the Mother – barely any of my friends got that joke).
      “Furt” Episode – the wedding speech, was weird and the focus seemed skewed. – I was briefly amused by the “shipper names” but got annoyed – if the writers hadn’t been making a shout-out to the fan’s, the writers to me missed a great possible moment – Furt or would KINN (as in Kinship…) have been better as a sentiment to what Finn was trying to say, and having worked that out in 2 sec’s it just pissed me off that the writers didn’t see it.
      Sectionals – I was always rolling my eyes at them starting at the back of the auditorium. And “I’ve had the time of my life” was missing THE LIFT. Seriously, you have Brittany and Mike Chang, and they didn’t do the list. Heather Morris rocked the dancing! And the results were a total cop out. And the lack of build up to it did annoy me.

      Aww, Digby makes yet another appearance <3

      Psych – really enjoyed the twin peaks episode. The guest stars were redonkulous.

      You need to make the t-shirts. I wont probably get one in time for Christmas due to the fact I need to buy presents for my kids and the more obvious one of international shipping!

      Anyway have a great Christmas guys, when my hosue is decorated I will post it – but my daughters birthday is on the 9th, and so our house will be a Christmas free zone until after her party on the 11th – so that she doesn’t feel over shadowed!

      Shorter comments from me this time around, but will be popping back regularly to keep replying to other comments!

      By Laiq on Dec 6, 2010

    9. Hello!
      The file for download is the same one uploaded for the previous podcast. Please, upload the new one for download!
      Love your work,

      By Marthy on Dec 6, 2010

    10. Did you talk about the Hunger Games?? I’ve started reading the books just because you said you were going to talk about it. I read the first book and I’m thinking of buying the other two because I can’t wait for the library to have a copy for me.

      Oh and I’m excited for the TV part of the podcast too. ;-)

      By Melissa on Dec 6, 2010

    11. I totally know who Mitch Gaylord is and saw American Anthem in the movie theater. More than once.

      By Patty on Dec 6, 2010

    12. My comments are totally random because that’s what I got out this podcast!

      Nancy Travis and How I married an Axe Murderer! Head! Down! My freaking favorite part of that movie! His heed is as big as a planetoid!

      Oh, and Dan, we have one of those Gaylord hotels out by DFW airport and I hear they have some kid of snow cave, if Peppermint Patty is there, I want to go. Otherwise? TOO MANY CHILDREN!

      I to was swept into the Hunger Games this past week. I finished the first two books last week and just started Mockingjay. I have heard mixed reviews and it seems the people who were disappointed were those who had to wait for it. I am hoping I will love it as much as I did the first two!

      Also, I love the cheesy movies on lifetime! I can’t wait for this new one with Alysa Milano! Please tell me why I watched that Jamie Gertz one last night? They are all so bad!

      I am not decorating this year because of the new cat. She may be 4 but she seems to be into everything. So, maybe next year.

      By Patty on Dec 6, 2010

    13. TAR – pulling for the doctors to win. Loved when they were mocking Chad after he taunted them about their “PhDs” when they’re really MDs. I like the HSN hosts too, but still think Thomas is an ass.

      LUX – How many eps are left? Maybe I’ll start watching again. I do want to know how it turns out, I just can’t bring myself to watch every week.

      Modern Family – LOVE and I finally finished watching the first season on DVD. So funny, where was I last year? They def. deserved the Emmy even though the Gleeks have to learn songs plus lines.

      Psych’s Dual Spires was weird for me because I’ve never seen Twin Peaks. I know I was missing loads of stuff, but I thought the mystery was still pretty good. Gus’s sympathetic crier face was the best part of the episode for me.

      Glee – I hate Gwenyth Paltrow, so I did not like the episode she was in. I thought her character was really weird, but I must admit that I like the Cee-Lo song she did. She did help move the plot along, and maybe got Will to reflect a little bit on Glee and Terri, so that was good. I hated the song she did with Rachel, both song and performance. I liked Umbrella/Singin’ in the Rain, but girl cannot dance. I hope she doesn’t come back. Ever. But I hope the little gleeks come back. So cute!

      I thought Furt was also pretty bad. I thought the dancing down the aisle was cute and liked the performance, but I didn’t know the song and did not really care for it. I couldn’t get past the idea that Carole and Burt decided to have the Gleeks be bridesmaids and groomsmen. That was so ridiculous. They could have performed at the wedding without the kids all standing up. I also thought it was interesting that wedding planner Kurt had the ceremony in a church after the “I’m an athiest” episode. I actually didn’t mind that Finn didn’t mention his mom in the speech because she only mentioned him to say that she loved him most being a brother to Kurt. She made her vows about Kurt, so why shouldn’t he make the sppech about him too? I actually thought that it was all going to be imagined in Kurt’s head, like his idea of the perfect wedding since it was completely over the top. I thought that the scene at the school with Burt and Kurt was good, but I thought that Burt yelling at Finn was some sort of psychological projection. He was upset Kurt hadn’t told him earlier, and was yelling at Finn, “Where were you?” when he was also upset that he hadn’t been there for Kurt himself.

      Sectionals was very underwhelming. I love “Dog Days are Over” and I thought that was going to be one of the sectional songs, so when they busted out the other two songs I was disappointed. Mike & Brittany were great and I think they caused the tie. Vocally, the Warblers were much better. ND were pretty bad: not enough excitement and exuberence as last year, but not polished and precise like Vocal Adrenaline. The tie ending was stupid and completely predictable. They should have had the two groups in separate sectional divisions so they could have both won and faced off against each other and VA at regionals. Of course they would have had to introduce Blaine in a different way, and I suspect Kurt will be back at McKinley before regionals…so maybe not. Loved Kurt and Rachel bonding! Also, Ducky, Rachel wouldn’t try to kill the understudy on Broadway, she’d be the understudy and kill the star! Also I love Darren Criss.

      Christmas movies: I love Elf and Love Actually, but don’t watch any of those other Christmas specials. I also bust out Xmas episodes of TV shows I have on DVD. I love Psych’s Christmas Joy, Ugly Betty’s Fake Plastic Snow, and Friends episodes. And I’m watching the Harry Potters on abcFam even though I own them all. It’s always the season for Harry Potter! Not too excited for Xmas this year because I won’t be flying to Chicago (first year ever). You’d think I would be more into decorations because I’ll actually be home this year, but not so much. I’m making Xmas cookies though, that’s my favorite part of the holidays!

      Looking forward to PLL and White Collar coming back in January, Are there any good midseason replacements coming up?

      By Dawn on Dec 6, 2010

    14. DarrenCrissColfer is awesome! I love their version of: Baby, It’s Cold Outside. I need more of these two on Glee.
      Giggly in church and I am so like that!
      Ducky I loved your random comment: It makes sense to bring a dead person to a dead person’s funeral. What other kind of funeral would there be?
      Ok this is the best thing to listen to when I’m cleaning.

      HIMYM – Jorge just seemed like a member of the group that just randomly shows up. Even with the slight call outs to Lost, he just fit in for me. I hope they find a way to have him make another random appearance. Zoe was ok, again she really hasn’t done anything for me as a character. I also think that because the whole group dynamic was so in synch she just felt like a good member of the group.

      Ok I love how it ping pongs from talking about the awesome Timothy Dalton on Chuck to “Oh My God, Have you seen Harry Potter?” I burst out laughing because it seemed like such a great segue from the slightly similar name to Voldemort.
      I vote yes to an HP podcast because that would be a jokes thing to listen to.

      Digby break! Love it!

      Ok I am stealing the phrase: Phenomenally Arrogant.

      Glee –
      Gwenyth Episode was a great episode. It had everything that I love about Glee. It was fun, there were some great songs and the storyline did have a nice follow through. I agree that the Chicago number was good on the singing, but the whole execution of the number was lacking. It was the only number from the whole episode that was forgettable to me. ‘Fuck You’ – by the far the best number from the episode and it sort of set up the whole thing for me.
      Furt: It had its moments of fun, but there were still a lot wrong with it. Oh my god I forgot that they had done the Finn not standing up for Kurt storyline – I think my reason for that is I sort of had a brain shut down about the Gaga episode and Funk after the character assassination of Jesse. I think that Finn had a nice speech; although I kind of wish that he sang the song to his mom, because it would have fit nicely for her, being that she raised him by herself.
      I think that Cory has grown the most as an actor and when he has his moments he really shines. In that scene with Rachel I felt so sympathetic towards how painful it must be for him because you can just see the anger and pain in the way that he held and delivered the lines.
      Rachel is the one character that has been the same from the beginning. I never saw her as this nice girl, willing to help. From her first scene – where she got the teacher suspended because he gave away her solo – I knew that part of who she is, is selfish and manipulative. And for her to want to cheat and hurt Finn is staying in character. Although I hate that next week it will be forgotten and they will be back together (I assume). I feel like the show waffles on serious situations. If they get back together and Finn forgives her for what she did I feel like the show is almost condoning or at least claiming that cheating isn’t that bad if you did it for revenge. I feel like they take a hard stance on bullying but are sending out this message to people that relationships are just whatever and that if you love someone you can forgive them for everything – yet this didn’t happen with Quinn and Finn and I’m sure that Finn was in love with her during season 1.

      You guys gave me a great podcast to listen to while i cleaned. I hope we get at least one more after all the christmas episodes have aired!
      You two rock.

      By Tanja on Dec 6, 2010

    15. ok so I didn’t write about my Christmas movies/specials that i need to watch every year:

      Love, Actually – I watch it at least once during the season, just perfect.
      The Grinch – animated and live action because I can’t resist dr. Seuss.

      The Muppets Christmas Carol – This is the only time that A Christmas Carol is made better, when the Muppets do it. I mean it is my childhood and all things Muppet that I love combined with Christmas joy.

      I also religiously watch Nightmare Before Christmas on the 23rd every year. This is one of my favourite movies in general and will watch it during the year but at Christmas, Tim Burton just brightens that day.

      By Tanja on Dec 6, 2010

    16. Hey guys, sorta newish listener here.

      Firstly, I’m getting the same problem Mia mentioned with the mp3 download, it’s the podcast from a couple of weeks back.

      Secondly, I don’t even watch half the shows you guys talk about, but I love it anyway. I justify this as my podcast version of The Soup. That’s a compliment, trust me :p

      By Brady on Dec 7, 2010

    17. Son of a whore! I figured it out. Damnit. Sorry Mia and Brady. There was one place that the link was not updating.

      All set.

      By admin on Dec 8, 2010

    18. GLEE

      Random, Quirky, Odd, Crazy = GOOD GLEE

      Drama, After School Special, Mr Shu, Forced emotions, rushed storyline = CRAP GLEE

      Enuff said me thinks :P

      Word of the day: Nerdgasm

      Big BSG fans (thanks to you two). Starting watching Chuck. Sarah comes in with a t-shirt that says “Frack Off”. I just had a nerdgasm.

      Yes we would keep listening even if you never talked about tv shows.
      Well the people who listen to everything you say even if we don’t watch the shows. The rest of them might not have the same dedication (I think these people exist)

      LOVE your Julia Stiles movie references – do you ever wonder how long you can have a conversation just using movie titles, song titles etc
      Maybe I’m just that weird??

      Kath you need to send me a facebook message cos I’m too poor to buy the comics these days. Don’t worry I’ll remind you on facebook too ;)
      Also they have re-released the books with very twilightesqe covers – maybe its just over this side of the world but have you guys seen them??
      As much as I love the push of BTVS cos im an eternal whedonverse fan and worship buffy into the ground I am praying that they don’t turn it into something really really crap. Yes whoever is making the “movie” better wise up.
      I’m not happy at all to read that – specially if no joss and no tv cast is involved.
      It’s been done to bits. The original movie sucked. The tv show was the best thing ever. You can’t beat it – the comics are continuing the story and are done by the right people so they are still awesome.
      Make another movie you are just asking for trouble. Risk ruining everything that the show did.
      The books are ok as a side thing, some are good some not but do not – DO NOT!!! Try and reinvent it.

      By nikki nz on Dec 8, 2010

    19. and you are so welcome for the Steven R McQueen pictures on facebook :D

      By nikki nz on Dec 8, 2010

    20. Hey Guys,

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE your podcast, it is totes the highlight of my day when you post a new one. I can definitely handle a podcast a week (I know some people were falling behind) so keep them coming and I will keep listening.

      I didn’t take notes throughout the podcast so I’ll just make a few short comments.

      *Glee Sectionals toatlly lacked build up and was disappointing. I thought the exact same thing about them having Quinn/Sam enter from the back of the auditorium. Eye Roll moment. Faithfully/Journey medley just blew this year’s number out of the water.

      *Intrigued to see where the Kurt and the Warblers storyline goes and if they will go for it with Kurt/Blaine. Had to get out my cheese and cracker plate for Finn’s wedding speech, not a fan of that one.

      *Enjoyed your character discussion about Racheal Berry. Intriguing, she does come from a damaged place, but you wonder where the complete lack of social skills comes from.

      *Love that you guys brought up “So I Married an Axe Murder,” fabulous!!!!! I always am suprised when I hear that anyone else ever watched that movie. “Heeead, Pants, Now!” “It’s like an orange on a toothpick.”

      *My fiancee hates that Harry Potter movies are on all weekend during December. I on the other hand love it, even though I own them all on DVD or Blu Ray. Mugglecast and your podcast consistently duke it out for my favorite podcast.

      *My TV on DVD/Blu Ray Christmas list: My So Called Life, complete series. Daria the complete series (though the lack of music will defintiely be felt). Modern Family Season 1. Wow, my choices make seem like an angsty teen stuck in the mid-ninties wearing a velvet baby doll dress and doc marten combat boots. I swear I’m not. I’m actually at my corporate job, on my way to a big meeting.

      Thanks for the fab podcast guys, would love to have one more before Christmas. You guys could review all the Christmas episodes. :)

      Happy Holidays!

      By Megan on Dec 8, 2010

    21. Another fabulous podcast! And seriously, you guys could just record your regular everyday, non-TV-related conversations, and I’d still listen. You’re hilarious! Again, I listened on the bus and grinned/giggled like a moron. How are those tees (or TOQUES, aka Winter Hats, for you Dan) coming along??? Um, or how about pins? Are pins still cool? Because I had a collection on my rainbow curtains as a kid, and I fondly remember an awesome Boy George one…

      Loved the glowing review of Raising Hope, that show really is absolutely fantastic. I’m madly in love with both Garret Dillahunt and Martha Plimpton, they are perfect in theier roles. In fact, everyone’s perfect in their roles, including that adorable baby Hope!

      Glee – where the hell did Sectionals pop up from? Honestly, like you said, last year it was a build up to it, and this year it was just like, “oh wait, it’s Sectionals again?” Not sure how I feel about the tie. I think it’s sort of a cop-out, but I guess it keeps Kurt at his special school, and we get to see the Warblers again. Yay!

      I enjoyed the Gwyneth episode, but didn’t entirely love it. I think I’ll have to rewatch this half of the season again, because I don’t think I’ve loved a lot of episodes. Except the Christmas one, which you haven’t podcasted about yet. It was AMAZING!

      I love that you are so Christmas Joe, Dan, that makes me laugh, and I can totally see it! Do you rent your services for faerie decorating, and can you come to Canada? Who am I kidding, I’m Josephine Christmas!! Ok, doesn’t have the same ring…

      I’m a non-dog-hater, and I LOVE the Digby appearances. I think she’s just annoyed you guys aren’t paying attention to her, and are podcasting instead of telling her how adorable she is. Aww, Digs.

      This is the first season of Amazing Race I’ve watched from the start, and I’m so happy that two of the finalists are female teams. I still love the doctors, I think they’re smart and they’ve played well, and I do ultimately want them to win.

      I, too, love Christmas shows! For classics, I enjoy the cartoon Grinch, The Christmas Story (seriously, us Canadian kids KNEW never to put our tongues on flagpoles!), and I swear on BETA somewhere we have a Mary-Kate & Ashley Olson Christmas vid I’ve seen many a times. For new stuff, I LOVE Elf … and that’s about it. I have a few TV series Christmas specials I like (Bones, Roswell, etc.) to rewatch every year.

      Kind of happy you haven’t podcasted about The Hunger Games yet, because I’ve only read the first book! I loved it, and am just diving into the second. But I have 2 and 3 at my disposal, so I’ll have them read sooner than later. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on them!

      By Kimber on Dec 8, 2010

    22. I don’t remember my source for this, but sadly, guys, I think Kim really is 32. First season I remember being aghast at the news that she was 29 (!!!) but couldn’t find anything to contradict it and seem to remember finding actual evidence of it. It’s still shocking.

      By Christie on Dec 9, 2010

    23. Oh my GOD. I totally feel you with the Christmas Shoes song. When I worked retail and as a barista, and that song would come on and I couldn’t leave it was awful. WHY DOES THIS KID CARE ABOUT SHOES? His mom is dying. BLARGH. Its supposed to be so sappy and sweet and it just annoys the shit out of me.
      I’m dying inside about that one. Great podcast as always! My husband also commented when I was listening to your podcast, “Man, that guy thinks a lot of things are genius, doesn’t he?”
      There you go, Ducky!

      By Sonja on Dec 10, 2010

    24. GENIUS!!!!!

      By Ducky on Dec 10, 2010


      By Abafita on Dec 11, 2010

    26. So I mentioned that this past week’s LIFE UNEXPECTED might break my heart…yeah, um, tears streaming down my face. Kris Polaha is the BEST thing about this show. So glad that he got a development deal at CBS. Hopefully they will give him a good project and now throw him on CSI and NCIS or something like that where he will be wasted.

      By kath on Dec 12, 2010

    27. OMG Community was so funny, sweet and creative!

      You guys need to do a podcast before Christmas to discuss all the Christmas specials: Glee, The Office (a Jim Halbert Comic Book!!) etc.

      AND PLEASE DON’T FORGET THE HUNGER GAMES, i’m hungry for your words about it.

      By Mia on Dec 13, 2010

    28. I´ll start by saying that even if you´d rambled on for hours about anything but tv, I´d still listen to you guys! It feels like I´m hanging out with you, so much fun! You make my day, or days because it usually takes me like 3 days to finish the podcast. I´ve thought of commenting before, but by the time i finish, it´s already old what i have to say.
      Also, I´m from Argentina, and being English my second language I´m a little insecure about commenting, hope you forgive me for many many mistakes. Oh and by the way I asked my English teacher and I can assure you: firstly, is totally a word!!!

      I love how much Kath and I think alike, and I feel the same way she does about Chuck, I love the show, the characters, Everything, but sometimes they miss the note, and i too feel bad saying it, like a traitor or something. Dalton is the best guest star EVER, still want Karina to be back though.
      I don´t usually like Glee a lot, I have the same issues Kath does, but the Gwyneth Paltrow episode was amazing!!!
      The good wife is sooo good! I don´t know how, but they surprise me every ep., even if they don´t blow my mind.
      As far as comedys go, and Thursday, last year my favorite was by far Community, this year, Cougar town´s definitely the best, But Community is still good, most times, as is Modern Family and The office. Also, I agree with Dan, Raising hope is always good! You´re right about HIMYM too, When it´s good, it´s sooo Good, when it´s bad, meh…

      And, Yes Dan!! Dexter is having THE SEASON!!! Julia Stiles is Amazing, I had no idea! But I don´t think she will be killed, that´s kind of what happened with Rita, maybe if she Killed herself to save Dexter from being caught or something…. Your theory Dan is very good, Just hope it´s wrong, It would kill me too.

      I love you guys, thanks for taking the time to record this podcast

      By Soledad on Dec 14, 2010

    29. Hi,
      I’m a long time follower of GMMR and just got into these podcasts this summer. They’re great!

      So, I was listening to this episode at my desk at QVC typing Bethlehem Lights item numbers into a spreadsheet, when you guys started talking about QVC and Bethlehem Lights! It felt more meta than an episode of Community. Alas, Donald Glover did not walk past my desk.

      Have either of you ever watched any British television like Being Human or Misfits?

      By Christina on Dec 14, 2010

    30. THE WALKING DEAD. Are one of the comic readers that takes issue with the show for deviating from the comic?

      By Jason on Dec 15, 2010

    31. Jason – Can you try that one again. I’m not sure what you were trying to say. Are you asking a question about TWD or letting us know that you are not ok with deviating from the comic?

      By admin on Dec 16, 2010

    32. Another fun show.

      Am 3/4 of the way through the Hunger Games trilogy and can’t wait for your podcast on it.

      Regarding the film, what do you guys think of the idea of Chord Overstreet as Peeta? He might be a little too old for the role, but I think he has the perfect look for the character.

      By shanemd on Dec 17, 2010

    33. Oooooh, ShaneMD Chord might be perfect as Peeta… I like that bit of “fantasy casting”

      By Laiq on Dec 19, 2010

    34. Just finished Mockingjay. STUNNING. Thanks for bring it into my life.

      By luke on Dec 19, 2010

    35. I meant to comment weeks ago. Your podcast and the traffic report are the only things that get me to turn off the Christmas music in December. Although I will say your take on Christmas Shoes has finally made that song bearable. “How to manipulate adults.” Have you ever thought about how many Christmas songs just sound bad if you actually look at the lyrics? “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is about Date Rape, “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” is about mommy being a whore. When did I become so jaded? But give me Fairytale of New York or Christmas Eve in Sarajevo and I am a happy, happy man.

      There’s a Gaylord Hotel here in DC, and they have this big ICE! exhibition. Last year I called the Facebook event Gay Ice. It was quite the hit.

      I’m done Hunger Games, and I’m interested to hear your takes on it. I think the books were good, although I wish I got a bit more of the world she set up and a little less of Katniss’ angst.

      I know we’re not supposed to spoil Friday Night Lights, so I will just say this season is as good as any, and Connie Britton does more to earn an Emmy with one look than the entire cast of all of the Law and Orders combined.

      Oh, the Buffy comic. Big thing happened, but otherwise I have no clue what the hell is going on with that story.

      Is anyone else watching Smallville? The comic geek in me is loving this season.

      I don’t even remember what else the Podcast was about. Anyway, Happy Christmas Dan and Kath, thanks for making such an enjoyable podcast! Do you have any TV New Years Resolutions? (part of me feels like this was brought up last time. After watching the eclipse last night it’s a miracle I’m even conscious). Mine is to finally finish Supernatural and then embark on West Wing. With perhaps a stopover in Pretty Little Liars if I don’t forget it’s on.

      Oh, also, what’d you ask Santa for? I got season 3 of both FNL and Mad Men and season 2 of Dollhouse so far, and I couldn’t stop gushing like a crazy person. I’m gunning for “American Gladiators” on DVD (cause why not) and the fourth season of FNL so I can complete my collection. Was this asked to? The holiday cookies I think have ruined my brain.

      By Mattie B on Dec 21, 2010

    36. Please someone just tell me what big thing happened in the freaking Buffy Comic Book?

      By Mia on Dec 21, 2010

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