TV Talk Podcast: 12/24/10

December 24, 2010 – 7:01 am

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It’s our last podcast of 2010 and we cannot thank you enough for listening. Kath and I had a nice lunch, exchanged presents, celebrated Digby’s birthday and podcasted our asses off for you. Happy Holidays everyone! Your all of your TV wishes come true.


  • Ducky & GMMR wish all of our listeners Happy Holidays
  • It’s podcasting present time!
  • We have our biggest disagreement in podcasting history.
  • “I hate you, we’re talking about Glee Christmas now!”
  • Which episode became a Ducky Instant Holiday Classic?
  • Awesomeness, random religion and The Good Wife.
  • Who’s our favorite All-Star to take the Top Chef crown?
  • Kath forgets that Survivor and Supernatural are NOT the same show.
  • “News Alert, he’s fine and he’s looking better every day!”
  • Lots of finales to discuss (Surviror, Dexter, The Sing Off)
  • Catfights, dinner parties, mediums, oh my!
  • Podcast listener appreciation, presents and genuine kick-assery.
  • We received the best mp3 in the history of the podcast that it left us speechless and have we it in the podcast for your listening pleasure!
  • TV Talk Podcast Merch pimpin’
  • Best Listener Alert: If you were wondering how awesome our listeners are, fest your eyes on this awesomeness sent to us by listener Tiffany! Ducky looks rather dashing, no? OMFG this is hilarious!

    Merch Alert: Don’t forget that the best way to support our little podcast is to purchase some of our cramazing merch!

    Shows covered in this episode: The Sing Off, Glee, Raising Hope, The Good Wife, Top Chef All-Stars, Modern Family, The Middle, Survivor, The Office, Community, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Fringe, Dexter, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Sherlock, Being Human, Doctor Who and more.

    *Recorded: 12/24/10

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    1. 34 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 12/24/10”

    2. Please make it all the way through this episode because there is a HUGE awesome present that Kath and I received toward the end of the podcast.

      Have a great holiday everyone. You’re all amazing for listening to our little podcast.

      By Ducky on Dec 24, 2010

    3. I won’t have a chance to listen today, so I just want to wish you both a cramazing Holiday! Thank you so much for all the laughs, insight and culture (You made me read a book!) you’ve provided me. Love you guys <3

      By Mia on Dec 24, 2010

    4. Thank you thank you thank you! The new podcast got me through this crappy morning at work. And making cookies for dad. Comments to come later! Merry Christmas and all the crap!

      By Patty on Dec 24, 2010

    5. Hey guys! A new TV Talk Podcast is the BEST present of all this Christmas! I usually wait for the gym but I couldn’t stop myself from listening to the first bit and I have to comment on your discussion of the Sing Off.

      Sing-Off: I loved the show. I had never heard of it and I didn’t watch last season. But this season On The Rocks was performing, and I’ve seen them live at University of Oregon (my friend goes there) so I wanted to support them. But after week one I was rooting for Committed. I just loved their version of This Love. It’s the only song I bought from the show. I really wanted Committed to win, but I really loved all the top four and I agreed with the judges that those four should have been in the finale. I can’t believe Dan didn’t watch it! I agree Kath, he can’t judge it based on two episodes. I thought the judges were too praising at first but by the end I really loved their quirkiness. I do agree though that the finale was a bit unwatchable. It was way too produced (actually the whole show was) and the performances with the professional singers didn’t allow the groups to shine, they were just back up. I liked that in the second half they let the groups sing a song of their choice. Overall I thought the show was really fun and unique, and I like Dan’s idea to make it entirely collegiate, but I thought the variety in the groups was one of the reasons the show was so fun.

      Can’t wait to listen to the rest!

      By Kristen on Dec 24, 2010

    6. What a nice surprise.

      Thanks guys and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to everyone.

      By shanemd on Dec 24, 2010

    7. Kristen, SHUT IT! (LOL) I watched enough to know it was unwatchable and that unless they get a new format, new judges and a new frakkin’ host, I will not be back for Sing-Off Season 3.

      Now enjoy your holidays.

      By Ducky on Dec 24, 2010

    8. Dan, I am with you. I watched (on DVR so I could FF through most of it) but the finale was UNWATCHABLE! I waited until GMMR posted the results to find out who won so I didn’t have to watch that stupid Nichole shfdjsbgfjksgfsdkgfkal or Ben Folds sing anymore.

      By Patty on Dec 25, 2010

    9. Supernatural: Kath got me thinking about how far back the boys started screwing with the order of things. Faith (1.12!) and Dean realized in that episode that if a reaper can’t take the one he is supposed to someone else takes their place! He should know better. Not that he cares. But I think you are right, Dean will have to kill Sam to set things right. He’ll just have to kill him for another reason than what he thought.

      Top Chef: I would like to thank you guys for setting off my dream this morning of Tom Coliccio making me breakfast and him tell me he loved my shoe collection.

      Merry Christmaka!

      By Patty on Dec 25, 2010

    10. I got my Hunger Games Trilogy for Christmas and I can’t wait to get through all three books for your Hunger Games podcast!

      Glee Christmas: The whole episode for me was a just a big ball of of happy for me! I loved it from the singing and the Sue the Grinch and Artie walking and the breakup of Finn/Rachel was amazing!
      I too was on edge about the whole keeping Brittany’s Santa fantasy alive. Although childish it was sweet how the whole club came together to make sure that Christmas isn’t/wasn’t ruined for her.
      Yeah the Darren Chriss Colfer was lacking, but their little scene was completely sweet.

      Modern Family: I didn’t even notice that didn’t have a christmas episode. Wow I feel like a bad MF fan :/

      The Office: My Christmas is not complete without their Christmas episode and I have to say I loved Dwight being the one to own Jim in his own little game.

      Community: Hands down the best Christmas episode of them all. The stop-motion, finding the meaning of Christmas and it just had the whole joyful holiday experience without getting all schmaltzy and sticking to its wit and pop culture references.

      I must let you know that I powered through all of The Vampire Diaries that have aired. And I can’t say how much I love the show… I really love Stefan, Damon and Caroline (now that she’s a vamp). I can’t wait for the show to come back in January!

      By Tanja on Dec 25, 2010


      By Mia on Dec 25, 2010

    12. I was so excited to see a Christmas podcast.

      Glee: I always have something to bitch about, but I 100% loved the Christmas episode. Best all season for me. Grinch Sue and Max Becky were so freakin’ funny, and a touching story without being too sappy. All the crazy out-there parts worked too. My bitch is that I read somewhere that the Super Bowl episode will have stupid Gwyneth Paltrow again, so I will have to miss it. :(

      Modern Family: I agree that not having a Christmas episode was sad, but maybe they didn’t have a good concept. I’d rather not have a holiday-themed episode than have a crappy one. Also, my family is dorky, and we all went out to get new pjs to open/wear Christmas Eve like the Pritchetts.

      Psych: Christmas episode was good, I also liked “Dead Bear Walking” and the final Yin/Yang. The 2nd half of their season was much better than the first.

      I didn’t get any TV related Christmas presents. I did get the Hunger Games Trilogy, so I’m all ready for the podcast!!! I read them as they came out at the library, but it’s been awhile, so I need to reread. I got my brother and sister-in-law Modern Family because it’s awesome. If they don’t like it, they are dead to me, especially because we all went to U of I like Cam. Also, Target had cheap DVDs today so my mom and I got season 1 of The Good Wife and we’re hoping to catch up!

      By Dawn on Dec 26, 2010

    13. You MUST make “Sugar Snatch” downloadable, I can’t get it out of my head and I need to play it on repeat on NYE. BRILLIANT!

      By Leslie on Dec 26, 2010

    14. Thanks for the great podcast yet again – wanted to know have you ever seen the UK’s Misfits. I think it’s amazing. Sort of a Supernatural/Breakfast Club/Skins/Heroes thing only with the best parts of each.

      Looking forward to hearing more in 2011!

      By Krista on Dec 26, 2010

    15. Hearing how passionate you 2 get over The Good Wife, I think I’m going to have to start watching the show.

      By shanemd on Dec 26, 2010

    16. Glee: Sue as the Grinch was perfect for me, I loved it. I really enjoyed the episode – it was sappy and sweet, but what I needed a Christmas episode to be. Beist was great too.

      I had to giggle every time I heard Digby on the squeaky toy… Go Digby… we love you!!!

      And every time I hear Kath’s voice croak I realise a) how awesome you are to podcast when you are sick and b) how lucky I am to have your podcasts and how happy they make me.

      Vampire Diaries: Loved it. (Although there was a spine pokey moment in the transformation that so reminded me of Being Human!) Fantastic episode, and they treated the transformation so well and they whole episode so brilliantly.
      Digby just has opinions on The Vampire Diaries too, even if they are squeaky, and hungry! Clearly she appreciates the whole wolf / dog aspect ;)

      SPN: I spent the early part of the episode being really nervous because first we got Dean as Death – and I was like “uhoh, he’s gonna have to “kill” someone he’s close to, eeep Bobby” and THEN they threw in Sam’s storyline, and I was certain Bobby was a goner glad it didn’t go there in the end…. But the show is still interesting, and I do like “new” Sam, and what they are doing with that. Keep enjoying it, although this season still feels less “there” than previous ones? And then as I type it, Kath seems to put her finger on what I’m trying to say!! So thanks Kath!

      As a fan of the UK Being Human – I am really nervous for the SyFy version of BH, but new UK Being Human soon too. Hurrah!

      Dan – What did you think of Doctor Who? It wasn’t the worst of the DH Christmas specials and I did enjoy it (Matt Smith may have wormed his way into my crushy little heart of TV boyfriends) And on the subject of UK tv (which we weren’t but anyway…) SYTYCD UK starts in March (which feels far too long away). And as for other UK TV new Skins (soon?) and Primeval starts on January 1st, which gets me very excited! (It is one of those shows that actually got canceled, and then some miracle happened and they bought it back, I think with a similar deal to FNL)

      Sugar Snatch – how glad am I that since I just put the kids to bed that I had put ear phones in for that… but can I agree with the amazeballs. (Now I wish I’d been on a bus for that, because there would have been no containing the laughter and tears!) GENIUS!!!

      Getting started on the fanfiction RIGHT NOW!!!! (although it made be some time, I am a BAD writer!)

      WILL be buying the gear in the New Year…. But poor just after Christmas (I have Children damn it, they need gifts!)

      Because I don’t seem to have enough TV talk podcast people on twitter, so if any of you want to follow me (as if) I’m @laiq

      I’ve now read THG TWICE…. So what are people waiting for get on with it (other) people!!!!

      Hope everyone had a great Christmas and cannot wait for the New Year… hope for more fun and frolics in the New Year….

      By Laiq on Dec 27, 2010

    17. Loving the podcast!!!! You all need to do a podcast for all these new shows coming on in the “midseason”…. i dont want to miss any recommendations! love you all :0)

      By Carlye on Dec 29, 2010

    18. Somehow I keep forgetting to comment on here, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you guys. I think that’s pretty clear.

      During the last month I have gone back and listened to all the podcasts from the beginning. Obviously, I have no life. Time well spent though. Love listening to the network preview episodes and the discussions of pilots and new shows. Like I tweeted, it’s fascinating to hear which shows you guys loved right off the bat, then quickly gave up on (cough DAN cough), OR ones that you couldn’t stand, then ended up loving.

      I cleaned up in the Bluray department on Christmas. Dexter S2, S3 and S4; Supernatural S4; Fringe S2; Vampire Diaries S1 and Inception. Plus, I bought Popular S1 and S2, Sarah Connor Chronicles S2 and 10 Things S1 on DVD to add to my collection. (Oh and When in Rome with KBell and Lee Pace, just because I’m obsessed like that.)

      Seriously with the Sugar Snatch. Still funny. Awesome work Tiff! Amazeballs is going to be my new word for 2011 BTW.

      Oh and you’re welcome for the Christmas card! Just wanted to spread a little holiday cheer to some of my favorite people.

      None of this was current TV related. Whatevs. TV is awesome. The end.

      I want to wish all the fellow TV Talk Podcast listeners a wonderful New Year! Have fun and be safe.

      By hockeybychoice on Dec 30, 2010

    19. OMG how could I forget? Pretty Little Liars comes back in just a few days. DAYS! I demand a podcast early in January. That would be amazeballs…

      By hockeybychoice on Dec 30, 2010

    20. Nooo! I’m sooo sad that we aren’t talking about the Hunger Games! I broke down and bought Mockingjay instead of waiting for it from the library because I just couldn’t wait anymore.
      Kath – I did notice that you sounded a bit hoarse right from the get go. But you still managed a 2+ hr podcast! ;-)

      All your talk about Survivor made me very interested. It sounds just like the Hunger Games, except nobody dies.

      TVD – OMG! I totally agree that the guy playing Tyler did an amazing job! I love when you guys talk about TVD. You should listen to the Bite Club Podcast!

      Dexter – Please Please Please catch up on Dexter! I really need you to talk about it more often. I just caught up on it in September and picked up on the current season at about episode 5.

      the Real Housewives of BH – If I miss it, I feel blessed. ;-) I hate reality TV! I’m confused though…So was Patricia Arquette or the real Allison DuBois at this insane dinner party?

      You mentioned Doctor Who! I LOOOOOVE Doctor Who! I love David Tennant. Matt Smith is growing on me. Its hard for me to see a Doctor who is younger than me.

      Are you kidding!? Tif! I have two kids and a job and zero creativity! I have No time except when I borrow it from work so I can listen to the podcast.
      Donate? Do you give receipts? Will I get a tax deduction for that?

      I just caught up with Parks and Rec on Netlfix (both seasons are available). I really hated the first season, but the love season 2. And I think the reason I hated it, is because I am Leslie Knope. I am a midlevel gov’t employee at an environmental agency, who cares about what I do, but can’t really get anything done. And I will throw tantrums when something doesn’t go my way. But I try really hard not to do that in front of my kids.


      Challenge – What is your dream cast for the Hunger Games movies?

      By Melissa on Dec 30, 2010

    21. So I listen to this podcast religiously, but I never seem to remember to comment, but I’m honestly going to try to be better about it.

      First of all, you guys are awesome and I love listening to every amazing/crazy/ridiculous/joyful moment. I am one of those people who listen to the sections on shows I don’t watch and I just love the Real Housewives parts. I’ve never seen a single episode of any of those shows but the commentary you two provide is pure entertainment. I think it’s actually better than if I did watch the show just because I have no idea what’s going on. :)

      Real quick before I forget: I’m sure you meant to say Watson, Dan, but you said Martin Freeman plays Holmes on Sherlock. I just didn’t want anyone confused who doesn’t watch the show. Martin is an amazing Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch (one of the best names ever) plays Sherlock.

      Oh! This is random: So one of my friends a while back got a dog and couldn’t figure out what to name him. She watched Pushing Daisies too back in the day so I suggested Digby, and while that’s obviously where I got the name, I actually got the idea from you Kath. You sort of, kinda, indirectly helped name my friend’s dog! Hearing Digby chew on his squeaky toy during the podcast is what made me think of it.

      I actually got two TV themed Christmas presents which was nice. I got the second Glee CD and Jon Stewart’s new book which is quite hilarious.

      Happy New Year and thank you for taking the time to podcast! It really makes my day! :)

      By Kayla on Dec 31, 2010

    22. Hey guys! New listener and first time in the comments! As a new listener, I just wondered what your thoughts were on my personal favorite TV shows, Firefly, Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls. Clearly you love Pushing Daisies (Digby!). Excited about the comic book coming out?

      By RachelD on Dec 31, 2010

    23. So I comment on itunes all the time but thought it was time to make my lazy ass come and comment over here.

      Started reading the Hunger Games which I got for christmas and I am now so looking forward to the podcast to see what yall have to say!

      Also I finally watched Cougar Town and like always you were right it is great! Like having a bunch of fun wine buddies.

      Thanks for making my commutes wonderful

      By PKTechGirl on Jan 1, 2011

    24. I’m through he first disc of season one of The Good Wife and I’m LOVING it! Thanks so much for the repeated recommendations of this show!

      By Dawn on Jan 1, 2011

    25. Yes, loving the Good Wife! It’s subtle but not like Mad Men in your face subtle.

      By Mia on Jan 2, 2011

    26. I’ve listened to you guys for awhile now but felt the Christmas Eve podcast was especially genius – so I just want to say thanks for all the hard work.

      Also thought you might enjoy this post I saw today on TV Theme Songs – not something that gets talked about nearly enough in my opinion

      By TZ on Jan 4, 2011

    27. A haiku

      Digby on the podcast
      She love her some squeaky toy
      what a cute doggie

      Sherlock: while there is much insinuation, it was never specifically stated on the show or by the creators that this Sherlock it gay. It’s left very much either open to interpretation or could be a running joke its what other characters presume.

      By @TheOneDeej on Jan 4, 2011

    28. I’m late! I’m late! For this very important date!! Ok, so I started this podcast a while ago, and somehow forgot to finish it. I’m a bad, bad podcast-lover :(

      But holy hell am I glad I listened this morning on the bus – my first day back after wonderfully relaxing holidays. If I had any negativity in my brain, it was erased and REPLACED by the wonder of SUGAR SNATCH! What a great song! It’s still in my head, and I’m going to listen again and again and again. Too damn funny.

      So, as always, you guys are awesome and I loved the marathon podcast. And Digby squeaking her toy! It’s like she was saying hell to all of us out in podcastland. Hello, Digby, you doll!

      I enjoyed the Glee Christmas episode, even if just for the awesomeness of Brittany and Coach Beast. I think they are the sole reasons I watch the show at this point. Surely not for Creepy Uncle Shue. He makes me shudder a whole lot.

      And hey, I’m done the Hunger Games trilogy! Yay! So please feel free to podcast at any time, as I won’t be spoiled and will gladly listen to your thoughts on the series.

      I promise I’ll be buying some TV Talk Podcast merch in the near future. I was just being a dork and waiting for my overused credit card to settle down. My new billing period starts soon, so HELLO podcast merchandise! So sad that the Cafe Press store doesn’t have my “crazy Canadian winter hat” (as Ducky calls it), but that’s ok. I’ll get a shirt and a button I can slap on my backpack!

      Thanks again for the podcast guys!

      By Kimber on Jan 4, 2011

    29. Thanks Dan and Kath. I got the 1st book in the Hunger Games series on Audiobook and am sitting at work and listening to it. It’s good!
      I can’t believe I have never heard of this before. Can’t wait for your Hunger Games podcast.

      By Michele on Jan 5, 2011


      Reality Glee show on Oxygen???? Wha?

      By Patty on Jan 6, 2011

    31. Dammit. I guess I’m going to jump on the Real Housewives bandwagon. I have fought it long enough. Oh and Sherlock, effin fantastic. Don’t you just love smart television?

      By Heather R on Jan 7, 2011

    32. Patty, how did we not know about The Glee Project? So fun. Hope casting went well this weekend.

      By admin on Jan 9, 2011

    33. Everyone, thank you so much for listening to our podcast and commenting so much. You guys kick some major ass.

      By admin on Jan 9, 2011

    34. Thank you for making me laugh when I listen to your podcast. I love your show !

      By Luna on Jan 11, 2011

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