TV Talk Podcast: 1/30/11

January 31, 2011 – 5:36 am

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If you barely survived our bookcasts, don’t worry, we’re back to TV Talk-ing. We met up for an impromptu, late-night carcast and we’re in rare form. That’s right, we’re talking TV with the danger of asphyxiation. You know that’s something you want to hear!


  • Kath went to the mall (or the airport) with Cobie Smulders.
  • Kath drew the attention of a security guard and calls a girl a stretched midge.
  • Ducky’s loves Beaver… No, that can’t be right!
  • Ducky educates y’all on the age of consent in Pennsylvania.
  • Find out which TV star is packing on the lbs in our opinion.
  • We’ve coined “Veggiesauce”
  • For some reason we talk about Two and a Half Men, what’s happening to us?
  • Kath questions the chances of us dying during this podcast.
  • Is it “Got VD?” or “Catch Wood!”
  • Fuck You Ryan Murphy
  • Paley reunites Freaks & Geeks and the Scupltadorescrew!
  • Shows covered in this episode: How I Met Your Mother, Chuck, Greek, Pretty Little Liars, The Good Wife, Jersey Shore, Top Chef, An Idiot Abroad, American Idol, Modern Family, The Office, Parks & Recreation, Big Bang Theory, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Supernatural, Megapython & Gatoroid, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Episodes, Shameless

    *Recorded: 1/30/11

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    1. 20 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 1/30/11”


      By Tim on Jan 31, 2011

    3. Wow! Nice surprise! I was missing you guys!

      By Soledad on Jan 31, 2011

    4. So very happy to hear a carcast!

      I live in Dallas and I thank God every day for my DVR! I am never home from work let alone ready to watch TV at 7pm! It’s now almost 9pm and I am just now getting ready to watch me some RuPaul.

      I can’t wait to hear all the Paley greatness because I know it will be great!

      By patty on Jan 31, 2011

    5. Plop plop….teachers have a morals clause in their contract that forbid them from dating students even if the student is the age of consent.

      Oh and I’m using my I’m Not Crazy… TV Talk Gym Bag to store my Atari 2600 and games.

      By Tiffany on Jan 31, 2011

    6. Completely random thoughts:
      I’ve missed the carcasts! Great to get another podcast so soon. I’m so jealous that you guys are going to the Freaks and Geeks panel. Loved that show. I completely hated Deb during the first season of Dexter, but she’s one of my favorites now. The Beav episode of Greek was so great I watched it twice in a row. Saw Jon Cryer on Conan last week. He made a joke about watching TMZ to see if he needed to go to work that day.

      By kjc on Jan 31, 2011

    7. OMG! A car cast!!! I love it… honking the horn was great Kath. The pair of you make my life sometimes!
      So I haven’t listened to The Hunger Games podcast only because I haven’t finished the books yet. Yes I have had them since Christmas but work and school kicked my ass so I didn’t have time to read. When I finish them (I’ll listen and enjoy the shitshow!)
      I’m taking a study break to listen to this!

      HIMYM: Jason Segal – was great in what he did! And I loved how he played his emotions and I have to disagree I kind of loved these two episodes!

      An Idiot Abroad: The fact that the two of you decided to talk about this made me insanely happy!! Karl Pilkington is one of the most hilarious men in the world. If you think he is funny on that show you should watch the animated one or actually listen to the podcasts because seriously his views on the world are even more pointed and funny there! I hope you two watch all the episodes and at least mention it a few more times!!

      When I heard the “Ducky” laugh over the Veggie Sauce I burst out laughing in my library!

      Modern Family: Yes Alex washing her eyes made me laugh! And like you there have been no stand out moments in the episode

      The Office: Ricky Gervais’ little cameo and playing David Brent was one of the best cold opens! I was so excited to see David Brent. I love me some Ricky Gervais and to finally see him on the show just made me so happy. I agree the way they had it and the fact that it was just that minor moment was flawless and probably going to be one of the best tv moments of the 2010/2011 season!
      I have to disagree with you about Erin. I have found her to be irritating recently. When she didn’t know it was Michael I seriously just wanted to slap a bitch! I liked her failing at scrabble because that makes sense for the character they have set up, but some of the really dumb stuff they have made her do makes me just want to be like STFU!
      Amy Ryan and Steve Carrel as the Greek couple was just way to cute. I loved how they can be nerds with each other!

      I was kind of upset that you didn’t didn’t talk about The Vampire Diaries because I finally got caught up on all the episodes and I can’t believe how amazing this show is. I can’t believe I never watched before – but now that I have I have totally caught VD!!

      Guys I think that everyone in the Glee fandom HATES Ryan Murphy and his troll like self! He is a fucking ass-hat and everyone was upset about the comments. Most of the people I know want Ryan Murphy to choke on his ugly yellow hat!

      Love you two and I can’t wait for more podcasts!!

      By Tanja on Jan 31, 2011

    8. Hurrah!!!!! Car cast!

      HIMYM – Yeah, I’m so easily manipulated by writers, and I liked the episodes.

      PLL- so been enjoying it, agreed wanted Hannah to be some much stronger, and even just a look to the football guys suggesting that they shut the f up was what I was waiting for (own it girl!)

      Jersey Shore – haha, been so fantastic! It’s car crash TV and I love it. I normally feel the same about The Situation, but I was aware that last episode he wasn’t just stirring the pot, he was looking out for people. (and I cannot remember when I thought that, but I did briefly think it)

      Greek – I loved the Beaver episode, it was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed the way they played around with the 4th wall (him addressing audience at the end) and that we got to learn so much about the Beav in just one episode. <3 And also, surprisingly not hating on Ashley and rusty or the way they set it up, it’s been done really subtly and I love what they are doing with it.

      BBT – Bed hopping worked fantastically. And Rajj made me laugh my butt off (sorry because I know you guys didn’t like the panel moment) Glad I’m not the only one that loves the vanity cards. They are fantastic.

      Anyway, thanks so much for giving us a new podcast – have an awesome time at Paley, so jealous. But one day I will go. (damn this living in the wrong country stuff)

      Couple of questions, probably mainly for Dan, since he’s the “British TV” loving one – have you checked out US Being Human? I haven’t yet, because season 3 of Being Human (UK) just started here, and I’m loving it (and for that matter have you checked out US Skins? To me everything I saw looks like a giant rip off of the UK version, so I don’t care at all), and can I recommend, if you’ve not seen it yet Misfits – has a real early skins vibe going on, and I think you’ll like it. (and only had 1 episode of new Skins (UK) and to be honest you’re not missing much!!)

      By Laiq on Feb 1, 2011

    9. 100% disagree with Kath. I LOVE central time tv. I moved from Chicago a few years ago, and I still can’t get used to watching dramas at 10. 10 o’clock is for falling asleep watching the news.

      PLL – I think Spencer’s getting more interesting. I’m happy that Maya left, because I found her annoying. The dance-a-thon was the lamest thing ever! There were very official rules about dancing, and the whole episode people just walked around doing whatever they wanted. Aria and Ezra are annoying.

      The Good Wife – I love all the Will & Diane drama. So happy I started watching this show!!!

      White Collar has had two good eps. I really enjoyed the flashback episode, and I think it made sense that Neal and Kate bonded over getting screwed over. I also think Neal’s desperation over Kate leaving is explained well, since his screw up ended it. Though I don’t really get why she was hiding from him by moving every week.

      Modern Family – The last episode was really funny. I agree with Ducky that the kids were weird in the past episode, but I think the writing was the problem. I get that the point was to be happy you’re parents are doing it instead of fighting, but it was awkward having them sit on the gas station bench and talk about how all their friends’ parents are divorced.

      Cougartown was funny, but I thought it was obvious that Ellie would hide in the truck and that Jules didn’t look for her there.

      Also, agree that Ryan Murphy is a douche. If I didn’t like some of the cast so much, I would hope for Glee to get canceled ASAP.

      Kath, did you ever catch the ending of Life Unexpected? If so, what did you think?

      By Dawn on Feb 1, 2011

    10. Carcast!! It was banoodles, I love it!

      I’m in the Central time zone here, so I’m used to watching things from 7 – 10 pm. I visited a friend in North Carolina last February, and she was an hour ahead of us – so watching things from 8 – 11 seemed odd! I’m barely awake at 10 pm, so for me waiting until 10 to watch my “9 pm show” would be torture, and guaranteed I’d sleep through most of it!

      Aww, thanks for the shoutout! I LOVED the Hunger Games podcasts! And really, I would never, ever give up on you guys! Let me remind you that a few summers ago I even listened to your SYTYCD podcasts, even though I didn’t watch the show! I just did a lot of walking, and liked your voices in my ears. Added bonus – it got me watching the show!

      I am SO happy you guys are watching Jersey Shore, and commenting on it! That is so my guilty pleasure (along with Teen Mom, and Teen Mom 2), and I know it’s horrible stuff, but it’s so entertaining! JWoWW is awesome! She could and should totally kick Sammi’s ass, just because Sammi is a total douchebag, and need to release her talons from Ronnie ASAP. Shit show!!

      By Kimber on Feb 2, 2011

    11. Got Wood??

      I could not stop laughing
      Thank you Dan!!

      Got a secret can you keep it?
      There are at least 2 A’s. and why hasn’t anyone checked for cameras
      Seriously how can A know all this stuff?? That must be an explanation.
      As for ideas who A is – mona, jenna.
      Im even going towards lucas – it was too much in his favour what A was demanding.
      Im leaning towards it used to be one or two people that mainly tortured them cos they liked Alison. Is more people now possibly??
      I dno its all even more confusing then it was before.
      I think that the killer is spence’s sister. I don’t think its Ian. I think that someone else was there and following them that night.
      But yeah its back, its awesome and they can’t do anything wrong.
      Even thou the end of the last ep with the dance and someone grabbing the jacket and the gloves was kinda WTF?!?!

      Kath thanks for putting larger than life in my head
      Was singing it for hours :P
      Totally jealous about the NKOTBSB concert. I love my BSB and while I wasn’t a huge NKOTB fan it’s a boy band orgy – who wouldn’t love that!!

      As a non American I have no idea what Paley is – if that’s even how you spell it??
      But I will do my wiki homework tonight.
      I know its panels as if heard some of your previous ones but why and all that is what I think I need to learn.

      Freaks and Geeks is one of the most awesome shows ever!!
      That panel better be podcasted and I want photos!!!
      Same with SN panel. Kath I don’t care if you get sam and dean mixed up – even thou I don’t see how that is possible – but I think if you did call them the wrong names they wouldn’t mind at all.
      If I had to stand even remotely close to jared I think I might pass out so kudos if you manage to get one word out :D

      Personally I think a glee panel without Ryan Murphy and Michael Morrison would be in order :P

      As far as reunions go – do you know if they’ve ever done a my so called life one??
      Maybe I’ll wiki that while im at it

      HIMYM – you didn’t like the countdown episode with the other doppelganger??
      Did you notice the countdown??
      Took me a little while to pick it up but once I noticed it got really excited as I thought it was counting down to lily getting pregnant.
      What happened with Marshall was very sad but I thought up to that point the eppy was hilariously funny.
      I mean come on – Sandy Rivers was back!!!

      Oh and PS – if I ever see Cobie Smulders I would totally ask her if she wanted to go to the mall :P

      By nikki nz on Feb 2, 2011

    12. wow i use a lot of smily face thingies

      i forgot to mention that one day – out of nothing else but pure boredom – you should both sit in a car and comment about people walking by

      personally i think that even for 20 minutes it would be some podcasting GOLD!!

      By nikki nz on Feb 2, 2011

    13. First off, love love love you guys.
      I need to get that t-shirt that explains that I’m laughing because I’m listening to you because I feel like the entire N train thinks I’m nuts.

      I am so proud of Kath for catching up with Dexter. I also understand her marathon capabilities. I just caught up with BSG in less than a month – and I did Breaking Bad in a week — which I don’t recommend because you start feeling like you’re on meth.

      Anywhoodle, I digress. I wanted to let you guys know The Wire will ultimately blow your mind, but it can be a little slow to start off with. My advice – think of it as an outstanding series, not just a good show. It’s the entire overall arch that the show is able to pull off that makes it great. There are definitely some episodes that you’ll be like, umm why do I give a frak?

      I’d love to hear more about Episodes and Shameless because I’ve been off and on with both shows. I agree about William H Macy, but there are some recent episodes that are definitely worth recaping. I feel like Episodes is a show I kinda love to hate. It’s got some bad parts, but that British woman (what’s her d*ck?) just pulls me in every time.
      Also, sorry if I missed an older episode – but do you guys ever watch Californication, or are you tired of watching David Duchovny get laid every week and be morose about it and gave up?

      Love, love, love you guys.

      Keep the podcasting greatness coming.

      By Sue Funke on Feb 3, 2011

    14. Okay – so it took me like three days to get through this podcast…stupid work kept getting in the way.

      Anyway…loooovvvveee you guys and your little “shit show”.

      Ducky – might want to watch the terrorist threats on LA next time though. Just sayin’

      That’s all :)

      By ColoradoKila on Feb 4, 2011

    15. Nikki – Despite my Dean love, I do have to stop and think about which one is Dean and which one is Sam quite a bit myself. Jared used to play a character named Dean on Gilmore Girls and Jenson played a character named Sam on Dark Angel. So I still get confused.

      By kjc on Feb 4, 2011

    16. I am SO happy you guys talked about Shameless! I’m so in love with it! The family dynamic is so cramazing, I love these characters so much already.

      By Mia on Feb 6, 2011

    17. Good to hear you guys back talking TV – although I quite like ‘The Hunger Games’ podcasts. What I found particularly interesting about your guys take on the ‘Hunger Games’ is that recapped the books like you were recapping a Television show – which when you consider the Reality Show aspects of the trilogy made a lot of sense. I think these books have had such resonance because they are built around notion of omnipresent video cameras used to control a society but also how those being videoed – the reality stars, if you will, also have power to manipulate an audience.

      We, as a society that has obsessed over reality shows and reality show culture for over 10 years now, understand the power of the medium all too well – Suzanne Collins has simply taken our celebrity obsessed reality tv society to its (il?)logical conclusion. No one is saying that the ‘Hunger Games’ as constructed could happen – however as an idea its grounded beautifully in our present reality which makes it extremely piece of postmodern fiction.

      Anyway it was fun to listen to the ‘Hunger Games’ podcasts – they weren’t as much of a shitshow as you guys claim (banoodles).

      Quick Question – I have only started listening to the TV Talk Podcast about a year ago – and I know you probably talked about this ad infinitum when it was first broadcast but I was wondering if you could take 5 minutes to recap your feeling on the Veronica Mars finale – okay yes this is an absurd request considering Veronica Mars went off the air about 5 years ago – however it was such an interesting finale – (forced on them by not getting to do the 4th year of the show) I just was curious if you would consider revisiting it quickly for those who caught up with the show on DVD fairly recently.

      Okay sorry for the length of this comment – hope you guys are well

      - T

      By T on Feb 7, 2011

    18. Hey T – I don’t know that there is much we can add about VMars’ 3.5 years later but I bet we did a podcast about it. I would look through our April and May 2007 archives on iTunes. One of those must have a recap of the final 2 hours.

      After all, VMars is what brought us together. As a semi-newbie, you may not know that Kath and I met on the set of VMars back in 2005 or 6.

      By Ducky on Feb 9, 2011

    19. I get all geeky when I hear a band’s name mentioned in general converstaion. When I heard Kath say “nobody looks better than Ezra”, I got a huge grin on my face and started singing “Desperately Wanting”.

      I enjoyed the little rant regarding Ryan Murphy. Can’t stand the guy and think he is an incredibly overrated writer.

      Am really hoping Kath keeps us updated when she begins watching The Wire. I am one of the many that consider it the best show ever made and would like to hear the thoughts of someone watching it from the beginning. Just know that it is a very slow burn.

      Another great show and look forward to the next.

      By shanemd on Feb 10, 2011

    20. Thanks very much Ducky – I didn’t know that – feel like a total idiot – thanks for your help I will check out the archive

      - T

      By T on Feb 13, 2011

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