TV Talk Podcast: 2/13/11

February 15, 2011 – 6:08 am

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Kath and Dan are back and there’s plenty to talk about this week! We’ve got you covered for the shows you want to hear about and we’re talking about some of our favorite past and present TV couples in honor of Valentine’s Day.


  • Fox’s biggest Super Bowl mistake.
  • Matt Luke Neil Cafferty Lauria Saracen or whatever his name is.
  • How we’re not still spoiler-free on Friday Night Lights.
  • Connie Britton’s new TV options.
  • We once again don’t know the name of a popular tune.
  • Once again we offended someone.
  • Someone drools.
  • Survivor Scandal.
  • “I just don’t know that many guys that are on their phone that much.”
  • Off The Map cast deserves better.
  • Mad Love?
  • Our favorite past and present TV Couples.
  • Shows covered in this episode: Chuck, Gossip Girl, Chicago Code, Glee, Friday Night Lights, The Good Wife, Parenthood, Raising Hope, Modern Family, Mr. Sunshine, Top Chef, Amazing Race, Survivor, Bones, The Vampire Diaries, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Fringe, Traffic Light, Episodes, Shameless, Off The Map, Jersey Shore, America’s Worst Cooks, Mad Love and more.

    *Recorded: 2/13/11

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    1. 30 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 2/13/11”

    2. We truly truly apologize for not talking SUPERNATURAL. We promise to do so next time.

      By Ducky on Feb 15, 2011

    3. PLL – Still loving all the drama, but Aria is getting annoying, and I think Hanna is being sort of stupid. I love Caleb and Hanna together though. They seem a better fit than Lucas (who I really don’t like). Spencer was my book favorite, so I’m glad they’re developing her character more. TV Emily is the dullest of the four. Book Emily is more interesting because her whole family is more anti gay (and she has siblings) so there is conflict there, and she is also poor (I believe she’s on scholarship because the book Rosewood School is private). If you ever need a light read, check out the PLL series. They’ve already said they won’t be having the same A as in the books, so it shouldn’t spoil you.

      Glee – I love DC, but I don’t understand why he sings lead on every song at Dalton. I wish they would do a song with CC in the lead or maybe one where there is no “lead”. I didn’t mind their song being thrown into the Superbowl episode. There was such drama from Sue and the cheerios and the football players, that I thought it was just to show how happy and utopian the Dalton boys were as a contrast. I don’t mind Lauren, but I wish they had given her more back story. Sunshine, Sam, and Blaine all had much better introductions. She was just shoved into the Glee club, and I actually thought she was just a filler character like Matt last year. I was surprised when she actually started talking and having a storyline. The kissing booth was funny, but kind of stupid. Did Finn really say he had kissed all the girls at the school and had only made $350? That’s a really small school. Also, they shouldn’t be worried about funding, because Sue lost her cheerios budget to the glee club in the football episode, right?

      Good Wife – Last episode was great. I love Michael J. Fox’s character. I also love the scheming Diane and Will are doing behind Derrick Bond’s back. I’ve only been watching since the new year (caught all of last season on DVD) and where are the kids? They seemed to be a much more integral part of the story last season. Also, I don’t get why Eli was in such a rush to get rid of the glee guy’s videos. They are perfect for building buzz.

      Modern Family – The character of Clive is hysterical even though it was a retread of last year. I loved having Dylan back with Haley. I didn’t like Manny’s storyline or Gloria and Jay’s.

      Mr. Sunshine – pretty bad but I’ll watch a couple more episodes before I give up. How sad is it that I din’t even get the “elephant in the room” joke. Probably because I had already seen the whole sequence from all the previews.

      TAR- “Unfinished Business” can’t wait. I must be the only person who doesn’t like the cowboys. I thought they totally screwed up in the final leg and was happy when the annoying brothers beat them out. I really don’t want them to win. I also love the Globetrotters, but don’t really want them to win either because they quit.

      Also just wanted to say that bookcasting was only a problem because you waited so long after reading the books to talk about them. It’s not that you can’t talk about books, just don’t wait so long in between reading and podcasting.

      By Dawn on Feb 15, 2011

    4. Just a short one this time (Glee and TVD opinions) – again you guys are amazing with these!!!

      Glee – I liked the Super Bowl Ep, but yeah Silly Love Songs was way better. Lauren Zizes has quickly become a favourite of mine!
      OMGroff – a shout out to the chemistry between Jon Groff and Lea! Made so so irrationally happy, because it’s true. Finn/Rachel is a fail of a couple! Also burst out laughing that you called Lea a hag! (Ducky I love you!!)

      TVD – I was so excited to finally comment on this because I now love this show!! John Gilbert – I love him because of how sneaky he is! I agree that Tyler’s story did get swallowed up by all the other wolf stuff and I am saddened that he left and it seems that his story is kind of over for now, because there is/was so much potential for him this season.
      Also I agree Steven R. McQueen is a fine piece of ass!

      By Tanja on Feb 15, 2011

    5. So Ducky likes cocky Finn in the latest episode of Glee? I did too, but we seem to be in the minority. You see, Finn’s been getting A LOT of hate in fandom this week. (Poor Cory :P ) Some people are furious with Finn for kissing Quinn again in the Silly Love Songs episode, calling him all sorts of names, hypocritical jerk, asshole cheater…you get my drift.

      I don’t know what elements of the show make the fans so emotionally invested in it but the Glee fandom is such a volatile place. It’s really amusing to see sections of the fanbase explode after each episode is over.

      Especially this week, the Rachel fans were so devastated and furious that Finn chose to go with Quinn instead of forgiving Rachel that they were spewing all sorts of venom about him on the boards. It was actually horrifying and at the same time so amusing to watch. And also, there is also another large section of the Glee fanbase who live and breathe all things “Finchel” and they’re not liking this Finn/Quinn thing one bit either.

      In the next two weeks, I guess it’s the Klaine fandom that is set to explode, huh?

      By Katie on Feb 15, 2011

    6. I especially like the part when I talk about how Shawn Ryan created THE WIRE. Um, nope.

      By Kath on Feb 15, 2011

    7. Loved that you podcasted so soon. No Supernatural (bad podcasters, bad podcasters). Thank you for not spoiling FNL. I’m been trying like mad to avoid them.
      I almost gave up on The Good Wife a couple of weeks ago during the episode where they were working furiously to break up the couple. I’m so glad I hung there. Loved Will & Diane’s low five.
      I lost a lot of my love for Fabio on this season of Top Chef. He just came across as really arrogant and he kinda slammed Anthony Bourdain after he was kicked off. Then he would complain if a challenge wouldn’t lend itself to cooking italian food.
      I gave up on Bones last year. I thought they lost focus on the cases and focused to much on the relationship. I really don’t care if Bones and Booth are together or not, just sick of the hackned things they keep coming up with to keep them apart (the coming back from a trip with a girlfriend was old when they did it on A Different World).
      So glad I listened to you guys abour TVD. I love that Elena is a strong character, that doesn’t always need rescuing.
      I’m so stealing “Golden Girls good.”
      EW had a post online, that Adam Scott wasn’t able to make the cover shoot because he was stuck in New York because of the snowstorm.
      Oh Kath, who hasn’t given in to the allure of watching clips on youtube. You think you’re just going to watch one and then you look up and 3 hours have passed by.
      I would love to hear podcasts from Paley with your impressions of the panels. The audio of the podcasts you posted of the panels before were really hard to hear.
      Really loved the podcasts guys.

      By kjc on Feb 15, 2011

    8. first time commenter.

      i’m not seeing the chapter markers anymore. is this a case of an issue with the latest iTunes upgrade (i’m running ver 10.1.2), or have you changed something with the production?

      By johnnymac on Feb 16, 2011

    9. need to clarify. it’s the album artwork chapter markers i’m not seeing.

      By johnnymac on Feb 16, 2011

    10. First time commenter.

      Bummer that you guys didn’t get to catch Community. Last week’s episode of Dungeons and Dragons is up there with Modern Warfare as one of the best episodes ever! So much that I’m kinda curious about role playing games now.

      By kim on Feb 16, 2011

    11. Adrianne Palicki was just cast as NBCs Wonder Woman.

      By JasTay on Feb 16, 2011

    12. I love you Ducky and believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but if you ever compare Raising Hope to one of the best comedies ever created, I will fight you(No I won’t, but I will get very angry).

      In the future Raising Hope may be considered one of the comedy greats, but at the moment it’s just a very entertaining comedy.

      By shanemd on Feb 16, 2011

    13. P.S love the show :)

      By shanemd on Feb 16, 2011

    14. Kath, with the first 2 seasons of The Wire the hours will feel long, but once they get to season 3, there is so much happening and so many characters that they’re focusing on that the hour will go by quickly.

      Just wait till you get to season 3 and 4. Especially 4. You are going to LOVE them.

      By shanemd on Feb 16, 2011

    15. Just wanted to add. Dawn is right. You guys shouldn’t give up on the book podcasts. I think you just waited to long after reading them to do the podcast. Otherwise I think it would have been great. Love hearing you guys talk about anything.

      By kjc on Feb 17, 2011

    16. Ducky, I LOVE your enthusiasm for Raising Hope! It’s such a great show, and Kath I am DISAPPOINTED in you for not watching. Catch up now while there aren’t many episodes out there. Promise you will LOVE it! Ducky, what about this past episode with the germs, and Paw Paw? I was sobbing! Martha Plimpton is amazing.

      TV Couples – my favourites of the past would have to be Max/Liz (Roswell), Max/Logan (Dark Angel), Willow/Tara (Buffy), and oldest school would be Max/Kenny from Picket Fences. Wow. There are a lot of “Max”s on TV.

      Kath, I’m sorry but I have to disagree on Pacey and Joey. I never got behind that relationship, and I still can’t. It was so wrong.

      Favourite of the current TV couples? Seriously, I love Burt and Virginia of Raising Hope. They are awesome and I melt a little when Burt rubs Virginia’s nose to calm her down. So cute.

      I watched the pilot of Mr. Sunshine, and I actually enjoyed it. Yeah, the jokes were corny, and yeah Allison Janney’s character were over the top. But it made me laugh, and I really like Andrea Anders (and don’t feel she’s the same character as Better Off Ted. Don’t know her other work).

      Off The Map I gave 3 episodes and am not watching anymore. I wanted to like it for the same reason as Ducky – Caroline Dhavernas. But she does deserve better, and if the show tanks I hope she gets it. Do you guys know how the ratings are? Does it have a hope of surviving?

      And finally – Fringe is SO GOOD! SO GOOD! I can’t wait for you to see last week’s episode, Ducky, and hear what you think about it!

      By Kimber on Feb 17, 2011

    17. Regarding TV couples, no one will ever beat Coach and Mrs. Coach.

      Runners up are Pacey/Joey, Buffy/Angel, Jim/Pam, Wesley/Fred, and of course George Michael/Maybe :P

      By shanemd on Feb 17, 2011

    18. Hee, I keep reading “Wesley/Fred, and of course George” and thinking Fred and George Weasley.

      By Dawn on Feb 18, 2011

    19. Kath and Dan- another great podcast but no Supernatural, that’s bad you guys should be ashamed:) I loved the Hunger Games podcasts, they were great! It did bring me back to “two idiots talk Lost” at points.

      Have you guys watched Spartacus:Blood and Sand? It’s amazing! It’s got everything-blood, sex, violence, nudity, and a whole bunch of really buff guys! Plus Lucy Lawless! It’s available on netflix watch instantly. The first couple of episodes are not great but after that it really takes off.

      By Denise on Feb 18, 2011

    20. I thought you’d want to know that a spinoff pilot is being done for Vampire Diaries called Secret Circle

      By @TheOneDeej on Feb 18, 2011

    21. Thanks for talking about Off the Map, even though you clearly didn’t want to. :) It’s sad that such great actors aren’t in a better show, because I was really looking forward to watching Caroline Dhavernas again. Guess I’ll have to give it a miss.

      Surprised you didn’t mention Chuck/Ned in your TV couples talk, because I know how you guys are about Pushing Daisies. I thought they had one of the greatest relationships on TV because even though they couldn’t touch, they still found ways to love each other.

      By RachelD on Feb 20, 2011

    22. Hey guys!

      Loved the podcast and as usual, I agree with you guys about pretty much everything.

      I didn’t expect to like the Chicago Code as much as I do and I’ve actually been excited to see more and more of it!

      A new show that’s not so good? that one with the guy from American Pie, Judy Greer and new Becky from Roseanne…it was pretty hard to sit through (although still not as hard as Mr. Sunshine, don’t even get me started on that shitshow!)

      Oh, so the last time I commented on this site I was asking everyone about the Good Wife and deciding whether I should watch. Well, I did over the winter break, and damn it’s so good. It’s actually, hands down, the best drama on tv (now that FNL is over I can say that)

      TVD and GG have been so incredibly delicious! I completely agree with your thoughts about Jenna and John…It’s ridiculous that she doesn’t know. Part of me thinks they’ll get rid of Jenna and have John completely take over as their guardian. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

      Over on Gossip Girl i’m pretty much shipping Dan/Blair now…they feel so fresh and different… The writers made such a huge mistake by shoving Blair/Chuck down our throats for 3 ENTIRE seasons, it honestly was overkill and I don’t care if they end up together anymore, does that make me a terrible fan?

      The Office has been SO good! I’ve totally been feeling blah about the show for the last two years and it’s been having a fantastic season. It keeps hitting me that we only have a handful of episodes left with Michael Scott.

      Raising Hope is this year’s best new show. I look forward to it all week, it’s just so. much. fun.

      Loving PLL and Greek. I watched this week’s PLL and did you guys notice how they stuff a pillow up Hanna’s shirt to make her Hefty Hanna? It’s like actually a pillow. Ridonks.

      Can’t wait for the next podcast! Love you guys!

      P.S. I’m just starting Catching Fire! and the first book was cramazing beyond belief, Can’t wait to listen to those Hunger Games podcasts when i’m done book 3!

      By Mohammad on Feb 22, 2011

    23. Project Supernatural is officially complete! I am up-to-date with every episode of SPN ever aired. I gotta say (realizing this may get me lynched) that I really don’t like Sam. Well, at least with a soul. Soulless Sam was actually amusing. But I really, really like Dean and Castiel and Bobby. While I’m enjoying the new season, I still think it should have ended after the finale of season 5 mainly because I’m worried they’ll outstay their welcome.

      Plus I’m caught up on TVD and Smallville and mostly caught up on Greek. I love The Vampire Diaries for constantly surprising me every week, but right now the most surprising thing is how Jenna doesn’t know what’s going on, and I’m tired of it. I can deal with Matt not knowing, but Jenna not knowing when literally everyone she interacts with is involved is completely and utterly ridiculous. I hate that trope in these supernatural shows, where they have to keep someone out of the loop. It doesn’t make sense and it NEVER ends well.

      I know you all hate spoilers of FNL, so I will just say that the final season lived up to my expectations in every way, and the finale had me crying, but in a good way. I love this show and will truly, truly miss it.

      Do you all watch Sons of Anarchy or did you watch Boardwalk Empire? I know they get such critical praise and I’ve been meaning to catch up on them. With Greek, Smallville, and FNL all ending, I have a bit more freetime in my schedule and I’m trying to decide what to put in there.

      By Mattie B on Feb 24, 2011

    24. I am so glad you guys talked about Bones! I’ve been listening to you a lot lately, and I loooove this podcast, but I don’t watch a lot of the shows you talk about (but I keep listening because you make me laugh). I’m a relatively new Bones fan, but I’ve seen every episode, and I have to say, I actually liked Hanna. I don’t think Brennan and Booth have ANY romantic chemistry, though they (used to) have the best buddy chemistry I’d ever seen. But I liked the way Booth acted when he was with Hanna, and I liked the relationship that was forming between her and Brennan. *EndBonesRant*

      I thought the second episode of Mr. Sunshine was significantly better than the first. Matthew Perry’s character was way more likable, and Nick Jonas was a surprisingly not bad guest star (I think that’s high praise).

      Also, I loved your Hunger Games podcasts. I’d already read the series, but I went back after I listened to them and reread them all (well, listened to the audio books while I was at work).

      By Jill on Feb 25, 2011

    25. And because I commented when I was only halfway through the podcast…

      Favorite past TV couples: Josh/Donna (West Wing), Luke/Lorelai (everything except for the 7th season of Gilmore Girls), Danny/Jordan (Studio 60)

      Favorite current TV couples: Peter/Elizabeth (White Collar), Angela/Hodgins (Bones), Mitch/Cam (Modern Family)

      Fantasy couple: Castle/Beckett (Castle), Abby/McGee (NCIS)

      By Jill on Feb 25, 2011

    26. golden girls good!!

      fav couples:

      pacey/joey, xander/anya, simon/kaylee (i don’t care if they were never really a couple :P ) logan/veronica (can’t deny the LoVe, best shipper name ever btw) the doctor/rose and nathan/haley (yeah you got at least one OTH watcher here)

      i’m actually happy you guys didn’t talk about SN – was the only show i watch that i didn’t want spoiled so phew
      it took me so long to listen cos i had to watch PLL and VAMPD first

      PLL is pure awesomeness, the “a” pov you speak of was really dumb.
      a wrench, rope, a candle on a table – clue anyone?? also there was what i assume now is the trophy but might not’ve been

      i think that toby has become slightly hotter since his hair was trimmed a bit and i think he has a matt smith kinda thing going on that when he gets a bit older (im picking he’s still pretty young) he will grow into better and be that unusual kinda weird looking guy that can be oddly attractive

      VampD is rocking my socks off!!
      i picked up that PW has filled out a bit in the face too
      boy looks hot no matter what but he looks better now, a bit more like first few eps stephan.
      i think poor tyler too but im hoping he gets more of a storyline when he comes back again
      and yes in the very least matt needs to be clued into whats going on COME ON!!! jenna too eventually but im not lovin her as much as poor matty

      can’t wait to hear what you say about the most recent ep and how it ends :O

      as far as paley goes, the podcasts of the panels are good except for the odd interferance from a cellphone or two
      i think thats worth the price of listening to it thou
      also any photos are always appreciated.
      facebook them please :D
      i don’t do that twittering thingy

      By Nikki on Feb 27, 2011

    27. Friday Night Lights – We don’t get this show in the UK so i’ve never heard of it but you said it was your favourite TV show of all time so now I’m thinking I should try watching it. What type of show is it? What’s it similar too and why is it so amazing? I too am catching up on The Wire as well as The Sopranos so I can only fit in another show if it’s really gunna be worth my time.
      Opinions anyone?!

      By Oscar on Mar 3, 2011

    28. @Oscar – FNL is about a high school American football team in Texas, but that’s kind of misleading. Sure there’s football, but the show is really about all of these characters, with the Coach and his wife at the heart of the show. It has some of the best performances on TV, and I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t like Coach and Tami Taylor.

      Sidenote: Have any of the #SYTYCD fans seen this: NSFW, but it makes me love Cat Deeley even more.

      By Mattie B on Mar 7, 2011


      Though, i’m pretty sure they can say the F word on television in the UK. But WOW! =D

      By Mia on Mar 8, 2011

    30. Thanks Mattie B. I think I’ll give it a watch.
      Love that Cat Deeley clip. It’s from a really funny TV show called ‘Britain’s Got the Pop Factor… and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice’. It was a parody of a reality TV show singing competition. So Cat Deeley didn’t actually swear at a real audience in case you thought that’s just how UK presenters work over here!

      I’ll let you know what I think of FNL when I start watching it

      By Oscar on Mar 16, 2011

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