TV Talk Podcast: 5/26/11

May 27, 2011 – 6:44 am

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Knock Knock. Who’s There? US! Finally. Yep, Kath and Dan are back to finally talk some TV. This episode is Part 1 of our Finale discussions but there are some other/new shows talked about as well. We hope the wait was worth it! Welcome back gang.


  • Season Finale Palooza
  • “People are only tuning in for me…”
  • Listening Comments and Questions
  • Kath does her best Pillsbury Dough Girl about 13 minutes in.
  • “HeMo? Do you mean Homo?”
  • It’s a hard knock life for GLEE. Yes, we go off on this very uneven finale. Deal with it.
  • Was Sarah Silverman right for THE GOOD WIFE? Find out.
  • We’re preeeeeety sure that Adam Levine and Christine Aguilara are banging. Aren’t you?
  • The easiest and cheapest joke we’ve done in a really long time hits toward the very end of this episode. We’re soooooo cheesy.
  • Shows covered in this episode: How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, Chuck, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Glee, The Good Wife, Raising Hope, Parenthood, The Voice, Modern Family, Cougar Town, American Idol, Happy Endings and more.

    *Recorded: 5/26/11

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    1. 19 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 5/26/11”

    2. I wouldn’t call it pestering, we were just reminding you we miss you ;) But good to have you back guys for another podcast / carcast (which we all know are the best things ever)

      Laughing my butt off at Jensters encouragement. But go! Jen!!! Run!!!

      (Do you know what’s worse was that I was reading the comments from the website along with you…. So so bad that I am that odd, this is why I shouldn’t sit at my computer while I listen to the podcast.)

      HIMYM. Nina = Nora. The ONLY part of the show I care about now is Barney / Robin storyline and it will pay off eventually.

      Gossip Girl. I don’t think Jessica was selling the manuscript as her own, I got the feeling that she was selling it as Dan’s.

      Chuck. I haven’t watched the last 4 episodes yet…. But I may end up catching up eventually. Glad they have the last 13 episodes to wrap up the show and we get a chance to say goodbye however. It truly is the fans show.

      Glee. I’ve kind of gone into a “coma” while watching the show… I only watch the pretty and enjoy the songs, and ignore any freaking plot (not that there is a lot). HeMo is indeed the main reason I watch Glee now. I must admit everything from losing nationals was worth watching (and I quite liked the reveal for Mercedes and Sam but could see it coming from MILES away including they did a big close up of them hugging at the end of nationals performance) While I normally dislike Kurt stuff, Kurt was amazing this episode. I enjoyed the Rachel / Kurt friendship stuff, and Kurt / Blaine – The “I love you” was so damn sweet and organic that it was perfect.

      Parenthood – loved the finale.

      (I’m also behind on SPN, for exactly the same reasons)

      Cannot wait for Dan to touch on the BBC America stuff too – because at the token Brit I am so curious to hear what you think of “my” shows!!

      Thanks so, so much guys for getting together for us – I totally appreciate it. Look forward to the SYTYCD podcast and next week’s podcast too. Thanks guys.

      By laiq on May 27, 2011

    3. Hi!

      Just discovered your podcast and I think it’s awesome! And you watch pretty much all my favorite shows!!! My top 2 right now are The Good Wife and The Vampire Diaries. But the Vampire Diaries is more like an obession, seriously I turn into a freaking mess when I watch it. The last episodes were amazing!!! I kind of expected Damon to survive but holy crap! Bad Stefan?? Can’t wait for season 3!! And I’m kind of an accent whore so I have just been LOVING Joseph Morgan as Klaus!

      Anyway, just wanted to say hi, you guys are hilarious, i’m glad I’m not the only one who can watch shows like Gossip Girl and the Good Wife! I have been trying to get my friend to watch the good wife with me but she fell asleep! Oh well, she’s more a True Blood kind of fan, nothing wrong with that, I enjoy it too…sometimes…I hated last season with the disgusting werewolves though… I don’t know if you guys liked it?

      By Emily on May 27, 2011

    4. Kath, I listen to the show for you too, for you guys together, love your quemistry and how your brains work.

      OMG! If you don’t get back together in a week i’ll kill a bitch because we’ve been waiting for so long for a podcast, and then you guys get together and you don’t talk about Vampire Diaries, Hunger Games (Katniss is looking fierce on the EW cover), The Killing, The Office… I’d say Supernatural but my interest is low right now. You best not break a leg or something that prevents you from podcasting, cause this was clearly just part 1.

      Anyway, what you did talk about was great. I’m SO in love with The Good Wife! That cast is FLAWLESS! Including the guest stars. It’s so fraking fascinating to me! And you’re right. It’s not about the shippers for me. I don’t think i’m actially watching anything for ships (like Vampire Diaries isn’t about that either) and I love a good love story, so if there is one on TV please let me know cause i’m looking.

      I actually really loved the finale of Glee (hough I hated the previous one with the funeral). That New York song was bad, but the cast was having so much fun on that number that it was somehow infectious. And Finn was sweet “That was the superman of kisses, it came with its own cape”. So adorable that Finn.
      I’m surprised you thought the OI love yous between Blaine and Kurt were so great, because I didn’t think Kurt meant it genuinely at that moment, the acting felt weird, so I sense drama there for season 3.

      I’m so glad I didn’t waste my time with American I dol this season, The Voice is better but the blind auditions were mopre fun than the battle rounds, they shouldn’t stretch them over 4 weeks. The live shows should be good though.

      Kath, you’re making me want to pick up Parenthood again, I might.

      Love listening to you. Love that my marathon comment made you laugh. LOL


      Oh! Lost anniversary shoutout yo!

      By Mia on May 27, 2011

    5. Yay for the carcasting!!!!
      I’m not watching much TV anymore because I’m suddenly an old person who falls asleep at 9:30.

      I’m thinking about giving up on Glee. I’ve missed some episodes in the spring (the two with Holly, and maybe another?), and I don’t even miss it that much. I really only watch for the songs, and I’m not even downloading all of those anymore. The finale was terrible, though admittedly I was flipping between this and the DWTS finale (I know this means I have no right to judge!). I agree that writing original songs the day before the competition was a total WTF. How did they even place 12th? I actually didn’t mind Sam and Mercedes. It’s about time that Mercedes gets a boyfriend and a storyline that doesn’t revolve around food. I also liked the serenade by the boys because it seemed like they were supposed to be imaginary. Plus Puck was hot with his accordion. Oh and I like most of the mashups, but even I didn’t like the NY song. Finally I 100% agree with Ducky about CC’s voice (I wrote down in my notes except his lower register’s good, like in 4 Minutes, before you said it). Undecided about whether I will bother continuing to watch it.

      The Good Wife was phenomenal! I love JM, and that scene when she finds out about Kalinda and is walking out of the hotel should definitely win her an Emmy. I couldn’t wait for Alicia and Will to hook up at first, but when they finally went ahead with it, I found myself not caring. I can’t wait for the show to be back just to see how they deal with it! I’m happy it was renewed, but I don’t really love the Sunday move. The football games are always screwing up The Amazing Race, and now I’ll have to stay up even later to watch TGW.

      Modern Family is not as good as season 1 but still makes me laugh every week, so no complaints. I also thought the finale was the previous week. Alex’s graduation would have been a good finale episode. (Though oddly, I didn’t realize the last Good Wife episode was the finale).

      Really like the Lenny Kravitz casting for THG, and it turn out they are filming only an hour away from me. They apparently held all these open calls at malls for extras. Don’t know where the hell I was, because that would have been so much fun. Hopefully they’ll put out a call for stumpy redheads, ’cause then I’m a lock!

      Can’t wait for the next podcast!!

      By Dawn on May 27, 2011

    6. You guys! I love that you’re back!! Haven’t listened to the SYTYCD one yet (I think I’ll first watch the episode and then see what you have to see about it), but I greatly enjoyed this one!

      I dropped Chuck, HIMYM and Glee this past year (and Bones and The Office, although I did watch Carell’s last episode) and really haven’t missed them. I did like hearing your thoughts on those shows, seems like you’re a little down on them too.

      The Good Wife = awesome.

      I absolutely loved Parenthood this season, I thought the last couple of episodes were especially great. The acting is wonderful and I really felt that this year they figured out what to do with the entire cast a little better, for instance Julia and Joel (who were my least favorite couple last season, but whom I really enjoyed this past year). Dan, if there’s one show you’re thinking about picking up again next year, I hope it’ll be this one!

      I am so excited to hear what you thought about the last couple of episodes of Parks&Recreation (which is hands down my favorite comedy, maybe even my favorite show alltogether). I love when a comedy puts in a little “heart”, I can’t believe how invested I am in all the characters, especially the Ben and Leslie coupling. Loved Ron’s swivel desk, Jean-Ralphio’s raps, 5000 Candles in the Wind etc. Seriously, so so good. I’m also curious to hear how you’re feeling about Friday Night Lights’ final season (I adored it).

      Anyway, keep up the good work, hope you’ll be back soon with a new episode!

      By Juul on May 28, 2011

    7. Love the podcast – but I’m going to need you guys to go back to Wednesday and discuss my boy Boston Rob taking the title on Survivor! I was loving him all season and anyone else winning would have been a travesty! Tho that Ashley chick had me worried for a minute – she kept winning immunity at the end!!

      I’m with you on Glee – I still watch and enjoy it – but if I think about it too much…I can’t quite understand or enjoy most of the actual plot that is going on. But I still love it when Rachel sings, love me some HeMo and Blaine….and Jesse and Rachel should be required to sing together every 3 episodes whether it makes sense or not!! haha…I know, contradictory – because I want the music to make to be a part of the story too – so okay – compromise – they should just put out a duet album for them – separate from the show – and keep the storylines pure…people will buy that shit! :)

      Thanks for the podcast – it really helps me get thru my workday. Looking forward to part 2!

      By Shannon on May 29, 2011

    8. YAY you guys are back podcasting, and carcasting at that!!!

      Kath – for the record, I love you too! Your off-colour comments are my favourite, but of course Dan has “the laugh” that makes me giggle too.

      Glee – yeah, I fall out of love and back in love with this show many times throughout each 1 hour episode. But for me the finale was just so-so. I guess I was slightly bored, and didn’t like a bunch of the songs. I agree with you guys, though, about HeMo. She makes this show for me right now, I love her. Also – where the hell is Coach Beiste? Did she just disappear when football ended?? That seems odd.

      Kath, seriously, you NEED to get watching Raising Hope! It’s such an amazing show with such a fantastic cast. I just can’t say enough about it. If I can spoil the finale, though, the best part was Burt’s shirt. “I’d rather be in Virginia”. Hee. I like subtle dirty things like that.

      Speaking of dirty … Happy Endings is my new favourite thing!! I started watching purely because Eliza Coupe is awesome and I miss her on TV. But this show is another one with a great cast, and a ton of subtle dirty jokes!

      I can’t wait for you guys to provide Part 2 of your finales podcast, and also to hear what you think of the Hunger Games casting AND summer shows. For me, summer will be all about three things:
      1. SYTYCD
      2. Pretty Little Liars (returns soon, bitches!)
      3. The Glades (which hockeybychoice got me watching. Great show!)

      By Kimber on May 31, 2011

    9. A thousand slashes to my wrist, Kath! How could I neglect to say I need you desperately as well!!! You can’t have Ducky without Kath, that’s like swallowing w/o licking. Hmm, not the analogy I was originally going for, but you understand.

      I haven’t even heard the rest of the podcast because I had to state this apology. And, yes you talked about Mentalist once and this finale was so awesome, I think it deserves one more try. Okay, I am going back to the podcast now. P.S. Love hearing my name on the air! So awesome!

      By Chitown mimi on Jun 1, 2011

    10. Nina and Ian doing it needs to be discussed, yes, yes.

      By Lou21 on Jun 2, 2011

    11. Chitown Mimi, I’m DYIIIIIIIIIIIIING! Best analogy ever.

      By Ducky on Jun 2, 2011

    12. I came to comment on how glad I am that you guys are back amongst other things, but then I got VERY distracted by the above swallowing/licking comment! Can that please be your tag line from now on?!


      By Rachael on Jun 2, 2011

    13. Okay, listened to the podcast and AWESOMENESS!!!!!

      - Glee, as hard as it is to admit, I think you are right about the quality of the show and the unevenness. Now, the writers did say on EW that the kids’ lack of prep for the regionals is the very reason why they did not place and that they intended to bring that up. It still doesn’t explain Mr. Shue’s back and forth about being on the stage, which I found really annoying because he seems so freakin’ wishy washy about it. The kids were actually ok with him doing it. And wasn’t it just for the summer, anyway?? Glee better realize that although the show Smash, claims to be different than Glee, it is going to be major competition and I’m definitely ready for a change. That being said, that final kiss was HOT!!! Finn never looked so good.

      - Kath, your review of Parenthood was so dead-on! It was so true. It is so good. Ducky think about coming back, you fickle b–tch! It is so great right now. And Kath, what did you think of the stuff with Amber and the drinking? Grandpa Braverman’s speech was unbelievably moving and touching and sweet.

      Okay now let’s talk about Vampire Diaries, Supernatural!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!

      By Chitown mimi on Jun 2, 2011

    14. I RAN!!!! I FREAKIN’ RAN MY ASS OFF and finished my half marathon (13.1 miles, or 21.1 kilometers up here in Toronto) in UNDER 2.5 hours. I flipped out when I saw that TWO fresh podcasts were up in time for my run… and I SCREAMED when I heard the shout outs during the run! And MIA read my post!? Love, love. My fellow runners thought I was having a seizure when I started screaming at mile 3! Good news- thanks to your fantastic podcast there were NO bleeding nipples and anal leakage was held to a minimum.

      FYI I ran the Toronto Women’s Half, a fantastic event that raised money for a pediatric oncology group, and featured shirtless firefighters at the aid stations and a chocolate refueiling at the 19 kilometer mark.

      Kath and Dan, you have my undying and forever devotion. Whenever my nipples bleed in future races, I’ll think of you.

      By Jenster on Jun 2, 2011

    15. OMG!!!! “thanks to your fantastic podcast there were NO bleeding nipples and anal leakage was held to a minimum.”

      I’m laughing so hard MY nipples are bleeding. HA HA!

      Congrats on your race, Jenster! Glad you brought us along.

      By Kath on Jun 2, 2011

    16. I’m surer just reading comments shouldn’t reduce me to tears of laughter…. but I am. You guys are all awesome!

      By laiq on Jun 3, 2011

    17. am being strong and despite having withdrawls will not listen to the podcast until i am up to date with the tv shows i love

      no spoilers!!!

      chapter markers dont work btw – how can i skip anything you say, even when it relates to a show i don’t watch you say something awesome

      By Nikki NZ on Jun 4, 2011

    18. OMG Jared Padalecki jopined twitter and I can’t handle the tweets between him and Zackary Levi. How did I not know they were buds? LOVE!

      Ummm… weren’t you guys supposed to have podcasted this week? That part 2 thingy?

      By Mia on Jun 5, 2011

    19. Albie the racist dragon

      i gave in, i’m still ages behind in heaps of tv shows but i can’t put it off anymore – not when there’s two podcasts now
      stupid new zealand being on the other side of the world and the only tv we are up to date with is glee

      oh glee
      how i love to hate you
      im glad you guys are on the close to giving up train with glee at the moment
      ducky im at about 80% with you too
      HeMo and the absurd moments are all that keeps me hanging on
      you keep me hanging on ooowoooo
      i used to say that the songs kept me watching but i can’t even say that anymore
      they suck, singing friday at the prom? seriously??
      i had managed to distance myself from that song until then.
      i don’t like most music these days and they seem to pretty much be living on a gaga/perry train which i hate
      its bad enuff i still sing teenage dream sometimes – thankfully i only know the DC version

      i think the last really good song i remember was landslide – there may have been other good ones since then but thats all i can think of
      and thats kinda sad
      last season i was getting most of the songs and loving them. not anymore

      im also hating the santana storyline a bit, she’s being unfair to bspears and it really annoys me
      thou bspears did bring it back nicely at the end of the season i must admit
      i too wonder if mike and tina will have asian babys

      and what is up with CC these days?? he is looking sexy!! i think its his hair. i really like his hair right now
      oh and while im rambling about glee i must admit i was confused during prom.
      i was happy that kurt won prom queen. to me that wasn’t an uh oh bullying moment how could they.
      every year my work has a christmas party and we have the king and queen awards.
      the queen award is always won by grant – who yes is gay – and he loves it. we love it. he is our queen.
      i get the jock bullying him cos he’s gay and he picks on kurt cos he’s afraid to admit who he is
      but – and this just might be me – i didn’t think that the whole school teased him for being gay. i was always under the impression it was just the jocks and that was it
      so when that happened i was confused…
      was anyone else??

      ok must go back to listening now
      i just got into work from the train so had to stop and comment before i finished listening


      By nikki nz on Jun 9, 2011

    20. The jocks are the ones that are physically abusive. They are the ones that through the slushies and toss kids into the dumpster.

      They did not make Kurt prom queen because they thought he wanted to be queen. They did it because they thought it would be funny. This does not mean that all the students who voted for him did it maliciously, most of them probably didn’t think that he would win. You could tell by the reactions that it was not a complement to Kurt. The fact that Karofsky was voted king was part of the joke because he has been protecting Kurt since he came back to the school.
      I think it was a thoughtless joke that no one expected to come to pass. They did not think of what the fall out would be.

      By chaka on Jun 9, 2011

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