TV Talk Podcast: So You Think You Can Dance Edition Season 8 – 5/26/11

May 27, 2011 – 8:00 am


The TV Talk Podcast So You Think You Can Dance Edition returns for Season 8!

As you know, SYTYCD is one of our favorite summer obsessions and a new season has arrived.

Our first Season 8 podcast calls for a carcast, some highly inappropriate dancer ridicule and a listener paid contest. We’re psyched for a summer of Cat Deeley, Creepy Uncle Nigel, the return of Mary Murphy’s scream and our favorite All-Stars.

Stay with us folks, we promise it will get better.

*Recorded 5/26/11

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The TV Talk Podcast: SYTYCD Edition Season 8 – 5/26/11 (mp3 version):

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  1. 10 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: So You Think You Can Dance Edition Season 8 – 5/26/11”

  2. I wouldn’t call it pestering, we were just reminding you we miss you ;) But good to have you back guys for another podcast / carcast (which we all know are the best things ever)

    Laughing my butt off at Jensters encouragement. But go! Jen!!! Run!!!

    (Do you know what’s worse was that I was reading the comments from the website along with you…. So so bad that I am that odd, this is why I shouldn’t sit at my computer while I listen to the podcast.)

    HIMYM. Nina = Nora. The ONLY part of the show I care about now is Barney / Robin storyline and it will pay off eventually.

    Gossip Girl. I don’t think Jessica was selling the manuscript as her own, I got the feeling that she was selling it as Dan’s.

    Chuck. I haven’t watched the last 4 episodes yet…. But I may end up catching up eventually. Glad they have the last 13 episodes to wrap up the show and we get a chance to say goodbye however. It truly is the fans show.

    Glee. I’ve kind of gone into a “coma” while watching the show… I only watch the pretty and enjoy the songs, and ignore any freaking plot (not that there is a lot). HeMo is indeed the main reason I watch Glee now. I must admit everything from losing nationals was worth watching (and I quite liked the reveal for Mercedes and Sam but could see it coming from MILES away including they did a big close up of them hugging at the end of nationals performance) While I normally dislike Kurt stuff, Kurt was amazing this episode. I enjoyed the Rachel / Kurt friendship stuff, and Kurt / Blaine – The “I love you” was so damn sweet and organic that it was perfect.

    Parenthood – loved the finale.

    (I’m also behind on SPN, for exactly the same reasons)

    Cannot wait for Dan to touch on the BBC America stuff too – because at the token Brit I am so curious to hear what you think of “my” shows!!

    Thanks so, so much guys for getting together for us – I totally appreciate it. Look forward to the SYTYCD podcast and next week’s podcast too. Thanks guys.

    By laiq on May 27, 2011

  3. we’ll just ignore that I put this on the SYTYCD post…. and erm…. oops?!!

    By laiq on May 27, 2011

  4. I am so happy you are doing a podcast for this season! The only other season I watched was the fall season you didn’t podcast about!! So double yeah on the new season! Love you guys so so so so so so much!!!

    By Kari on May 27, 2011

  5. I wasn’t very excited to have SYTYCD back. Normally I’m checking out spoilers and watching dances on youtube and such, but I was very meh on it starting. But as soon as I saw Melanie dance I was thinking, “oh yeah, that’s why I love this show!” I liked Ashley too, but found Amber so annoying. Her Gosselin hair is ridiculous (though I have a cousin who had her hair cut like that long before KG did, and refuses to change it now even though it’s “out” because she had it first. Also, one time she got mistaken for KG at the airport, which was funny.), but not as ridiculous as her personality. I’m thinking she’ll probably be top 20, since she’s so memorable.

    By Dawn on May 27, 2011

  6. Love it. Dying over the Hitler vag! I always notice it and wonder if it’s a thing that dance teachers and people don’t even care or make anything of it because nobody ever says like “Oh honey, no, at least wear a skirt on top of that.” LOL She was good on Glee though, her hair is so pretty. Can’t wait for the performances. The 2 hour auditions always drag a bit for me. Ratings are up from last season so that’s good.

    By Lou21 on May 27, 2011

  7. I miss your shit shows! So glad you will be podcasting SYTYCD!

    By Patty on May 27, 2011

  8. Listened. Brilliant. Hitler Vag? Best thing EVER!

    Was surprised when no-one mentioned how hot Season 4′s Will got (we saw him briefly with Katie teaching bootcamp) He looked SMOKING!!

    I’m attempting to find a copy of a routine on last nights SYTYCD UK, because it was quite possibly one of the best routines that Mandy Moore has EVER done. Was so good. When i find a version on you tune, I will post you a link, it’s totally worth watching.

    By laiq on May 29, 2011

  9. The Mandy Moore routine: (this is the long version with all the chat etc.)

    short version (just the dance):

    By laiq on May 30, 2011

  10. HA! Hitler Vag is my new favourite thing! I even went back and rewatched the episode because I missed the vag shot! Now I’ll be watching for that in those crappy little dancer shorts. Yeah, I’m just jealous I could never pull those off.

    Guys – I’m SO happy you’re back podcasting SYTYCD, and carcasting! Missed you both – and Dan’s laugh! I tweeted earlier this week that I’m sure that laugh can be heard right through my headphones!

    By Kimber on May 31, 2011

  11. ok so you don’t rag on people this much during your usual sytycd podcasts??

    cos i don’t watch this show, not even sure we get it, and never listened to this podcast

    but after hearing you describe it as a shit show of a podcast i had to listen

    this was freakin hilarious – seriously!!!!
    someone needs to do a song about hitler vag

    By nikki nz on Jun 9, 2011

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