TV Talk Podcast: 6/6/11

June 7, 2011 – 5:43 am

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Another week, another double dose of podcasts. Aren’t you lucky! This is Part 2 of our Season Finale discussion with some other shows and topics thrown in for good measure. This week we back to Wednesday night to finish up what we started and push on through the rest of the week talking about the best and worst of the season.


  • Another podcast, another sing-a-long.
  • Redemption Island’s Gay Porno Cousin.
  • Ducky gets a Happy Ending!
  • Kath had a “random” run-in with the Warblers.
  • We trademark two more made up words, what will they be?
  • Two New Games: “Gayboyisms or Duckyisms?” and “Truth of Fan-fic?”
  • 32 mins in, Ducky casts Parks & Rec’s Tammy 1. Make it happen universe.
  • Why was The Office finale so damn bad?
  • Two Idiots Talk The Vampire Diaries!
  • Who’s the Ellie Bartowski of TVD?
  • Ducky has a Virginia Chance moment (or possibly a stroke).
  • Kath’s dog Digby may or may not have been strangled during the podcast.
  • “Remember how I would just lay there crying every Sunday night?”
  • Plus, lots of listener comments and questions!

    *Recorded: 6/6/11

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    The TV Talk Podcast: Finales Part 2 – 6/6/11 (mp3 version):

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    1. 23 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 6/6/11”

    2. Shut your whore mouth. LOVE IT! This is the best podcast ever!

      By Patty on Jun 7, 2011

    3. Yay!! New podcast. Glad you two didn’t fly away in the tornado. Grease 2…. That is <3 (I like the worlds cheesiest movies, and that is one of the best!!)

      “this is why we should not be with people” – this makes me laugh so much, because you guys have so many golden catch phrases so hearing you discuss whether it’s a gay-ism or a Dan-ism is fab. (Personally I credit anything to Dan first!!)

      BBT – Mayim was the best addition to the cast that I’ve ever seen.

      TVD – Blows me away with it’s fantasticness. I have no words…. Only this was freaking hilarious… best podcast moment ever. (Truth or fanfic…. Favourite game ever)

      Dr Who just started it’s “mid-season” break (like WTF, BBC!!) but while this has been a bit uneven the payout of the last episode makes it all worthwhile and explains it all.

      As for Being Human… this season was CRAZY good. I knew you’d love it Dan and I knew you would ball your eyes out (I balled for the last 2 episodes). I didn’t know Adam was coming back, I know he did a mini web series and that’s coming back but I don’t know if he’ll be back on the main show. No Aiden Turner is not coming back, he’s left the show. How much do you want to cry now?!!!! But the last episode was INCREDIBLE. (and made me so glad I’d met Aiden earlier in the year…. Yes I touched him and he smelled good!!) I don’t know of you watch Misfits but the girl who plays Lauren on that show is the real sister of the younger werewolf on BH. (random fact for you!)

      Enjoy banging Darren tonight Kath (so gonna happen!!)

      By laiq on Jun 7, 2011

    4. Hi guys! I’m new to your podcast and can’t believe I’ve lived this long without you! Where have you been all my life?! You guys seriously say all the things I think to myself when watching shows. Seriously, I got slightly mocked for freaking the fuck out when I saw Jakob Karr sitting behind Jeanine at the SYTYCD auditions, but now I feel validated. That’s right, people I watch the show with! It IS a big fucking deal!

      There are about a million things I could say, but I’ll try to keep it short.

      The Killing: It isn’t a perfect show, but it’s still better than most. I do wish that I knew more about Rosie (it makes it kind of hard to care about who killed her sometimes when I don’t know a damn thing about her), but there’s so many good things about the show that it’s worth it. Holy shit, have you guys googled the actor who plays Holder?! Minus the dingy hoodie, scruffy facial hair, and heroin addiction and he’s smokin’ hot! He needs to guest on True Blood as Eric’s brother or something. Fab.

      Parenthood… is pretty painful most of the time. The brief moments of goodness are generally outweighed by the oppressive melodrama of it all. I want to love it, but can’t.

      TVD: I love that on the show, Elena’s all “I love Stefan so much!” but in real life, Nina’s like, “Fuck that! We have a winner and it ain’t Paul Wesley.” Awesome.

      By laceski on Jun 7, 2011

    5. Hey guys! Great podcast again! I got to say, you guys made me laugh so hard when you were talking about TVD, fanfic or truth? lol I really needed it, I was really sick this week, and your podcast saved me! (Ok, that was an overreaction!lol)

      I like the Killing too, but you didn’t talk about how awesome Joel Kinnaman is. He plays Holder, the most creepy cop EVER! He’s my favorite character by far! I just love his interactions with his partner. If they get a second season, they should really focus on the two of them because their chemistry is really great.

      That’s it, thanks for making me laugh,you’re awesome!

      By Emily on Jun 7, 2011

    6. Loved listening to you guys as always. Your energy is so great.

      Two shows I wish you guys would watch and comment on are The Borgias and Game of Thrones. I feel like Dan would at least like GoT. I LOVE The Killing. The two cops have gotten amazing, their scenes together are awesome.

      When you do talk about Supernatural, i’d like your opinion on the whole scandal of Cas not being a series regular for season 7. I’m ok with it, honestly the last episodes got to be too much of a sausage fest with Bobby and Cas and I was like “Okay now. When are they going to introduce a female character because I want some legit sexual tension on this show and the Dean/Cas fan pandering is getting out of hand”. I don’t know, this season was so up and down, for sure my least favorite.

      OMG TVD! I can forgive your idiocy because those last episodes were damn confusing with the curse stuff and the magic and all that. I didn’t like that they killed Jenna. She was nice to have around and provide some lighter moments to the show. YAY for Anna and Vicky though!! Agreed that Jer is too hot to die.

      Happy Endings is SO good! Cute, smart, edgy, fast paced, lovable characters and fantastic cast chemistry. The non stereotypical gay and Penny are the best.

      Can’t wait for your next podcast.

      By Mia on Jun 7, 2011

    7. Oh, and Dan, don’t feel bad, I stopped watching Parenthood too. I am sure it’s good, but I just can’t. Seems like everybody’s screeming at each other every other minute. lolAnd Lorelei is playing Lorelei basically but way less awesome, so no, not for me.

      By Emily on Jun 8, 2011

    8. Ok, I am so glad ya’ll are podcasting again on a somewhat regular basis. Missed you both! I was listening to this one in the grocery store and kept laughing so hard people were staring at me like what the crap is wrong with that girl. When Ducky was talking about raping people’s faces and then meeting Corey Montieth and him going, “yeah I know who you are.” Freakin hilarious.

      Survivor-I agree Rob should have won, but I have to admit it got a little boring toward the end because no one had the brains to go against hum. It took the fun out of it and made it WAY predictable.

      SYTYCD-Agreed on too many straight to Vegas tickets. BUT I am so excited to watch tonight. Vegas week is always freakin drama filled goodness.

      One final thing. Please, please, please talk about the casting for the Hunger Games movie. What do you think about Woody Harrelson as Haymitch? Not who I pictured, but I think he will do an awesome job.

      I think Donald Sotherland will act the pants off of the role of President Snow. Even though he has played alot of good guys, he also makes a fantastic evil, love to hate villain.

      What do you think about Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss on the cover of EW? I just saw Winter’s Bone and she was great in it. Also, what about Lenny Kravitz as Cinna? That is the only casting choice I seriously question. I pictured Cinna to be much softer and frailer, but who knows maybe Lenny has something up his tight pants.

      Anyways, I would love to hear your thoughts.

      By Brenda on Jun 8, 2011

    9. Awesome podcast Guys, as usual!!! I am so glad you guys are crazy about Happy Endings, because I am laughing my ass off almost every damn week with this show. Sooooo funny! Favorite episode so far- the guy living in the attic, eating the fellas’ food! Ri-donk-culous!

      @Mia, I so agree with you about Supernatural. We need some estrogen up in that show. One of my least favorite season finales. It just didn’t do it for me at all. I don’t know what they are doing with this show.

      Same with Grey’s Anatomy. The season finale was just “eh”. I did tune into Private Practice because finnnnnnnneeeeee Benjamin Bratt is on!! Yah! So gorgeous, it is nuts.

      Love you guys!!!

      By chitown_mimi on Jun 9, 2011

    10. I can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say about Vegas SYTYCD because that shit was crazy. Almost everyone I liked was gone in the hip hop round which is INSANE! How can these people not be able to do a NappyTabs routine? So 160 down to 31 and top 20 tonight.

      @Brenda, I am with you on the Cinna choice being…odd? I am assuming that Lenny can act so I assume they will be taking the character in a different way in the movie than he was in the book. I always pictured him as “prettier” like a hot, butchy gay guy. I am super excited to see how they bring Hunger Games to the screen.

      @Mia – Supernatural, I am not worried about Misha not being a regular either. Bobby has never been one. I am sure it’s a money thing. But I am with you on the need for some chicks. Even if they are one off episode checks. It would be great if they could bring in a great character like Meg from S1. She was always one of my favorites. Since they have killed off all the ladies, it will have to be someone new. And she MUST kick ass!

      By Patty on Jun 9, 2011

    11. I’m so glad Dan got into some BBC America!! On DW I think Moffat is a long time fan of the show and spent last season proving that he could rock as the show runner, and now he is doing some more experimental meta stuff to that he’s probably always wanted to try. It’s been a very Doctor focused season. I can’t wait to find out what the deal is with AMY though, and River needs to come back!!

      By Christina on Jun 9, 2011

    12. You can sing Grease 2 any day and just know that someone in Oregon is singin’ along! “Let’s Bowl, Let’s Bowl lets…rock n roll! Hey, come on let’s get the show on the road!” I was about 12 back then and cable was new…that movie played on a loop and I think I watched every airing….”no KETCHUP!” so wonderfully bad. Although, Michelle Pfeiffer is NOT a bad role model to look up to as a female, am I right? Looking back at teen crushes I really pat myself on the back for my great taste…Rob Lowe in The Outsiders and John Stamos on General Hospital..yes, I can pick ‘em! :)

      I agree that The Office had a bad finale…but I love James Spader and wish he was back on tv (he was kind of a more sinister version of his The Practice/Boston Legal character…it was fun to see). I really hated Will Farrell’s whole existence on The Office…writers, hello? They need to learn some COMEDY cuz nothing he said on that show was funny. If the ONLY purpose was to make us hate Will’s character, then WELL DONE. Overall, though, I really thought it was a great Send-off Season for Steve Carell and I hope he finally gets his Emmy!

      I also didn’t so much care for Greys Anatomy’s finale, but I enjoyed the season and usually watched those episodes the same night..kind of going by which shows I really wanted to watch right away on the DVR…Grey’s Anatomy was one of them…The Closer in the summer is also…last season was one of The Closer’s best and now Kyra’s leaving BOO, but they have so many great ensemble characters that they are re-booting it next year..yea! I digress…

      I feel ripped of as far as SYTYCD because last year we got NO Mia Michaels choreography and then she steps down as judge and we all cheer because we want her giving us great routines again and now she says she doesn’t want to be associacted with the show anymore (paraphrasing her artsy-fartsy quote about growing and not being known for just the show, blah, blah)..really Mia? Did someone mis-quote you or are you gone forever? I don’t care if you have new shows, maybe you could make an appearance just once this season as a nod to the platform that made you a household name in the first place? COME ON! Tell me I’m dreaming…OK, wait, who am I talking to?

      By ToastwithJAM on Jun 9, 2011

    13. OK, maybe Mia choreographed one group number last year…

      By ToastwithJAM on Jun 9, 2011

    14. “Randomly and bulshitly” Oh, I love you Duck.

      By Mia on Jun 9, 2011

    15. HA! Thanks for refreshing the term “shut your whore mouth” in my mind, because I must have used it about a dozen times at work today! So not appropriate for the office, but who cares??

      Kath, I’m so glad that Digby and her cuteness have gotten you a chance to bang some Warblers – those boys are FINE! But really, you need to stalk Darren Criss with her so he can fall in love – with both of you!!

      Kath, I love you for referring to Stefan as “Stefon”! That was so cute, and I was wondering if Dan was going to correct you on it. When you were saying Stefon I was thinking of the club critic from SNL too! But seriously – I am SO glad that someone shares in the Elena hate. Is that too strong of a phrase? No. I think The Dobrev is amazing as Katherine, and I much prefer her over Elena. Elena does seem whiny and kind of pathetic and I really haven’t been a fan of hers this season at all.

      Dan – you really, REALLY should watch the US version of Being Human. It was SO GOOD! I’ve never seen the UK version, so I can’t offer a comparison, but the US version was really great, had awesome actors (hello – Mark Pellogrino?), and the characters were fantastic. Really, check it out!!

      Just one thing you guys didn’t talk about, that I’d like to know your thoughts on is The Hunger Games movie casting. I think it’s pretty much complete now, and though you’ve discussed passed cast members, what are your thoughts on the whole??

      By Kimber on Jun 9, 2011

    16. I marathoned Parenthood, per Kath’s recomendation and I absolutely loved it. I only disliked one thing: Adam! What a judgemental prick! He made everything about him: Sarah working in the shoe company, his son’s aspergers, Crosby’s mistakes, his daughter’s sex life. He made it all seem like everyone was out to get him and I found him really unlikable to the point his voice started to grate. Like, step down your high horse buddy and try a little tolerance and understanding. Geez. Ok. Needed to get that out. Everything else about the season I loved though.

      I also hope you talk more about The Hunger Games cast and pictures and stuff.

      By Carla on Jun 11, 2011

    17. Another great podcast guys. You’re both so funny and I pretty much watch whatever you tell me too, I marathoned Battlesatr Galactica, I just finished season 1 of Friday Night Lights and I bougth Veronica Mars on DVD, which was no easy feat as it’s not available in the UK so I had it shipped over from Germany! but you’ve always said how amazing it is and so far I’m agreeing. I totally think that Paris Hilton murdered Amanda Seyfried, her acting is just so multi-layered I just think she’s hiding something!

      Can’t wait for more SYTYCD podcasts, they’re amazing and actually increase my enjoyment of watching the show beacuse it’s so nice to hear other people who hate Tyce as much as I do, so I look forward to listening to more Tyce bashing in the weeks to come!

      By Oscar on Jun 15, 2011

    18. Also are you still watching The Voice? Just wondered what you thought of it, I’m kinda loving it I think

      By Oscar on Jun 15, 2011

    19. Oscar -0 Hi. Nice to have another Brit aboard!! ;) Veronica Mars is SOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it. Did you get a chance to watch UK’s sytycd? Tyce was on it, but there was so much less focus, so he didn’t annoy me as much. And of course Mandy was just outstanding with her Choreo…

      By laiq on Jun 16, 2011

    20. Ask and ye shall receive! Hitler Vag, just sayin…

      By Tiffany on Jun 17, 2011

    21. laiq – Didn’t really watch the UK SYTYCD and the bits I did see did not impress. The level of talent is just so far below the US version and the choreography isn’t as good. They need to get Sonya or Tabatha and Napoleon to choreograph, not that screeching bitch Tyce!!! I liked the tapper guy though, I hope he won.

      By Oscar on Jun 18, 2011

    22. Oscar – Tapper indeed won (his name was Matt), although I preferred the bleached hair guy (who came second – Luke). The talent isn’t as high, BUT was better than last year – and they had Mandy Moore and Sean Cheeseman choreograph on the UK show (regularly) so I consider that some cross over and yes always way better that Tyce… and if I remember rightly Sonya did do one UK routine too.

      By laiq on Jun 18, 2011

    23. grr arr >:(

      this isn’t over kath not watching SN, as i too was about 5 or 6 eps behind
      this is for you guys putting down that it was one of the shows that you cover in the podcast – but you don’t actually say anything about it
      i put off listening to this until i got up to date on SN this past weekend and i could’ve listened sooner :(

      shut your whore mouth is something my boyfriend and i say to each other constantly, so is crazy town.
      is it possible your words are seeping into my brain and coming out when i don’t want them to?

      @ToastwithJAM – i always sing lets bowl, lets bowl, lets rock n roll
      that movie is so bad its just awesome

      truth vs fanfic should be played more often
      and any SN/Vampd verification can be tweeted to me if you can’t find it anywhere else

      dan do you know of the whedonverse connections to the new torchwood??
      its enuff to make me go and get the first few seasons from my mother in law and get up to date
      love Dr Who- never got into torchwood but this will change my mind.
      Dont you just love how committed whedonverse fans are
      so much so they call their kittens Echo ;)

      looks like i’m another podcast behind again so better go onto itunes and get it tonight, i will comment on itunes when it lets me – cos im in another country i don’t think it likes me very much

      i hope you guys talk about PLL on the next one
      so frackin excited about this season – and the first ep was HOLY MOTHER FRACKER CRAZY TOWN!!!

      By nikki nz on Jun 21, 2011

    24. oh and i totally forgot – in response to the telling people to stop listening if they don’t know what VM is

      talking to a friend of mine last week about hunger games casting
      i say – kristen bell is keen to be johanna which would be super awesome
      her reply is – who is kristen bell.
      i almost disowned her there and then.

      calmly reply you know from veronica mars
      what is veronica mars??

      followed my running to the dvd shelf to get season one and shove it at her – you have to watch it, or else ;)

      By nikki nz on Jun 21, 2011

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