TV Talk Podcast: 6/17/11

June 18, 2011 – 6:44 am

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This episode of TV Talk Podcast has Kath and Dan talking about upcoming Summer TV. Plus the return of a mischievous gaggle of gals, gleeks in reality and on tour, recent TV news and finally… The Hunger Games casting!


  • If Digby could talk, what would she sound like?
  • The return of a possible guest you’ve been expecting.
  • Kath threatens to punch one reality personality. Who will it be?
  • Someone has a new TV theme song about 50 mins. in.
  • Wait, who’s a top and who’s a bottom?
  • New game: Skarsgard or Sarsgaard

    *Recorded: 6/17/11

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    The TV Talk Podcast: 6/17/11


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    1. 19 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 6/17/11”

    2. Thanks for the Glee 3D Update! I was thinking about goin because I’ve sort of wanted to go to the live tour, but now that I know that GP is a guest, I won’t bother. Depending on how long the kids are all contracted for, I’m thinking they might be doing a LM/CM/CC/DC spinoff about college/career in NYC. If they combined that with the “new kids” Glee, they may get people to watch. Really the writers have been so dumb. They should have had S1 Matt be a senior (instead of moving) and they should have graduated Lauren (& maybe Sam) this year and brought in a couple younger sophomores this past year. Also, they did a crap job with the teacher plotlines, so nobody really cares about them. FNL centered on the coach’s family too (right?) so there were some consistant characters.

      LOVE PLL. So glad it’s back, but I do not get all the Ezra love. I think he’s sort of weird looking and while he has a good body I thought it was weird that he would lounge around without his shirt. Also he kept trying to flex his muscles and it was distracting! I couldn’t really figue out what the pic A sent was of, so when the diplomma appeared, I though the therapist was Ezra’s mom. I thought the girls weren’t going to say anything because they didn’t want her to find out about Aria and Ezra dating. A would have killed me by now because I’m too dumb to figure out his/her clues!

      Tuesday is the best night of TV for me because I have PLL at 8, gorgeous Matt Bomer at 9, and then I’m catching up on The Good Wife at 10. Even beats SYTYCD for me!

      Also, Project Runway is coming back this summer? I had no idea!!!

      Hunger Games! I love Lenny Kravitz and Donald Sutherland, but I don’t see Woody Harrelson as Haymitch at all. They’re filming these semi near me so I’ve read some about it. They filmed all the reaping stuff and the Hob a couple weeks ago up north. Now they’re filming in a mountain city a couple hours west. They’re coming back and filming all the capitol stuff in August/September.

      By Dawn on Jun 18, 2011

    3. I think this is my first time commenting, so prepare yourselves for a shit show…

      I’m a recent PLL convert and I have you guys to (at least partially) thank. I had heard good stuff about the show online and from people I know, but it was listening to the podcast that finally made me say “fuck it, I’m watching”. I caught the season 2 premiere and ugh, I’m already so in. Since then, I’ve watched the first 2-3 episodes and it’s so delicious and cheesy and amazing that I want to punch myself in the face for not watching sooner.

      And yes, I’ve already thought/said “that fucking creepy bitch A” at least 500 times. No fist shaking, though, but gimme some time.

      The only reason I’m coming back to True Blood is for you guys, too (and, well, ogling Jason and Alcide, but whatever). I gave up last season because I really didn’t care much anymore, but I think if I watch along with you guys, it’ll be more fun. So over the Sookie/Eric/Bill love triangle, I can’t even deal. Three interesting enough characters in their own right, but like Lost, the love triangle sucks the energy out of the show for me.

      I’ve always stuck with The Killing, but the last 2-3 episodes have just been ree-diculous. I loved the standalone episode where they were looking for Jack; for some reason, it kind of reminded me of a really good play and I thought that was an interesting way to go about a late season episode. I have no idea who killed Rosie (for some reason, I’ve suspected Jamie, the guy who works for Richmond, the ENTIRE time), but I can’t wait to find out. And I’m totally into next season, if only for my irrational attraction to Holder.

      Summer TV-wise, I’ll be watching Damages (John Goodman! Batshit crazy Patty Hewes!), Weeds (last season was such a creative rebound for them and the season finale gave me chills), RuPaul’s Drag U (no explanation needed), Alphas, Rescue Me (I’ve watched it to this point, might as well finish it even though it’s not been good for 2-3 seasons. There better be a good ass emotional payoff or I may have to riot in the streets.), Web Therapy (Lisa Kudrow!), Falling Skies, Mob Wives, Basketball Wives, Love Bites, Wilfred (the promos are GENIUS), and Tough Love.

      Are you guys watching The Nine Lives of Chloe King? It’s not amazing (yet), but it’s a good time. Not sure it works as well tonally with PLL, though. Also, The Lying Game…are you in? It’s from the same author that wrote the PLL series and the promos look interesting. The concept makes me think of a teenage Ringer.

      By Shilo on Jun 18, 2011

    4. I never watched/stopped watching all the shows you talked about and I’ve never read The Hunger Games (but listened to your Hunger Games podcasts, so I almost feel I have read them), but I loved this latest episode! Seriously, listening to it I realized it really doesn’t matter what you two talk about, it’s completely entertaining every time.

      I totally forgot about Project Runway, I’m excited it’s coming back! I think I remember something about an all-star season – I wonder if that’s happening before the regular season, or instead of it.

      Are you still watching FNL? How are you feeling about the season so far?

      Can’t wait for the SYTYCD podcast! Wonder how you felt about Megan Mullally guest-judging.

      By Juul on Jun 18, 2011

    5. Yay, new podcast! I would like to say I’m a new listener, but I’d be lying (in fact went and checked, I left my itunes review back in 2008…. where has the time gone because lets face it you’ve only done about 4 podcasts in that time … JOKE!)

      Not that my comments ever make sense, but this week I was busy doing housework and had to keep going back to a pad to make notes, so this will make even less sense than normal…. but this is you guys right?!!

      Glee – I have such a massive girl crush on Heather Morris, so I’m always surprised when people can take their eyes off her. She is so damn beautiful…. yes in the same way Kath has Darren obsession I have Heather obsession… and yes i am a straight female but for her I wouldn’t be.

      So pleased to hear that Marti and Ali are joining the writing staff, gives me hope that next season Glee will actually be worth watching again and makes me glad i didn’t give up on the show after all.

      PLL – Dan you weren’t alone when they showed Ezra’s certificate i was all “eh, how is he connected to therapist” didn’t even think about A…

      So excited for True Blood to return too, as a massive fan of the books i was REALLY uncertain about the way the fairies have been introduced (nearly said a massive spoiler there…) BUT from the sneak peek I’ve already seen I’m a little more positive.

      And just to let you know “Wit’s SYTYCD whiteboard” is catching I already have a page of notes to put on the comments for that podcast, because it’s been stuff only you guys would get.

      By laiq on Jun 18, 2011

    6. I have a theory on AMC. Once a season, they do “For Your Consideration” acting awards bait episodes.

      They did it last summer with “Mad Men” in that episode set on Peggy’s birthday. Nothing in terms of the season’s plot happened that episode yet Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss had these performances that went from one extreme to the other.

      Now “The Killing” had their “For Your Consideration” episode and safe AMC’s PR team are going to be sending out that episode of Jack’s running away to Emmys, Golden Globes, etc… for Mirielle Enos as best leading actress and Joel Kinnaman in best supporting actor.

      By AMC wants awards on Jun 19, 2011

    7. Great show again guys! I just wanted to mention a couple of things:

      1.Damien McGinty. I didn’t watch The Glee Project(apparently no one else did either), but I know him from a super-cheesy celtic music group Celtic Thunder. I don’t know if he mentioned it, but he should have more stage presence because he has experience.

      2.I think Glee changing cast could be a good thing. If they get good writers, which I know you talked about. Dan will understand this-Doctor Who changes cast and does fine.

      3.You didn’t mention Katie Finneran when you talked about Company! She’s a star, and I can’t wait to see her.

      4. I’m not so sure those Fanpop images are legit. Hypable does a really good job of covering Hunger Games.

      Long comment! Sorry!

      By RachelD on Jun 19, 2011

    8. Hey Guys! I was so excited to listen to the new podcast, unfortunately the new media player is NOT working out for me. Can you please switch back to old one? It always work perfectly. Thanks and I hope I get to listen soon :)

      By Megan on Jun 20, 2011

    9. Hey Guys! I was so excited to listen to the new podcast, unfortunately the new media player is NOT working out for me. Can you please switch back to old one? It always worked perfectly. Thanks and I hope I get to listen soon

      By Megan on Jun 20, 2011

    10. Hey guys! Great podcast again!

      I love it when you sing the Pretty Little Liars theme song! Recording contract perhaps??I’d buy that!

      The Killing: I HATED the finale. What did you guys think? I really didn’t like a certain developement with my favorite character. It made no sense at all with what the previous episodes had established… Anyway, not sure if I’ll come back next season…

      By Emily on Jun 21, 2011

    11. Hey guys, just wanted to say I’m lovin the last few podcast and I just wanted to share some interesting responses I’ve noticed in myself . After listening to you guys ,I tend to sing the last few words of songs and adopt numerous “Dan and Kath world” sayings. This is somewhat concerning because I’m a substance abuse counselor .Hard core methheads seem confused when I remark in a group that the issues they are dealing with are “bnoodles”.I’ve just got to do a little better job separating your world from my world.Hard to do when you guys are so much f-ing fun.THANKS SO MUCH

      ASH in Atlanta

      By ASH in Atlanta on Jun 22, 2011

    12. Hey guys, just wanted to say I’m lovin the last few podcast and I just wanted to share some interesting responses I’ve noticed in myself . After listening to you guys ,I tend to sing the last few words of sentences and adopt numerous “Dan and Kath world” sayings. This is somewhat concerning because I’m a substance abuse counselor .Hard core methheads seem confused when I remark in a group that the issues they are dealing with are “bnoodles”.I’ve just got to do a little better job separating your world from my world.Hard to do when you guys are so much f-ing fun.THANKS SO MUCH

      ASH in Atlanta

      By ASH in Atlanta on Jun 22, 2011

    13. Glee NY

      Rachel, Blaine and Kurt head to New Work with the hopes of making it big on broadway

      they enroll at a performing arts school which of course has its own glee club and pleanty of chances for them to sing as well as some new awesome cast members

      and if they don’t keep b.s.pears back she can go with them cos no one can live without hemo in their life

      By nikki nz on Jun 22, 2011

    14. Ok PLL

      Melissa, don’t know if this has come up before but doesn’t the whole leaving your cell phone in the church where you make your sister go where your creepy ass husband is waiting for her seem a bit set up??

      She knows more than she says and she is my vote for who actually killed Alison.

      I mean yes the video shows Ian with Alison but what if Melissa finds out that Ian is cheating, sets up this rendezvous with Ian and Alison just to confront her and kill her.

      Cos really we all think that Ian is the bad evil, controlling guy – but I’m thinking its Melissa
      Ian said that he is killing Spencer for Melissa – cos Melissa told him he had to kill her.

      She is really an evil mastermind I’m sure of it.
      And her turn of – oh I’m sorry I said that you can’t be in the baby’s life please tell me everything was just to get more information to see how much she knew and if Spencer knew who did kill Ian cos well I’m guessing they are next.

      Really don’t think Melissa is A but im guessing she is getting pissed that someone keeps leaving clues for Spencer and the others.

      By nikki nz on Jun 22, 2011

    15. Finally watched the first 2 episodes of The Glee Project and Dan and Kath, you guys are right, Emily has got to go. Also Lindsey. She makes me want to commit homicide-”It doesn’t even feel like a competition”. Ahhhh!

      By RachelD on Jun 22, 2011

    16. Thanks for talking The Hunger Games movie!! Glad to hear we’re mostly on the same page with the actors portraying our beloved characters. I can’t wait for the movie to arrive, and I really hope it’s just as good as the novels. Still sad that Cheno isn’t playing a part in it, but oh well. I think Elizabeth Banks might actually be good in her role.

      I’m an unlucky one who doesn’t have Glee Live! coming to a theatre that near her, so I’ll be seeing the Glee! Live! 3D! concert when it hits theatres in August (around my birthday!). I also can’t believe the entire cast will be gone after this year, but we’ll see how that goes. Really hoping they keep both Brittany and Blaine back a year (or two!).

      I’m really excited to hear what you guys think of The Killing’s season finale. There’s a LOT of hate for it it out there (but I’m not in that camp).

      Btw – I listened to both podcasts today, so I can’t be sure it was this one … but I just shared the term “cum dumpster” with my friends in reference to a coworker and they LOVED it. You guys are awesome.

      Thanks for the giggles!!

      By Kimber on Jun 22, 2011

    17. I’m rooting for Dreads Guy in TGP because his style is so different from everyone on the glee club and he seems really sweet whenever he gets screentime. Cameron is adorable and it’d be great if he won too. I also like Red Haired Chick with the deeper voice, I just love that tone (and how pretty is she?), however her lack of screentime makes it seem like she won’t be winning. The bigger read haired girl is good too, but with Zizes already on the show I don’t think they’ll go that root. I’m worried about Lindsay because the people running the show are so impressed with her but my God she’s so bitchy I couldn’t stand it if she won. McKinley (or whatever is pronounced) is super boring. I’m also not feeling Kurtcedes (that’s what they’re calling the black gay guy lol) and the small dude. Nice casting overall though. I could see several of them working great on the show.

      Is it just me, or has Aria been vey standof-ish lately? Like, not likable at all. Yeah, I liked the super cheesy slow mo kiss with the sun flares because i’m a sucker for that crap, but my God, she’s really falling behind the other girls for me!

      Can you believe True Blood is 3 days away? =O
      I hope you podcast soon after. You’ve been spoiling us listeners with more podcasts and i’m loving it and hope you keep it up now that True Blood is starting, i’ve always loved your commentary on it. I can’t believe it’s season 4 already, seems like yesterday I was hearing Bill say “Suckeehh” for the first time. =)

      Love you guys, you’re so infectious and funny.

      By Mia on Jun 23, 2011

    18. So I know I’m way behind on things, but I definitely have you guys to thank for getting me hooked on PLL. I just got the first disc of season 1 from Netflix, but I’m already obsessed! I’m going to catch up so I can go back and listen to all of your insightful insights into the show!

      By Katina on Jul 1, 2011

    19. Hi guys! I hear you might do a new podcast soon, so I wanted to leave you a comment basically, to show you my love. I don´t comment much, or ever, mainly because English is not my firt language and even though I understand everything you say (or almost everything), it´s kind of hard for me to express properly in writing.. But I thought I should give it a try and let you know how much i miss and love your podcast. Sometimes I listen to them at work, and my co-workers laugh at me laughing at you, so… you´ve touched more people than you know about.
      So, About the shows.. I agree with everything you said, Glee was pretty much horrible this season, except when it was really, really good.
      I feel bad about the news of some people leaving… but I kind of want to see a show without Rachel Berry, there, I said it! I can´t stand that girl! Lucky for me, HeMo is so awesome, I´m glad they´re giving her more and more to do. And I´m really looking forward to the new season, I hope Ali Adler will work her magic.
      And the Glee project? How amazing is that? A diva contest, with Divas judges!! I need your comments on that show, like yesterday!
      I love that Dan has started to wach Happy Endings, and I´ve loved every joke about it!
      Oh, I´ve started watching Veronica Mars, thanks to you i´ve slept very little the last month, but I´m loving it!!! I wish you´d do a new section on the podcast, about shows that are not on air anymore but we must watch. (although I´m afraid if that´s the case, I might have to quit my job, ha).
      Dan, I´ve not been able to watch The Voice and not think about Cee Lo´s arms, MY GOD!

      Have you seen any of the summer shows?
      Will there be time in the new podcast to talk about the Emmy noms?

      And last but not least, Dan, I was really upset when I heard what happened, I think I wrote you a couple of times on twitter trying to cheer you up, but I had no idea.. I can only imagine being in your situation, my prayers are with you, Jonh and your families.
      So… That´s all folks!
      I love you so much, and wish you the best!!

      P.S.: I hope i´ve made myself clear and I apologize for any mistake I may have madee.

      By Sole on Jul 22, 2011

    20. Oh, and another thought. I hope PPL is not another LOST..

      By Sole on Jul 22, 2011

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