TV Talk Podcast – So You Think You Can Dance Edition: 6/17/11

June 19, 2011 – 5:22 am


The Top 20 performed on So You Think You Can Dance Season 8.

Kath and Dan break down all of the performances, talk about frontrunners, possible SYTYCD S8 TV Boyfriends and that bullsh*t non-elimination.

Plus, we have an offensive listener generated song for your laughter/disgust. Are these contestants cramazing or what this season?

*Recorded: 6/17/11

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The TV Talk Podcast – So You Think You Can Dance Edition: 6/17/11

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  1. 18 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast – So You Think You Can Dance Edition: 6/17/11”

  2. So, like I said I had some “whiteboard” comments for this week…

    1. Nick – my sytycd boyfriend
    2. It was great to see Kent and Robert in the promo videos (even if Kent was working with Tyce *UGH*)
    3. Did you see Nigel’s tweets suggesting that he might have Alex as an All Star – opinions?
    4. (And I am so, so sorry for this one) So Ricky, cute guy but ALL I can see when I see him is “The Real Tyra” from Ru Paul’s Drag Race (season 2) is it just me????

    By laiq on Jun 19, 2011

  3. So now, comments from actually listening to the podcast!

    Hitler Vag song…. <3 <3 love love love you Tiffany. I have tears rolling down my face. “was it her Hitler Vag?” “No it was her arms”. Still crying.

    Jess – Oh thank God. I thought I was the only one who disliked him. And seriously whats up with his mouth. I think it looks weird. (but yes he can dance)

    (and Dan sorry I jumped on you about Nick, was being *slightly defensive* because I heart him)

    I was so very very excited when I saw the Legacy pics on face book… fantastic.

    By laiq on Jun 19, 2011

  4. I’m so glad you commented on Robert Roldan’s incredible amazing hotness. I saw last year’s tour and he completely blew me away. I was ok with him during the season, but was FLOORED by him on tour! So glad to see him shirtless this week.

    Also, how on earth did I not know about NPH guest judging this season?!

    I’m completely against Ryan and her Hitler vag. She bugs me horribly for some reason. I think it’s because we’ve seen her for a ton of previous auditions and she’s just over-hyped. My tv spazzed and I missed her performance – I didn’t even care enough to look it up online.

    By Katina on Jun 19, 2011

  5. OK guys, I love you to pieces. Really I do. We get it you think Ivetta looks old. I was getting really pissed off at how much you harped on it. I always thought the upper age limit was stupid anyway. If she can dance, then she can dance and that’s what you should judge her for.

    Ok now that I got that off my chest love the SYTYCD edition podcasts and loved the rest of the episode and will keep listening.

    laiq: Jess had said in his audition episode that he only recently got his braces removed.

    By The Deej on Jun 21, 2011

  6. Deej – Thanks. There is just something about the shape of his lips and the way they narrow at the sides that freaks me out a bit and now that I’ve seen it I cannot unsee it…. lol

    By laiq on Jun 21, 2011

  7. Damn girl, you got that Hitler Vag!! Seriously, you guys and Tiffany are GENIUS! I loved that so much it made me laugh/cry while on public transit. It was fantastic, and I hope you keep making up more awesomely offensive terms that Tiffany can turn into songs for us to enjoy!!

    I’m watching SYTYCD, and definitely have a few favourites already. I love, LOVE Sasha. She’s awesome and adorable, and can totally dance her ass off. Same with Melanie (aka Ginnifer Goodwin). She’s also adorable and awesome.

    By Kimber on Jun 22, 2011

  8. you guys need to put out a cd

    hitler vag, sugar snatch, jesus balls – damn there was another one too what was it……

    By nikki nz on Jun 22, 2011

  9. I was listening to the podcast while walking to work this morning and almost spit out my coffee during Hitler Vag. Love it!

    I’m only up to the part where you’re saying Ryan looks like Cat. She actually reminds me of Hilary Duff. They have similar large teeth.

    By Alyssa on Jun 23, 2011

  10. “Also, how on earth did I not know about NPH guest judging this season?!”


    By Mia on Jun 23, 2011

  11. Oh and I see the Ryan/Cat comparison, but in my opinion, Cat is even more beautiful!

    By Mia on Jun 23, 2011

  12. Ducky – I agree with you, I preferred the other Travis Wall routine to the statue routine – the costumes got in the way for me or something.

    That Iveta – she got’s to go. I think she got a fake Russian birth certificate or something, there is no way she isn’t over the age limit.

    ***Damn Girl***H-V***

    By ColoradoKila on Jun 23, 2011

  13. First off – a note of appreciation to Kath and Dan…loving your podcasts – whether they are sytycd, hunger games, or plain old tv podcasts. They’re all great. They make me laugh out loud, and my heart smiles when I see a new tv talk podcast on my itunes. Thanks guys !

    I’ve left comments on itunes – but not sure if you see them if they’re from itunes canada? Appreciate your thoughts on that.

    So I wait with baited breath for your thoughts on last weeks show and results. I completely disagreed with the judges on just about every dance, and am beyond p.o.’d as one of my faves went home. :-( I thought Nick was going to go far; so was completely shocked when Ricky stayed over him. Really? Because we need another contemporary dancer in the competition? Really?

    By Caro from Toronto on Jun 25, 2011

  14. Ugh i’m so heartbroken over Nick! He was one of my favorites. I don’t blame Ricky because his solo was freaking amazing and the “Dance for your life” should mean something. I blame the judges for not booting anyone last week, he’d still be here. Also, I hate to say it but being paired with Iveta hurt him. She’s so not the taste of the voting demographic. I really thought this year a tap dancer would go far, I loved him.

    By Mia on Jun 25, 2011

  15. I was very disappointed about Nick (to put it mildly). I kind of understood it, but I didn’t like it.

    By laiq on Jun 28, 2011

  16. Hey you guys,
    Did you see the Emmy nom for Cat?!! How awesome is that?

    Also, did you read about Lea, Chris, and Cory leaving Glee after next year? Do you think it makes sense?

    By chitown_mimi on Jul 15, 2011


    By Miriam on Jul 17, 2011

  18. I know both of you have stuff going on… so to curb my withdrawl, I’m going to start listening to Podcast #1 and go from there. A lot of the shows I have power-watched recently (thank you Netflix) are because of you guys.

    And am I the only one who has Rebecca Black pop into their head whenever Caitlynn is shown?

    By Anne-Marie on Jul 20, 2011

  19. Was the NPH hate for the tasty oreo delicious or WHAT!? I think I might have a massive girl-crush on Melanie. And I want to tuck Ricky into bed with his Teddy Bear and kiss him goodnight after giving him his sippy cup of warm milk. And I want to have Twitch’s baby… one of those little dancing babies that Ally McBeal used to see in her fantasies.

    By Jenster on Jul 20, 2011

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