TV Talk Podcast: 7/27/11

July 28, 2011 – 6:42 am

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After some ups and really hardcore downs, Kath and Dan are back with an all new carcast. We discuss the Top 8 performances on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE before plowing through NPH and the rest of our regularly scheduled Summer TV shows. We wish we weren’t gone so long but life has been a real bitch. Regardless, we’re back and ready to make your ears bleed with our insanity. Enjoy. Oh, and don’t forget… Texas Forever!


  • Carcasting, Baseball Bats, Watchdogs and Battery Issues!
  • This week we’ve coined two new SYTYCD catchphrases
  • Kath doesn’t know a classic 80s film and it almost kills Ducky
  • Which True Blooder would Ducky drop his seed in?
  • Summer Catch Up Options including Fringe, Breaking Bad, Supernatural and Doctor Who
  • Glee Casting and Comic-Con Dramarama
  • Friday Nights Lights vs. Harry Potter
  • “We talk about Vaginas enough that we could be Gynos…”
  • For those listeners interested in donating in the memory of Ducky’s Husband Jon, please click here.


    *Recorded: 7/27/11

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    The TV Talk Podcast: 7/27/11


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    1. 10 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 7/27/11”

    2. So so so glad y’all are back!! This brought such joy to the beginning of my day – raunchy, inappropriate joy – but joy nonetheless. Dan, it’s especially good to hear your laughter. I’ve been keeping up with you on twitter in recent weeks and thinking a lot about you.

      I listen to all of your podcasts, and laugh my ass off. But I can’t help but feel a little jealous of your group SYTYCD viewings:) Sounds like y’all have a blast and that your conversations are very similar the text convos my sister and I have during the show. (I also wondered about the appropriateness of the warrior princess comments – and how about Lady Gaga calling Nigel out on his “spread your legs” comment?!) Last night was, in many ways, the perfect episode of SYTYCD. I never thought I’d see Ivan again on my TV, and he did not disappoint! And to me there could be no more perfect combo than shirtless Neil, Melanie, and Mandy Moore and her 80′s/90′s power ballads. I would watch that every week. Is is just me or does Cat have a little crush on Neil also? She was blushing while he was on stage. Girl was on fire last night – she’s half the reason I enjoy this show so much. No other TV host is as invested in his/her job as much as Cat. LOVE.

      There’s no question in my mind that Melanie will win this season – I called it during her audition. Never thought I would say this, but girl is better than Sabra, who dominated her season in a similar way.

      Dan, since you’ve read the books you may or may not agree, but this season of True Blood is following my all time favorite Sookie novel. Thankfully it’s been several years since I read it so I’m not burdened with lots of comparisons, but I feel like they’re staying true to the essence of the Lost Eric/Sookie storyline.

      Sadly, though, because I don’t remember feeling this way with the book, I’m seriously bored with the witches. Aunt Petunia is amazing and should be keeping my attention more, but the flashbacks to the ancient witches seem so cliche and overdone in witch movies/tv that they feel out of place on such a boundary-pushing show like True Blood. BUT, much like Supernatural when that show takes an unexpected turn, I trust the writers and creators enough to know that it will turn into something amazing by the end of the season. And it seems like the show will be around for a long time if HBO keeps supporting it. During some Comic Con interviews, Alan Ball and the cast all seem to be in for the long haul.

      Last thing to say about True Blood without giving much away to those who do not read the books, I’m totally obsessed with Alcide both in the books and on the show. I just hope Alan Ball uses his creative license to make something different happen with his character on the show. I hope that’s vague enough!!

      Again, love y’all so much! Is it creepy of me to say I wish we could be friends?!

      By Emily on Jul 28, 2011

    3. By the way, have you seen the news pictures of Peeta and Gale??

      By Emily on Jul 28, 2011

    4. So good to have you guys back! I always miss you when there’s not a podcast in a while but under the circumstances it had to happen. As long as you come back eventually it’s happy time.

      Just though I’d note on Fringe that calling the alternate Olivia Boliva comes from the call sheets. I do have to admit thought I like Fauxlivia better. Matches up with Walternate so much better.

      By The Deej on Jul 28, 2011

    5. Can I just say that I fucking LOVE you guys and I’m glad that you’re back? This podcast is one of the only things keeping me going these days, so no matter how long you need(ed) for personal stuff, it’s all good with me.

      That being said, my heart goes out to you, Dan, for all that you’re going through.

      Pretty Little Liars is banoodles with a capital OMG. My favorite cliffhangers on television, loving how dark it is this season. I still have absolutely no idea who A is (it’s more than 1 person, I know that much), but I’m loving that pretty much everybody aside from the main 4 girls is a little sketchy. (What the HELL is up with Spencer’s crazy ass dad?) I’d be down for a crazy elaborate conspiracy involving several of these people, though. Just sayin’.

      I’m meh on True Blood. It’s an improvement from season three, but I’m at the point that I don’t care. I’m going to finish the season out because I think that it can only get crazier, but right now, there’s no storyline that I’m terribly invested in. Sookie/Eric is gross, to me. He’s in this weird child-like place that makes it super inappropriate and she’s definitely thinking with Sookie, Jr. because how can she ignore all the stuff Eric’s done in the series? Because she wants a cuddle buddy now that Bill’s gone? I want to like Sookie because I’m all for female heroines on sci-fi/horror shows, but girl is dumb as a box of hair.

      The Jason storyline was tough to watch, for me, because them playing male rape for laughs was a little much. I get that True Blood is very campy and uses dark humor a lot, but while they get props for even having a male rape plot in the first place, it’s kind of irrelevant when they fuck it up (IMO). Instead of the tone being “holy lord, what Jason’s going through is awful and not okay in the slightest”, it’s more “let’s laugh at hillbilly incest” and “Mexican viagra” and I think that’s a shame.

      Loving Tara (and Tara’s impeccable weave), Lafayette, and Jesus together. I know everybody hates Tara for being a “downer”, but I’m glad she’s around to provide a little dose of humanity and common sense. The show’s got WAY too many supernatural entities right now and honestly, I think they could use more human characters to keep some perspective. Enjoying Hoyt/Jessica as always. Sam/Tommy took a really interesting turn last episode, but before that, it was pretty hideous. Pam is typically amazing. I like the witches, but I just hope things get way more turned up the rest of the season. Not feeling Arlene/Terry’s plot, but I like them so much as characters that I’m willing to deal with it. Terry’s too adorable for words, though. Alcide/Debbie seem a little pointless right now, aside from his juicy ass body, but I think he’ll play a key role from here on out. Actually really enjoying Bill as the King, mostly because he was so whipped by Sookie that it’s nice to see him displaying some balls. It makes for fascinating dynamics between him and Sookie/Eric, plus seeing him really stick it to Pam (that’s what she said?) was really cool to see.

      The Friday Night Lights finale made me cry like I’ve never cried before watching television, with the exception of some Buffy episodes and the Six Feet Under series finale. Goodness. “Will you take me with you to Philadelphia” was when I was just done and had to pause it to get myself together. Such a heartfelt, smart, respectful finale that felt like such a natural progression for all the characters. Elated for all the Emmy love it got and hopefully (hopefully!) it can bring at least 1 home.

      What do you guys think about American Horror Story, the show that Connie’s starring in this fall that’s produced/created by the Glee guys?

      I know you both like novel comments and uh, here ya go. *jazz hands*

      By Shilo on Jul 28, 2011

    6. Dan – So sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what you are going through.
      So glad you guys are back podcasting. I missed you.
      Cath – can’t believe you didn’t know Better Off Dead. Such a good movie. Two Dollars!
      Started watching SYTYCD this season because of you guys. Love it! Melanie is amazing. I’m torn on how Gaga did. Didn’t appreciate her interupting everyone, but she came across as a genuine fan of the show.

      Hi Digby!

      Just thinking about the FNL finales makes me teary eyed. Cramzing! Considering doing a re-watch of the whole series. The ending montage was so good. The references to past episodes. The “J Street” grafitti on the locker room wall. Would liked to have seen more of the Lance kid, though.

      By kjc on Jul 28, 2011

    7. So glad to have you guys back, and podcasting. Missesd you guys, and been thinking of you both a lot lately. Thanks for your dedication.

      SYTYCD – I dislike Jess, although this week for some reason (possibly because he took on board NPH’s words) he was actually OK and I didn’t mind his routines.

      Other than that Sasha and Melanie are my faves (like everyone else in the world) as as long as 1 of those 2 win, I’m less bothered.

      Quick question for you both, and indeed other SYTYCD viewers. How do you feel when Choreographers repeat their own routines on other versions of SYTYCD? Last year in the UK We got Tyce’s “cancer dance” (personally much better done in the UK) and this week Mandy adapted a group piece she’s done in the UK to create Tadd and Lauren’s piece tonight. I was a little narked, but not surprised to see the performance come up, because I do think it’s one of Mandy’s best routines. Just a little sad that it wasn’t even acknowledged as being adapted from the UK piece (where the cancer dance performed in the UK was def. mentioned as being from the US show) . But I might be being defensive, because the routine in the UK showcased my UK sytycd boyfriend, Luke.

      That’s all my thoughts for now (will listen to rest of podcast later)

      Thanks for all you guys do. xxx

      By laiq on Jul 28, 2011

    8. Was so glad to hear Ducky laugh. It made me so happy. Really sorry for your loss Dan.

      Teared up a bit at the beginning of the show. Have never and will probably never meet you two guys, but when I heard about Dan’s loss it broke my heart. I have been a fan for years now and really love you guys so when bad things happen to you guys, I feel like it’s happening to one of my closest friends.

      Really enjoyed the episode and as I wrote before, was so happy to hear Ducky happy.

      Also thank you Kath for helping Dan through this tragedy. Love you guys and everyone else who listens to this show. :)

      By Shane on Jul 29, 2011

    9. has the comments section always alternated between white background and blue??
      i feel like it hasn’t but maybe it has….

      have shared my comments re dan’s loss on the other page and didn’t want to get too comical so will say it here

      damnit you are supposed to only make us cry from laughing too much!!

      seriously thou i admire you dan for doing this podcast and i’m hoping that with the help of tv and all the people that listen we are helping you get through this

      not much to say this time, can’t wait for the PLL talk – i hope it is truly epic
      Melissa is evil i tell ya!!! she killed alison i’m damn sure of it

      to weigh in on the dr who comments
      it would be a very large order to start watching dr who, there are many more seasons and while they are short i think you are better off watching fringe – which i still haven’t seen but is on my list
      and the were to start watching dr who.
      you have to start with eccleston.
      tennant is the best doctor in my opinion easy
      BUT to understand the doctor/rose relationship and also the start of the bad wolf plotline you need to watch it from the very start.
      the doctor/rose relationship is why the show is so amazeballs. i’m still sad that it has moved on from that now. lucklily donna helped that a bit being an awesome companion but for other reasons.
      and yeah the new seasons, they are good to a degree but its just not the same anymore.
      even with river songs mystery out in the open.

      i can’t remember what else you guys talked about now.
      oh well til the next podcast, can’t wait

      and lets have some talk about hunger games
      i will second Emily’s questions – have you seen the new peeta and gale pics??

      how frackin hot and perfect does JH look as peeta??

      By nikki nz on Aug 1, 2011

    10. Dan- I’m so sorry for your loss! I’ve always loved your little asides about Jon, you always seemed to have such a great relationship, and this came as a huge shock. Thank you so much for still saddling up and doing the podcast. You and Jon are both in my thoughts.

      By Kate on Aug 1, 2011

    11. Dan and Kath!! Listen, laughter doth good like medicine. Dan, so much of who you are is about joy and laughter, that I am glad you chose to use this vehicle as a way of healing. Laughter will help you more than you know. You are definitely in my prayers.

      Okay- now, Kath. I am 100% with Ducky on the Doc Who vs Fringe question. Watch Fringe this summer (or what’s left of it). But don’t wait to long on Dr. Who because oooooooohhhh, honey! It is some good sh-t. Again Ducky is right about starting with Eggleston, although his Dr. Who was pretty dry. But you learn alot about Rose and she become a big character in seasons to follow. I started watching Dr. Who in 2009 as a fluke. Nothing on, I was flipping channels and landed on PBS. OMG!!! Awesomeness. You will love it. However, Fringe is a whole different animal. Like you, I am a Pacey-ist. I loved this character so much, so Joshua Jackson can do no wrong in my eyes. EVER. That being said, his character in Fringe is Pacey, all grown up and mega smart. You will enjoy!

      By chitown_mimi on Aug 9, 2011

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