TV Talk Podcast: 8/10/11

August 11, 2011 – 6:26 am

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Well it wouldn’t be the TV Talk Podcast without some injuries, some dance, some Digby, some vulgar language, and some even more vulgar imagery. Welcome to our nightmare! This week we’re back to cover the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Season 8 Performance Finale and pick our winner(s). Plus, we’ll cover some of our favorite summer shows. Pour yourself an iced tea, put the kids to bed because its time to listen to the latest TV Talk Podcast.


  • Summer Confusion
  • SYTYCD Finale Shenanigans
  • Sex Barrels, Shitty Bookends, Absodutely, Sweaty Leepers, Gum Boot Who?
  • We coined a new phrase: FISTICALITY (just listen…)
  • The latest fashion craze… muffs
  • Dirty Dungeons, Ugly Antics and Pretty Little Liars
  • Xander or Nicholas Cassadine?
  • Kath needs some V, STAT
  • Boxed Wine
  • Ducky Broke the Bad
  • Digby Breaks Ducky
  • Answer This: Are things lost if you haven’t really looked for them?

    *Recorded: 8/10/11

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    The TV Talk Podcast: 8/10/11


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    1. 11 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 8/10/11”

    2. There is a very good reason for no Jean-Marc, too busy with the Canadian edition that just got down to the Top 12. You want something better than this stupid US season, catch some of the dances on youtube.

      By The Deej on Aug 11, 2011

    3. Yay! New podcast!!!

      I think SYTYCD has been a big pile of meh all season. What makes it even weirder is that I enjoyed so many of the performances (but I can never remember them after they’re over) AND I think this is a really strong top 4. I liked having the all stars come in at top 10, the “shock” boots (Nick & Jess) weren’t my favorites, so I didn’t care, they brought in some new choreographers – still meh.

      Worst moment of the whole night was in the Cha Cha when Tadd smacked Sasha on the ass. What the hell was that? Then afterwords Sasha was giving Tadd dirty looks and wouldn’t put her arm around him. Hilarious! I’d like for Melanie to win, I think she’s the strongest dancer.

      PLL is AWESOME!!! I’m loving it, but the girls are so dumb sometimes! Some of the “clues” are so terrible, but the girls stupidly believe everything.

      White Collar was off for the season for me. However, I normally think the show makes more sense when you watch the episodes closer together, and I forgot to watch their marathon, so maybe it will be better for you.

      Project Runway – still too many contestants for me to have any idea who is making what. I don’t really have any early favorites yet, besides Tim Gunn.

      By Dawn on Aug 11, 2011

    4. Hey guys.
      Love the podcast. It is always a good hour break from my incredibly boring summer job.
      I was hoping that sometime soon you guys could maybe talk about new fall shows that you have heard good things about/are excited for. I feel like you guys have introduced me to some good shows that I wouldn’t have watched on my own (Vampire Diaries, PLL, etc.)

      And obviously we need a Hunger Games update from you guys.

      By Alex on Aug 11, 2011

    5. i think the meh-factor is the lack of Wade Robson, Mia Michaels, Dave Scott as choreographers, along with some terrible guest judges (Debbie ALLEN! Not Debbie Reynolds you dummys!). I kept hearing Katie Holmes talking but she wasn’t saying anything…strong, powerful, beautiful costume..she kept looking down at her notes that obviously only had 5 or 6 adjectives. I only disagree with You about the Melanie strut/shoe routine. It was one of two that I liked. I half-liked a few and loved the Mark/Sasha/Sonya routine. I loved seeing Joshua again and he killed in a very sub-par routine. I tried to glance over at Tadd but he was just not good in comparison. I am re-watching Season 6 on the Ovation channel and really like seeing Vegas week knowing who makes the show (Mia said during Vegas week that she could see Russell in the Top Ten..she has an eye for talent!)..and who will make the show in a later season. I wish Nigel would stop proclaiming the “best EVER” when he talks about the dancers…it really offends me like he’s telling the viewers and past contestants that it was crap we were seeing and they were producing.

      I don’t watch a lot of the shows you watch, (I’m your typical procedural watcher mostly. Burn Notice, The Closer, In Plain Sight, White Collar, etc. Basically anything on TNT or USA) but I’d love some Psych shout-outs when the come back in October. They have so many one-liners and I hope James Roday and Dule Hill eventually get some Emmy love!

      By Toast with JAM on Aug 13, 2011

    6. Hey guys! Great podcast again! Have you seen the new promo for Vampire Diaries? You HAVE to talk about it! (Except if you hate spoilers, that’s cool!)

      Anyway, glad to have you back!!

      By Emily on Aug 13, 2011

    7. Yay! New podcast! I love you guys, you’re seriously entertaining and I love hearing you laugh together! I listen to you while running and I’m sure I look like a fucking lunatic ’cause half the time I can’t help laughing out loud or grinning like a madwoman at all the insanity…

      So, SYTYCD. I kind of liked the season, but wasn’t as invested as in years past. I started out liking Melanie but, like a lot of other people, I got a little fed up with her consistently getting styles in her comfort zone and getting ridiculous praise from the judges (although I can’t really blame the girl, that’s not her fault). I haven’t yet watched the finale, not sure if I will after all the negative comments I read.

      Love having Project Runway back! Don’t have a clear favorite yet, it’s still pretty early in the season (after the first episode I kind of loved Bert, but after eps 2 and 3 I really, really dislike him). I’m excited for the All Star season too, no idea when that’ll be on though. Seems like a pretty good cast!

      Oh, and Top Chef Just Desserts is coming back at the end of August, are you going to watch that?? I’m curious to see if they’ve worked out some of the kinks of the first season.

      Like Alex, I wonder if you’ve seen any of the new fall shows and whether there are any standouts or completely awful ones. I haven’t seen any promos/pilots, but based on buzz and show descriptions I think I’ll check out Pan Am, Up All Night, 2 Broke Girls and maybe Prime Suspect (didn’t care for the original, but I like Maria Bello so I might watch the pilot to see what it’s like).

      Anyway, loved the podcast as always, so glad you’re back!

      By Juul on Aug 14, 2011

    8. I was wondering if you guys watched Switched at Birth this season. I know you both love abcfamily shows (PLL, Greek ect). SAB is awesome! If you guys watched this season (or half a season abcfamily is weird like that) I would love you hear what you thought!
      As usual I loved the podcast! Hope everything is going well for both of you!

      By Mary on Aug 15, 2011

    9. I wanted to know what you guys thought about the Cameron thing on The Glee Project. I understood why he did what he did but I wanted to hear your thoughts about it.

      SYTYCD wasn’t magical for me this season. I don’t think Melanie is as special as everyone makes her out to be. The best thing for me about the finale was Nick in that tap routine. My favorite being eliminated so early on soured me for the entire season. Nigel was a huge douche and most guest judges were pointless. Whatevs.

      Pretty Little Liars is still fierce. I hope the A thing isn’t dragged beyond this season though, not for the caracters but the audience. They need to reveal who A is to us, the viewers, but not the girls. That way we can see both sides of things and see A in action and her POV. We’ve spent quite a while in the mystery of Who’s A and it is getting kind of old and redundant, so I think us finally knowing who it is would be fun.

      By Mia on Aug 16, 2011

    10. Again, I’m behind on my podcast listening, but finally I’m catching up!

      Firstly – all the talk of FISTING was highly inappropriate … and I loved it! Even though I was on a public transit bus, and worried people would be able to hear it through my headphones and judge me.

      SYTYCD thoughts … I did enjoy this season, and I think it was due mostly to my love for Melanie. She’s a cute little pixie of a girl, and I loved her dancing. I also loved her and Marko as a pair, so that carried me through. I was 100% happy with the outcome, and it was exactly as I thought it would be. But a fellow listener hit the nail on the head up above – as the quality of choreographers – where the heck is Mia Michaels, and Wade Robson?? Mia possibly has a movie in the works, but Wade? Where’s he at??

      Now, can I just ask – you guys kind of slightly mentioned Lee Pace and I think Matt Bomer too … are they gay?? I hadn’t heard that, and of course I totally have a chance with Lee (obviously!), but … I’ve only heard rumours before, and a Google search turned up junk. So … do you know something we don’t know??

      By Kimber on Aug 21, 2011

    11. Kimber, unfortunately for us ladies Matt Bomer is gay. I will continue to dream… no idea about Lee Pace, though.

      By Alyssa on Aug 22, 2011

    12. Unf. Matt Bomer being gay is a piece of info that I find surprisingly hot. My mind is being supremely dirty right now!

      By Octavia on Aug 24, 2011

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