TV Talk Podcast: 8/30/11

August 31, 2011 – 7:29 am

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Hard to believe summer is wrapping up but it’s true. We plow through the latest summer finales, a couple summer shows in full swing, and some shows that just started. There’s TV casting news to discuss and plenty of off-color commentary. (Sorry non-PLL watchers, the first 50 mins is related to the finale)


  • “I hate when you use your dead husband as an excuse!”
  • The latest TV Talk Podcast Drinking Game
  • The TV Talk Podcast Storm Naming Machine
  • “Listen, I’ve been reading…” (Summer Book Recos)
  • Pretty Little Liars goes After Dark for their Summer Finale
  • We create yet another new word for the TV Talk Lexicon
  • Farm? Garage? Can we Fiona a physical location? Find out in the 30 min. mark.
  • Kath’s a Gaycist
  • BBC Invasion
  • True Blood: Season 4, the season of joy and pain
  • Summer TV Catch Up
  • Latest TV casting news

    *Recorded: 8/30/11

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    The TV Talk Podcast: 8/30/11


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    1. 10 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 8/30/11”

    2. Glad to have you guys back! LOVED your PLL podcast!And you guys gave me a freaking heart attack! I had NO idea there was going to be a Halloween episode! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

      I agree with you, Spencer is my favorite! But I can’t believe she broke up with Toby! And freaking Wren! What is up with that guy? I don’t trust him, he smiles too much! It’s creepy!

      Anyway, can’t wait for this fall! (TVD!!!)

      By Emily on Aug 31, 2011

    3. Just thought you should know, since you keep saying she is…,,20515628,00.html

      By Tim (@rural_juror) on Sep 2, 2011

    4. OMG PLL ended up being my favorite summer show. I was burned out last season in the second half, but it got super exciting again. The dolls were so deliciously creepy. The combination of pretty with creepy is so fabulous on this show.

      Kath, i’m having the exact same thing with True Blood. I’m not excited to watch the episodes I have on the DVR, but feel like I should watch them anyway. Like you, I think the problem is the lack of human perspective. There’s barely any human emotion, therefore it’s not relatable at all and the value lies in the ridiculousness of it all. The stakes also don’t seem very high because unlike the Vampire Diaries, on True Blood they never kill characters anymore. I’m so sick of Andy’s “storyline”, he serves no purpose to the show yet he’s still there. Hoyt has become downright unlikable, the Hoyt/Jess ship is destroyed, as soon as Erik/Sookie happened it ceased to be interesting… I could go on. Maybe I was spoiled by the pace on TVD but the way barely nothing happens on TB makes it boring to me.

      On BB, I was surprised to find myself rooting for Jeff to be evicted. He was my favorite on season 11, but this time around I found him very cocky. Since the Dumbledore rant, he was never the same to me again. He and Jordan are still adorbs though.

      Love listening to you guys. Some things that come out of your mouths are amazing and leave me laughing for minutes on end.

      Hope you do the fall preview thing, I always like your insight on what shows I should look forward to.

      By Mia on Sep 3, 2011

    5. I think that finale of PLL was so awesome. Just a lot of shocks and twists, and exactly what you want from a finale. Can’t wait for the Halloween episode.

      Awkward is just really great, and really turning around the image for MTV. They are so known for Jersey Shore, and now they are finding great shows like Awkward. Teen Wolf is slowly evolving into something great as well. My favorite thing about Awkward though is definitely the humor, because it’s very Mean Girls-esque and very truthful. Definitely a gem!

      By Jenny on Sep 3, 2011

    6. Hey guys – love the podcast! I look forward to you guys like you wouldn’t believe – it’s almost sad! :)

      A few things:
      – Kath – look into Apple TV – for watching your iTunes ON your TV, it’s the best. I live overseas in Qatar right now, but I want to watch all my shows – and not on the computer. I’m like you and if I’m home on my couch, I’d rather be watching my TV than my computer. And since I have to download all my shows – bc everything is about 3 seasons behind in Qatar – I love the Apple TV. Especially since the price went down – it was $249.99 and it didn’t have half the features it has now. The price went down to $99 – which really is nothing when you consider how much I spend on DVDs and other TV paraphernalia, and you can “rent” shows and movies on iTunes for 24 hours or something like that. It’s basically what you were saying you wanted ONDemand to be – having all your shows where you could just rent them ONDemand and then watch them on your TV. The Apple TV also lets you beam anything that is already in your iTunes over your Wifi to your TV – so anything you already have, you can watch on your TV instead of on your computer. You can also watch your Netflix account on your TV, if you have that – and I think you can use youtube and some other sites too. Not Hulu yet, but that would be amazing if they ever add it. And reading this I realize I kind of sound like an ad for Apple but I promise – I just really like mine and it is almost exactly what you were describing in the podcast that you wanted ONDemand to be.

      - Dan – I completely agree with you on Trueblood about the Debbie Pelt thing – it is one of the more interesting developments in the book and I’m bummed because it’s looking like they aren’t going to do it right. And it’s wierd because the thing I do like about the show, is that as much as they screw up all the other character’s storylines – (and not necessarily in a bad way, just adding in details and storylines and people to flesh out the story of the books because they only focus on Sookie) – they have been pretty good about keeping Sookie’s storylines consistent with what happens in the books. One correction tho, in the books, Sookie kills Debbie – not Eric. Debbie busts in with a gun and Sookie takes her out with Gran’s trusty shot gun. The secret is that Eric shows up and knows she killed her – and he burries the body – and Sookie doesn’t know where. So when Eric goes back to being normal, she can’t ask him where the body is, because she doesn’t want to tell regular Eric that she’s killed someone, because she thinks he’d hold it against her, or think less of her – there are a few reasons she doesn’t want him to know. But she’s always nervous that somebody is going to find the body, because she isn’t sure how well no-memory Eric hid the body. Anyway, not to be a stickler for the book storyline – but it does set up a very good dynamic between Sookie and Eric – and I really like the Debbie actress too – but I don’t think they should keep her at the sacrificing of a main Sookie storyline. It’s also a pretty big deal that Sookie kills her. Sookie has killed vampires and other wierder supernatural creaturs – but Debbie is much more human-esque, even tho she’s a werewolf. It’s harder for Sookie to shake off killing her than when she kills vampires or tother stuff. Anyway, all in all, I’m enjoying this season of True Blood, probably more than season 3 – which I thought was all over the place and never came together even in the finale – but I agree. Too many characters, too many diverging storylines that don’t have a point. Bon Temps could stand a serial killer storyline to weed out some of the chaff!

      - Doctor Who!! – I was a little mixed on my thoughts for the first half of this season – the 2 episodes about the flesh seemed slow – and I didn’t love the pirate episode. But I must say, these first 2 back have been excellent. I’m still torn on how I feel about River being Amy’s daughter, and I did kind of see that coming – only about 3 episodes before they revealed it – but it’s setting up some pretty great dynamics. And I agree with you – I LOVE all the characters. I love Amy, I love Rory, I love River and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Matt Smith as the Doctor. But sometimes I’m not sure they gel together as a group – and Amy does feel out of place. I get Rory – he’s more the conscience of the group and he’s there to be awed and amazed by things. River is badass and she’s the Doctor’s equal. But Amy doesn’t always have a purpose beyond being Amy – which works most of the time but not always.

      - Torchwood – I’m not feeling Torchwood as much this season. I’ve loved every other season but I’m not liking this one as much. I’m 3 episodes behind at this point and I’m finding it hard to catch up. I’m sure I will – and maybe my opinion will change when I watch the next 3 episodes – but right now I’m not connecting with anyone. The new people don’t really work for me and even Jack and Gwen feel very disconnected from what they’ve been in past seasons. The Americanization of the show is draining it of some of the unique-ness and flavor that I really liked about the first 3 seasons.

      - So glad you are watching Game of Thrones! I loved it! That is all… :)

      - Kath – I need a support group because I watch Big Brother, I know Rachel is a horrible human being, but I LOVE her and can’t stop watching her!! I don’t know what it is – but I’m always on her side and I kind of want her to win – even tho there is no way in hell she will – because everyone in that house hates her – but I don’t care!! :)

      Ok – that’s it for now – I’ve been away on vacation so I haven’t been able to watch the PLL finale yet – I skipped over that section of the podcast, I’ll come back to it once I’ve watched it tonight – can’t wait – from what I did hear – I can tell it’s going to be Cramazing! haha

      And I have 3 eps of The Lying Game sitting on my Apple Tv to watch – so we’ll see if it’s worth my time. I’ve heard good and bad things, both from sources I tend to agree with – so we’ll see how this one lands for me.

      Oh – and btw – Charisma and Spike are going to be on Supernatural! Come on Kath, first you can’t watch the end of the season and now you can’t even remember it’s press items? Where’s the love? haha…. :) I remembered because there is a cute picture online of Jared with Charisma and he’s kind of geeking out because he was Buffy fan. It should be a good ep!

      And Divergent looks like an interesting book – might have to pick that one up…but I think I’ll wait til more than one is out to read it. I am so impatient when I’m reading a book series that isn’t all out…I HATE waiting! :)

      Thanks for the podcast guys – I always love it!
      Keep them coming and I can’t wait for your takes on the new fall season – so get to watching!! :)

      By Shannon on Sep 4, 2011

    7. -Doctor Who- Regarding Amy, I don’t think we’ve seen all that we’re going to see from her, as far as the ultimate storyline. There is still that whole crack in time and the TARDIS exploding and The SILENCE will fall business that still hasn’t been flushed out. I think her purpose is still to come.

      By JasTay on Sep 4, 2011

    8. Hey guys!! As usual, awesome podcast. Before I start, let me say this- Dan, you are an amazing person and I have so much respect for you doing these podcasts when I know how difficult things have been for you. Just know we all are supporting you and glad to hear that charming voice!

      DocWho- I read what everyone said about the character Amy, but I am agreeing with JasTay about not seeing all of Amy. I feel like the show never explored this issue about her parents or her aunt. I think there is something in that, because I feel like she’s never felt like she was wanted or important, which reminds me alot of the companion Donna. In a lot of ways, she is still that little girl that he first met. I’m loving Doc Who, which kind of suprises me because I didn’t think I would warm up to Matt Smith. Yet, I love him as the Doctor. He’s odd, and funny, and just fits perfectly. I really wish Captain Jack could meet up with him, because we still haven’t finished with Jack/ the face of Bog yet. which brings me to…

      Torchwood- I’m torn to be honest. I have really enjoyed some of the episodes of this miniseries and others were just blah, but I don’t want the show to end. I’m really afraid they will try to kill off Jack, which would truly break my heart. This miniseries has its uneven parts, but to me that is typical for Torchwood as a whole. From the beginning of the show, they have struggled finding its’ niche and keeping the right tone and focus. The last miniseries “Children of Earth” was the first time that Torchwood was simply amazing, from beginning to end. I don’t see that continuity with this miniseries.

      I am so excited about the new fall season. I am sick of these crappy summer shows. Last night there was NOTHING ON. NOTHING. I need some fresh shows to come through. When are you guys going to have your preseason review? I’ll be waiting!!

      By chitown_mimi on Sep 7, 2011

    9. Has no one been watched the 1st season of Suits?

      By JasTay on Sep 9, 2011

    10. Sadly I’m a bit behind on my podcasts thanks to my big OE and then recovery time but I’m back into it now and so happy that you talked the ass out of the PLL mid season finale.
      You raised a few good points that got me thinking – I didn’t notice the maya boots thing either but rewatching season 1 which I managed to pick up on my trip I noticed a few things.
      Maya quickly latches onto Emily, like she just met this girl yet in some ways seems like she already knows something about Emily. I mean it seems to me that she came with the agenda to get Emily to confront her conflicted emotions and help her accept being gay. Or is that just me?
      Also she could care less about the picture that was stolen from the photo booth. It is almost like she knew it wouldn’t be there.

      So maybe Maya is one of the A’s – I am convinced that there is more than one.
      Somehow they are maybe all linked back to a summer camp or something like that where they fell victim to Alison’s cruelty and decided to get back at her, and then her friends.

      In regards to the stakes being a bit higher. A breaking into Spencer’s house and writing on the mirror in that lipstick was damn creepy. And not forgetting that in season one Hanna was run over.
      It almost seems to me that they are trying to really break them one by one. Hannah seems like the weakest link in season one but after her A ordeal comes out of it a bit stronger and so A moves onto Emily.
      Wow maybe A is doing this for their benefit and trying to help them stop having so many secrets and to make them stand up for themselves more.
      Sure it’s a screwed up way to do it but there has been times when it seems like A is really trying to help them.

      Whatever the motive or whoever A is I really hope we don’t find out for many seasons to come – cos when we do find out it would have to end the show and I still want PLL in my life for a few more years yet.

      By nikki nz on Oct 3, 2011

    11. *JasTay

      i watched the first ep of suits on the plane and LOVED IT!!!

      would love to watch more but was the first i’d heard of it

      By nikki nz on Oct 3, 2011

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