TV Talk Podcast: Fall TV Preview 2011 (Part 1)

September 30, 2011 – 7:33 pm

We know that the new Fall TV season has already started. We’ve done our best to try and meet up but it’s taken us a little bit to make schedules work. We’re happy to announce that finally Kath and Dan were able to meet up and discuss all things Fall TV 2011.

Because we talked for over 3.5 hours, we’ve split the podcast into 2 parts. I mean, we love a dramatic Fall TV Event but we don’t know if you need 3.5 hours in one sitting. As Sadie from AWKWARD would say: “You’re Welcome!”

Fall TV Podcast (Part 1)


  • Fall TV Preview – we go through each night of the week, talk about all of the new and returning shows. We stop to discuss any shows that strike our fancy, stay tuned!
  • “Anywhoozle”-gate 2011.
  • We’re always so professional… eating, drinking or crumpling of things never happens during the recording of this podcast!
  • What new fall show do we describe as “Jurassic Park meets GLEE”?
  • We go very in depth over the first two episodes of GLEE as well as give a mildly spoilerific preview of next week’s episode “Asian F” (which we’ve both watched). What keeps us coming back and what makes us almost quit the show week to week? Find out gleeks!
  • What character misstep and plotpoint made Ducky so mad he had to eat a donut during the podcast? Tune in to find out!
  • Shows covered in Part 1: Fall TV Preview, How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl, Terra Nova, The Sing-Off, Hart of Dixie, House, The Playboy Club, Last Man Standing, Glee, New Girl, Raising Hope, Ringer, Parenthood

    *Recorded: 9/30/11

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    The TV Talk Podcast: Fall TV Preview 2011 (Part 1)


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    1. 14 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: Fall TV Preview 2011 (Part 1)”

    2. I appreciate a good Jonas Salk reference in a TV podcast. Hopefully you guys can work in some Eli Whitney and George Washington Carver in the future.

      I thought that Hart of Dixie was adorable. I’ve never warmed to Rachel Bilson, but I completely believed her and I found her to be more charming than I expected. It felt very old school WB, which I will always appreciate, and Scott Porter is one of my TV boyfriends, so I’m inherently geared toward liking anything he’s in. It’s not amazing or earth shattering, but I think it has the potential to grow and that’s all you can ask for in a pilot. (At least, for me.)

      The Playboy Club isn’t bad. It’s not as good as it can be, but its made progress from the pilot and the world is (slowly) being formed. Amber Heard and Laura Benanti are by far my favorite parts of it (they bring a lot of energy and vibrancy to the show which it sometimes lacks); their power dynamic felt very Showgirls-y, for some reason.

      I agree that Eddie Cibrian is the weakest link, but it’s not because of Rimes-gate (there are people doing much worse in the entertainment industry that still have careers); it’s that he’s wooden and has ZERO charisma. Everything that takes place at the club (and features the bunnies) pops, but his storyline drags the show down too much. I’m still watching, though.

      New Girl was awful. (It’s the only pilot that I’ve not at least found some potential in.) Smug, overly precious, too reliant on “Zooey being Zooey”, trying WAY too hard. I didn’t have any preconceived hatred for Zooey going into the show, as I hadn’t seen her act enough to form an opinion, but Jesus…it was a STRUGGLE to make it through the pilot.

      LOVE Raising Hope. Martha Plimpton was robbed at the Emmys IMO.

      The Ringer hate online was a little excessive. It may have had rough moments in the pilot, but I don’t think it’s deserving of the scorn that it received. (It almost seemed like people took it personally that it wasn’t another Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which didn’t go from good to amazing until season 2.) The boat scene was silly, but the show’s backed away from the CGI in the last two episodes and it’s become this pretty interesting combination of noir and soap. Plus, SMGG and Ioan Gruffudd are really awesome together.

      Parenthood has been solid this season. Not amazing, not spectacular, but I’ve been enjoying where it’s going. I completely agree with you, Kath, about Julia and the baby black market storyline. It’s ridiculous and I’m glad that they seem to be backing off of it; I get that it’s supposed to show how desperate she is to have a baby, but I couldn’t take it seriously. Lauren Graham and Jason Ritter have insane chemistry and have been the best part of the show this season, which makes me sad because he’s only going to be in 13 episodes this season.

      I watched Six Feet Under last summer. It’s one of those shows I can see how well made it is and the performances are so good, but by the end, I hated every single character (main or recurring) with a passion. It’s worth it for the payoff in the last episode, but it got too bitter and angry for me at some points.

      The only other things I’m watching on Monday/Tuesday are The Lying Game, Basketball Wives: LA, and Death Valley.

      Happy to hear from you guys. Can’t wait for part 2. :)

      By Shilo on Sep 30, 2011

    3. stayed up til 2am listening & laughed so hard i peed a little…or alot :D

      By And I'm Tiff - nayyyy on Sep 30, 2011

    4. Terra Nova is really a miss in my book so far. With pilots you want to keep viewers interested, but the pilot mostly had me bored and wishing it was over just so I could say I watched the pilot. I might give it another chance, but the ratings are so lack luster I doubt it will get a second season. Terra Nova can’t get a full season pick up. Because of the special effects Fox limited it to 13 episodes.

      Hart of Dixie- I don’t think The CW can do family shows like Everwood. Rachel Bilson as a doctor is an instant pass in my book.

      Glee has gotten a lot of backlash from the awful writing that was season two. The ratings have gone down a lot. I’m hoping the show can regain some of those lost viewers with better writing.Bad ass Quinn is bad not only because it’s poorly written, but another reason is Dianna is kind of a weak actress.Um… didn’t they say Mike Chang couldn’t sing or am I mistaken?

      New Girl- I have to say this show is so mediocre. I watched the promo for this show, and I literally cringed. It was too over-the-top. I watched the pilot, and I thought it was okay. The second episode was an improvement, but still nothing great. With comedies it takes a while to find your groove, but New Girl is seriously over hyped in my opinion. The writers need to work on the males and making them more funny. Raising Hope owns New Girl in terms on funniness.

      Raising Hope is just comedy at it’s best. A super gem that I look forward to the most. The cast just gels, and I can’t say enough great things about this show.

      Parenthood- Continues to be consistently good. It’s not Everwood or Jack & Bobby, but it’s a pretty good show with enough interesting story lines going on.

      By Jenny on Oct 1, 2011

    5. Aren’t you gonna get in trouble for telling us 80% of next week’s Glee? Lol spoiler that how u cover your butt?

      I laughed out loud when Dan said “sorry to interrupt” cuz that’s how you guys roll is to talk excitedly at the same time! That is in no way a complaint cuz I listen to podcasts that are way too dull. You guys are refreshingly refreshing!

      Chris Colfer has only a few solos hat I actually enjoy..I’ll have my ff at the ready next week!

      You called out Courtney Galliano, I’ve been watching Season 7 SYTYCD on Ovation Channel and Melinda Sullivan was in the Lindsay scene tap dancing.

      I’m watching DWTS for the first time in a few’s kinda painful. They don’t really get people I care about. We’ll see if I can stay with it. They used to let them practice a lot more before the season even started so they werent so hard to watch..not anymore. When Demi Lovato performed on the results night she had 4 dancers possibly all SYTYCDers..Ryan, Robert? Katherine? It was hard to tell for sure.

      Dan, last season of Biggest Loser was a pretty good one except for the new trainers. The new trainer this season, Dolvett, is a great addition and I really miss Jillian. Sounds like the producers made her last season really miserable so it doesn’t sound like she’ll ever come back, which makes me sad

      By Toast with JAM on Oct 1, 2011

    6. Good to hear you guys back and carcasting …. carrrrrrcassssstingggggg!

      I always giggle and laugh at the stuff you guys are saying, but it’s rare that I will actually cry with laughter – but well done with the “anywhoozle” controversy I had tears rolling down my face.

      As for actual TV.
      HIMYM – I was also annoyed when they tried to bring Ted / Robin back into the mix. I REALLY REALLY hope this doesn’t carry on for too long, we KNOW Robin isn’t the Mother. Please lets move on. (and get Robin and Barney to that wedding we keep seeing – because that’s what I’m holding out for now!!)

      Gossip Girl – I was excited for the return, but mainly because I love one of the guest stars (Ethan Peck, who played Mitchell Serena’s immediate supervisor) I thought “lame” at the Doroda reveal, but it definitely paid off when we got Blair’s reveal. And actually as much as I know end game is Blair and Chuck, I kind of like Dan and Blair as a couple. (sorry I can be such a shipper)

      Hart of Dixie – I started out hating Rachel Bilson’s character, and figured this wouldn’t be a show I would pick up after all (but Josh Schwartz is the new Joss Whedon for me ;) ) but by the end I was tearing up at the birthing scenes. It took me by surprise, and while it isn’t my favourite new show, I’ll keep watching.

      Parenthood – still solid for me, and I think this weeks episode bought the Julia / baby adoption storyline some real clarity, and bought her up short as she realised that despite being a lawyer and knowing that there is always 2 sides to every argument, she’d not considered the coffee girls side. Other than that I enjoy the show it’s just a pleasant hour of TV.

      New Girl – I do like this show. A lot. It makes me smile and laugh, I like the chemistry between the leads and I want to be Jess’ friend too, who wouldn’t. Also got really confused at actor crossover because Happy Endings has only just started being shown here in the UK, and so I thought I would start watching (thanks again you guys another show you influenced a listener to start watching) I love Happy Endings too.

      Glee – Oh Glee. I didn’t enjoy the pilot. I felt it was just a lot of exposition and no real plot and drove me a bit nuts because there wasn’t enough focus. This week’s episode I loved. I really enjoyed it. But it very much feels like they picked up the fact that many people moaned that all these threads that should have been picked up in season 2 weren’t and so now they are going back, and basically erasing season 2 altogether. I’m nervous for next week, but I’m willing to give the writers a little more time to settle down and create something I suspect they are capable of (come on Ali Adler and Marti Noxon I’m counting on you guys now) They show that they were handed from Ryan Murphey needed a lot of sorting out, and I suspect that by mid season we will see a much improved, intelligent show. There was a sight gag in the pilot that I’ve not seen anyone mention that gives me hope (the gun show sign…. did no-one else see it?) Also I have always gotten that girl and Amber Riley confused because she was also on Huge, and I kept thinking she was Amber Riley – so it’s not just you being Racist Kath, they do honestly look alike ;)

      Looking forward to part 2, and hopefully some Awkward discussion. xxx

      By Laiq on Oct 1, 2011

    7. Yay, a new podcast! Missed you guys. How am I suppose to know what new shows to watch without your advice?

      Don’t know if you caught the reunion pic EW had of the cast of Home Improvement, but JTT is still looking good. The other kids, not so much.

      I just can’t with The New Girl. Saw so many promos while watching SYTYCD. Before that I didn’t really have any strong feelings about Zooey (thought she was sweet on the Top Chef episode), but her character was sooo aggresively quirky. Just too much.
      Watched the first epi of Ringer and was shocked on how bad the green screen was during the boat scene. Was going give it another chance. But when Tuesday came around the next week, just decided nah, there had to be something more interesting in my netflix queue to watch. didn’t hate it, just ambivalent.

      Liked your comments Shilo

      Looking forward to part 2

      By kjc on Oct 1, 2011

    8. I just found your podcast and am hooked. Looking forward to part 2 of the fall preview. You both were saying exactly what I am thinking.

      Have tried to watch The Sing-Off but I am so turned off by Nick Lachey that I just can’t sit through it. He just needs to stand there and look good. Nick just comes off wooden as a host.

      Playboy Club is a show that fits the “no great, but not bad”. I have to watch the second episode still which kind of shows that it hasn’t hit importance on my viewing schedule. Eddie Cibrian is definitely the weak link. There might be some due to everything that happened with Leann Rimes but it is more with his acting. He just isn’t that good of an actor to carry the lead on a show.

      Loved all the Glee talk and preview of episode 3. I have pretty much come to the conclusion to ignore season 2 in order to really enjoy this season. I am perfectly fine with them going back to season 1 stories because I didn’t enjoy season 2 at all. Nothing really seemed connected or was simply written to please fanboard fanatics. With the first episodes I felt like we have a road map of where stories could be going and the stories are actually based on characters. The songs haven’t been great, but I would give up better songs for better story any day.

      Can’t wait for part 2.

      By Jenny on Oct 1, 2011

    9. So happy to have a new podcast!
      I purposely saved them to listen to today (Sunday) ’cause I have to work, and the podcasts make work so much easier.

      I love listening to your rundowns of the new and old shows.

      I really have nothing to say until the next podcast.

      Mondays – I don’t watch anything (except I have my mom call me when Carson Kressley dances on DWTS because he is hilarious).

      Tuesdays – I tracked Glee spoilers all summer, but then couldn’t make myself watch the show. It just sucked so much last year. Almost every episode had at least one great thing or line or joke, but the show was mostly terrible. All I did was pick it apart and bitch about it, so I’m not watching Glee this year. I still love reading and listening to people’s reactions to it. Maybe I’m hoping it will get good enough that I’ll start watching again.

      I did watch The New Girl, and I actually didn’t love it. All the promos during SYTYCD revealed almost all of the first episode. The second episode was probably better, though it was weird to bring in a brand new character. I know they had to because DWJ is on Happy Endings, but it was still sort of off putting. So I agree with you there. I’ll probably continue to watch just because I have nothing else to watch Tuesdays. I don’t know if I can have two nights in a row of reading books with no TV (Also, I have Divergent on reserce at the library!!!)

      By Dawn on Oct 2, 2011

    10. Yay! You guys are back. LOL at the Ringer hate, I totally agree! That green screen was ridiculous! Hello, Vampire Diaries is in the same network and has done it flawlessly when Elena and Katherine are in the same shot. Heck, in my youtube amateur shorts of zero dollar budgets, i’ve done a better job – You just keep the camera in place, shoot each girl on one side on the shot and then join the split screens together, Adobe Premiere practically does it for you!

      Oh Glee. I keep hoping it gets better and it just doesn’t. You gus didn’t talk about my biggest pet peeve in the first episode. Will Shuester talking about his bedroom troubles with Emma to Figgins and Shue! Emma deserves better than Shue, seriously, he’s gross and now he wants to “fix her”? Ew. My other big pet peeve this season is the lack of Finn. Also, the endless broadway songs with hardly any well known songs in the first two episodes. I disagree with you guys on one thing though: I love Pink hair Quinn, she’s so much more entertaining to me like this, I thoughgt Sue’s campaign video with her was genius.

      So happy you found the gem that is Awkward on the worst network in the world.

      Part 2! Part 2!!

      Thanks for taking the time to do this guys!

      By Mia on Oct 2, 2011

    11. this is the FIRST time i have screamed “NOOOOOOO” to something you guys said, cos i usually concur with your exquisite tastes ;)

      i thoroughly DETESTED “new girl”. it’s a travesty that the far FAR superior “my boys” was cancelled and this drivel is allowed to exist. i’ve never felt either way about deschanel, but in this, i just COULD . NOT . STAND . HER. watched the second episode and it only served to reaffirm my initial reaction to the series.

      By ben on Oct 3, 2011

    12. Ben – You are wrong. Simple as that.

      HA – I kid! Not every show is for everyone. I crush on Ms. Zooey big time and I’m bound forever to her charms.

      By Kath on Oct 3, 2011

    13. Hey Guys!!
      OK let me start off by saying, one of the best things about your podcast is the fact that you sound like you are having so much damn fun doing this! I love that! I have listening to podcasts where I wonder “why the hell do you watch tv, if it’s going to make you sound like you have a stick up your ass?” But I digress,on to the shows…

      GLEE- I agree with you Kath, about what I thought I wanted from the show. Something is missing from this show that I cannot put my finger on. I am going to keep tuning in, but I gotta say- I am anxious to see NBC’s SMASH. Maybe this show will be able to pick up what GLEE is missing.

      CASTLE- You only touched a tiny iota on its return, but it is seriously a solid viewing. Nathan is lovely, as always, and the cast is pretty strong. Definitely a DVR saver for the weekends.

      New Girl- I’ll give it a try, based on your recommendation, but there really isn’t a great pull and I think it’s because Zooey does have an annoyance factor that I am afraid will grow to a full out hate. We’ll see though.

      Ok, off to listen to part 2.

      By chitown_mimi on Oct 4, 2011

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