TV Talk Podcast: Fall TV Preview 2011 (Part 2)

October 1, 2011 – 6:02 pm

The TV Talk Podcast Fall TV Preview 3.5 hour Event continues! Our Fall TV Preview picks back up with Wednesday nights. Plus we talk about some of the summer shows that just wrapped up. If you enjoyed Part 1, get ready for Part 2.

Fall TV Podcast (Part 2)


  • Find out which SURVIVOR contestant is a little too creepy and according to Kath, a little too rapey. Also, listen to Ducky get crazy worked up about the stupidity of these contestants.
  • Don’t mess with the Twihards Kath… you know better!
  • What new comedy has a great cast, but all of them are in the wrong show? Listen and learn.
  • “Kids killing kids, I’m all about it!”
  • You’d think we’re being paid by ABC because we are crazy crushing on HAPPY ENDINGS and can’t stop talking!
  • What was THE VAMPIRE DIARIES biggest mistake this season and does it involve nudity?
  • “Amazingly I didn’t hate the Dekker. And I HATE the Dekker.”
  • New Game – Name that movie: Charm, Charmed, The Crafted?
  • Scarves are the new ugly face and facial scar. It’s a no-go in Ducky’s book.
  • Who has taken over Bomer & DeKay in the Bromance department? Listen to find out.
  • Carcasting always brings interesting characters… find out what this week brought (around the 1:57 marker)
  • Finally, we spend some much needed time with MTV’s surprisingly awesome new show AWKWARD.
  • Shows covered in Part 2: Fall TV, Survivor, The Middle, Suburgatory, Up All Night, Free Agents, The X-Factor, H8R, Modern Family, Happy Endings, Revenge, Big Bang Theory, Community, Parks & Recreation, The Vampire Diaries, Persons of Interest, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Whitney, The Secret Circle, Prime Suspect, Chuck, A Gifted Man, Fringe, Supernatural, The Amazing Race, Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife, Pan-Am, American Horror Story, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Homeland, Pretty Little Liars, Suits, Breaking Bad, Top Chef: Just Desserts, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and MTV’s Awkward.

    *Recorded: 9/30/11

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    The TV Talk Podcast: Fall TV Preview 2011 (Part 2)


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    1. 7 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: Fall TV Preview 2011 (Part 2)”

    2. Suburgatory- Really interesting, and strong cast. I’ve enjoyed the pilot and can see definite potential in this show.Very sharp Daria-esque humor.

      Up all Night- I don’t know I watched the pilot, and thought it really didn’t work as a whole. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t horrible but it just falls flat. It may have gotten better, but I just don’t care to watch more at this point.

      Wednesdays is dedicated to ABC 8-11 I agree.
      How can you not like the new Lily? The old Lily just kept staring blankly, and was clearly uncomfortable. The new Lily is a fresh breath of air.

      I do prefer Happy Endings over Modern Family.
      Happy Endings is just really funny, and the cast is freaking hilarious. I hope this show can continue to grow it’s audience.

      This will be my first season watching Dexter in real time as well! Woot! Woot!

      I’ve been watching Awkward from the start, and it’s so impressive and funny. This show deserves a shit load of attention for being so good, and MTV has done great giving it a strong lead-in.I love Sadie, but there is a fine line with her character. Just like there was with Sue, and the writers of Glee ruined her. Hopefully the writers of Awkward continue to utilize Sadie well. I really want MTV to order more episodes of Awkward!

      By Jenny on Oct 1, 2011

    3. Wednesdays – Why can’t good stuff be on Monday and Tuesday? I have 4 hours of TV to watch on Wednesday and Psych is coming back soon and that will be on Wednesday @ 10. I watch the entire ABC lineup and because I’m a bad person I watch Dance Moms on Lifetime.

      The Middle – I always miss the beginning of, but it’s a solid funny show.
      Suburgatory – was cute. It isn’t groundbreaking, but funny enough to keep me watching. Cheryl Hines is my fav. character because she actually reminds me of one of my assy southern suburban neighbors. I’ve lived in the suburbs my whole life and some of the mentions were hilarious, but some were off IMO.
      Modern Family – I love. At least one storyline makes me laugh every week. Love that Ty Burell and Julie Bowen won at the Emmys because I think they are the best on the show. I don’t love the Cam and Mitchell want a boy storyline. A) Can you actually pick which sex you adopt? B) It makes me feel bad for Lily. C) They of all people should understand that gender stereotyping doesn’t always apply. Take Lily outside and play softball with her instead of pinning your hopes on a boy baby who might end up liking ice skating better any way! I also don’t love new Lily, but apparently old Lily hated being on camera and separated from her twin. I think they should have transitioned better from old Lily just stares to new Lily talks all the time. I also hate that they reshot only the Cam/Mitchell/Lily frame of the opening. Reshoot them all!
      Happy Endings – I was meh on last season (only watched forst few episodes), but started watching again because Dan has been pimping it on Twitter all week. It’s gotten so much better! It also helps that it’s on at 9:30 instead of 10. I actually didn’t love the Dreyers line because it’s Edy’s ice cream in Chicago, and I hate when shows get those details wrong. I still miss Cougar Town though, and Modern Family is still my favorite.
      Revenge – LOVE! Favorite new show by far. I loved EVC on Everwood, so I would have watched this even without all the great buzz it got. I love that there is an overarching story but then there is also the focus on screwing over one person each episode. The only thing I don’t like is the flashbacks of her sneaking around (like with the soup and getting the investor list). They seem out of place or something, but I guess they are necessary to show her behind the scenes scheming.

      Parks & Rec – I watched the last 4 eps of season 3 on demand and was instantly hooked on this show! I’m sad it’s getting such crappy ratings because I think it’s hilarious. Loved this past week’s episode with Tammy 0, 1, & 2 and pushover Ron.
      Secret Circle – I sort of like. It’s cheesy and the special effects aren’t great, but it’s my guilty pleasure. I like both the leads but I do find the parents’ issues more interesting than the kids. I really hope it doesn’t get canceled, but I think it may.

      Project Runway – Judging is terrible this season. I don’t like the way they slobber over Anya. Some of her stuff is cute, but I think she’s way overpraised. It’s annoying that now the judges are now saying that construction isn’t as important as design when they used to send people home for construction issues.

      Amazing Race – Hate all of the famous people. The football player, the Survivor people, the dad and son sailors, is that it? I like the interracial Chicago couple who won the first leg.
      Good Wife – Love! All of it. So happy Julianna Margulies got the Emmy.

      Can’t wait for PLL. I actually don’t like Suits that much. I still have to watch the final 2 or 3 eps. I don’t like Gabriel Macht’s character. Too smarmy and assy for me. I love Mike Ross though. He’s dating PLL’s Spencer, which I think is cute. I also love Anderson Cooper. I work from home, but I always forget to watch his show!

      Thanks for the podcast Dan and Kath!!!
      So worth the wait for three and a half hours of podcasting!

      By Dawn on Oct 2, 2011

    4. Just curious, do you watch “Downton Abbey”? Just when you talked about “Revenge” and what makes a good adult adult soap opera, reminded me a lot “Downton Abbey.”

      I don’t want to point why you should watch it without really knowing if you don’t watch it and why not if you don’t. But a lot of people think it’s PBS Masterpiece about rural English manor and just either vomit or yawn. But it’s a soap, in a good way. Plus Brit shows then to be more one-note characters who are very mean or sad compared to more well-rounded characters in US shows (i.e. compare David Brent to Michael Scott). But “Downton Abbey” doesn’t suffer from that luckily. I know you two like a good stock character as much as anybody, but you don’t want one-note, even if that one-note is great, and “Downton Abbey” has that. And the production values are really great. So I’ve just given a bunch of reason why watch it when I don’t even know if you have. Awareness is the first step.

      By Emily on Oct 2, 2011

    5. This podcast was epic!

      The girl from Suborgatory was Mandy in Shameless, I liked her a lot. The pilot was really sweet, can’t wait to see more.

      Word on Brandon from Survivor, dude is creepy, blames the girl for his own issues when she’s minding her own business.

      On Vampire Diaries, it’s interesting that for me, i’m not as into Damon/Elena as I used to be. Now that Stefan is away i’m more “Stelena”. Isn’t that weird? I’m not loving the “Delena” scenes, I think it’s creepy how he’s always invading her room/personal space. I expected to be more about them this season, but it’s not really working for me.

      I totally agree with Ducky about Supernatural. So over the religion, I was actually starting to resent Castiel because the plot was all about him and I watch for the monsters and the brothers. I thought the second episode was much better though, especially the last scenes. They need to cut Jared’s hair though.

      Loved Pan Am! Stunning! I wish Mad Men could afford outside scenes like that!

      Okay, how are you not talking about Breaking Bad? It’s SOO cramazing!

      By Mia on Oct 3, 2011

    6. Love that someone is loving Fringe. Anna Torv is beasting all over the screen. She clearly loves playing Fauxlivia more, you can see it in her eyes. The two universes haven’t merged, they’re just bridged. The new color represents Peter’s non-existence.

      By JasTay on Oct 3, 2011

    7. I’m not sure which podcast to comment on so I’ll just do the second half so I don’t get all Angry Eyes over Glee.

      I am sadly in the camp of people that do not understand the appeal of Zooey Deschanel. I watched the pilot for New Girl just to see what all the fuss was about and all the things I don’t like about her were reinforced. I don’t know why, cause usually I like quirk, but not here.

      I haven’t really watched any of the other new shows except Ringer, Up All Night, Secret Circle, and Free Agents (The last only because it was free on iTunes). Of all of them, the only one I saw the second episode of was Ringer because my boyfriend will follow SMG to the ends of the earth. I’m still split on Secret Circle and I’ll check it out later.

      Am I the only one that despises Orlando on Top Chef Just Desserts? He’s such a bitch and my dislike of him takes me out of the show.

      TVD is crazy as always and I love it. Can we all just appreciate that they kill people on that show and it actually matters? True Blood keeps faking me out with these deaths and it’s annoying. And Elena, even though I wish she wasn’t all lovey-dovey, is still light-years better than Sookie. The season 4 finale of TB really pissed me off.

      After rushing to catch up on five seasons of Supernatural, I actually overtook my friends and finished Season 6 before those that had been watching it for years. And I have to say I’m done. I don’t care for the storylines and I’ve never liked Sam (except when he didn’t have a soul, that was fun). I’ll catch the premiere but the bits I hear about don’t do much for me. I’ve decided to shift my time instead to catching up on Fringe, cause I hear nothing but awesome things about it.

      I LOVE Happy Endings and I’ve been there from the start (thanks to AfterElton). I’m enjoying Modern Family but like you said there’s nothing remarkable about it. It’s just a solidly enjoyable show. I find I really, really miss Cougar Town and would love a Cougar Town/Happy Endings hour.

      I’m going to echo what Emily said about Downton Abbey. As it’s six Emmy wins prove, that show is amazing.

      By the by my twitter name is Stoodle. I have it private because I bitch too much about work and would like to actually get a job sometime in the future, but I love TV and comment on it a lot and always like followers. :D

      By Mattie B on Oct 4, 2011

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