TV Talk Podcast: 10/21/11

October 23, 2011 – 4:06 pm

Kath and Dan are back with another marathon TV Talk Podcast. Over 3 hours of channel flipping chit-chat to get you through the week. Once again there’s lots of laughs, lots of TV talk and lots of inappropriate things your kids can’t listen to. Enjoy!


  • Dead Husband Drinking Game continues
  • Ducky says something dirty that literally makes Kath’s skin crawl.
  • Kath and Dan get serious for a minute and talk politics, sex and religion. No, we really do!
  • Southern Belles – Straight out of ‘The Help’ or real? Discuss.
  • Real Housewives and the Gays go High School Mean Girls and we LOVE IT.
  • Kath and Dan battle over Glee couples which leads to this quote: “That’s like a grown man having sex with a Kewpie Doll”
  • 42 minutes in, Ducky gets a very flattering celebrity look-a-like comparison.
  • New Game: Lake Bell – Hot or Not?
  • Wednesday nights on television are not for the weak. So many shows, so little time!
  • The TV Talk Podcast gives you a iPhone4S Siri demonstration… you’re welcome.
  • At about the 90 minute mark, poor Anderson Cooper doesn’t want to know what we just said about him.
  • Ducky’s obsessed with BBC’s LUTHER and has a major crush on Alice Morgan
  • Fangirls are gonna be pissed at the two of us at our Friday night reveal.
  • Reality Show Burnout?
  • and much much more!

    *Recorded: 10/21/11

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    The TV Talk Podcast: 10/21/11


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    1. 55 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 10/21/11”

    2. Lake Bell is gorgeous. Don’t get the people that don’t find her attractive. Her nude scene in last week’s HTMIIA was the highlight of my year. I’m pathetic. :(

      Anyway. Still making my way through this monster of a show. Thanks a lot guys. It’s appreciated.

      By Shane on Oct 24, 2011


      By Mia on Oct 24, 2011

    4. Agree with with you about Kumar on HIMYM–just doesn’t mesh well with the MacClaren’s gang.

      Totally disagree with you guys on Supernatural. I love this season, and for the first time in a while I can’t wait to see it each week. Usually there are only a handful of episodes I really enjoy each season, but this has been completely solid so far. Loved this week’s episode with Spike/Cordelia.

      Also disagree with you on Amazing Race. I love having this twice a year–my favorite reality show. Survivor, on the other hand, why I am I still watching this?! They have like 3 challenges that they keep repeating over and over and over again. This could definitely use a break. Also, stop bringing back “all stars” and just use a normal cast!

      Agree with you on Dexter–while not amazing this season, but glad to have it back.

      Loved the premiere of The Walking Dead–so tense! I didn’t breath for those 15 minutes of the herd scene! I am so happy this is back and fills the tense Sunday night void left by the Breaking Bad season finale!

      Thanks for having chapter stops (especially with a 3 hour plus show)–makes it so easy to skip over all those CW and “real” housewives shows I don’t watch!

      By Kyle on Oct 24, 2011

    5. OMG! new podcast! and it’s over 3 hours! =)

      By ben on Oct 24, 2011

    6. Ducky, i’m with you, I don’t like Kurt much anymore. He’s so all about himself – with Blaine, Rachel, his dad, Finn… now he thinks he has the right to be school president because he’s gay and Rachel entering the contest is an offense to him personally – again, it’s all about him! I resent that the show is all about Kurt now and the writers can’t be bothered to write for Finn and Santana and other awesome characters, because Kurt’s gay issues are the most important thing, even if he has all the support in the world and a pretty great life. But no, he just plays the victim and the gay card and i’m so sick of it.

      I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet, but i’m worried that i’m not seeing a PLL tag! The halloween episode was cramazing! Alison and Jenna rocked that episode!

      By Laura on Oct 24, 2011

    7. second laura on that sentiment re: kurt.

      am STILL loving GG, the cramazing TVD, happy endings, revenge, PLL, secret circle.

      supernatural: i think we’ve lost the build up of mythology within each episodes’ arc that was so crucial to the kripke days. this season just feels aimless… or that we can’t care enough/ not enough dramatic urgency is created. what do you guys think?

      dexter: think it’s still freaking awesome. it’s staying fresh even though we’re on the same premise for the fifth season. love how being a father is shifting the tone of his voice overs

      2 broke girls: no love? brilliant pilot. but so far still very one note and very much surviving on the chemistry between the two leads. they’ve not fully fleshed out the world and supporting cast to make it REALLY interesting yet.

      thanks for doing what you do =) LOVE it whenever there’s a new podcast =)

      By ben on Oct 24, 2011

    8. Definitely agree with Laura about Kurt, but I’m thinking I might start watching Glee again, even though all I do is bitch about it. They pulled out our Nielsen box last week, so I can watch guilt free!

      As for southerners, I live in Charlotte and they do list debutante crap in the paper from time to time, so that does still exist here. I don’t watch Heart of Dixie, though so I can’t really comment any further. I wish I could watch Homeland because it is filmed in Charlotte (same casting company as Hunger Games!), but I don’t get Showtime, and I’m too cheap to pay for it.

      Still loving ABC Wednesdays! I always miss half of The Middle, but the parts I watch are funny. I’m liking Suburgatory less and less. It seems to be running into some of the same problems as Glee. It wants its cartoonish character to have sweet moments, but then shift back into being completely ridiculous and cartoonish, and that doesn’t always work. I still love Modern Family, always makes me laugh, though it is becoming predictable at times. Happy Endings is really enjoyable, but I don’t love it as much as you guys do. I like it while I’m watching it, but never plan on rewatching.

      Revenge is so much fun! I’m loving Emily VanCamp, and strangely enough, Nolan. I hated that guy at first, but I love how he does Emily’s bidding for her. Favorite new show this year by far.

      Love “Treat Yo Self” on Parks & Rec. My mom and I are planning a Treat Yo Self day where we’ll get massages and go shopping and eat ice cream for dinner.

      Secret Circle is fun, but I’m not heavily invested. I will say the episode with Cassie finding her mom’s old friend freaked me the hell out! I don’t know if I can watch the show live anymore because I’m such a scaredy cat.

      Agree with Kyle on The Amazing Race. I love having it on year round. Sometimes the seasons can end up dragging, and if I had to wait a whole year for a new season, I wouldn’t be happy. Plus, they would probably keep it on in the fall when stupid football ruins everything.

      Good Wife is as good as ever. Alicia and Will are so great together, as are Will and Diane. I’m really not liking Lisa Edelstein. The scene you talked about was so uncomfortable, I almost had to change the channel!

      PLL was ah-mazing! I’ve missed that show so much! I can’t wait ’til it comes back, though I hope they can actually resolve stuff. I wonder if Mona and Lucas are behind it all?

      I don’t know if you guys watch Psych at all, but last week’s episode was hilarious. Shawn, Gus, Lassie, and Woody the coroner all wake up in the Psych office with no idea how they got there (like The Hangover).

      Finally, just had to tell you that I was flipping channels with my mom and she made me go back to Disney’s Good Luck Charlie because she thought Amber Riley was on the show. Haha!

      By Dawn on Oct 24, 2011

    9. New podcast! I am in class right now but as soon as I saw you guys had a new podcast, I had to listen!lol I’ll still get an A right? lol

      Vampire Diaries is still my favorite show, I can’t believe the stuff they pull off every week!

      The Good Wife: I am not loving this season so far…not enough Kalinda, Cary and Peter. Plus, I hate will so seeing Alicia with him is kinda the worst for me. Plus, is it me or is Alicia just obnoxious now?

      By Emily on Oct 24, 2011

    10. I’m kind of sad you guys aren’t liking Hart of Dixie. I’m loving it! Maybe it’s the almost always half-nude guys in it (hello Scott Porter and Wilson Bethel!), or maybe it’s that I find Rachel Bilson adorable … but I like the show. I’ve never been to “the south” so I have no idea if the accents are legit, but they sure are cute! For me, this show is adorable and cute and it’s almost like a “feel good show”. It’s a bonus that it airs on Mondays, which are usually the shittiest days of the week (back at work days, bleh!).

      I had to Google Image Lake Bell, because I have no idea who she is (my bad!). I’m going with NOT. I’m usually a fan of the brunette ladies, but she’s just not my cup of tea at all.

      On Ducky’s glowing review, I checked out the Canadian Netflix and saw that we have S1 (or is it series one?) of Luther! I’ve added it to my “must watch” list, so I’ll see what’s up. I’m not familiar with the lead actor, but it sounds good from what you said, Ducky. I’m all about the sick crime storylines like Criminal Minds and SVU.

      TOTALLY agree about The Amazing Race. I only started watching 3 seasons ago, and already I’m sick of it being around so much. It’s a great show, and I like the adventures and usually get attached to a team or two – but seriously, enough is enough. Remember the year that SYTYCD went almost back to back with their seasons? Yeah, that wasn’t cool at all. Sometimes absence is a good thing.

      Ducky, I am SO HAPPY you are into Fringe!! Kath … GET INTO IT!!! Pacey Witter!!! Last season was amazing, and so far this season has yet to disappoint. It’s such a great show with a fantastic cast of characters, and all of the actors are amazing. If you want proof, go watch a season one episode, then a current season episode and pay special attention to Anna Torv. She has made leaps and bounds with her acting.

      Finally … AHHHHH TO ALL THE HAPPY ENDINGS LOVE! That is seriously my favourite show on TV. It is SO GOOD, and I am in love with all of those people (characters and actors).

      By Kimber on Oct 25, 2011

    11. You Kurt haters – you are all dead to me! DEAD! (Ok, not really)

      Just wanted to pop in to say that I am 100% caught on REVENGE and all of its awesomesauce! Love that show more than life :)

      By Kath on Oct 25, 2011

    12. I am not even through with the podcast and I had to write you guys and say “YES, SOMEONE IS WATCHING LUTHER WITH ME!!!”

      Ducky, when you mentioned the show, I wanted to literally run through my office hallway and shout up and down. This show is the best, right!!! I can’t believe more people are not watching it. Then again it is the BBC, so maybe many worry they will get turned off by the accents. But it is brillant. The character Alice is fantastic! Her relationship with Luther is so complex and exciting. The show ended last week and it totally didn’t disappoint. I loved the beginning to the end. Ok, I am going to finish listening to the podcast now. Smooches!!

      By chitown_mimi on Oct 25, 2011

    13. I live in Alabama, and have lived in the South my whole life. I have never met anyone like Lemon Breeland, and HATE her character for the disservice she does to modern southern women. (Not to mention the terrible accent) If you want a realistic idea of a southern girl/ woman, stick to Friday Night Lights. Hope that helps, and love the podcast!

      By Kaleigh on Oct 25, 2011

    14. What another great podcast!! I love you guys!!! I think you two should skype each other when one of you is out of town! That way even if it’s short we could still get an episode! Not complaining though, I just love your show <3!

      Next time will you talk about Once Upon a Time? I loved it! There were so many Lost references!

      I haven't be able to watch The Office this year and I used to love it! Do you think it will be the last year for the show?

      I also hate to admit it but I love Last Man Standing! When I was little I used to love Home Improvement, so part of me thinks that is part of the reason I love this show! But I do laugh out loud at it!!

      Keep up the great work! I love you two!!

      By Kari on Oct 26, 2011

    15. Yey! New podcast. This time It only took me 3 days to finish! lol
      OMG! I was so not expecting the finger joke! I was drinking water and I had to spit it out! So F* hilarious!
      Be careful guys, if you keep expanding the podcasts topics we might end up listening to a 24 hours conversation between you too, which I wouldn´t mind…You are the best!

      Kal Penn, not funny in HIMYM, at all. But I don´t know what it is… I think he kind of looks as if he were just a fan that got a special appearance or something… he´s always looking at the other characters as if he were about to laugh, it´s like he´s giggling inside, or something like that, he seems to be an spectator of the show, you know what I mean?

      Dear Kath, I haven´t been obsessed with GG since 2007. I still watch it though…
      I love every time Dan says “I Literally..”

      Oh Dan, get on the Parenthood train already.. Will you please?? I´d love to listen to your comments.

      About Happy endings I´ll only say… It´s so ama-zing, I agree with everything you say, and since none of my friends is watching it, all I wanna do every time I finish watching an episode Is jump to twitter and read if you have written something.

      OMG, Kath… I so get why it´s hard to watch chuck right now… It´s like… once you´ve watched the next 13 episodes, there´s no more.. At least to watch for the first time. I have actual tears in my eyes right now, how weird it is that a tv show could cause a grown up woman like me to feel this way? Dan I think you should give it a chance, Kath´s right (of course), but please love it as much as I do, because it´s not gonna be pretty to hear you pointing out all the things chuck do wrong, and we all know there are some, but we let it pass…. Kath, I too wanna see more Ellie, even if it cost us less Awesome.

      The Good wife: It´s SO good. I love how mature(ly) Will and Alicia are behaving about their relationship. And what about Kalinda and Eli´s chemistry!!!! I think they are saving Alicia and Kalinda s relationship drama for later. We all know that’s the real love story of the show, right? What you said about it being and adult show, that´s what it is!! The same with Parenthood. No need to add things to make a story, just a few complexes characters, and the story will be great. Love those shows!

      And I agree with everything said about Heat of Dixie, Suburgatory, Modern Family, Revenge, The office, Park&rec, Community, TBBT, Secret circle, Homeland and Dexter!

      Once more, thanks for the podcast guys,

      Love, from Argentina.


      By Sole on Oct 26, 2011

    16. Okay, I don’t care about your excuses, you need to watch Suborgatory NOW! I’s the best! The Halloween episode was genius, they’re all genius and unique and the characters are adorkable. I need you to watch so you can talk about it!

      Wow! With a pitch like that I need to start watching Luther! Also the new season of the Walking Dead. And revenge, I didn’t love the pilot but with everyone raving about it, it must have gotten better.

      Ducky, American Horror Story has gotten better in my opinion. I didn’t love the pilot but I loved the second and third episodes.

      Your love for Happy Endings is amhazing.

      Love you guys, epic podcast once again!

      By Mia on Oct 27, 2011

    17. Top 10 places I’ve listened to The Tv Talk Podcast this week:

      1. In the car on my way to work.
      2. In the car on my way home from work.
      3. At my desk.
      4. Target while shopping for paper mache supplies.
      5. Joann Fabrics while shopping for foam.
      6. At home while making a paper mache head of a cartoon character.
      7. Grocery shopping at Safeway & Wholefoods.
      8. On the elliptical at the Washington Sports Club
      9. Hungover on the Bolt Bus from New York to DC.
      10. At Barnes & Nobles while buying The Hunger Games (Shut your whore mouth cuz yes it’s taken this long to buy it!)

      By Tiffany on Oct 27, 2011

    18. Yay new podcast. Love you guys, so entertaining. Thanks for the New Zealand shout out at the end, you’ve got quite a few loyal listeners here. Keep up the good work and can’t wait for the next one !

      By Jenny on Oct 27, 2011

    19. Lake Bell. Not even remotely hot. She should only be playing Sarah Jessica Parker’s younger sister.

      Love the podcast!

      By bill on Oct 27, 2011

    20. Just heard the rest of the podcast you guys and as always y’all rock!!

      Amazing Race- Really good group this year, but no one is a standout team. I think the older couple is adorable and they are totally hauling butt on those tests.

      Good Wife- I am so loving this tension/relationship between Eli and Kalinda; where it’s going…who knows. And can we talk about the daughter’s crazy, insane tutor. She is bad news, I can feel it. Gilmore Logan is so smoking hot too. Mmmm. He is so good at being a baddie.

      Once Upon a Time- Ok so I watched the pilot on ABC.go, not expecting to think much about it. But omg, I fell in love with it. It has a uniqueness about it that I am really enjoying. I am excited to keep watching.

      Walking Dead- That last episode was so great with the intense scenes between Rick and his partner. They really are true friends. It’s a shame it’s all going to be blown up to pieces. I am finally starting to like Lori and her talk with Rick about being there for their son was excellent.

      Castle- Can I just say this show is starting to get stuck in a rut. I am sick of the toying with the relationship between Castle and Beckett. It needs to progress, at least a little bit.

      Glee- you know I can’t deny that what you said about the show is true. It’s lacking and I need it to get better. I’m thrilled Overstreet is coming back, but how he’ll return should be interesting. I just want the show to be more a pleasure to watch, instead of a “uh why not? I might as well”. Did I mention i am really excited about SMASH?

      Happy Endings- I don’t think I can love this show more than I already do. The show just makes me laugh until I pee. It’s freakin awesome. It’s what HIMYM use to be (sigh…)

      Vampire Diaries- OK I love Stefan’s bad guy-tude. It’s hot, it’s awesome, but it actually could go bigger. I can’t help remembering bad Angel (post-sex with Buffy) and how David Boreanaz embraced the new personality. It was hot and scary all at the same time. I think Paul Wesley can go darker and should. He kind of went there with Lexi last night and it was awesome. Oh…Damian’s apology to Ric was so freakin’ cute. I love that Vamp.

      Keep it coming, y’all.

      By chitown_mimi on Oct 28, 2011

    21. Just wanted to mention to Kath that there is a CW app with full episodes for the iPhone. Downsides: it takes a few days after airing for new ones to become available, and it’s not formatted for the iPad. But the quality is surprisingly good on the iPad when you do the 2x screen thing, and the commercial breaks are worlds less painful than the CW website. I moved in with my sister who does not have cable, and my laptop recently bit the dust, so this has been the only way for me to keep up on TVD and the Secret Circle. Also, it has (at least for right now) Supernatural from last season’s finale through the Oct. 20 episode. Check it out!

      By Becky on Oct 31, 2011

    22. I’m only 40 mins into the massive mammoth podcast but before I actually have to do some work at work today thought I better start my comments before I forget.

      Occupy the world has made it all the way to NZ if you can believe, we have occupy Wellington here where I live. It’s a bunch of people camping in a park, people donate food and they all take turns at keeping the camp clean, cooking and talking to passers by.

      Gossip Girl – wish I could still watch it. I didn’t watch it on tv here and caught the first two seasons on box set that I borrowed from someone at work. They left and I have no way of catching up but would love too.
      I hate Serena but love Blair and Chuck and want to keep seeing what happens in their overly dramatic world.

      HIMYM – I don’t think Kumar does fit in with the group dynamic but I think its good in a way. Him pointing out all the dysfunctional things the group do in that episode was funny. But I don’t want him staying around too much longer.
      Katie Holmes is something I don’t know but I really wish that they would hurry up with the mother. I don’t want the show to end with him meeting her, I want him to hurry up and find her and then they show their relationship for a bit until they get married or something. I dno the longer they drag it out the less interesting it gets.
      I did love the barney/robyn interaction with looking up ted’s dates. They need to get them doing more of that stuff together again.

      Hart of Dixie. I like this show. It’s easy to watch compared to all the drama and suspense in all the other shows I watch. 2 eps into the new season of walking dead and I feel like I might explode from who is going to die wtf is going to happen next!!
      I too feel that Rachel Bilson is sadly a one character wonder but I don’t mind it too much as I still enjoy watching her in stuff.
      Wade is hot so that helps a bit, specially in that heatwave episode – yummy!!
      VM alumn is always welcome too, hello wallace’s dad all shirtless and sexy!
      Although they screened them out of order I did notice with that nurse in that episode but introducing her in the next one??
      I think I will stick with it as I can see it getting better, it reminds me of Gilmore girls a bit with the small town and the quirky characters.

      By nikki nz on Oct 31, 2011

    23. Kath & Dan:

      Pushy and dominating bitch that I am, can I make a request for some shows to be reviewed on your next podcast?
      1) Grimm- I gotta say the pilot wasn’t as bad as I expected. It reminded me alot of Charmed,but with male leads. It was also pretty dark, but that was fine.
      2) Once Upon a Time- I am really enjoying it. It’s acutally pretty interesting to see them reinvent these fairy tales.
      3) Top Chef Texas- It’s back, y’all, and I think the initial elimation rounds are hard core and pretty fun.

      Thanks you guys. Tootles.

      By chitown_mimi on Nov 3, 2011

    24. ok i finished podcast finally!

      Supernatural, not as good as it used to be but not as bad as last year i’m finding. this season isn’t too bad and i really enjoyed the last few eps. starting with the one with jewel staite which felt very old SN with the creature feature of the week.

      VampD i’m amazed at how much they pack into an episode let alone a season
      it keeps being amazing and i can’t wait to see what the frack happens with everything!!
      and i guess samara isn’t going back to rosewood anytime soon!

      Walking Dead – holy frack my heart stops beating constantly watching that show
      that highway scene you spoke of dan was just insanely intense!
      i think its still as good as it was last year and i can’t wait to see what else the season brings.
      one thing that does annoy me though is the walkers – they are too fast and too smart for me. were they like this in season one?? will have to get my dvd back from a friend to rewatch and find out.
      which reminds me has anyone ever told you guys to read the forrest of hands and teeth??
      brilliant book that i know you’d both enjoy!

      oh and lake bell = ew. my boyf confirms it

      By Nikki NZ on Nov 3, 2011

    25. So… I just cought up with Kath´s tumblr and I wanna say, Damn blond hair suits you girl! You look really good. Also, looking forward to tonights podcast.

      By Sole on Dec 2, 2011

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