TV Talk Podcast: 12/2/11

December 4, 2011 – 7:00 pm

The TV Talk Podcast is back with another marathon carcast. It’s full of high speed chases and explosions… or possibly just a lot of TV talk.


  • Ducky gushes over THE MUPPETS!
  • The games continue: Fanfiction or Reality (always a good one)
  • Parallel parking adventures in the hood
  • It’s 1982 up in here with our multiple THREE’S COMPANY references.
  • Either someone needs therapy or someone plays a therapist on the podcast.
  • 1:10:10 is one of the gayest Ducky moments yet.
  • The 57 Point Turn
  • “THE” Supernatural

    *Recorded: 12/2/11

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    The TV Talk Podcast: 12/2/11


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    1. 17 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 12/2/11”

    2. re: glee – Not defending it but “that Irish kid” is barely in the show other than the one episode explaining his presence. I mean, he’s there but he rarely even has any lines at all. Of course, I suspect Samuel (dreadlocks) will get a lot more story time.

      By rae on Dec 5, 2011

    3. All I can say is thank god you guys are telling it like it is when it comes to Sam. Sam is one of the most pointless characters ever, and people acting like he’s the best thing since sliced bread is crazy. He sucks.

      I don’t hate New Girl, but for me it’s pretty uneven at times. Usually they offer something in each episode that leaves me laughing or wanting to watch next week. But The Bells offered nothing… it was just awful imo.

      Raising Hope I love to death, and it’s my favorite show on air right now. But I do feel like it’s not on par with season one. It’s still funny, but not as funny as season one.

      Suburgatory is a good show. Been watching since the beginning , and I never regret watching it. It’s still finding it’s footing like most freshman comedies often are, but it’s pretty good.

      Modern Family- I know this show is probably the biggest comedy on right now, but it’s the show I look forward to the least of the ABC comedy block. My issue with it is it’s a little predictable. I just feel like Cam and Mitch constantly bicker almost every episode, and Claire just bitches about everything. Love the show most of the time, but that is my annoyance.

      By Jenny on Dec 5, 2011

    4. You guys, I can’t even.

      First of all, I literally screamed when I refreshed my Podcast subscriptions and saw the new podcast.

      The whole bit about Kath’s story of reuniting with Darren? I was crying! Not even kidding you–CRYING! I couldn’t stop laughing.

      OK, so I really only listen to you guys for a couple of shows– Glee and The Vampire Diaries. My creys for no TVD in this new edition, but got my fingers crossed for next time.

      Anyways, Glee–YES! Oh my God, while I agree with most of what you guys talk about, there’s a strong block that I disagree with. However, I can’t be mad at you guys when you start complaining about the stuff I disagree with because you make it so enjoyable and amusing. Although, Dan needs to start watching it again. LOL. I know it’s hard to keep going, but stick it out for as long as you can, because I doubt they will get to a season 4 regardless. I’m as diehard of a Gleek as they come, but it’s the show I love to hate.

      BUT above all, the two of you are hilarious. #DanAndKathAppreciationLife Looking forward to the next podcast! <3

      By Samantha on Dec 5, 2011

    5. Sam – what did you disagree with re: GLEE? It’s ok, you can tell us. You’re safe here.

      By Kath on Dec 5, 2011

    6. I agree that Top Chef has been fun, but they’re being really cruel to the chefs. The whole stay up all night and then the contest is at 7pm with judging afterwards and then they had 30 mins to cook again, that’s just rude. I’m watching Top Chef, not Fear Factor.

      I mostly agree with Once Upon A Time though I’m two weeks behind. I gave up on Grimm after two eps.

      The Good Wife is easily the best network show. Last night’s episode kept me guessing if it would turn tragic or not. I’m really impressed with how that show has managed to build up a huge list of great recurring characters.

      I’ve liked Dexter this season. I think what they’ve done with Deb has been really good and I’ve liked the interns. Angel and Quinn have been weak. I liked the Dexter and religion angle though wish they did a little more with it. The Neb. trip seemed a bit out of character for him, he was too sloppy. As for the big reveal you mentioned, I loved it. I know someone who had that as a theory a couple of weeks prior and I’ve been wishing for it. Great job.

      Homeland has been good but not quite as good as some of the others, or at least not consistently so. I think the emotional swings back and forth with “is he or isn’t he” are at risk of too much back and forth. I’d also expect, that with the reveal of two MIA’s reappearing at the same time where one is clearly a terrorist, the CIA/FBI/Army would certainly reopen an investigation into if the other one is too.

      I’ve really enjoyed The Walking Dead this season and don’t understand all the hating I’ve seen. I feel like we’re finally starting to know personalities of all the characters (Dale, Glenn, Andrea) and that’s starting to be compelling. And yeah the ending of the last ep was really chilling. Can’t wait till Feb for more.

      By Howard on Dec 5, 2011

    7. Best early Christmas present ever: a new podcast!

      Glee: I think people just like Sam because of all the drama over the summer. Getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to that boy because it made everyone think he is interesting and rallied fans he never had. Seriously, you’re going to take anyone’s side over Ryan Murphy! I don’t watch the show anymore, but I love listening to your critiques.

      Gave up on the New Girl. It’s too uneven for me. If it gets better I may pick it back up at some point. I’m also behind on Suburgatory and The Secret Circle. I was Nanoing last month so every spare minute I was writing, but now that it’s over, I’m not really dying to go back to either.

      Still loving Modern Family, though I know it has its faults. I didn’t particularly like chunkin’ pumpkin because I am way more a practical Pritchett than a dreamer. I didn’t believe for a second they all secretly wanted the story to be true. They would never want to be proven wrong, no? Also still can’t get used to new Lily.

      I’m pissed Cougar Town isn’t on the schedule. I would happily dump Suburgatory for:
      8:00 – The Middle
      8:30 – Modern Family
      9:00 – Happy Endings
      9:30 – Cougar Town
      10:00 – Revenge

      Revenge is so much fun! I’m loving Nolan even more than Emily right now, and i think it’s funny how she bosses him around and he does her bidding. LOVE Amanda confessing to Jack about her (fake) past, but I bet he;ll want to bond over old stuff and she won’t remember any of it. Loved Tyler being caught kissing Nolan. He is so messed up, and I hope he is killed next.

      Parks & Rec. Love. Tom getting his old job back, Andy’s gortar class, Leslie’s story about Old Stoneface!

      I don;t care what you say, Kath, I still love twice a year TAR. I have lots of fun judging the contestants from my couch. I always like to try and decide which detour I’d do and yell at them when they screw up the roadblocks.

      Christine Baranksi is amazing on the Good Wife. I loved the episode a couple of weeks ago when she had to put both Eli and Will in their places. I love that she has all the power and knows she does so she doesn’t have to be a stereotypical bitch. The best ever was Jackie accidentally recording herself going through Alicia’s things. Alicia having the locks changed was the best revenge ever!

      Wish I could watch Homeland because I only hear good things about it, but alas I don’t get Showtime and don’t have Netflix.

      By Dawn on Dec 5, 2011

    8. This is my first time posting so let me get this out of the way, I love you guys. I always know that when a new podcast from you shows up in my feed that I’m going to laugh and have a good time listening. Now that’s out of the way on to the shows.

      Glee: It is a shit-show. I still watch it but without the usually level of excitement I used to have for it. I see no point to Damien’s role. He was featured in one episode and then sent to languish in the background. Why even bother? I liked Coach B last season but now I feel like they are turning her more and more into a caricature. Every time they show her she is eating large amounts of food or some other ridiculous thing. I won’t even start on the Santana plot. I want to give up watching but I’m just not ready to yet even though it’s getting harder and harder to stick with it.

      I think that the confusion over Heidi Klum quitting Project Runway centers around the fact that she is not hosting the all star edition of the show. It will be hosted by Angela Lindvall. Tim G. will also not appear in the all star edition.

      Top Chef: I’m a huge Top Chef fan but for some reason I’m just not as into this season as previous ones. It could be that I’ve watched every season plus the Masters and Dessert editions and I just need a break from it. I personally love Hugh, the new judge. He is harsh but he can be hilarious.

      I’m disappointed that the two of you are feeling that Supernatural is now a chore. I do understand how you rebel against watching it the more people tell you to. I can be that way myself with some things. I’ve really enjoyed this season. I have not felt that it has been too overly religious at all. It gets really good. The episode last Friday was, in my opinion, one of the best episodes ever.

      By Christiana on Dec 6, 2011

    9. Hey guys! Awesome Carcast! A short comment this time… Dan I am absolutely watching HOMELAND. For me, right now, it´s the best thing on television. Kath, you wont regret seeing it, I promise!
      And hey! If you ever get in touch with noAss, tell him I have some to share, ha!

      By Sole on Dec 6, 2011

    10. I agree with Rae and Christiana on Glee. Why did they give Damien a 7 ep deal and stick him in the background? Granted he’s not the best actor but they’re not even giving him a chance.

      By Alyssa on Dec 6, 2011

    11. Yay, a new carcast!!! Merry Christmas to me! So glad you guys made it close to 3 hours again … loved EVERY minute of it.

      Glee – good god, you are both so on point. While I enjoy most of the music, and the Brittany comments and some of the Sue comments … overall the show pisses me off. Shitty storylines, throw-away characters, and really? The Santana storyline could have been do so SO much better. Disappointed in the douche that is Ryan Murphy.

      Raising Hope – Ducky I feel what you’re feeling for sure. I’m still loving the show and agree that it still has moments that are hilarious, but it just doesn’t feel as “special” as it did in the first season. Maybe it’s because everything was fresher and newer last season? I’m not sure, but it’s definitely losing a slight bit of its shine.

      LOVING New Girl this season, as well as Grimm and Once Upon a Time. Are you guys watching Grimm? The characters are great, and it’s absolutely nothing like Once Upon a Time at all (I’ve heard comparisons, but they’re just wrong),

      Back to Once Upon a Time … I agree that Jennifer Morrison isn’t the best, most expressive actress around, but I think she works as Emma. I get the feeling the character is one-note, reserved, and generally unhappy – all of which she conveys nicely. Seriously, though, the show is ALL about Snow and Charming for me. Ginnifer Goodwin is amazing, and she’s my favourite.

      Happy Endings! Fuck, why aren’t more people watching? Or are they, and I just think they aren’t? Regardless … best fucking ensemble on TV right now. They are all just so wonderful in their roles – even Alex, whom I really didn’t care for last season.

      Aaaaaaand finally … I’m not a viewer of The Walking Dead, but it’s available on Canadian Netflix now, so I’m going to check it out. I’m a bit afraid, because I scare easily and am slightly paranoid about zombies eating my brains … but I’ll just watch it during daytime hours only.

      Ok, I lied … not really done. The best part of the carcast? Your commentary on the weirdos on the road. I can totally imagine you two, sitting in your car, watching morons on the road around you. Also, a co-worker and I recently watched a total idiot try and parallel park on a downtown street in Winnipeg. It was so embarrassing. Someone finally came along and “guided” her in (a total stranger it seemed) because she had been at it for a good 10 minutes and was no closer to the curb. Argh!

      By Kimber on Dec 6, 2011

    12. “any show that brings a tranny on is hilarious”
      Prepare to eat those words when you watch Work It! :)

      By Kyle on Dec 7, 2011

    13. I don’t usually agree with you on Glee. It has it’s problems but I don’t think it’s the show a lot of people want it to be. But last weeks episode was a complete mess. I understood the intention but the execution was lacking. Why on earth would they waste Perfect by making it the first song? That song should have been after Santana came out to her abuela. The emotional payoff would have been so great after that scene. I also wish they would have used the second verse since it relates to Santana better than the rap. Who’s idea was it to take all the fun out of Girls Just Want To Have Fun? The word fun is in the title! I Kissed a Girl? Seriously! It was so frustrating to watch because there was so much potential. I liked Beiste singing Jolene and wanting to fight for her man, but I’m not sure I think he deserves her. I was really annoyed because there were some glimmers of solid story telling but they completely screwed it up.

      OMG American Horror Story is so good. I have to admit that I did not see Tate as Rubber Man coming. It seemed too easy especially since they showed him in the suit already. Another reason I was caught off guard is because even though I knew that he committed the school shooting I somehow convinced myself that it was because the house made him do it. He was so confused as to why his victims were after him. And he did not remember it at all. I just assumed he had a conscience. When it was revealed I was shocked and had to reavluate my judgement. Evan Peters is very good because even knowing that he’s a complete pschycopath, I wanted tohug him and make it better when his mother made him cry last week.

      Sorry for rambling. I really enjoyed the podcast.

      By Chaka on Dec 7, 2011

    14. Love you guys, but this player isn’t working for me. I’ve got a Mac. Something i need to download?

      By Terri on Dec 8, 2011

    15. Loving the podcast and only about half way through and wanted to comment on Top Chef (one of my favorite shows). The other judge, Hugh, was on Top Chef Masters this past season. And I was not a fan of him for about half the season, but he grew on me. So, give him time to grow on you. He will turn from annoying to funny eventually as a judge.

      By Kelly on Dec 8, 2011

    16. Dan, it was me that mentioned to you how the producers said Declan has such a terrible accent on Revenge because he’s from Montauk. That was in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. And I said the same thing Kath did – why wouldn’t his brother have the same accent? I know it’s not the case but I’d love Declan to be the dead body on the beach. Connor Paolo is awful.

      By Alyssa on Dec 9, 2011

    17. Great podcast once again!

      Ducky, I wish you had talked more about Dowton Abbey! It’s SO good! I like watching every single character, everyone is three dimentional, it’s like the british Mad Men, amazing writing and acting!

      OMG Can’t believe Ducky really stopped watching Glee!

      Hoe amazing was the Community Christmas episode!? So sad the show is on hiatus now!

      Agree, Dexter has been disappointing, Homeland has slowed down a bit for me the last couple of episode but i’m still loving it and the finale should be banoodles!

      Can’t for January to bering PLL back, Shameless and more TVD!

      Love you guys!

      By Mia on Dec 13, 2011

    18. I absolutely looove this podcast. Love that it’s so long! (TWSS) I often listen to it while running and you guys pull me through! I don’t watch half the stuff you talk about, but it’s still so entertaining to hear you discuss the crazy Bravo reality stuff or a show like Glee (that I gave up on at the beginning of season 2).

      Parenthood is one of my favorite shows on right now, I love the Friday Night Lights-y improvised feel (no doubt due to Katims as showrunner) and the incredible emotional storylines. Actors like Lauren Graham and Monica Potter are so great at conveying emotion in looks or the simplest gestures. Can’t wait to see what they’re gonna do next.

      I’ve been so, so impressed by Homeland, without a doubt my favorite new show. The complexity of the characters is so great, as are the performances by pretty much everyone. Didn’t like the daughter much at first, but in this last episode she definitely showed she’s smarter than she lets on. I wonder what the show will be like next season (what situation Carrie will be in, if the Brody situation will still be the main plotline etc.). So excited for this Sunday!

      Loooooove Parks&Recreation. It’s one of those comedies that make me tear up pretty much every week. And marshmallow Ron Swanson? Ha!

      Top Chef is my favorite reality show. I really like the different feel of the show with them travelling around Texas. Oh, and I’m with Kelly on Hugh Acheson; didn’t like him much either when he started out on Top Chef Masters, but by the end he was one of my favorites.

      Anyway, love you guys, love the podcast!

      By Juul on Dec 17, 2011

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