TV Talk Podcast: 12/17/11

December 18, 2011 – 4:54 pm

It’s a Christmas Miracle folks, the TV Talk Podcast returns for the final carcast of 2011. Pour yourselves some egg nog, spin a dreidel, deck the halls and get ready for another hot mess courtesy of Kath and Dan.


  • Kath gets some shocking news from a coworker’s girlfriend.
  • One unfortunate listener becomes the butt of our never-ending joke.
  • Anal sex, iTunes comments, strokes and tis the season.
  • Yet another TV Talk coined phrase for your listening pleasure.
  • Ducky finally caught up on a listener favorite, PARENTHOOD.
  • ABC wins for the best Xmas episodes of the season.
  • We talk all things SAG and Golden Globes nominations.

    *Recorded: 12/17/11

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    The TV Talk Podcast: 12/17/11

    1. 20 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 12/17/11”

    2. *cheers* Dan, I´m so glad you gave up:) and caught up on Parenthood. I´m so happy you liked it. The two scene you mentioned killed me, too. Alexs break up with the Bravermans and Seth leaving were really strong and emotional scenes.I recommend you to catch up on the second half of second season, too, because it was exceptional and there´s the whole background to the Alex and Seth story development, plus you need to see Mae Withman sing!:) Anyway, Im glad you like Parenthood again:) And I´m total Sarah and Mark shipper!!

      By Lena on Dec 19, 2011

    3. Fuck you Dan and Kath! I have now downloaded the first season of Parenthood and am about to watch. Yet another show you’ve talked about so much that I now have to watch, much like Pretty Little Liars.

      As for Glee, I get more frustration out of it than enjoyment so I think I’m with Dan and am going to get off the Glee train.

      I have Homeland sitting on my computer and have not yet watched it but I’m gonna catch up over the Christmas break.

      American Horror Story was crazy as usual! It been a long time since I watched something that actually made me cover my eyes and peak through my fingers but this show seems to do it every week. Can’t wait for the finale.

      As for the shit show that is awards season, I hate them all. Kyle Chandler and Friday Night Lights are nowhere in sight, so you can’t honestly expect me to take those shows seriously. Bar the SAG awards for the KC nom.

      I want to wish you both a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Looking forward to another year of my favorite podcast. Love you more that sugar snatch and talk of anal. ;)

      By evan_the_girl on Dec 19, 2011

    4. You guys, I love the podcasts but why no talk of the vampire diaries? That’s so mean!lol

      Have a good Christmas and Happy New Year!

      By Emily on Dec 19, 2011

    5. Emily – The Vampire Diaries hasn’t been on in ages. I think we talked about the last episode, no?

      By Kath on Dec 19, 2011

    6. Can’t wait to get to this next time I head over to my bf’s in Boston! Side note- not to be a stalker, but do you drive an orange SUV Kath? I looked to my right at the Natick mall and swear I saw you

      By Kat on Dec 19, 2011

    7. Did anyone catch the Fioan Faraday moment when that called Mary Margaret Blanchard “Mary Alice”?

      I know Dan likes his UK shows. I suggest Misfits (possible US remake in the works) and The Fades.

      By the only JASONian on Dec 19, 2011

    8. @Kat – STALKER! That was totally me! Except I don’t drive an orange SUV (who does?!) and I haven’t been to the Natick mall in ages. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t.

      @Jason – Mary Alice…Mary Margaret…they all sound like dead saints to us.

      By Kath on Dec 19, 2011

    9. Jason, I’m DYING! Not kidding, when I said her name I was sure it was wrong by Kath didn’t correct me so I kept on. TOTAL FIONA FARADAUY!

      By Ducky on Dec 19, 2011

    10. Harry’s Law.
      When I was in LA in September I went on a WB backlot tour – got to be there when PLL was filming squee!! Not that I could see much sadly but stood on the steps of the town hall/police station whatever it was used for bazillions of times in gilmore girls.
      Anyway we got to go onto a set – it was harry’s law. WTF is this show was my reaction as we don’t get it in NZ.
      Some amazing programme that these old ladies loved – they could not get enough.
      Went to the prop department and sat on the friends couch, geekgasm x a billion.
      Same ladies, oh we don’t want to we never saw friends we don’t like sitcoms.
      Yeah so if people that like harry’s law don’t like sitcoms – not something I would watch
      Plus just looks damn boring!!

      I gave up on awards when they only gave the best movie oscar to LOTR ROTR, why? Cos it was not the best of the three movies. Not by far. But they gave them the award cos oh this is the last of the three movies so we better throw them a bone.
      For TV awards. God forbid someone good should actually win, and when they do well done. But the amount of useless people that get nominated mostly cos well they’ve been doing this forever so if we throw them a bone they might get it this time.

      Suits nomination – bra frackin o. That show is amazeballs awesome and while I’m sad it’s not Gabriel macht cos Harvey is an awesome character I’m glad that someone has noticed this awesome show and is giving them some props.

      Can’t remember what podcast this was in cos doing a back to back with the Dec podcasts – must weigh in on a few things.
      Walking Dead – WTF!?!?!? That ending was just so heartbreaking. I find it slow at times but it can’t always have walkers attacking cos well it just doesn’t happen like that.
      Really I just want them off that farm, that’s the part I don’t like. So hopefully after this ep the rest of the season will move on from there. I hope Bella goes with them too. Would like to see more of her after they killed her off on every other show. Well apart from when she was evil on chuck. Mind you I can’t remember what happened to her in that.

      Raising Hope – I think some of the crazy has left the house. Less memaw maybe, I can’t quite put my finger on it either but something hasn’t been quite right. I can see it getting there slowly but yeah its almost like it hit such a high last season that they are having trouble getting back there again.
      I am a few eps behind so hope the ones you talked about are as funny as they sound.

      By nikki nz on Dec 21, 2011

    11. A Christmas miracle indeed. Wasn’t expecting another podcast until next year, so thank you for the pleasant surprise.

      I’m a long time listener, but first time commenter. So here it goes…

      I, like so many of my friends, have completely given up on Glee. I’ve only watched about four episodes this season. I realized that I frustrated me more than it entertained me. I thought the new writing staff was going to add consistency to plotlines (if those even exist) but no.

      The Good Wife is still by far my favorite show. Love it. So good. Homeland is a must watch. Might have to break down and watch Parenthood.

      Also I’m ready for the return of Pretty Little Liars!

      By TVManiac87 on Dec 22, 2011

    12. I feel like “Downton Abbey” is the new “Dexter” in that it’s going to some time before Kath catches up with but I really hope she does.

      First, I’m impressed with both of your massive knowledge of present-day television that my tiny correction is meant is a very nice way since you could both school me on TV much more then I could ever do to you.

      BBC doesn’t air “Downton Abbey.” It’s ITV.

      I did watch all of the second series of “Downton Abbey” on illegal downloads already. Yes, I am criminal robbing PBS. Actually did a piece asking how come PBS doesn’t just air DA at the same time as ITV does in England and had an interview with a PBS rep. When the rep was asked about people just illegally watching the show instead of waiting until January, she said that DA’s audience (like most of PBS) tends to be older therefore unlikely to be into online viewing and also the folks who did already see it online will probably watch it again this January and she’s dead right since I probably will.

      Beyond Dame Maggie Smith and Elizabeth McGovern, the real star if there is one in terms of drama is Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley. No spoilers, but Michelle Dockery is made to so much with Lady Mary and carries it all the way through making all her actions believable and interesting (well, mostly). Lady Mary’s storylines are always the ones people are most interested in.

      Actually did a piece about childless women on TV comparing Robin on HIMYM to Whitney of Whitney (shocker Whitney was a fail) and thought Kath might enjoy it if she hadn’t already read it.

      By Emily on Dec 23, 2011

    13. I love your podcast!!! I laugh my ass off constantly when listening.

      Thank you so much for introducing me to Awkward. What an excellent show!

      TVD is one of my favorite shows and I’m hoping you’ll talk more about it in the new year.

      Happy New Year! Can’t wait for the next podcast!

      By Jessica on Dec 23, 2011

    14. So super happy to see you guys back before the new year. But I wish you guys compiled some sort of list for the best shows of 2011. You guys are the one’s to trust, and you’re both totally hilarious.

      So glad you’re back into Parenthood. I understand why you dropped Parenthood, because back around the time you quit watching it was still finding itself. Now I feels like the writers truly know what to do with this character. And it’s a consistent and great family show.

      One thing I must ask is do you guys watch Switched at Birth?! I can’t remember, but I barely remember you guys mentioning it.

      Ha Ha, that Awkward picture of Matty and Jake was too cute.

      By Jenny on Dec 24, 2011

    15. What a treat! A podcast for Christmas!

      OMG American Horror Story is banoozles! The finale was cray cray! So happy Jessica Lange got some love for award season, Evsan Peters should have as well, who knew he’d end up stealing the show!

      The Good Wife got soooo good the last couple eps! The Kalinda/Alicia scene!! Ugh how can writing be so perfect!?

      You guys always make me laugh for hours, love you!

      Can you believe PLL is almost here!?!?!

      By Mia on Dec 26, 2011

    16. Love the podcast!

      Kath – I still have the EXACT same reaction to Michael Buble, the cheating cheater. Glad his loss was JKras’ gain!

      By Amy on Jan 5, 2012

    17. Another great show. I always get excited whenever I see a new episode out!

      I know you guys have TONS of shows that you are watching (I’m surprised your DVRs having broken yet) but I just needed to give a shout out to a new show that I just caught on Netflix and absolutely fell in love with.

      You guys must catch the ITV show from across the pond, Downton Abbey. It’s only seven episodes for the first season and is oh so delicious soapyness of upstairs aristocracy and downstairs servants.

      By Kim on Jan 6, 2012

    18. Just noticed that I hadn’t commented on this episode, even though I listened to it as soon as it came out. Since I’m trying to be better about commenting; here we go. So great that you put out an episode so quickly after the last one!

      Ducky, I think I saw on twitter that you are watching The Wire for the first time? If you have the time, could you talk a little bit about it on a future podcast episode? I’m really curious to hear what you thought of it. I watched it about a year ago and, although it took a while for me to get invested, I ended up loving it. I really liked season 1, had a bit of trouble getting through season 2 (although I think it was a really ballsy move of the creators to completely change the setting and the focus of the show) and then loved the last three seasons, especially season 4. So, so good.

      Love that you talked about Parenthood! Such a good show, I’ll be heartbroken if it gets cancelled… This past episode (Road Trip) was wonderful, seriously one of my favorites. I usually don’t care much for Zeek, but he was great in this episode. Absolutely adored Monica Potter. I love when there are scenes between two people we don’t usually see together too much, like the scene between Zeek and Christina. I’m curious where they’ll take the Sarah/Mark storyline, since I don’t think Jason Ritter is contracted for the entire season (but I might be completely wrong on that).

      I’m really liking this season of Top Chef, haven’t watched this past Wednesday’s episode yet, but I’ve liked all episodes up to this point. I kind of like that there’s no clear frontrunner yet, and am really enjoying the Texas setting and road trip-y feel. My favorites so far are Lindsay, Greyson and Paul.
      Is either of you still watching Grey’s Anatomy? The past few years have been very uneven and oftentimes way too soap opera-y for me, but I have to say I enjoyed this past one. Btw – Are you watching the new (all star) season of Project Runway?

      Finally, have you been able to watch any of the new shows, like House of Lies, Smash, Awake or Bent?

      By Juul on Jan 7, 2012

    19. I’ve been listening to your podcast for ages, and I love it!

      I do have a question, however. When you record your next podcast, could you please talk about Downton Abbey? It’s my favourite drama series at the moment, and the intrigues just keep on coming. People can catch up with the first season on Netflix, and besides, the seasons are really short! And now that they’ve won the Emmy and the Golden Globe, they deserve an even bigger audience.

      Also, I hope you’ll discuss Project Runway and Top Chef. Project Runway looks great this season, despite the fact that the new host is no Heidi. Top Chef, on the other hand, is lacking something this season. Good characters? Fun challenges? Something is definitely missing.

      Looking forward to the next podcast!

      By escayna on Jan 16, 2012

    20. @escayna, I am right there with you on Downton Abbey! It drew me in when I lease expected it. I would also request an ABC Family Show “Switched at Birth”. It is really good and the arguments between the deaf actors are the most intense “silent fights” you will ever see.

      P.S. I miss you guys!

      By chitown_mimi on Feb 1, 2012

    21. I miss you guys toooooo!!

      By ursula on Feb 2, 2012

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