TV Talk Podcast: 2/3/12

February 5, 2012 – 3:55 pm

It’s a new year but TV Talk Podcast don’t give a shit! Kath and Dan are finally back and this podcast is seriously one of the best of our worst. Seriously the first 9 minutes are not to be missed.

Hot. Mess.


  • We can’t even start this episode without losing it.
  • We’re both finally super posh and caught up on DOWNTON ABBEY!
  • Death takes over the podcast once again… DRINK
  • Kath pays tribute to one of her all-time faves, CHUCK
  • “If we’re talking about strip clubs and anal, we’re definitely not talking about TV!”
  • Is Adele British or Australian? Discuss…
  • New Poll: What Reality TV Show would you want to be on?
  • What show is the TV Talk Podcast’s Power Sex Dress?
  • We’ve seen the first 4 episodes of NBC’s new show SMASH, find out what we think.

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    The TV Talk Podcast: 2/3/12

    1. 14 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 2/3/12”

    2. It is SUPER annoying that ‘Downton Abbey’ already aired in the United Kingdom. I don’t push back against the soap opera label, but in addition it’s got something more. One is that soap operas (even the primetime ones) look kind of shitty. But the sound, lighting, cinematography, costumes, sets, etc… are high quality. Also interesting is the marketing. PBS’s marketing budget is what most cable and network channels spend on stationary. ‘Downton Abbey’ is the good aspect of award shows in term of getting public attention to quality shows. I first became aware of it when it won all those primetime Emmys last autumn. This truly is a ‘word-of-mouth’ show.

      Kind of interesting tidbit is that the kiss in the first episode between Thomas and the Duke of Crowborough wasn’t in the original script, but actor Rob James–Collier added it during rehearsal.

      Matthew’s valet (rhythms with pallet) is named Joseph Molesley and played by actor Kevin Doyle. Actress Joanne Frogatt, who plays Anna, told an interviewer that Molesley is her favorite character.
      Q: Who is your favorite ‘Downton Abbey’ character?
      A: Well I am biased so I have to say Mr. Bates but aside from the obvious answer I would say that Mr. Molesley is probably my favorite character. He is the butler at the Crawley house and I just think that he is a brilliant character. He carries a torch for Anna but he never quite comes good because something always goes wrong. Kevin Doyle does a great job at playing poor old Mr. Molesley and I like him because he is such an endearing figure.

      By Emily on Feb 5, 2012

    3. Plus it’s a true emsemble cast. Nobody wouldn’t say the Earl of Grantham is the lead character. Maybe Lady Mary Crawley is as close as one might get, but still maybe it’s because I’m basis since I think that actress Michelle Dockery carries so much of each episode where you has to either a calculating bitch or sweetheart yet you totally believe it’s natural to her character.

      Also actors like Brendan Coyle, John Carter, Phyllis Logan, Penelope Wilton, etc… are in that weird age range where they are too old to play the parents of the teen characters and too young to play the grandparents and so you NEVER see people in that age range on television, especially in lead roles. Nice to see that. How odd yet kind of neat is it that an actor like Brendan Coyle is a ‘sex symbol’ in a way.

      Random note. The director of ‘Hanna’ is currently filming an adaptation of the classic Leo Tolstoy novel ‘Anna Karenina’ and both Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary Crawley) and actor Thomas Howes (William Mason the Footman) have secondary roles so looking out for that.

      By Emily on Feb 5, 2012

    4. omg!!! So glad you guys are talking about Downton Abbey!”I watch it on the Internet, I can’t wait for it to air on pbs!!!Season 2 is amazing but you guys, the Christmas Special/season finale is AMAZING!!!! Can’t wait to hear what you think!!!

      Did you see the last Vampire diaries???

      i LOVE your podcast!!

      By emily on Feb 5, 2012

    5. That´s funny, I started to watch Downton Abbey last week and finished the whole show in a couple of days. I´m totally obsessed with it now. Second british tv show that knocked my socks off this month. The first was Sherlock! The brits know how to make a good tv!
      I can´t believe you forgot to mention Dame Maggie while talking about
      I can´t wait to hear your reaction for the Downton Abbey christmas special. You are in for a treat. Amazing.
      Downton Abbey, Sherlock and Parenthood are the shows to live for!:)

      By Lena on Feb 6, 2012

    6. Fuck I missed you guys.

      By Shane on Feb 6, 2012

    7. Haven’t listened yet…but I’m so excited!
      Welcome back.

      By TVManiac87 on Feb 6, 2012

    8. So excited for a podcast. It definitely made my Monday morning a million times better. I don’t know why you always call it a shit show, when I wait nearly two months for a new podcast, I don’t care what you talk about! Seriously, I don’t watch most of the shows you talked about, but I still listen excitedly!

      Let’s see, I don’t really like PR Allstar, but I’m still watching it. I already spoiled myself on who wins and is runner up, but I don’t know if it’s right or wrong. I want Mondo to win, though it will definitely feel like a make-up win just like when they gave Daniel V. the win in that mini allstar challenge.

      The Good Wife was AMAZING. It seems like such an obvious plot, that Kalinda really is setting up that chick, but somehow they got us all to believe that she was screwing over Will. Also when Will said “Do what you have to” to Kalinda, I thought he was giving her permission to do something illegal, like suppress evidence or whatever. I figured that it would all come out at some point and make Will look even more guilty, but I guess I’m wrong.

      If I could be on any reality show, it would totally be The Amazing Race. My mom wants to go on it with me, but we both are too weak to do any of the hard tasks. Plus we’d be the couple that everyone hates and wants eliminated. All we do is bitch and second guess each other! We did the maize maze last year, and it took us forever and we spent the whole time calling each other stupid for making wrong turns and missing the mailboxes.

      Maybe I should start watching Downton Abbey, since all of the comments are about it. We’ll see.

      By Dawn on Feb 6, 2012

    9. I love listening to you guys goof around and talk about television, even though I don’t watch most of the shows you mention.

      But, Jeez, Dan, you really cheesed me off with this one. When you say you have a spoiler, can you just leave it at that? I’m talking about your “Downton Abbey” discussion. Specifying what the spoiler pertained to (Matthew’s possible recovery) and how you got spoiled (looking at a photograph) is just way too specific. I’m pretty sure I know what the spoiler is now. And even if I’m wrong, why torture me in the meantime?

      By acsenray on Feb 9, 2012

    10. Ah-mah-zing!! Missed you guys like crazy! So glad you finally fucking reappeared. Yes, I am being bitchy enough though, I know we don’t like…pay you. But still! Anyhoo, You guys need to bring your asses back and talk about: Parenthood- which has been super awesome.
      Vampire Diaries – I am so fucking obsessed with this show right now, that I am reading fan fic. Yes, I know, I know…I am ashamed. But these sexy scenes are making me crave more. I mean much, much more. Iam so torn between Stefan and Damon. I love this bad boy Stefan, because he remind me soooooooo much of Angel. The angst, the self-loathing…so damn hot!
      Superbowl reaction- Don’t give me that look! I know you didn’t watch the game, but did you see Madonna? What did you think?
      Once Upon a Time- did you see the Hanzel and Gretel episdoe? Super good right?
      Supernatural- I am needing these guys to get a fucking break. It’s starting to be too damn depressing.
      Grey’s Anatomy- Kat, did you see the What If episode? What did you think? It was just ok for me. It was missing something that could wow me. It was just ok.

      What did you think of the House news? Sad, indifferent? I am pretty ok about it, because I think it has truly run its course.

      Ok y’all. Be looking for you soon!!!

      By chitown_mimi on Feb 10, 2012

    11. Oh, oh, oh…one more thing- Tell me what you thought of the Castle episode set in the 40s (or was it 30s? who the hell cares?) What did you think? I really enjoyed it. So much fun and really interesting! Ok, discuss.

      By chitown_mimi on Feb 10, 2012

    12. I made my mom tear out and throw away a page of my Entertaiment Weekly this week because she said it had a Downton Abbey spoiler picture in it. Does that make me crazy? Anyway, so excited you guys are talking about it and you have to do a podcast soon after the finale!

      By RachelD on Feb 13, 2012

    13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that so many of you are Downton fans. Last Saturday night Dan and I watched the final episodes of series 2 and then we watched the Christmas Special. Sweet Jesus – that was so fine television watching.

      I love how in the States we hear “Christmas special” and we think stand alone, holiday-inspired ep with mistletoe and fun songs.

      With UK a “Christmas special” basically means a game changing episode that can NOT be missed. So true with DA.

      By kath on Feb 15, 2012

    14. First, YAY for the mention!

      Now for the TV talks. Obviously I have to talk about Glee and say that I completely agree with you Kath about the banter between Sebastian and Kurt. I LOVE Sebastian’s character and what Grant brings to the table! He plays evil so well! I actually was wondering if the arrangements were the same for the Warblers because I KNEW something was off and now I know why. Sad. I hate that they made me hate my warblers :( Darren was obviously hot in his solo scene (It’s gonna be hard for me NOT to say that about the boy). And lastly, the Kurt & Burt scene was amazeballs! I think it showed what Kurt has accomplished as a character as well. Glee is ALWAYS a fucking gamble, mostly for the writers. Darren keeps me in this show and my Klaine loving heart.

      Not sure how I feel about SMASH at this point. I did watch the 2nd episode and I don’t know why but I’m not as into it. I’m glad they focus more in episode 3.. I love the musical numbers but I’m not sure interested in the story outside of the music numbers. Just me?

      By Erika on Feb 16, 2012

    15. Luv your podcast but cannot understand what you see in SMASH. I love Broadway and was really looking forward to the show. But there are only three things that make this show entertaining: The singing, Angelica Huston and the actor who plays her ex-husband/choreographer.

      Debra Messing and her writing partner – boring. Debra Messing and her husband – yawn. Katherine MacPhee’s boyfriend – dull. A good show needs interesting story lines and compelling actors. This one doesn’t have enough of either.

      By JoanneO on Mar 5, 2012

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