TV Talk Podcast: 2/25/12

March 3, 2012 – 7:15 am

It may have taken us a week to get this podcast online and on iTunes but we’re baaaaack! It’s another carcast folks and this time we dive right into television for two straight hours. Sit back and have a laugh… it’s a new TV Talk Podcast.


  • Gave has a big Monday night TV announcement not to be missed.
  • We rank our favorite mentors on THE VOICE. How would you rank them?
  • We Fiona Faraday another TV character or two.
  • Kath finds the good and bad in A Very Special GLEE.
  • “No one fucking knows what GCB is!”
  • How can SMASH differentiate itself from GLEE? Discuss…
  • Carcast or TWISTER?
  • MODERN FAMILY is often pause worthy, but for this Kath? Really?
  • The inadvertent “Rabbit Out of the Hat” comment!
  • THE OFFICE may be taking a page from Kath’s real life.
  • Ducky gives a little BBC love to THE FADES!
  • Stoke Countdown 2012 begins…

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    The TV Talk Podcast: 2/25/12

    1. 21 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 2/25/12”

    2. DOWNTON!! I think I share most thoughts with you on that. I also was thinking if not Patrick is coming back for the next season, but I’m not so sure he’s a fraud. It would be very Downton if he is the real thing…

      My phone rang just when Matthew got down on his knees. I didn’t answered it, but OMG was that annoying or what. Anyway, LOVED that scene. It was perfect! Tears of joy! And besides, I think they are like second cousins… fine by me. :)

      Loved your podcast, as usual!

      By Susen P on Mar 3, 2012

    3. OMG! Loved Downton Christmas special. I saw it last year but I watched it again on PBS. So good! But no Sybil and Branson? I can’t wait for season 3, it’s supposed to be set in the 20s.

      -Kath, no TVD??No!!!!! lol How can you wait a week to see Damon on your screen??lol

      -I agree, the Walking Dead is really awesome this year. It’s getting really dark. But I have a question, do you hate Andrea?? That’s the worst character ever, right??? I don’t know she is so smug all the time, it’s annoying!

      -Oh, and I like Smash you guys, thanks for suggesting last podcast!

      By emily on Mar 4, 2012

    4. Aria Montgomery & Hannah Marin!
      But I think I only know that because I’ve read the books. Still an hour and a half of podcast fun to go!!!

      By Dawn on Mar 5, 2012

    5. PLL, I’m happy to find out who A is! I’m thinking there are multiple A’s, and we will only find out one of them, so there will still be a story. My personal guess is Mona, but I swear they could work it around just about anyone and have it be believable.

      Love listening to the Glee reviews even though I don’t watch anymore!

      I wish that ABC would find a replacement for Suburgatory so there would be a solid two hours of comedy. I thought Revenge was great, and I sort of loved that Tyler was killed. I think that having Daniel appear to be the killer must be part of the plan because now Victoria mirrors Emily’s position and after this week’s episode, it seems that Emily is now in Victoria’s position! Such a great setup for the end of the season. Also, I love the guy who plays Nolan. Plus I can’t believe he’s almost 40!

      I wanted to watch Smash, but never seem to be in the mood to watch it On Demand, and now I’m a few weeks behind. It doesn’t really matter though because my Nielsen ended in the fall.

      By Dawn on Mar 5, 2012

    6. I love listening to your podcasts!

      Kath I actually feel the opposite about Blaine. I love me some Darren but I actually like the fact that Blaine is now so different to him. I do agree that he has become mainly kurt’s boyfriend though. Although at least on “o On my way” we got to see him feeling angry/angsty cuz of Sebastian even if it didn’t last.

      Let’s hope “Big Brother does not disappoint”

      By lee on Mar 5, 2012

    7. Gosh sorry about the heinous I meant in “On my way” and “Big Brother” does not disappoint.

      By lee on Mar 5, 2012

    8. Hooray for a new podcast!!!

      Love, love, love Downton! So excited that you’re both watching and it’s fun to hear to you talk about it. Can’t wait for next season!

      Kath, once you catch up with TVD it will be great to hear you all dish. Super excited for it to return next week – why do they take so many fn breaks!

      Also, special thanks for getting me in to Veronica Mars. One of the best series ever!

      By Jessica on Mar 6, 2012

    9. You need to talk about Parenthood finale next time!!!! I´m bummed that you taped this podcast before it aired. I would love to hear your thoughts on that. And I agree, the second to last episode was total cry fest. To put the most sad thing that ever happened on the show next to the most happy scene was very powerful and brilliant.

      By Lena on Mar 6, 2012

    10. Yay! I miss you guys when you take breaks.

      I think on PLL we need to have *something* revealed about A to get some more movement with the plot, but I agree that there needs to be multiple “A”s with us only finding out one, because we can’t find out everything yet. And I’d bet anything that the one revealed will be dead by the end of the episode. Also, I’m wondering if this A will be revealed to our pretty little liars or just to the audience…

      After the fire incident, I feel like I no longer suspect Jenna as A. But maybe that was just to throw us off track. And now that Mona’s a victim, I’m suspecting her more.

      Also… any chance of you guys talking about The Lying Game? You know, the show that comes after PLL and is basically the exact same type of show? I can’t remember you ever mentioning its existence, so maybe you gave it a chance and decided you weren’t into it, but if you haven’t given it a chance, why not? It starts off slower but ends up just as good as PLL, in my opinion. It’s the same over the top teen drama suspense with dumbass kids playing teen detective and witholding evidence from police because they think they can solve missing person/murder cases/mamadrama all on their own. And they have a hotass guy playing Ethan. And the adult cast is pretty fab too – you got your Nathan Petrelli, your David Wallace, your Cordelia Chase… And they just had their *shocking* spring finale so there’s plenty of hiatus time to catch up before season 2!

      By Julie on Mar 6, 2012

    11. Thanks for this podcast update. I enjoyed reading this episode and appreciate you for sharing. Keep it up. :)

      By Daphne on Mar 7, 2012

    12. Awesome! New podcast!! I get so excited when I see a new one pop up – loooove that they’re usually 2+ hours long!

      I wonder what you guys thought of the Parenthood finale? What are your hopes for next season (assuming there is a next season)? And how is The Wire watch going?

      By Juul on Mar 7, 2012

    13. Hey Guys,
      A-mah-zing podcast, as per usual.
      Kath, I just jumped on the Voice bandwagon this weekend. I had nada to do and saw that there was a marathon of the Voice, so I figured “Eh, listen to some wannabes while I’m cleaning in my draws”. But whoa, I was having fun listening and watching this show. Totally agree about Blake’s great humor and the wonderful repore of the mentors. Really, really enjoyed it. And the battle this week! Baby, bye! It was so good, especially Anthony vs. Jesse! So good.
      - Lovinggggggg the River. Such a great mix of suspense and drama! I jumped more from this show then Walking Dead. It’s pretty good. Hate the fact that it is on the bubble for renewal! Fingers crossed!
      - Enjoying Smash, although it needs a lil somethin’. I can’t put my finger on it, but I don’t like the portrayal of Ivy as the bitch and all needy. I feel like they want you to be Team Karen, but I’m sorry Karen is no Marilyn. Yes she can sing, but did you see Ivy in that “Wolf got Howl” song?! I replayed that scene atleast 5 times. She is a-mah-zing! Karen, not so much.
      -Parenthood, awesome as usual! I loved the Crosby wedding, the resolution to the Julia baby plot (although it seemed like it was rapid movement) and the Sarah storyline. And speaking of Sarah, I feel like that plot was pretty realistic. At first, I kept saying to myself “Didn’t she think of all of this when she decided to date this much younger guy?” But then how many of us put truth and reality aside because we are just really loving what is going on right now. You just kinda pretend the reality stuff isn’t really there, but damn it, it has to come out. Again, awesome.
      - Happy Endings! Yeah, my feel-good show. Man, this show is hilarious! I watched it on the train on my way to work and scared 4 people as I laughed my ass off. One tiny prob, can we have some resolutions to scenes people! Last year, Alex and Dave kissed and there seemed like….oh nothing. Then Penny and Dave seemed to be feeling something and then….oh nothing. Come on already! But Damon Wayons and Eliza Coupe- funny as hell!!
      - Kath, please watch Vampire Diaries!! I am dying to hear what you thought about our favorite vamps and all the good stuff going on!
      - Once Upon a Time- so enjoy this show! Really fun hour of tv and yes, very reminicent of Wonderful World of Disney.

      No one spoke of Grimm, or Supernatural? These past couple of weeks, great stuff on Grimm. Supernatural is in need of a puff of something, cuz it is snoozing big time! Are they just doing the death walk to cancellation? I am a diehard fan of this show, but it is seriously losing juice.

      Also, I am starting to watch Spartacus series, after much prodding from my buddies! HOT AS HELL! Half naked menSex, blood- I should hav had you on half naked men! It is some good stuff.

      Alright y’all, hurry back. We miss you when you’re gone!

      By chitown_mimi on Mar 8, 2012

    14. I actually finished a podcast in time to comment and not feel like I had missed everything. However now I forget the order in which things were discussed. This is going to be a book, just FYI.

      I’m so glad that you all are loving Downton, as it’s amazing. Although admittedly I liked season 1 more than season 2. Did you feel like the Bates storyline got dragged out a little bit too much? I loved that couple so much season 1 but it sort of got old watching him deal with his batshit crazy wife. That said I love Matthew and Mary so much, and even Edith became likable. Although about Patrick, I thought he left because he was a fraud. That they didn’t reference him again made me think he wasn’t going to come back.

      Speaking of Downton, has anyone watched Sherlock? The first series is on Netflix and it’s cramazing.

      Revenge: So, I think it was Kath who mentioned who she thought the killer was, and I told my bf and he was amazed I guessed it, so thank you for making me appear clever. This show is awesome and I can’t wait to tune in every week. I like watching Emily lose control, and watching her team up with Victoria is also fun. I want more Ashley though. When Nolan referred to Faux-manda as a stripper whack-a-mole I lost it.

      What are your thoughts on the way the writers for Smash are shoving Katherine McPhee down our throats and making Ivy a hateful bitch? The show is good, but I just feel like Karen is the weak link and I wish I didn’t feel like the show was relying on me liking her.

      I find I’m losing interest in Once a little bit, because I don’t think it’s going anywhere. There are moments with the Queen, especially with Gold, that I absolutely love, but then we get stuck with this James/Snow love affair that I don’t care for. I think I’m more of a mythology/story arc guy for this show instead of the relationships, because the only time it has my attention is when they’re looking at the curse.

      Thanks in part to Kath and Dan talking about it, I caught up with Community and Parks and Rec over the holidays. LOVE IT. I wish I could get P&R, Community, Happy Endings, and Cougartown all on the same night on the same network, because I love them. Still not watching New Girl cause I can’t stomach Zooey Deschanel.

      The next podcast, could you talk about some of the midseason shows? GCB (enjoyed, but it will have growing pains), Awake (LOVED). Is anyone watching The River? The first episodes were ok but it grew on me. There’s other stuff coming too like Scandal and Apartment 23 that I’m curious about.

      And lest we forget, Mad Men in a week and a half and Game of Thrones in a month!

      By Mattie B on Mar 8, 2012

    15. OMG You guys are flaw free! “What are those words!?” – Ducky about Kaths indecision on TVD.

      Man, I really gotta get into Parenthood and Once Upon A Time, huh.

      I wish you guys watched Shameless, it’s SO good, and The Wolk also had a little stint there and he was shirtless too!

      Ducky, I can’t believe you REALLY gave up on Glee! How did you fund the strenght!

      Love you guys, thanks for podcasting, so much fun to listen to. =)

      By Mia on Mar 8, 2012

    16. First off- I don’t think Ariel will be making an appearance until next season on OUAT :( . I know they were trying to get Joanna Garcia a while ago though so hopefully she pops up.

      Loved the podcast like usual! I’m planning on mainstreaming Downton this week so I can understand what you guys are talking about.

      Random note- I was listening to old podcasts a couple weeks ago and Kath referred to Darren as “some kid called Daniel Criss”- LOL!

      By Tricia on Mar 8, 2012


      Where was the PLL love – has it not been exciting enough??
      By the time you do the next one it will most likely be the end of season 2 so you have to dedicate some serious time for a PLL gossip. I mean who is A – one more ep til we find out who A is, or who one of the A’s is.
      What the hell is up with Jenna, is Mona just messing with them, I knew Melissa was mental – and the damn dolls are freaking me out man.

      I actually had to skip the walking dead podcast – twitter already ruined one thing I wish I never knew and I’m sadly behind but not sure why…. Need to kick my boyf I think and set aside some catch up time.

      Vampd is still awesome and yes Stephen is so much better now that he’s not stone cold Steve Austin. I’m really bummed that they’re on break at the moment and hope I’m not spoiling too much for people that aren’t up to date but what is up with Torrey deVitto – why is she so psycho on everything!! I know you didn’t watch one tree hill but she was the crazy nanny on that. Must keep busy too between PLL and Vampd

      Sadly my usual streaming website doesn’t have any active vids for smash so I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet but while things are on break I might see what I can find – sucks having to wait so long for good tv here. And they made downloading illegal. I am very grateful for streaming websites

      And Hunger Games movie is coming out soon – don’t think you guys have talked about the movie much since the original casting but hope you will do a review on it after you see it. Quite meh about the obvious changes already like how katniss gets the damn pin but I’m praying to anything I can get away with that they won’t ruin it. I’m still recovering from my favouritest book ever being ruined on the big screen. And I’ve heard they’ve cut some stuff out in the England to get a lower rating and pull in bigger crowds and money.

      wait did you talk about PLL?? i’m reading peoples comments and realised that i must’ve fallen asleep on the train listening yesterday – not a reflection of your podcast just been sick and up since 3am so 12 hours later was a bit brain dead. i remember the voice then talking about glee. oh nuts will have to listen again

      and i just remembered i wanted to comment on once upon a time too. LOVES IT!! the latest two eps were just !!! how they keep changing the stories ever so slightly, poor dreamy :( but love to the amy acker.
      wish they’d hurry up and spill about the writer though – what did he do to the book?? did he make changes cos i think he did

      By nikki nz on Mar 14, 2012

    18. I knew it was weird I didn’t hear PLL talk!! Man I feel ashamed :(

      I’m a bit worried about finding out who A is as well but I think it will be Mona – putting it out there. I think that Mona will somehow know about the A stuff and use it to her advantage to get closer to Hannah and the girls.
      But the actual crazy obsessive A – I know there has to be another one or two people. There is so much going on with A you know it will never be just one person and that is it.

      I kinda want to read the books after this season finishes cos I will know by then – hopefully – how far away from the books we are getting.

      Do you know what is amazing about Mia/Bianca Lawson – I saw her in the first ep of My So Called Life – this damn chick has been playing a teenager for 18 years!! Yes my so called life is that old. What is up with that. Is there no one else who can play that role, seriously!!

      I think Mia has something to do with A as well – just thinking back to the missing photos, had to know something was way too meh about it all.

      Damn I remember the conversation about the surnames now – you guys were creeping into my dreams!! Making me all dejavu

      Oh hey you are talking about Quinn, I think I need to go hang my head in shame now about my stupid sleepy head

      Wow that was a really nasty seqway – no i can’t spell!
      speaking of hanging and heads, um yeah so that was very very heavy but amazing and i actually felt like this was going to be an amazing episode. Then the whole thing just went all glee and urgh washed over it oh yeah regionals we need to do that blah blah. had the potential to be a truely amazing episode and they kinda blew it.

      By nikki nz on Mar 14, 2012

    19. A little off topic:

      I’m a listener from Italy and I love the podcast to death. I recently got into Survivor (Colton!!!) on You Tube. Can anyone recommend me really great season? Can’t watch all of them.

      Kath and Ducky – thanks for the great work. Even if I can’t watch many of your shows – it’s still one of the most entertaining podcast!

      By alex on Mar 18, 2012

    20. You know, I’ve missed two or three episodes this season of “The Vampire Diaries” and no that interested in catching up. Wondering if you feeling the same in a much, much milder degree since pretty obvious you both still love it. Just feel there isn’t a pay to these once-good set-ups (did anything happen with those vampires from the tomb in S1?) and the Dawsonie Creekish part of any rando characters ending up together at some point is really taking over. Plus there is the whole problem of how they treat the one good character on this show, Ian Somerhalder’s Damon. He’s a villian, no he’s the good guy, no he’s the goodish villain and now he randomly kills somebody and next save somebody else’s life. You can’t just label any and all inconsistancies as “complex.” I too tried to make a better case and I still watch it, more out of habit, but feel I wouldn’t really miss it.

      Excited to hear your thoughts on the AMC returns, “Mad Men” and “The Killing.” I forget if Kath watches “The Killing”? I was in the camp that thought TK was mismarketed (is that a real word?). Maybe if they had been clear about the real killer might be uncovered by the end of the season. I do get the complaint and the bad police work of Det. Linden and how badly she runs her personal life too, but still I’ll watch. “Mad Men,” no clue what to expect. I was rewatching the last season with Don’s voice-over or Peggy’s “close” friend Joyce and found it pretty awful. Let’s hope for a recovering.

      By Emily on Mar 19, 2012

    21. Hey guys, just thought you might want to know the podcast isn’t downloading. Seems to be down on iTunes too. Hope it gets working again!

      By Lea on Mar 22, 2012

    22. I have found a rival for Happy Endings, you guys….BENT!!! Hilarious! I came up on the show via ABC ON DEMAND. I think it is so good. Has anyone watched it?

      By chitown_mimi on Apr 11, 2012

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