TV Talk Podcast: 4/14/12

April 16, 2012 – 4:26 am

The TV Talk Podcast is back with it’s first ever Ducky’s New Housecast. Lots to talk about in this episode so stick around folks!


  • We discover a new band name
  • Another round of Truth of Fan-fiction
  • Our first ever Houseguest on the podcast
  • We discover TV’s latest gateway drug
  • A preview of the shit-show that will be “Two Idiots Talk Game of Thrones”
  • Shows Covered in this Episode: Pretty Little Liars, The Voice, American Idol, Gossip Girl, Glee, New Girl, Raising Hope, Revenge, Bitch in Apartment 23, Best Friends Forever, Bent, Happy Endings, Parks and Recreation, The Vampire Diaries, Community, The Good Wife, Once Upon a Time, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, The Killing, Game of Thrones and more.

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    The TV Talk Podcast: 4/14/12


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    1. 16 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 4/14/12”

    2. OMG how did you not talk about The Hunger Games movie?

      I HATED the PLL finale because I’ve read the books so it was just a rehash for me. The girls weren’t really friends with each other anymore after Ali’s death until the A texts started, so it doesn’t make sense that Mona was doing it because she was jealous. I think part of my distaste is that the showrunner keeps coming out with ridiculous statements. If I ignore her I’ll probably like the show better.

      I also watched the Bomer Glee episode. He was fabulous, though seriously outclassed Darren Criss. I would watch a show with just the two of them being dopey actors in LA and singing breakup songs to each other. Of course the rest of the episode was typical hot mess Glee.

      I watched Best Friends Forever thanks to Dan’s recommendations, and I thought it was hilarious. The boyfriend seems like he would be the odd man out, but he holds his own with the two girls. I’ve never seen it promoted because the only NBC show I watch is Parks & Rec, and that’s been off the air for a couple of weeks. I actually don’t mind its scheduling because I watch the Middle, then switch to NBC for BFFs, then back to Modern Family, so it’s not a problem for me. I tried watching Don’t Trust the B****, but turned it off before it was over. I did like the blonde girl (who dated Zach Florrick on The Good Wife), but not enought to keep watching.

      And speaking of SYTYCD, I saw the beautiful Neil Haskell in Bring It On: The Musical yesterday. He was the perfect preppy cheerleader! I ended up missing some of the cool lifts and stuff though, because I was watching him the whole time.

      By Dawn on Apr 16, 2012

    3. Loved the podcast as usual! Kath I’m curious as to what is your opinion of darren’s acting outside of his musical performances.

      By lee on Apr 16, 2012

    4. I literally did an audible gasp at the news Kath was moving to California. I think i may need to reevaluate my priorities in life.

      By luke on Apr 16, 2012

    5. @Lee – I actually think Darren did a great job in this episode, minus the overacting during ‘Fighter’. Some of that is Darren’s fault, but I do blame the director for some of it as well.

      Darren played the hurt and neglected little brother well. As I said in my recap over at GMMR, this ep was another reminder that despite his intro to the show last season, Blaine is just a kid. Darren had to make some acting choices once it was revealed that Blaine was younger than Kurt, I think his instincts are somewhat overlooked.


      By Kath on Apr 16, 2012

    6. How to not make my comments as long as the podcast?

      Bomer: I’m a faithful White Collar viewer and it was such a breath of fresh air to see him let loose on Glee. I had always thought that Bomer was kinda short, but he simply towered over Darren! Poor Blaine looked like a little person! Or was that imp?

      After all of your PLL talk, I’ve put the books on hold at the library and if they’re good I’ll give them to my oldest daughter, 14, who has recently discovered Big Bang Theory, Friends, and That 70′s Show.

      Was thinking of maybe catching Best Friends Forever since Fred Savage was promoting it, but after your review I’ll definitely watch.

      Revenge is a First Watch on my DVR, I saw the From the Beginning episode and it made me so anxious for a new one! btw, that show HAS to have the shortest cast of actors not on Disney or Nickelodeon. I shouldn’t have imb’d them. It actually makes me wonder if Emily will ever be with Jack cause I think he’s a couple inches shorter than her, and I just don’t see her as the Katie Holmes, bow-your-head-down-in-every-photo-to-try-and-make-like-my-husband-is-actually-normal-sized type. Plus I like Daniel.

      OK, I have more to say, and you will listen! But I have to pretend to work now. I’m not done with you. Mad Men….why was Sally under the couch? What? That’s why you actually have to watch, Kath! It’s definitely not a background show, there’s so many themes they follow…ok I have to work. Lunch over. Stupid phone takes forever to type but your website is blocked at work grrr.

      By Toast with JAM on Apr 17, 2012

    7. I am so glad you guys like Once Upon a Time! I have dropped another podcast because they did not like it! That is my love of that show!

      Honestly I was very worried the podcast would stop when Kath moved to L.A. I am so glad to hear it won’t stop!!!

      Love you guys!

      By Kari on Apr 17, 2012

    8. So I’ve been really bad at leaving comments for a while, because I actually got a job, and couldn’t sit and listen at my computer, and write my views while listening along. But I’ve been feeling guilty about it, so I’ve sheepishly returned to leave some remarks.

      PLL – amazing. loved the finale. Reveal was so amazingly done, and so was the acting done by Mona… loved it so very much.

      Gossip girl & glee – yes, i honestly feel I can lump these shows together. They are both very much in “guilty pleasure” pile and honestly watch them as pure fluff to keep me enetertained. (although I roll my eyes at gossip girl, I am a terrible shipper, and a totally enjoying Dan and Blair together) as for Glee. eh. it’s a trainwreck, but I cannot stop watching.

      Happy Endings – I started watching when it started in the UK based on comments from you guys, and at the moment I’m still a number of episodes behind, because the UK is still behind, but loving it so much.

      New Girl – brilliant. I cannot express how mmuch i love this cast and show. And like you guys I don’t want Jess with Nick, but i do enjoy the odd moment of connection they seem to have.

      I haven’t been watching Revenge, but I’ve got a major op coming up in a few week, where I will then spend at least 6 weeks “resting” unable to lift things, and do much of anything so I will endevour to use that healing time to catch up on some shows, and I think Revenge might now be top of that list. So thanks, again for another show recommendation.

      TVD – unf. This show. seriously. Other than constantly saying how much I love it there is little to say other than everyone in the world should be watching.

      Mad Men – glad its back. Still loving it.

      Game of Thrones – I caught up just in time for season 2 to start, and I’m so glad i did because this is such a stunning show, and I’m really looking forward to “2 idiots talk game of thrones” – because well who wouldn’t.

      And as for your “real life bits” at the end of the podcast, for listeners like me who, while i haven’t been around since day 1 of the podcasts, I’ve certainly been along for the ride since like episode 4 so I do enjoy hearing about your other stuff. So glad Dan is settling into his new house well, and very excited to hear that Kath will be that close soon. I didn’t know about the move to LA, but i have to be honest and say I did gasp on hearing you were moving, but it was because I was actually excited for you. and then I realised aboout the podcast and a lump rose in my thraot – but yeah skypes awesome these days and I’m sure you can make something work.

      And I know you guys didnt talk about The Hunger Games movie, but I thought i would anyway – I loved it, really enjoyed it. Felt it was a really good translation from book to screen, and most of the changes that were made did make the movie flow really well (although I wasn’t as impressed with Haymitch as I wanted to be)

      The for the starkids in the comments – OMG how good was Holy Musical B@man? I really enjoyed it, and I may have forsaken my crush on joe Walker for a bit of a crush on Brian Holden… (and Nick Lang… loved him)

      By Laiq on Apr 17, 2012

    9. AHHH there’s a new podcast! I get so excited you guys! Your energy is just the best of any podcast!

      By Mia on Apr 18, 2012

    10. Hey! It’s like a double awesomesauce dose for me … a new podcast AND a shout out! Well, from Kath anyway. Dan … I should be considered a “classic GMMR&Ducky fan”, it feels like I’ve been listening forever!

      Anyway, Kath, you can definitely tell your sweet little Digby that she was the namesake for my little boy Digby. But between you and I, he was named after two TV dogs named Digby. One being Ned’s dog on Pushing Daisies and the other being a St. Bernard named Digby from an old 90s Canadian show called “Dog House”. Nobody remembers it, but I do, and I always loved the name Digby.

      But now onto TV …

      I’m absolutely loving New Girl and Raising Hope! Both totally hilarious and they brighten up my Tuesday nights. But onto Wednesday … HAPPY ENDINGS! I’m going to miss that bastard until it returns in the Fall. The finale wasn’t my favourite of the whole season, but it was pretty sweet. Mandonna! And Penny sitting at the Skype table!! Oh, and Jane and her craziness about being in the wedding party, and ending up in a suit that made her look like a tall specimen glass of pee? HA!

      As much as I enjoy Matt Bomer, I could not watch Glee for him. That show has just done so much irreparable damage to my brain, and I don’t think I could handle seeing it. Seeing the commercials are bad enough!!

      I’m on the other side of the fence with Smash, though. I like it … it has nicely filled the place of Glee in a more adult soapy way. I like the singing, the actors, and the storylines. It’s a must watch for me. That is, until Gwyneth Paltrow wiggles her shitty self onto the show (which I’m sure is already in the works).

      Sunday nights are pretty cramazing. I’m LOVING Once Upon a Time and agree 100% with everything you said re: Lana Parilla and the little girl cast as mini Snow White. And I was one of the folks listening to the podcast on my walk home from the bus stop, screaming “EMMA!!” Ha! Glad you finally got it, Dan.

      I don’t get AMC on my TV (I’d have to pay for it, which is unacceptable!) but luckily last year they opened the episodes up to Canadians online for free. Hockeybychoice was nice enough to inform me that this year they have the two part season premiere up there, so I watched that. I agree that it’s really, really good, and I’m one of the handful of folks who didn’t hate the finale too. Yes, I was slightly disappointed we didn’t find out who Rosie’s killer was – but mostly because I had read interviews where the showrunners had said we’d find out. I have no problem waiting to find out who the killer is, and each episode is so darkly awesome that it’s worth the wait!

      By Kimber Dilay on Apr 18, 2012

    11. love the schizo nature of your podcast!

      just a fyi, Erin Martin’s original song “Balloon” was featured on Pretty Little Liars

      AND she’s actually a lesbian so CeeLo wasn’t having any of her sugar snatch

      By pinky on Apr 19, 2012

    12. So glad to have you guys back!!!! Yeah for Two Idiots talk Game of Thrones!!!

      That’s the best show on tv right?? And oh my god, I can’t wait to hear you guys about everyone’s favorite character Joffrey!!!

      Kath, I loved Matthew Perry too on the Good Wife, he was downright psycho!

      Anyway, love you guys!!

      By emily on Apr 23, 2012

    13. so i’m a little late.
      don’t worry about taking so long between podcasts cos it took me a month to listen to this
      hard thing is sometimes i have to stop myself listening as we don’t get most of the shows and the ones i don’t want to be spoiled on i have to wait and catch up online before i can listen.

      PLL final was amazeballs
      that show got so suspensful it was just crazy. i’m suprised you didn’t comment on who jenna was meeting and how a “blind girl” managed to drive a convertible car around without anyone noticing.
      only 3 or 4 weeks til it comes back now and i can’t wait

      once upon a time, i too don’t like the week by week new character stories but they are bringing it all together now. the last ep has aired and i haven’t seen it yet but i’m dying to. hopefully when i get home tonight i will have time. will EMMA!!! finally believe?
      i think one of the best things about the show is the retelling of the stories. From hopeful to grumpy. the red riding hood twist and yes the story behind the evil queen. mad hatter was pretty awesome too and can’t wait to get more into that next season

      VampD had a phenominal season finale and last few eps. When alaric got turned it was all on. but bloody bonnie! her character is just dumb and while i understand what she did in the finale it just makes you go DAMNIT WOMAN!! hope they keep alaric on since jeremy can still see him though. not ready for that hot piece to leave just yet.
      I was thinking too how weird it was we haven’t seen katherine in ages but with whats happened to Elena now i hope there will be some comedy coming ones katherine realises whats happened.

      SN im grateful you didn’t talk about as i’m way behind, coming back for another season which im not sure is wise as it isn’t quite the same but again can’t live without those hot boys in my life and would watch them do anything

      Glee i am losing, stop with the damn public service announcements. if you actually did them properly and made a real story of it then it would be ok. but coming out of nowhere, shoving them in here and there then forgetting them. the story telling is getting worse which i hate since marti is writing now. not even the music is keeping me there as i also think that has fallen flat lately.

      Best Friends is another show i must try and pick up, who knows if it will ever make it here but i trust your comedy judgement. no i haven’t been properly watching happy endings but have caught a few eps and love what i’ve seen so when i have money it will buying up the box sets and doing a fun marathon.

      New Girl is just amazing as always, love the last scene in the final ep. i want that scene to play forever and never stop

      Anyways looking forward to the next podcast which will hopefully talk about all the season finales.

      I would put a comment on itunes but it will never let me so will have to keep commenting here for you guys

      By nikki nz on May 15, 2012

    14. ok yes i gotta chime in on the hunger games movie too as i read the comments
      you guys need to comment on this

      aparently i am the only fan of the books that hated the movie
      hated it, i had grumpy face on the whole time which wasn’t helped by someone texting a few rows in front which made me have angry want to kill face.

      haven’t seen it again and i know i need to. its a different interpretation of the story. its to get people who haven’t read the books to read the books so they know how much better they are.

      i’m sorry to those who thought it was good but they changed too much. too many things that had real meaning to the overall story were changed or missing and it just wasn’t the same. it didn’t have the same feeling or message and it ruined it for me.
      haymitch, no! they have a lot to fix with the screw up drunk which should be haymitch but really wasn’t in the movie

      having said that i love jennifer lawrence. she is my new girl crush and i feel the need to watch all interviews she does as she is so hilarious and adorable. if nothing else i will watch the other two movies for her. she is katniss like no one else could be.

      next question is who is going to be finnick. one piece of casting they better get right. can’t be a shite show like the casting of edward thats all i’m saying.

      By nikki nz on May 15, 2012

    15. Love the podcast! Wish you guys would talk about Cougar Town on the next podcast though. You haven’t talked at all about this season and the show is so good!

      By Jake on May 20, 2012

    16. Hi darlings! Well, it is that time of year again, for the half-marathon (21 kilometer / 13.1 mile) race. the only thing that stands between me and bleeding nipples, or race-day diarhea at mile 11, is listening to your podcasting brilliance! Here is hoping that you podcast soon and in time for my May 27 race.

      Cant’ wait to hear your thoughts on some of the series finales, like Goodwife, Community, Survivor and Once Upon a Time (the world NEEDS an episode of Two Idiots Talk Fairytale).

      By Jenster on May 21, 2012

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