TV Talk Podcast: 5/18/12

May 25, 2012 – 8:31 am

Who’s ready for finales, summer previews and upfront reactions? Kath and I recorded this before the finales of GLEE and REVENGE but we promise to cover those in our next podcast. Settle down kids…


  • Nasty Dog Things
  • New Game: Name that Grey’s Anatomy Actress
  • The Glee Project gets a little TOO diverse
  • Is that it? Wow, we were boring this time… #doubtful

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    The TV Talk Podcast: 5/18/12

    1. 38 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 5/18/12”

    2. So, I had nothing better to do than listen to your podcast at my computer, makign notes as I go, so here are my thoughts on the shows I watch:

      HIMYM – I wasn’t surprised by the twist at the end – we all knew that Barney’s bride would be Robin right? Although I love Becki Newton, I couldn’t have anyone else with barney. And seriously – who cares about the mother anymore.

      GG- *yawn* So glad that it is just 13 episodes left. I will watch the last episodes, but I don’t care anymore. Brain Fluff.

      Smash – I feel it got back on track towards the finale. And I enjoyed it. My favourite part is still the song “History”. I really hope Ellis is fired forever. Because it wasn’t even a “love to hate him” I just hated him. And I like the Jonas brother guy. He was surprisingly ok.

      New Girl – The coyote moment was hilarious. “meep meep” perfect. Schmidt and Cece were fantastic. I love both of them. I really liked the dancing at the end, and Jess doing the birdy song dance at the end, was a really nice brief moment to remind us how far the season has come.

      Glee – I actually really enjoyed “Props” and the body swap – Darren looks HOT as Puck. (I’m not normally a Darren fangirl) and they clearly had so much fun with it. “Nationals” was also really good. I love Paradise by the dashboard light, so I thoroughly enjoyed that performance. (and it was great to see Jesse St James). I never watched the Glee project so it makes it hard for me to form opinions on these people. (and I don’t want Unique / Alex to transfer). The slushie / confetti was cheesy as hell, but it was really sweet. And it finally felt like “old glee” to me – and primed me for the finale. While I’m not a Kurt fan (*hides*), the lack of Kurt / Blaine is getting REALLY noticeable. I wont talk about Graduation here, but yeah. I WAS A MESS.

      (a brief Happy Endings moment – haha the UK got the bonus episode already… It was GOOD. Also thank you for making me watch this show. I LOVE it.)

      TVD – I was also floored that I hadn’t heard that Elena becomes a vampire… and I was so, so shocked. LOVED IT. The whole finale was done brilliantly, and this show for a “teenage” show is so fast paced and mature. My love for this show is immeasurable.

      OUAT – I’m watching on UK time, but thanks to you guys talking about it. So I skipped this, so I wasn’t spoiled.

      Mad Men – I cannot add anything to the discussion, but needless to say I’m still really enjoying it. The characters on this show are crazy, and fantastic. The females especially. Peggy, Joanie, Betty and Megan – amazing. All of them.

      SYTYCD – squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I saved all my thoughts and written them on GMMR… and will continue to do that until we get the sytycd podcast.

      True Blood – I will be watching I cannot guarantee I wont bitch about it, but we’ll see how I go.

      Thanks for yet another great podcast, even if you have no respect for your listeners, blind or otherwise.

      By Laiq on May 25, 2012

    3. Hey you two!
      I just finished my Braille copy of your podcast… (Actually I have 7% vision so I get the LARGE PRINT version… You kill me)
      I have to tell you the same day you posted this last cast I had been wondering when the next was going appear in podcast list.
      You always make me smile although I think you only talk about 2 or 3 show I ACTUALLY watch. But I always stay for all of it.
      You two are CRAMAZING!
      Thanks for giggles.
      Keep on Keeping on!
      Ximena (Hee-menna)

      By Ximena on May 30, 2012

    4. I have not finished with the podcast yet but since Dan is such a whore for comments… I kid, I kid!

      Anyway, just had to quickly chime in on the PLL thing… I think my comments to you still stand Kath. Go read the wikipedia entry for the PLL books. Sounds like what happened on the show also happened in the books (regarding the reveal, not necessarily details??) and does not prohibit what I originally told you from happening at some point. Which I actually knew though I didn’t remember the specifics… because it’s what originally put me off the show. Ok, that’s not quite true. I didn’t like the show but I was intrigued by the A thing and that’s why I went and read the breakdown on the books and I very specifically remember being annoyed by how it supposedly plays out in the books. THAT’s what put me off of ever being curious enough to check out the show again.

      By rae on May 30, 2012

    5. I listen to these and usually figure I”m so far behind on comments, but apparently not this time. But then again I’m not sure where to start, so I’ll go through the week (starting on Sunday):

      Mad Men – Amazing, although I’m very curious to hear your take on the Joan storyline this past week. Personally I’m torn about it, because I think it will lead to awesome things, but I agree with criticisms that it seems a bit forced for her character. And Peggy was just perfection, I can’t wait to see how they use her now.

      OUAT – I’m still confused about where this show goes from here, but the last two episodes were really strong so I’ll be back next season. I just want less Snow and Charming love story and more crazy Sebastian Stan.

      Game of Thrones – I’m going to miss the hell out of this show when it’s gone. Cersei and Tyrion are the reason I am so obsessed with good TV.

      Smash – I stuck with it this season, and I sometimes wonder why, but hopefully with the firing of the annoying cast members the show can get on track for season 2. Now if only they’d stop treating Ivy like shit, that’d be awesome.

      Cougartown – Something about this season has felt off. I still watch it, but it’s lost some spark. Maybe it was just gone too much and I’ve found other stuff I love more? I’m torn about it.

      Don’t Trust the B – Cramazing. I love it and tell everyone I know to watch.

      New Girl – I hate the Deschanel, I always have (her iphone commercial makes me stabby). But everyone talking about this show is tempting me. Y’all were right about Parks and Rec and Community, so I have no idea.

      BFF – A moment of silence for this show that NBC wasted.

      Revenge – My god it’s such a great soapy time. I had just realized a few weeks ago I didn’t know anything about Emily’s mother, and boom. I’m not so happy Amanda is back, but I guess it had to happen. How long until the “Is the Baby really Jack’s?” comes up?

      TVD – I just don’t even know where to begin with this show. Is Tyler dead or just in a little box somewhere? Is Bonnie done fucking around with these people? Is Elena going to become even more self-involved now that she’s a vampire? Where the hell is Catherine? What do we have to do to get Steven R McQueen and Michael Trevino to make out? Now there’s a game of fanfic or story I could go for (Kevin Williamson said he was going to introduce a gay character back in season 1, guess he forgot).

      Awake – So sad its’ cancelled. I knew it was going to be, but still.

      GCB – This show was fundamentally broken. It had some amazing pieces, but they didn’t fit together properly. I blame Leslie Bibb, but that may oversimplify the matter.

      I cannot wait for True Blood (which is surprising how much i disliked last season and its treatment of Tara), or Teen Wolf, or Awkward, or even Falling Skies. The only problem with all this great summer programming is I have no chance to catch up on Fringe or The Wire or Breaking Bad. Not enough hours in the day.

      By Mattie B on May 30, 2012

    6. Alright ya’ll, I had to stop by to tell you that once again, you were right. I gladly took your advice and spent a day catching up on Awkward, and it is safe to say I am obsessed. The dialogue is so smart and the characters are everything! I’m sort of glad I was late to the game though because I’m not sure I could have waited a year for season 2. Super stoked that the premier is right around the corner! Totally team Matty and can’t get enough of Valerie- she’s my girl.

      For anyone else wanting to catch up (which I highly recommend), all 12 episodes from season 1 are on You’re welcome.

      By Rachael on May 30, 2012

    7. Hey you guys, are you not wanting Scandal?! It is freaking awesome, you guys! Never thought I would say this, but the President of the United States could get me ANY.WAY.HE.WANTS. He is so damn hot in this show and his scenes with Oliva are AMAZING!!! I would love to get your feedback on it.

      By chitown_mimi on May 31, 2012

    8. Hey guys! I haven’t commented in ages! I’m sorry! But I’ve been listening to every episode religiously! I am one of those weird ones that goes through and listens to the segments about the shows I watch, and then goes back and listens to all the rest. I just love the sound of your voices ;) And there’s some gems like “sugar snatch” that I never would’ve caught otherwise!

      So shows I do watch:
      I am getting quite bored with it. Not sure I will return next season. I love the characters still but the plots seem to be recycled and stale.

      NEW GIRL
      Perfection, agreed. It’s just so adorable. I’m getting all my friends into it. Hopefully it will be just as charming next year.

      It felt like the end of an era. Not sure I’ll come back next year since it came to such a neat end. I am kind of curious to see what happens with Rachel and Finn. It seemed like Finn “White Fang-ed” Rachel. But seriously, he would hold her back. Poor guy.

      I wasn’t super passionate about this show, but I still watched every episode. I found it engaging and funny. I really like Dahlia too, Dan haha. I loved when the counselor stole Yucolt! hahaha Some good stuff in there. I hope it comes back even stronger next year!

      :O Gloria’s pregnant! Say whaaaaat? That’s gonna create a jealousy dynamic with Cam and Mitchell I think. More cattines, sigh. Still love the characters and the way the plots always intertwine and come full circle.

      PARKS & REC
      Perfection. My favorite show. I’m trying to get everyone I know to watch it and I can’t understand when someone’s not obsessed with it. I love Ben/Leslie and Amy Pohler is my faaaaavorite! I could not imagine a world where it wouldn’t come back so I’m excited to see Leslie as a gov’t official next year!

      I started watching because I saw you guys tweeting about it. Caught the first episode and was hooked. I’m 23 so it basically chronicals my life, except not in NYC and not that dramatic lol. But the post-grad struggle I get. I really like Lena Dunham. Happy to hear she was a contributer to IFF Boston, Dan.

      SO EXCITEDDDDD to have it back! Seems like forever and a day since it left my screen! You guys got me into that show as well.

      Thanks for putting out a great podcast, again! I still have to listen to the rest sometime this weekend! Oh, and I just started watching Downton Abbey. One episode in and I’m kind of obsessed. I will have to check out your old podcasts when I’m caught up.

      P.S. – My friend is now watching the British Version of Being Human because of Dan. She’s gonna go back and listen to the old podcasts talking about it because she’s obsessed now.

      By Kristen on May 31, 2012

    9. Oh, and you guys got me to watch Happy Endings too. I was a hold out for a while. Caught a few random episodes and wasn’t too into it. But I started watching it with a friend and it is so much more fun to laugh together! We saw the second half of this season and our summer plan is to go back and watch all the episodes previous.

      And I dunno if you remember, but I used to be DIEHARD Supernatural fan. Like the “I’ve been to conventions” fan… I dropped it this year after the first episode. I can hardly believe it’s going on to an 8th season, Smallville-style. I still love my boys but I think it really ended after 5th season.

      By Kristen on May 31, 2012

    10. I’m just listening and cracking up at you trying to say Chyler Leigh’s name. (K-eye-ler)Love you guys.

      By Alyssa on Jun 4, 2012

    11. Update: I just started the second season of Downton Abbey. I am obsessed. I held out for a while but boy am I glad I gave this show a chance. I feel like Kath right now. Cousin Matthew and Mary forever! Thanks for turning me onto the show, guys!

      By Kristen on Jun 14, 2012

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