TV Talk Podcast: 9/4/12

September 15, 2012 – 7:23 am

Better late than never listeners! We recorded this “End of Summer” podcast on Labor Day but haven’t had the time to get the podcast posted. Sorry! Some of this is a little old now, but we know a lot of you love listening to podcasts from years ago so jump into your time machine, set the date to September 4th, 2012, sit back and relax.


  • End of Summer POOLCAST
  • “Oh wow, I kind of Rain Man’d it for a minute!”
  • “Where’s the kid in the wheelchair?”
  • New game: Contestant Dan or Ducky Dan?
  • SUITS scheming
  • “Amsterdam…ian?”
  • It’s a SEX AND THE CITY smackdown!
  • Wait until you hear Kath’s impression of Emily Mortimer
  • A great male FIONA moment related to GIRLS during the AWKWARD conversation, don’t miss it (even if you don’t watch AWKWARD!)
  • Cardiff: Real or Fan Fiction?
  • Ducky goes to The DOCTOR WHO Experience and nerds out.
  • “Is this going to make me slap you?”
  • The moment every DOCTOR WHO nerd will want to slap Kath for!
  • What’s the porn version of that classic 80s Teddy bear that talked?
  • McDonalds or SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE theme song? What do you hear when Kath performs?
  • The signs of a good reality show host

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    The TV Talk Podcast: 9/4/12


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    1. 11 Responses to “TV Talk Podcast: 9/4/12”

    2. The Pretty Little Liars finale was so awesome, and I can’t believe Toby is involved. I don’t mind Toby being part of the A team, because I never really care for him and Spencer together. On another note have you guys ever given The Lying Game a chance? It started out okay, and then got really addictive. In my opinion it’s on Pretty Little Liars level right now.

      By Jenny on Sep 15, 2012

    3. So, Dan, I do think the back in time could be a possibility. (Altho that doesn’t explain why her name isn’t the same…) BUT the interesting thing is that none of them saw her. They did hear her voice but only us, the audience, know what she actually looks like. So I’m intrigued by the idea that he meets her in the past but doesn’t realize she’s the Oswin he’s already met. Of course, that’s probably why it won’t be anything close to that. Ha.

      By rae on Sep 17, 2012

    4. I just moved into a new apartment and thought I was getting ABC with my cable package, but somehow I’m not (and it would cost a buttload of money to add it). I literally called my mom in tears on PLL finale night because I was so bummed I was missing it. I was also under a lot of stress, but seriously, thank god it was available online the next day.

      So anyway, I’m super happy that Toby seems to be involved, just because it gives him something interesting to do. I really want Ezra to be involved because I find him really boring as well. The writers have written themselves into a corner because they don’t want to piss off all the shippers, so Aria and Ezra never do anything wrong, they just have stupid misunderstandings.

      As for SYTYCD, eliminating Will completely ruined the season for me. And it turned out to be a complete waste (both their saves were) because both Cole and Witney went home the next week. I will say I though the top 4 episode was pretty good, but I really think Will should have been there instead of Cyrus. I actually don’t care who wins this season. Chehon and Eliana are the best dancers, but neither Cyrus nor Tiffany are off-putting enough to make me upset if they win instead.

      By Dawn on Sep 17, 2012

    5. I actually love that you guys posted a podcast 2 weeks late. So classic TV Talk Podcast :P

      I only watch one of the shows you guys talk about, Awkward, which of course you guys turned me on to in the first place. I’ve gotten a bunch of my friends into it. It’s so good! Clearly Team Matty should be the only contender. She can’t argue with her heart now that she’s seen how Matty can change. But I can’t see how choosing will end well for her. I agree with Kath on twitter, super upset that they wasted the penultimate episode of Awkward this season. The only part I enjoyed were the Twilight references thrown in: “Jake who I sometimes like to call ‘Jacob’” haha oh Jenna! But even that couldn’t save it. I would have accepted it in the middle of the season, but so close to the end! Lame.

      So I broke down and watched Suits. You guys were singing its praises so much that I had to see what it was all about. Even though I’m not a fan of procedural shows and I’ve never watched a show featuring lawyers, I’m in love with the characters of this show. I just finished the episode where Mike helps Rachel with the profile and he gives her the confidence to take the LSATs again. I agree with your assessment on the podcast that the show is so unique because it has this acknowledged sexual tension and the characters both want it but can’t do anything about it. I wanted Mike to tell Rachel so badly too, but he’s seen how quickly her loyalties can change when she’s crossed so I would be even more cautious telling her than Jenny or Trevor. Oh also it killed me when Jessica said “Litt, Nothing & Nobody.” That’s just the worst thing she could say to Louis. I loved how he stuck it to the associates by finishing all their work for them and then how Jessica admired his speech. Such a complex relationship between the two of them too. There has yet to be a character that I’m not intrigued by on this show. Everyone is so beautifully complex and interesting in a subtle way. Love. Just went back and listened to your July 1st podcast so I could hear you talk all about it. That’s the great thing about these chapter markers, I can go back and learn about the shows that you guys convinced me to watch, Like Downton Abbey. Speaking of, have you seen Downton Sixbey from Jimmy Fallon’s show. Can’t get enough of the Dowager Countess! lol

      Can’t wait for fall TV to return so I can listen to more than one section of the podcast! lol You must find a way to do a bi-costal ‘cast! Perhaps skype? Sounds like it’s almost time for a new podcast again, two weeks later! <3

      By Kristen on Sep 17, 2012

    6. Just listened to the Suits part of the podcast. I powered through the first two season in the last few weeks. Amazing. So glad you guys turned me on to the show. Can’t wait for January!

      By Kristen on Sep 18, 2012

    7. I am totally caught up on All the Right Moves now. Nick in that bike gear? I must have watched that 10 times.

      By Patty on Sep 26, 2012

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